A New Ultimate Group Fitness Training Is Available for Individuals with Different Fitness Levels in Mississauga.

Whether you are new to fitness or you are already at the professional level, our group fitness training can help you to reach your fitness goals.

PSB Fiteness Center is now available for you in Mississauga (near Square One)!

At PSB Fitness, group training provides an opportunity for individuals to consistently engage in sports and receive the appropriate physical load to achieve the desired outcome. All visitors to our fitness centers, regardless of their level of fitness strengths, will be able to select the training regimen that is best for them.

PSB5 Fitness Center is now open! - Sofiia Velgosh

We have several membership plans that allow our clients to choose a membership package that suits their needs the most. We also have a special discount of 35% for students on any PSB Fitness Membership Plan.

Membership plan options:

• Standard Package (Access to the gym only)

• Group Fitness Package (Access to Group Training only)

• Complex Package (Access to the gym + Group Training)

• Students' Package (Any package that is listed above with a 35%     discount for students)

• Private training (Access to the gym + 6 or 12 private sessions with a PSB Fitness coach)

PSB Fitness training schedule is very flexible. All our group sessions are 1-hour long; however, you can come in whenever it is convenient for you, as well as you can attend up to 2 full sessions per day (Gym access is not limited).

Group fitness classes are conducted by professional athletes with a high level of training, who know how to find a personal approach to everyone.

Note: The time that you can spend with the trainer is very limited unless you have a Private Training Membership Plan.

About Us
PSB Fitness was founded by two professional trainers, Jessie Davis and Matt Walker, with years of experience behind their backs. Their goal is to provide affordable and accessible options for individuals, especially youth, to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Sheridan College's HMC and Davis campuses now have two new fitness centers available to the public:
• 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga
• 7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton

Details About Group Fitness Training
Jessica and Matt want to help other people achieve their fitness and health objectives, which is why they created several workout programs with varying difficulty levels: for beginners (low intensity), for those working on stamina (high intensity), and for those who just want to stay in shape (medium intensity). These three programs will include a complex mix of cardio, strength training, and even mental training, such as meditation practices.

PSB Fitness - Benefits of working with us

Do not miss the opportunity to do sports and always be in a great mood.
Our friendly team is waiting for you!

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Gyms for Students Mississauga

The product that we would be offering is the PSB fitness gym with features including: 24/7 access, high quality facilities, and brand-new equipment. This gym will offer personal training sessions and allows for customers to have the opportunity to work achieve their fitness goals. The product USP is “the only gym in your price range that offers personalized training plans”.

The pricing of this gym is bargain. It will be $16.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee unless you sign up in the first month. This gym is a bargain because it has similar amenities of other gyms but a cheaper price. To enroll, customers have to pay $50 which is considerably lower than most gyms in the GTA. The USP for price is “Customers are provided with all-inclusive classes for only $16.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee which is half of what competitors are charging.”

The place that customers can purchase our membership is at the campus athletic reception desk or online through the Sheridan athletics website. The gym is located in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton. Toronto is the hub spot of the GTA and is heavily populated. This is beneficial for this gym because it would attract new customers and allow for new and returning customers to visit. Mississauga houses a lot of students so this gym would attract them and be affordable. Brampton is another location that houses a lot of students so PSB would be the most ideal for students to join. The USP for place is “Customers can purchase the membership online which most gyms do not permit you to do”.

The promotion we are choosing to use is sales promotion as our main strategy. When members sign up, three complimentary personal training sessions will be given. A bonus pack will also be provided to the gym members with a new gym bag when they sign up. The theme of our promotion is “Work Hard, Feel Proud”. The promotion USP for PSB “Three complimentary personal training sessions once registered”.
“Spend Less, Get More” please contact PBS Fitness at 416-768-3748 or email us at PSBFitness@outlook.

Luxurious Private Boxing Gym Mississauga

PSB GYM, the benefits you have of buying our membership is that you will be able to sign up for group and personal training sessions, free meal prep training, and our gym has top notch equipment. You will get meal prep training in the form of videos, brochures, and even 1on1 sit downs with our meal prep specialist. Before you sign up for a membership a client representative will give you a full tour of our facility and answer any questions you may have. We are one of the few gyms that offer group/personal training sessions at cheap and affordable rate. The pricing will be a bargain as it will be a $12.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee, if you sign up within the first month there will be no enrollment fee. We also don’t have contracts with our clients, you can cancel the membership any time, we will also not charge you the enrollment fee again if you join back within 3 months of canceling. We offer mostly the same services as other gyms at a fraction of cost, with our gym you get to save money while getting to achieve your fitness and health goals. Our Enrollment fee is half the cost of our competitors. Our goal isn’t to charge consumers lots of money, but to help you achieve your goals., We want to be apart of your fitness and health journey. The PSB membership can be bought at any 3-campus athletic facility at the front desk or even online at PSB fitness website. Most gyms don’t let you buy their membership online, at PSB fitness we offer online membership purchases. From Monday November 7th till Monday November 14th sign up and we will include 3 (1 hour) free personal training sessions. If you also sign up to do group or personal training sessions as well within the first month we will give you a free PSB fitness gym bag. With PSB fitness we strive to help you “Work hard, Stay committed, Look and Feel great”. If you have any questions call or email us now, if you want to achieve your fitness goals., achieve it with PSB fitness. 647-575-6807 or at PSBfitness@hotmail.com

PSB is Affordable Student gym located in Brampton with private classes, quality equipment and great prices!

