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Cloud-based. AI-powered.

That's PSB Recruitment system for universities!

AI cloud greater toronto

Unlock the Power of the Cloud + AI in Recruitment: Join our Webinar!

Sifting through endless resumes to fill your university’s job requirements can be tiring.

That’s why YOU should join us for a free webinar where we’ll explore how our cloud-based, AI-powered recruitment system can transform your hiring process.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AI can automate resume screening so you can identify top educational professionals.
  • Reduce unconscious bias resulting in a more diverse workforce.
  • Improve candidate experience with faster communication and create personalized interactions.
  • Access anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based system.
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How AI is Deciding Who Gets Hired

The job hunt has changed as artificial intelligence scores resumes, runs interviews and decides who gets access to opportunity (Bloomberg Originals). And that’s why we designed PSB Recruit for the ever changing landscape in recruitment. 
AI cloud greater toronto
AI cloud greater toronto

Transform Your Hiring Process with AI

Your endless search for the perfect university hire ends here. Join our webinar on cloud-based, AI-powered recruitment systems and revolutionize how you find educational professionals for your university. 

Discover how AI can streamline your hiring process, saving you time and resources. 

Learn how these intelligent systems analyze vast candidate pools to uncover hidden gems and reduce bias in your selection process. In turn, you gain a competitive edge on your hiring strategies!

AI cloud greater toronto

What You’ll Learn from the Webinar

Introduction to PSB Recruit: Merging Cloud Efficiency with AI Precision

  • Dive deep into the core of PSB Recruit, where cloud infrastructure meets powerful AI algorithms for unparalleled recruitment precision.
  • Uncover how AI-driven matching ensures candidates align seamlessly with your job requirements.

Live Demonstration: AI in Action – Smart Applicant Matching

  • Witness a live demonstration showcasing the robust AI capabilities that drive PSB Recruit.
  • Explore how our platform analyzes vast datasets, ensuring precise candidate-job matches for optimal hiring results.

Data Powerhouse: Unleashing Large Database Capacity

  • Understand how PSB Recruit’s expansive database capacity empowers you to handle extensive candidate profiles and job requirements effortlessly.
  • Explore the scalability that accommodates your growing business needs without compromising performance.
AI cloud greater toronto

Combining Cloud with AI Precision

Seeking precision in talent acquisition? Eager to enhance your recruitment strategy with cutting-edge technology? Attend our exclusive webinar so you may discover how PSB Recruit’s cloud-based solution, fortified with advanced AI capabilities, can elevate your hiring game.

Engage in a Live Q&A session with Our Experts

Address your queries on AI integration, database management, and recruitment strategies. Gain valuable insights from real-world AI success stories in the recruitment landscape.

David Harrison, Employee Relations Manager

David is a skilled Employee Relations Manager with a proven track record of fostering positive and productive work environments. He's an expert in conflict resolution, performance management, and employee engagement. In this webinar, David will delve into AI strategies for building strong employee relationships, navigating challenging situations, and creating a thriving workplace culture.

Sarah Jones, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sarah is a seasoned Talent Acquisition Specialist with over 10 years of experience in building high-performing teams. She's passionate about crafting compelling employer branding strategies and attracting top talent. In this webinar, Sarah will share her insights on the latest AI recruitment trends and best practices for attracting and hiring the best candidates.

Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Softwar

Michael Brown, Learning & Development Specialist

Michael is a passionate Learning & Development Specialist with a focus on empowering individuals and teams through effective training and development programs. He's skilled in needs assessment, curriculum design, and facilitating engaging learning experiences. In this webinar, Michael will share AI strategies for building a strong learning culture, designing effective training programs, and fostering continuous learning and development within an organization.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Quantum University

AI powered system
 “We’ve been using PSB Recruit for our academic staff hiring process, and it has truly transformed the way we approach recruitment. The AI-powered features are incredibly efficient, helping us sift through faculty resumes and identify top educators with unprecedented speed. The system’s ability to analyze academic profiles and match them with our specific requirements has saved us valuable time, allowing us to focus more on enhancing the educational experience for our students. “

  • Dr. Samantha Hayes, Dean of Faculty, Quantum University
    456 Oak Avenue, Mississauga, Toronto, ON, Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Stellar University

Stellar University Toronto logo

“Stellar University takes pride in its commitment to excellence, and PSB Recruit has played a vital role in advancing our academic hiring practices. The cloud-based features have revolutionized our faculty recruitment process, allowing our hiring team to access candidate information securely from anywhere. The AI-driven capabilities, combined with the convenience of cloud-based collaboration, have remarkably improved our team’s efficiency.”

  • Professor Jonathan Rodriguez, President, Stellar University
    321 Birch Lane, North York, Toronto, ON, Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Nexus Dynamics University

“Nexus Dynamics University has embraced the future of academic hiring with PSB Recruit. The cloud-based features of this AI-powered recruitment system have redefined the way we approach faculty selection. Now, our academic HR team can seamlessly collaborate and access candidate profiles from any location, fostering a more dynamic and responsive recruitment process. The real-time insights provided by the AI algorithms have significantly expedited our hiring cycles.”

  • Dr. Emily Thompson, Vice Chancellor, Nexus Dynamics University
    234 Willow Way, Markham, Toronto, ON, Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

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AI cloud greater toronto

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AI-powered recruitment system for universities

PSB Recruit Best AI recruitment software for Toronto universities

Logo for the PSB Recruit

Best AI Recruitment Software in Toronto!

Tired of struggling to find qualified candidates for your open positions? Facing challenges with unconscious bias in your hiring process? Want to streamline your recruitment efforts and save valuable time?

Join us for a FREE webinar and discover how AI can transform your university’s recruitment process.


200+ People
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Introducing PSB Recruit, the next-generation AI-powered recruitment software designed specifically for the needs of universities like yours.


