PSB Fitness Mixer Mississauga 2021

Want to be a part of an exciting networking opportunity?

Various students seated with alumni for one-on-one chats. Visual representation of what the psb mixer will look like
Get a headstart on networking with notable alumni!

Muscle and Mingling do Mix

Please join us in the first ever PSB Fitness Alumni and Student patron mixer in Mississauga. We recognize a shared value for health and fitness within the community. However, our hope is to take that connection one step further by hosting the first of many mixers. The aim is to bridge connections between esteemed Sheridan students both new and old. Catering will be buffet style. Various activities meant to incite conversation running throughout the event. We recognize the importance of mentorship.  A proper network will be more than helpful for students by the time they graduate. Elsewhere, we also recognize the desire for alumni to provide opportunities and to share in their experiences after they graduate for the sake of outreach. What we’re offering is a two for one and it’s completely FREE!

“Less well by ourselves, better together” – PSB Fitness

As we move forward, understanding the value of physical health, along with social health and mental health is integral. Therefore, we’ve fixated ourselves on creating an environment that encompasses all of those areas of health and promotes them. Also, a big area of stress for students is what might become of them once they graduate and what may be next for them. Hence, the Alumni Muscle Mixer presents an incredible opportunity to overpower this. Moreover, what better way to muscle past that anxiousness and lift your spirits.


PSB Fitness – Alumni Muscle Mixer Mississauga 2021

PSB Fitness, as promised, will be hosting a first of many  mixers aimed at bridging connection between its members.
Location: Event will be taking place in the courtyard of PSB Fitness Mississauga location
Time: Event will take place September 16, 2021 @ 3:30pm
Purpose: To create connections and allow both current Sheridan Students and its alumni to establish connection all the while promoting fitness and social health.
Price: Completely free for all PSB Fitness members
Additional info: Food and seating accommodations provided

***Reservations can be made through the following link, by calling 647-573-2339 or by emailing psbfitnessC@gmail.

A small list of perks for PSB Fitness Members

  • Reduced price for refreshments: Members of PSB Fitness will have access to reduced pricing for refreshments. Freshly squeezed orange juice and blended smoothies are all offered at the local gym’s juice bars.
  • Members rewards program: Each member will be receiving points every time they check into the gym. Once they gather a certain number of check-ins, they will be entitled to a free drink at the juice bar.
  • Multi-location membership: PSB Fitness members will have all access passes that allow them to freely attend both the Brampton and Mississauga location with ease
  • Uniquely student focused gym: This gym focuses on the betterment of Sheridan students both new and old. You will see this in our membership, the networking opportunities, and the company policy. By former students, for students!

What comes next ?

In sum, we can’t wait to have you join PSB Fitness and we’re sure that you won’t be able to get enough of us either. PSB is committing to providing you the best gym experience, at the best price, at the best location. Reach out to us on campus and start with a one-month free-trial if you’re spotted clearing the campus of waste and other recyclables. If so, present us with your one-card student ID and we will get you set up. Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by.

That being said, feel free to leave us a comment or a review if you’ve got any questions or concerns. We are absolutely here for you in any way that we can be.


Sport for students close to Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton


  • Are you a student who likes sport and a healthy lifestyle?
  • Interested in fitness classes for an affordable price and close to Sheridan College?
  • Do you need to find a place close to you to meet your friends or find new ones to have fun with?

              sport students workout fitness classes gym      sport for students fitness classes health fun happy

PSB Fitness is all about sport for students close to Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton – a place right for you!

By exercising in the gym, you stay fit and well, feel better mentally, and be more productive. In addition, any physical activity has a positive effect on your body, muscles, and mind. For example, it can be walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming, yoga and fitness classes, fly yoga, cycling, etc.

Therefore, finding any activity that you like may provide you to work toward and a sense of accomplishment. As a result, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, get away from everyday life, and build confidence. Other advantages of sport include:

  • increased concentration and motivation
  • reduced anxiety and fatigue
  • having fun

You have a unique opportunity not only to sign up for a sports trial month in our gym but also get a lot of BENEFITS from our fitness classes:


PSB Fitness is located at HMC Campus and Davis Campus of Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton. So, you save on commuting time, transportation fees and never have to tread the snow to go to the gym.