Why Join this cheap student gym in Brampton?

Join PSB Fitness today and get your first week for free! We are a student gym in Brampton with low waiting times on all gym equipment and machines. Our top priority is customers time and overall satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you want to let off some energy, improve yourself mentally of physically, join us in starting your journey! Whether you want to lift weights participate in yoga classes or you apply to, most of our fitness centers will be for you. With low wait times and unlimited possibilities on what you can do, why wait? With our short times, the only person holding you back from improving yourself is you.

About Us!

We are located at the Sheridan College Campus in Brampton. The building is located at the address 7899 McLaughlin Rd. You have the ability to book appointments and sign up in person at this address. You can also sign up online for a membership or private classes. Hours of operation are 24-7 all week from Sunday to Saturday.

Pricing will start at about $30 a month for 9-5 access only while the next tier up will be about $45 a month for full 24/7 access. Since this is a student gym in Brampton near the college campus, there will be an additional 15% taken off these rates for Sheridan students.

On top of these discounts the first two weeks of membership are free and this will give you a good trial. You will be able to decide for yourself if you would like to continue the membership. Visit our front desk for more information.

We offer services like private classes with our personal trainers while also offering the use of our weight lifting machines, dumbbells, barbells and fitness machines like Treadmills and Stairmasters!

Equipment in Student Gym in Brampton

We offer a judgement free environment for all new gym goers. You will make plenty of new friends and possible study partners!

What else do we offer?

Sauna and Changeroom

Sauna Change room in Student gym in Brampton

Yoga and Pilates Classes

The opportunity to meet great new friends

Friends at gym

Student Gym in Brampton

Student Gym in Brampton

Why join a gym in the first place?

Working out has great benefits and when done effectively. It not only improves your mental health, but it helps to keep it healthy. It makes you more confident if you are not satisfied with your appearance in any way. You will unlock confidence you didn’t know was possible when consistently working out. Becoming a better you is what we want to help with. You will see some big changes over the timeline of weeks and even months. As long as you are committed to staying consistent your life will improve. A part of human life is always trying to become a better version of yourself. Physical activity is left out of this conversation all of the time. Living is about balance, please do yourself a favor and don’t neglect your body and mind. Always embrace challenges and embrace change to grow as a person.

There are many notable health implications to working out. The overall change on mental health is larger than anyone could imagine. If you deal with any sort of mental health struggle, these include things like depression or anxiety. These physical activities will free you for the time being, and as you get more consistent you will see prolonged results. College students deal with anxiety and an unprecedented amount of stress in their lives. They have to meet all sorts of deadlines and juggle the responsibility of multiple classes. Since all these are stress inducing things for most, why not clear your head?

Why attend our student gym in Brampton?

Our gym and staff offers you the best experience at a great affordable price. There is no need to attend a costly commercial gym where wait times will be very high due to increased foot traffic. We pride ourselves on our selling proposition of low wait times. With our use of top quality machines and other workout devices, all at one great cheap price, we’re your number one stop for working out. With expert trainers and experienced lifter you will be guided in the right diretion. Any confusion you have just ask one of our many experienced personal trainers and you’ll be headed on the right track. Combining that with our guaranteed low wait times, we won’t be beat!

We have the best student gym in Brampton, not only because of our wait times and contents but also due to the phenomenal location. We are located in the best possible place for all of Sheridan’s Brampton students. Where else is better than 5 minutes from your last class? You will be able to get a quick workout in between your classes without being late. Our gym is catered to students, students get every advantage at our gym that they don’t get anywhere else. That is why our student gym should be your top choice! So drop by and talk to one of our customer service representatives to get setup as soon as possible. Begin your fitness journey today!

PSB Fitness- Fit for you


PSB Fitness Logo
Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

Take the first step…..

It is the first step towards your goals that ensures the possibility of turning them into a reality.

Focused Training

Our personal athlete trainer will guide you, mentor you, and work with you every step of the way, in all aspects of your well-being and your personal fitness goals. Along with workouts, you will get a nutritional plan tailored to your body requirements, your personal trainer will track your progress, and make changes to your personal fitness package if needed. Our focused athlete trainers are knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated to their client needs, and highly passionate enthusiasts who are waiting for you to join them. They are ready to share their experience with you, and serve you in the best possible way. Are you ready to join them?