We strongly believe that sport for students close to Sheridan College is vital due to their workload. Our goal is to encourage college students to exercise and be healthy and happy, therefore, the price for being involved in sport is extremely affordable. In other words, the membership fee per month is less than two cups of coffee. At the same time, for non-Sheridan students, the price is quite competitive and reasonable as well.


The professional fitness instructor and a certified personal trainer are ready to help you with any questions or programs you may need for your personal goals.


Furthermore, their combined 12 years’ experience will be very useful in such questions as:

– how often do you need to work out to reach your results
– what kind of equipment is better to use
– which classes to attend based on your preferences to get more fun.

In addition, the staff is open to consult you about proper nutrition and diets. Above all, guys will be happy to share with you their tips on how to balance work and study, because not a long time ago they were in the same boat as you are now.


The top-of-the-line treadmills have multiple features with a wide running area, 22-inch width, and 60-inch length. The ability to watch a show and charge your phone while exercising. Furthermore, running or walking on the treadmills helps burn calories, boosts vitamin D levels, improves mood, and, finally, is a fun way to stay in good physical shape. Also, you may pick the workout routine accordingly to your personal needs and goals. Moreover, PSB Fitness has a wide range of equipment to keep you fit, healthy, and beautiful.


Sheridan students benefit from sport with 2 Fs and 2 Hs – get Fit, get Fun, be Healthy, be Happy! With PSB Fitness you will be healthy, happy, fit, and have a lot of fun in the students’ and friends’ community.


Sheridan students choose PSB!


We have prepared a free trial month for you to get to know each other and become friends. During this month you will have access to a gym with all equipment and all scheduled fitness and yoga classes. Moreover, on your first visit, you have our support with a 1-hour orientation with the personal trainer and 30 minutes with the fitness instructor.

Sign up now to receive your first month of a sports journey for free!

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Receive a Referral Gift Through Gym Buddy Promo Sheridan!

Students typically lead fast paced lives due to busy schedules. Because of this, going to the gym can seem like an extra commitment. This can take up a good chunk of a week in a student’s busy life. Some may require the extra nudge; some might require support of a friend and some may need motivation. At PSB Fitness we are committed to encouraging students to come into the gym through our Gym Buddy Promo at Sheridan. Why you ask? Because we offer a free referral gift- a swag bag filled with goodies! This can be achieved through the referral of 2 individuals- seems pretty easy right?



Having a gym buddy can become a commitment and can lead to consistency. This is beneficial in all aspects of an individual’s life. The first step is simply showing up. You may be aware of someone that shares your love of fitness, or your drive to lead a healthy lifestyle but may be hesitant to try committing to the gym. Find that someone and count on each other to visit Sheridan’s gym! You can also bring some friends and encourage them to bring their own friends so that they can receive a referral gift! Remember, consistency is key! You can learn more about looking for the right gym buddy here!

So why the gym buddy system? referral gift

Have you ever heard the saying that the more the better? We at PSB Fitness believe that having a gym buddy can prove to be very effective with regards to building confidence as well as encouragement when using equipment that you may not be familiar with. Have you ever scouted the gym and seen individuals who use certain equipment effortlessly? Has your confidence level dropped because of this? Do you wish you could do the same and be able to help train those who aren’t familiar with how to operate the equipment? Don’t worry, we all have been there! It is important to surround yourself with individuals that push you to do better. Ask your friends and invite them for a gym sesh! Also, did you know that group workouts can improve quality of life? Read more here!

De-stress and just have some fun!

Who doesn’t want to kick back and enjoy time with friends? Have you ever had random bursts of energy and no clue on how to exert it? Or how about after an intense study session or exam? PSB Fitness offers a lot more than just gym equipment. There are loads of fun activities that you and your friends can engage in at the gym! Socialize with other gym members and spread the word about how to receive a referral gift through a gym buddy at Sheridan!
Did you know, the more fun you have during your workouts, the more you become committed to them over a longer period of time! Read more about this here! Have friendly competition! This will encourage you and anyone around you to look forward to spending time at the gym as well as trying new things out. You may end up learning a lot more and making a lot more connections as well as friends. Set safe boundaries and realistic goals. This way you and your gym buddies can achieve more. Watch and celebrate as your progress unfolds! Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

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For more information you can browse our other articles here!

First 25 classes gets you a FREE group class!

Calling all gym fanatics and casual gym goers! Are you ready to get fit AND get rewards every time you go to the gym? Well look no further. Sheridan College has opened a gym for all! A gym for students, and nearby neighbours with so many accommodations!

Why is staying active SO important?

Daily movement and exercise are essential to our health! Doctors, fitness gurus, yogis, and so many more professionals say so. Daily exercise can create a better lifestyle, strengthen our bones, it improves our mood, and helps lower any risk for diseases. Why don’t you read more yourself here! You can go to the gym twice a week or everyday! PSB Fitness has so much to offer.

There are fitness classes that gym users can attend in group settings with friends. Who doesn’t love a good workout with their gym buddy! With the support of your friends and our specially trained gym instructors, you can do cardio, Pilates, spin sessions, KILLER boot camps, yoga, and the list goes on and on. Now you’re probably wondering, what if I want to work on myself on my own? No worries, we have individual cardio equipment, strength training areas and other recreational activities like an indoor running track. Our facilities go above and beyond for our members because we know how important staying active is for our mental health.

Catering to you only!

Above all, we care most about our members. You! Whether you are young, a senior, anywhere in the middle or even pregnant, we have the right classes for you. Let’s talk about our favourite class that caters to everyone: The Low Impact Aerobics Sessions. This incredible exercise hour lets you workout with any music of any genre so you can enjoy your sweat session! Some days you’re going to want to use the steps and some days just the good old floor. As you can see, anything can be done at our gym! We use kettlebells, small weights, and even just your body weight to workout.

How about something Zen?

Hmmm…. Yoga and Meditation would be great right about now

If you’ve made it this far onto our blog, then you already
know that our specialized classes are here for you to get the most out of! Do
you have a rest day coming up but still want to move your body? Look no
further. We offer yoga and meditation classes. Yoga has said to have helped
with increased flexibility, improved respiration, and energy, maintaining a balanced
metabolism, and even aids in strengthened cardio and circulatory health. Don’t believe us? Well here are a few testimonials for you! With these movements, we call asanas, you can take It very slow and still feel refreshed
throughout your day. Oh, and did we mention Yoga helps maintaining good mental
health? What’s more perfect than this for students? The stress of everyday life
and school can be very difficult to take on, but PSB Fitness is always here for
YOU, your family, and your friends. We have so much to offer that you might
even get lost in the building. Come check us out today!

What more can WE offer YOU?

Come check out our rewards system!

All of this hasn’t convinced you to become a member at PSB
Fitness? Well how about this? For every 25 visits, students and users of the
gym receive a FREE group class! “FREE, you say?” Yes, you heard that right! PSB
Fitness loves to treat their members in any way they can. We have so many
different rewards to offer our members, but this is just one of them. Why don’t
you come and check it out for yourself? It is all about choices and using PSB
Fitness will be the best one you make. We are so excited to have you at our gym
at 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5 or 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9.

You can also visit Sheridan College’s website for more details and Subscribe Here.




PSB’s Commit to Fit Challenge

For students and everyone that would like to work out, it can seem to be a daunting task. At PSB fitness firstly we commit to bringing the gym and healthy lifestyle to everyone. I at PSB fitness will be introducing a new challenge to better the health of everyone that joins. We made this challenge is called Commit to Fit firstly it will make sure that individuals are on the right page. Secondly, this challenge is going to boost the productivity and mindset of everyone partaking in it. They will see change and would want to push themselves harder. Clients will be able to compete with friends for a lifestyle change, ultimately making them better and stronger. Moreover, this will bring all the clients together when they see the prizes available. The commit to fit challenge is to better the lifestyle of all participating.

The lifestyle of Commit to Fit

We want to emphasize the importance of this task, it allows you to engage with others like to really inspire change in one another. In addition, this allows all competing in the challenge to really strive to the best of their ability. While doing the fitness challenge one can see where they need to improve and where they are excelling. This boosts morale and keeps people wanting more. It pushes you to your limits while achieving the desired results. It can get boring working out by yourself when competing with others is what makes it fun. This in return creates a lifestyle that works out hard and makes sure you stay consistent. With consistency and hard work is how you achieve those results.
It becomes intoxicating and leaves you wanting more. When the results come available to you it can be seen how your hard work pushed you ahead to the level that you are from where you were. This challenge embarks the journey you just started with everyone and now becomes a lifestyle for yourself if you choose to pursue it. Based on the results and the prizes available it will only make you push yourself harder.