Learn at your own pace

We know every individual is unique and learns at their own pace. Whether you are a beginner or working out for years. We provide a judgment-free zone for you to work on your physical fitness and overall well-being. 

psb fitness

Our mission is to provide Sheridan students space, resources, and above all an encouraging environment with focused athletic training at affordable and flexible rates, so that they can see their overall well-being, personal fitness goals are within their reach. Our vision is to see every Sheridan student living a healthy and physically fit life. We are here to make your fitness goals ours as much as they are yours. See you at the gym, working towards your fitness goals in a space made just for you.

Focused Training and much more!

Focused Training

Focused Athletic Training

Focused training to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.


Customized fitness plans

Nutritional plans

Track your progress

Virtual personal training classes

Overall fitness includes muscle building, endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Work at your own pace

Affordable and flexible membership subscription

More for less

PSB offers low prices

Flexible memberships


Fit to your budget

Discounted membership prices

Handle membership subscription according to your needs, hold, rejoin, no commitment needed

Convenience of place

Workout before and after classes

Group Exercises

Small group exercises

Join people with similar fitness interests

5 minute group warmup followed by 30 minute workout


Stay motivated

Socialize with others

Boost your confidence

Great way to acknowledge, you are not alone on your fitness journey

Special Offers

30% discount on enrolment

One time membership discount

Free trials

Join us for free anytime of the week

Gym Equipment




Stationary cycles

Stair climbers


Free weights


Rowing machines

Cable crossovers


Hot Yoga Studio


Improves focus

Reduces stress

Greater flexibility

Greater lung capacity

Better bone mass

Indoor Pools

Swimming lanes (25 M/82 FT)

 Swimming lessons

Personalized fitness workouts

Workouts tailored to your needs


Losing belly weight at PSB fitness

PSB fitness is one of the best recreational centers opened in the various campuses of Sheridan college that provide the proper guidance to the students to maintain their proper health such as losing belly weight at PSB fitness. The very first move is to schedule a trial version session with gym in Mississauga. The personal trainers will provide you with free advice so that you can decide what the next moves should be. Your wellness experience has finally begun after you’ve finished the application process and become a part of our personal training programmed. We’ll be there for you every step of the way if you need it.

Various reasons to select PSB fitness:
Personal trainers are experts in a variety of fitness program which enables them to personalize a workout routine by selecting from a range of exercises making use of the exercise software. You can communicate with your teacher at any time and choose if you want to finish your program.

Benefits of using PSB fitness
Online Workout Videos/Guides will be created and available for members online, located at the PSB fitness website. This is for members that want to stay in healthy shape but fear any possible pandemic and have an opportunity for losing belly weight at PSB fitness. PSB fitness will also offer a calorie tracker after all online videos are performed, along with recommended things to eat like snacks or meals. After each workout is performed, the client can choose to have a recording of themselves. This is for them to improve form and posture for future workouts performed along with monitoring their fitness journey/progress. A lot of individuals have a difficult time disciplining themselves and controlling what food/snack is consumed after a workout. Are they going to watch workout routines via YT that won’t track their burned calories, record their posture/form, and recommend what to eat to maximize their progress over time?

Our programs give customers the opportunity to work on their body as well as their mental health. You can go to PSB fitness by yourself, with a friend, or even with a group of friends. Whichever makes the experience better for you! You can work on losing belly weight, gaining muscle, and our employees will be happy to show you workouts and diets that will be beneficial for you!
PSB fitness has hired energetic, and enthusiastic employees throughout the fitness centers. In addition, they will offer rewards programs to both employees and customers to keep the workers motivated, and members as well. The members will continue to work out and make it a return as there will be many different types of rewards. Hiring energetic/enthusiastic employees in both facilities will allow the company to focus on customer service and interacting with members, thus building a community. Building a community can be beneficial in many ways. Rewarding employees will ensure they stay motivated and consistent in terms of their duties and obligations. Rewards for the members will keep them coming, which allows for exceptional customer service.

Mission statement:
The value proposition, and overall campaign message of the company is to be a very engaging gym for our members who have not been able to achieve results that they are looking for. This is so they continue to stay motivated and so that they continue to challenge themselves. We will also offer different types of programs and workouts that are 20-30 minutes long. All in video format for the members that are concerned of the current pandemic COVID-19. They can now access these variety of programs and effective workouts from home or anywhere that they feel comfortable and safe to perform and stay on track. We want to create a community with the Sheridan students/members to create long lasting members and memories with.

PSB Flexible Fitness

Are you in search of a gym with flexible operating hours that offers a flexible fitness plan and pays attention to your busy schedule? You have come to the right Place. PSB fitness is located at the hearts of Mississauga and Brampton inside Sheridan’s campuses. We provide our clients with affordable membership and offer a wide variety of modern equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer virtual class based exercises to our clients. For those who do not have the opportunity to join us in our facilities.