Top Prizes

The prizes for the top 3 individuals are as follows,

-As the top winner at PSB fitness we will offer a 1-year free membership or a $150.00 credit for the food bar.
-The second place will client will get 6 months free membership or a $100.00 credit for the food bar.
-The third-place contestant will get 3 months free membership or a $50.00 credit for the food bar.

Nutrition at PSB

However, not only just focusing on the fitness aspect of the gym. We offer exceptional food options as well for people looking to eat alternative healthier options. These options are available if they are looking for a lifestyle change. No matter how hard you train your body if the nutrition put in your body is not optimal it while not correlate with your fitness journey. The only thing your doing is training your body with weights and not seeing any change. That negates the purpose of your journey. With these healthier options available at PSB fitness utilize them to your advantage. They fit all budget types no matter how big or small everything is catered to each individual’s need. With halal vegan and vegetarian options available it is not hard to eat healthily. These options fall on to the client and how fast they want that positive lifestyle change.

In conclusion, it can be stated that a healthy lifestyle starts with oneself. To activate the mind and body PSB had created this commit to fit challenge in hopes to inspire the persona of students and young adults alike.

Commit to Fit challenge

A Personal Trainer can help YOU reach YOUR goals at YOUR convenience in Mississauga

Do you dwell on your body shape and wonder what it would look like to reach your fitness goals? Do you wish you were more confident and more socially active with your friends but no convenience in time? Well, you can stop dreaming about it and start doing it because PSB Fitness is here to help! PSB Fitness, started by PSB graduates Jessie and Matt (certified trainer and instructor), is here to offer fitness services to students. At bargain prices students can use different courses to obtain fitness goals and watch their calories at their convenience. Personal trainers help by keeping you on track to successful goal completion, teaching you the procedures, and making personalized plans.


Alone, customers have trouble trying to reach their goals. They are bored working out alone and lose motivation. People procrastinate due to schedule inconvenience so interest is lost. They are disheartened because they are not seeing results and find their goals unachievable. When not held accountable, people stop trying to reach their goals and desires. But a personal trainer is a great way to fix these problems and achieve said goals. A PSB personal trainer helps by just being with them. They alleviate loneliness, act professionally, and positivity encourage clients. Time slots are booked in advance for the reasonable cost of $55/hour for a Mississauga personal trainer. This way clients are also accountable for coming to sessions booked at their convenience unless an emergency occurs. Our trainers motivate with positive reinforcement, especially when clients are dejected from lack of progress. Our trainers discover methods to achieve goals when feeling unmotivated.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
Hard at work to Achieve his goal


As a certified personal trainer and instructor PSB Fitness founders have much knowledge of the industry and with new trends. Because they Have over five years of experience each they have the skills and competence regarding hiring a personal trainer. Their expertise and experience gives them insight as to what the client wants and needs, and how to achieve goals. As a personal trainer they must have experience dealing with clients, know the correct forms/techniques of exercises, and dieting regimes. Since it is at the client’s convenience, trainers teach them exercises for their spare time. This improves the habit of working out on one’s own. They show clients how to correctly exercise and warm up to avoid injury so they realize their goals. It is easy to book an appointment, meet a personal trainer, and gain insight at the Mississauga campus.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
Personal Trainer showing the correct form

Personalized Plan

Personal trainers usually work individually with clients. This gives them a standard regime. Our trainers find their likes and dislikes, mindsets, and behaviors. Personal trainers then form an idea on how their plans should be structured. Once our personal trainers know their personality and behavior a personalized plan is given to them. This revolves mostly around fitness exercises and diet, which PSB Fitness easily helps with. We offer rewards to get free diet food and free access days into our Mississauga location. It is adjusted over time so clients are comfortable applying it at their convenience to accomplish their goal. Personal trainers can set more realistic goals over time based on the client’s abilities. After developing a personal plan, they do not just help with your fitness but also your mental well-being. The plan includes exercises to reduce stress and make you more comfortable with yourself and in social situations.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
A page meant just for you at your convenience

To Apply:

It is straightforward to apply for PSB Fitness’ personal training service. It can be done through our website, through the phone (905) 845-9430, or in-person. We are located at 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
Location of PSB Fitness (Mississauga, Sheridan College Campus)

Spacious Mississauga Student Gym Memberships


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A group of students working towards their fitness and health goals to maintain a greater lifestyle.

Our Spacious Mississauga Student Gym Memberships were created for Sheridan College students to work out in a spacious Gym. The gym membership is affordable, conveniently located, and is safe. Sheridan College students are able to work on their body goals, and healthy lifestyle in the comfort of a Gym. The location is close to the Mississauga and Brampton campuses. After Sheridan students finish their lessons, they will be able to unwind.

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Why Choose Us?


The spacious Mississauga Student Gym does not only have a great location, but its facility is relaxing for our members. To keep loyal members, the gym is always in top shape so members can have a successful workout. Our location is easy to find via google maps for members who decide to workout with us. Our pricing and memberships in both Mississauga and Brampton locations are priced well.

Goodlife, LA Fitness, and Fit4Less may seem expensive, while we offer promotional deals that can save our members some money. Here at PSB Fitness we are known for our spacious, and comforting community of personal trainers and students. We all get together to better ourselves and create a healthier way of living. We also take pride in building relationships with those around us because this is so important.


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Teen Night Group Training

This Gym has many promotional offers that are available, as well as personal training sessions. To add the icing to the cake, we also offer teen night! Teen night is about the high school students and showing them what a healthy lifestyle looks like. These students get the opportunity to use our equipment with the help of our staff members. For $5.00, we welcome high school students between ages of 13 to 18 years old to get a workout in. These offers are for Friday evenings from 5:00pm to 9:00pm so that our spacious facility is in full effect.


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Why is PSB Fitness the best?
#Workouts #Gym

At PSB Fitness, we love to focus on healthy lifestyles, but we also take great pride in our spacious facility. The Fitness centre in Mississauga allows members to feel motivated by having music playing so student’s can enjoy their workout. Having updated equipment, and hanging up motivational posters of fitness goals is a drive to work hard and reach results. 

Our gym is painted white to brighten our spacious gym. Mississauga’s gym allows our members to feel awake during their fitness activities. The importance of designing the gym in ways our members feel inspired is something that we take pride in.


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Promotion and Pricing for PSB Fitness membership
#Studentfitness #Mississauga #Brampton


Offering our members promotional deals and affordable pricing is something we keep up with. Some of our promotions at our Mississauga location includes lady’s hour, student personal training, and teen night. When promotional offers are available, this is how we get interests because people love to participate in promotional deals.

Our lady’s hour gives our female members the opportunity to feel comfortable and not feel worried while working out. Personal training services in our Mississauga gym for students helps individuals reach their goals. With the help of our staff, they are able to create personalized workouts and meal plans for those interested. Promotions for our Mississauga gym location can be found on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages where they are advertised.


When it comes to our prices, PSB Fitness has a variety of membership options for students. We offer a classic membership which costs $14.99/month plus an additional $7.00 startup fee. The premium club membership costs $24.99 per month with a startup fee of $10.00 which includes a free PSB gym t-shirt. Personal training sessions cost $35.00 per hour and every additional 30 minutes added would be an extra $15.00. For nonmembers, we charge $10.00 per entry, and for our high school students we charge $5.00 per entrance on teen nights.


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Our PSB Locations within the GTA
#Gym #Fitness

PSB Fitness has two locations that are conveniently located near the Hazel McCallion and Davis Campus for Sheridan students.

Location 1 – BRAMPTON GYM (Near Davis Campus)

Location 2 – MISSISSAUGA GYM (Near Hazel McCallion Campus)

Both locations are great facilities to workout in, but our Mississauga gym is more spacious. At this location, we have an extra room to store our weights which allows the gym to be less crowded. Our members love both locations, but when it comes to space, Mississauga is the place!


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PSB Fitness Gym Membership #Safetyfirst


Check out the link above for a video that speaks about the importance of following safety measures within gym facilities!

Here at PSB Fitness we care about our member’s safety at all costs. Our spacious gym facility has professional inspections to review all the equipment and ensure that there are no issues. These professional inspections take place yearly, and our staff makes sure to do monthly checks as well. If a machine is broken, PSB Fitness will post a note in front of the machine telling members not to use the machine for safety reasons.

“Health and safety is extremely important in any gym or fitness environment, just like how health and safety is important in other working environments” (Edet, 2019)

Gym with Smoothie Bar in Mississauga and Brampton

Fitness and Nutrition: Hand in Hand

PBS Fitness offers a on sight gym with smoothie bar in Mississauga and Brampton campus locations. Whether you need extra energy before your workout or after, PSB Fitness offers freshly made smoothies to accommodate your nutrition needs.