Services Offered

We offer various services which our clients can benefit from, and which are not limited to Personal Training for those clients who have very busy schedule and would like to have a personal trainer attend to them to meet their fitness goals, strength and weight training to help clients not only gain weight but improve on their muscle tone, cross fit, yoga and corporate group training for those clients who want to work solely on their on their cardio and improve their stamina. We also offer free trials every Tuesdays to our clients who want to to try out our facilities before registering with us and lastly, we provide our premium clients with a proper diet planner which works together with their desired fitness goals.


 Our Membership plan begins at $18.99 paid monthly (can be paid bi-weekly) which includes training in a calm and private environment with devoted professionals ready to help you. They will be at the gym also working during after hours, so don’t be shy to ask them if you need a spotter or some to assist you, give you advice to correct your technique or training routine. 

Normal Package - $18.99

In our normal membership package, we provide limited services to our clients as
this one will include
Personal Training, strength and weight training, Cross fit, and Corporate group training for those members who have a flexible schedule and would want to get fit whenever they have the opportunity to their cardio at their own pace.

Premium Package - $20.99

For our premium membership holders, we offer then a wide range of services to help them maintain and achieve their fitness goal regardless of their busy schedules. The service we offer to our premium members are One-on-One personal training,  Strength and weight training for weight loss and gain, Cross fit and Yoga for cardio improvement and a personalized diet plan to help them attain the fitness goals.

About Us

PSB fitness is founded by Matt and Jessie, two Sheridan graduates with professional experience of 5 years and over in fitness. Jessie has worked as a personal trainer at GoodLife for 6 years, and Matt has worked as a personal trainer for 5 years. Matt and Jessie are both very ambitious and driven professionals who assist their clients in achieving their fitness goal.

To know about our facilities at Sheridan, click on this link.

Contact: +12892177724

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5


Monday         9a.m.–9p.m.

Tuesday        9a.m.–9p.m.

Wednesday   9a.m.–9p.m.

Thursday       9a.m.–9p.m.

Friday             9a.m.–9p.m.

Saturday       Closed

Sunday          Closed

Students Gym Membership Plans Mississauga

Unsure! Not to worry. Join us today for free to experience our services. We are happy to take you on a tour of PSB fitness and work out with you.

Book your free trial today! Take a tour with us!

Affordable Membership Plans

Basic- $15.99/bi-weekly


Gym equipment

Group exercises

Virtual and in-location fitness clubs

Virtual personal workouts

Videos on fitness and overall health

Premium- $19.99/bi-weekly


Gym equipment

Group exercises

Virtual and in-location fitness clubs

Virtual personal workouts, and

Videos on fitness and overall health

Personal athletic trainer

Personalized workout plans

Nutritional plans

Indoor pool

Hot yoga studio

Private showers

Personal lockers

Gym bags

*Both memberships include one-time enrolment cost $49.99. 

Affordable Gym in Downtown Mississauga

If you’re looking for a CrossFit gym near HMC Sheridan College which open 24/7, if you want to get in great, healthy shape while saving time and money, you are coming to the right place! Other than CrossFit training, we provide a variety of fitness services, ranging from basic gym packages that allow you to work out alone, to group classes and personal trainings with professional coaches. Along with our individualized approach to each customer and adaptable membership options are the great price, perfect location, and variety of fitness services which distinguish us from other gyms.

This is our CrossFit gym near HMC Sheridan College

About Us

The company, PSB Fitness, is founded by two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5
years’ experience and 15 existing clients. The two new fitness centers will be operating onsite at the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. 


Our gym is located in the centre of Mississauga. Whether you are student or staff at Sheridan HMC, living or working near Square One Shopping Center, we have you covered.

Other than CrossFit training, We are Also Providing:

– Yoga classes
– Muscle training
– Personal training
– Virtual exercise classes

Membership Plans

**All packages include 3 free trials**

Beginner Package – $24.99/month
– 24/7 access
– One membership per person
– Free Wi-Fi
– Free locker
– CrossFit training (limited to 2 times per month)

Advanced Package – $34.99/month
– Includes all features of Beginner package
– Personal training (limited to 3 times per month)
– Yoga classes
– Virtual exercise classes

Hardcore Package – $49.99/month
– Includes Beginner & Advanced
– Unlimited CrossFit & Personal training
– Muscle training

Exclusive Offer for Sheridan Students and staffs:
One-on-one training with Matt and Jessie on Beginner and Advanced packages
– One month fee waived off for Hardcore package
– Bring a guest for Hardcore package **Guests can only access the basic gym amenities**

We are here for you!

We would love to be here to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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PSB Fitness
24/7 Gym with Affordable prices