At PSB Fitness, we are mindful of any dietary restrictions and work hard
to maintain a clean environment. We also provide a common lounge area where you can relax and enjoy one of our fresh beverages whether you are working out or not. 

More Than Just a Smoothie

Not only do we offer smoothies, and freshly squeezed juices, but also protein filled beverages to get you though your workout. At PSB Fitness we also provide a limited selection of protein bars for some extra energy on the go to match your busy lifestyle. Our protein bar selection consists of gluten free, vegan, and regular options.

Our beverages come in sizes small, medium, and large, all carefully poured in our recyclable cups. We also encourage that you bring your own bottle/cup in attempt to help us be more sustainable. 

Smoothie reference

PSB Fitness Membership Perks

To our valued PSB Fitness members, we offer a free beverage of their choice for every 6 drinks purchased. We are able to keep track of the purchases through our system by scanning the membership card every time you make a purchase of a beverage.

Through our membership loyalty program, we also provide opportunities to our members to win free merch, classes, and the possibility of a year long free membership by entering our contests on social media. 

Sheridan Students

At PSB Gym with smoothie bar in Mississauga and Brampton we offer two different pricing sections, one for Sheridan students and the other is for the public. 

For Sheridan students, the pricing is at a bargain but for the public, the pricing is normal. Sheridan students have the advantage to pay gym fees as part of their tuition, this means that PSB will be taking a lump sum from the college for the number of students who use any service in the facility. For the public, the prices are normal because although
these fitness centers provide unique products, not all services available at other gyms are available here.

At PSB Fitness we are dedicated to providing jobs for current Sheridan students and Sheridan graduates. Whether it is personal trainer or smoothie bar barista, we look forward to giving opportunities to our students. 

Sheridan's Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga. (CNW Group/Sheridan College)

PSB Fitness Message

At PSB Fitness we work hard to offer Sheridan students on campus jobs and save them the commute to attend other gyms. By having a gym on campus with benefits such as a smoothie bar we are providing Sheridan students the perfect, convenient gym in an exciting environment. We are an on-campus gym dedicated to hiring Sheridan students and Sheridan graduates only to give more opportunities to our community. Because we strive too make fitness more convenient for you, we operate an in-gym smoothie bar to receive the nutrition you need for your workout. For our members we have provided the opportunity to receive free drinks through our promotion of buy 6 get one free. 

Fitness reference

Helpful links

  Do you have question on how to become a PSB Fitness member?

Do you want to have a better understanding of how to get the right nutrition that you need?

Are you thinking about joining
the gym for the first time?

Please follow us on social media to stay up to date with all our events and promotions. 

Ultra-Low Fitness Fee In HMC And Davis

Ultra-Low Fitness Fee In HMC And Davis
Ultra-Low Fitness Fee In HMC And Davis(Photo by Keith Simon on THE CROSSING)

Are you still paying high fitness expenses but not getting any return? Do you still get up early every day and have to drive a long distance to get to the gym. Do you give up exercising because you don’t know how to use the equipment. Have you become anxious and feel great pressure because of the epidemic? Don’t worry, our PSB Fitness gyms at HMC and Davis campuses are committed to using novel methods and provide ultra-low fee fitness member fee to help fitness users solve these various problems.

(Photo by Staff on Climate Online)

Diverse And Novel Fitness

Different from other fitness venues, our gym provides users with some novel fitness methods. Most of us encourage fitness users to try full-body exercise and group training instead of relying too much on and using fitness equipment. Whether it is one-on-one or group exercise. We have professional fitness instructors to guide you in professional fitness training. The fitness training we provide is as follows:

  • TRX Suspension System
  • Group professional fitness training
  • High-intensity decompression professional training
  • Professional weight-bearing training for super fat loss and muscle gain
  • Group 60 minutes of aerobic lean training


Affordable Fitness Member Fees

We, PSB Fitness are not only committed to providing students with the best fitness training, but also considering preferential prices for students. We consider that most of the current fitness objects are mainly students, so we have greatly reduced the fees we charge to students. The ultra-low fee fitness in HMC and Davis campuses allows students to get our other services or drink a refreshing drink after they have finished exercising. This can also help students save more money to support their own tuition expenses. Further more, we provide studnets the the following preferential policies:

  • Those who hold a student ID can enjoy the guidance service of a personal trainer
  • Students who just started PSB Fitness can try all the services in the gym for free for one week
  • For student users, we will regularly provide free fitness snacks and fitness drinks
  • Students can terminate the membership service at any time, we will not charge any additional fees
  • We will regularly provide students with a 50% discount on other services
(Photo by Crunch Fitness on Clarksville Now)

Great Location

We also considered the students’ management of their own time in choosing the location of the gym. Many students come to school from far away, and they usually take a lot of time to reach the school. So many students don’t want to spend time on fitness. I believe we have helped students solve this problem very well. We, PSB Fitness have gyms on both HMC and Davis campuses, which solves the problem of time for students. They can save more time for fitness activities, and they can also have more time for learning.

Contact Us

Fitness Lifestyle Brampton Mississauga

What are you waiting for, if you want to join our gym. You can get information about joining by calling 647-573-2339 or email to psbfitnessC@gmail. Furthermore, if you want to know about our gym services and environment, we welcome you to our gym and we will provide you with gym round-trip services and in order to register, please click here. For HMC campus, we are located in 4180 Duke of York Boulevard Mississauga, ON and for Davis campus, we are located in 7899 McLaughlin Road Brampton, ON. Hope you can join us and let us start an exciting fitness journey.


Crunch Fitness. (2020). Crunch Fitness, opening in December, looking for its ‘Founding 500’ members[Online image]. ClarksvilleNow.

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Discover Versatile Training in one Gadget!

About Group Seven PSB Fitness Gym

Group Sevens’ PSB fitness gyms live on the Sheridan College HMC and Davis campuses in Mississauga and Brampton. Founded by recent PSB graduates and fitness experts, we are a fitness gym that focuses on easy-to-use equipment to help you build a healthier body. Subsequently, we do not believe that bulky machines are the only way to build your body. Alternatively, fitness should be engaging, dynamic and fun. This also means that we can share the savings with members like you and keep your membership fees low. As a result, you have access to our fitness experts along with a variety of fitness equipment without breaking your bank.

Currently, we are the only student gym with TRX suspension training in Mississauga! So, if you are tired of traditional fitness tools and looking for ways to make your fitness journey fun and effective? Look no further. Group Sevens’ PSB fitness gym has designed the perfect space with the best equipment to help get you there!

Image of TRX Suspension Trainer

What members can expect:

Free Parking

Low Membership Fee

Garage style environment and equipment like kettlebells, slam balls, squat racks etc.

TRX Suspension Training

Certified and experienced trainer and fitness instructor

Open late weekdays and weekends until 12am

In addition to the list of what members can expect, you can also expect a clean and sterile space. Our entire team takes on the responsibility of keeping the gym clean. Furthermore, our equipment is inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is fully functional and safe to use. Finally, our team is dedicated to working with you and maintaining a positive space that empowers you to challenge yourself.

What is TRX suspension training equipment

The TRX suspension trainer is a strap that when suspended from a secure point allows you to perform a variety of total body exercises anywhere at any time. It does this by taking advantage of gravity, your body weight, and the resistance they create to keep your body actively engaged. Additionally, it allows you to easily customize your challenge level by repositioning the strap or your body.

Benefits of suspension training

Firstly, TRX suspension training is an effective way to upgrade workout and how you reach your fitness goals. With the TRX suspension training strap you can create a versatile and fun workout regime using just one piece of equipment. By means of using your body weight and resistance training to help you perform exercises you stay actively engaged in burning fat, building muscle, and increasing flexibility.

How to use TRX suspension training equipment

To use the TRX suspension training kit you do not need any experience. All you need is a willingness to engage and use your body. Our experts at Group Sevens PSB fitness gym can guide you into discovering new ways to get an effective workout in. Then, once you decide on the exercise you want to perform, adjust the straps, position your body and you’re on your way. To increase or decrease the challenge level, bring your center of gravity closer or further away from the floor. For examples on how to take advantage of suspension training, check out our posts on increasing flexibility and total body suspension training in 9 exercises.

Example of How to Use TRX Suspension Trainer equipment.

Not a member yet? Stop by our gym and start your fitness journey with the first month on us! You can even bring a friend to join in the fun with you. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with what we’re doing. And call us at 987-654- 3210 for information on how to start your membership today. All members have access to suspension training at our gym.

See you soon!