Meet the Speakers


Dr. Jane Smith
(AI Recruitment Expert)

Expertise: Leading expert in AI-powered recruitment with over 15 years of experience.

Background: Former Recruitment Director at a prestigious Toronto university, successfully implemented AI solutions to improve efficiency and diversity.

Presentation Focus: Sharing real-world insights and case studies showcasing the impact of AI in university recruitment.

“AI isn’t about replacing human judgment, it’s about augmenting it with powerful data insights to make better hiring decisions.”


Mr. Saransh Patel
(University Recruit Manager)

Expertise: Recruitment Manager at a large Toronto university successfully utilizing AI recruitment software.

Background: Over 10 years of experience in university recruitment, facing challenges of large applicant pools and diverse hiring needs.

Presentation Focus: Sharing his firsthand experience and success stories implementing AI recruitment software at his university.

“PSB Recruit transformed our recruitment process. We fill positions faster, hire better talent, & have more time to focus on building company”


Ms. Jamie Lee
(Inclusion Specialist)

Expertise: Award-winning advocate for diversity and inclusion in hiring practices.

Background: Experienced consultant supporting organizations in building inclusive workplaces and mitigating unconscious bias.

Presentation Focus: Discussing the role of AI in promoting fairness and reducing bias in university recruitment.

“AI has the potential to create a more level playing field for all candidates and ensure universities attract the best talent, regardless of background.”

Trusted by leading Universities


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AI Recruitment Software in GTA

Revolutionizing AI Recruitment Software in GTA

Join us to explore the revolutionizing AI recruitment software in GTA and learn how integrating AI technology can revolutionize your hiring process. Whether you’re looking to optimize your current recruitment strategy or seeking to understand the potential of AI in HR, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to lead the way in the future of hiring.

28 February 2024 | 11:00 am 

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AI Recruitment Software:
The Future of Hiring

Experience the future of hiring with PSB Recruit’s cutting-edge AI HR software which is revolutionizing AI recruitment software in GTA area. This innovative technology is transforming the recruitment landscape, automating mundane tasks, and expertly pinpointing the finest candidates with unparalleled efficiency. Designed for seamless integration with existing HR frameworks, PSB Recruit ensures your recruitment operations are both streamlined and superior. 

Meet Our Esteemed Guest Speaker

AI Recruitment Software Expert

Casie Winget

AI Expert

A renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a deep understanding of AI’s transformative power, Casie has led groundbreaking projects that have paved the way for innovative solutions across various industries. Her insights into leveraging AI for enhancing operational efficiency and creating new opportunities are eagerly anticipated.

Recruitment Expert

Jacob Rudd

Senior HR

A Senior HR Professional with extensive experience in human resources management. Jacob’s expertise lies in developing strategic HR practices that align with organizational goals, enhance employee engagement, and foster a productive work environment. His approach to HR has been instrumental in driving success for numerous organizations.

AI recruitment software user

Stacy Rose

Director of Academics

The Director of Recruitment at Global University. Stacy’s leadership has revolutionized the recruitment process at the university, introducing dynamic strategies that attract and retain top talent. Her visionary approach to recruitment, combined with a deep commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, has made significant contributions to the academic community.

Webinar Benefits

Expert Insights: Gain firsthand knowledge from industry leaders with extensive experience in AI, human resources, and recruitment. Learn about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities directly from the experts.

Innovative Strategies: Discover cutting-edge strategies for leveraging AI in the recruitment process, enhancing HR practices, and attracting top talent in a competitive market. Implement these strategies to stay ahead in your field.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including fellow attendees, speakers, and industry leaders. Expand your professional network, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations.

Trusted by leading brands

AI recruitment software customer
AI recruitment software customer
AI recruitment software customer


“PSB Recruit software revolutionized our recruitment, making it faster and more accurate. A game-changer for finding the right talent efficiently!”

Lucy Santos, University of Guelph

Final Call to Register

Unlock the potential of AI in recruitment with PSB Recruit’s groundbreaking HR software! Dive into our upcoming webinar to explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping talent acquisition. Seize this opportunity to hear from leading experts, acquire critical insights, and elevate your hiring approach. Act fast – your future in recruitment awaits!

AI recruitment picture

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AI HR Software Toronto

How to Streamline Hiring with AI HR Software

Discover how PSB Recruit’s advanced AI HR software from Toronto revolutionizes the hiring process, automating tasks and identifying top talent efficiently. It can be integrated with other HR systems to streamline your recruitment process and stay ahead in the competitive market with AI-powered solutions.

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Toronto Talent Acquisition Trends: AI HR Software Webinar

Join our PSB Recruit webinar where we will take you through talent acquisition trends in the Greater Toronto Area, learning cutting-edge strategies and insights into how PSB Recruit’s advanced AI algorithm HR software can streamline the hiring process and help you acquire top talents more efficiently and effectively.

PSB Recruit AI Software - Webinar Benefits

Our Host and Guests

Join our webinar to get insider tips from industrial experts on leveraging AI HR software to streamline HR processes. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best in the field.

Elizebath Anderson

15+ years of Human Operations Experience

Director of HR

 Julibe – Global Education Program

Hazel Simons

10+ years of Product Design Experience

Product Manager

PSB Recruit – Innovative Software

Richard Kennedy

15+ years of Operations and HR Experience

Chief Executive Officer

McGrow Hall – Leading Educational Publisher

A.I. Recruitment Software from Toronto

PSB Software, a pioneering Canadian company founded in 2000 by Jennifer Smith, has a strong history of creating software solutions to support businesses’ operational needs. Initially gaining recognition for pioneering cloud-based inventory software, PSB Software has since expanded our offerings to include finance operations software and now, the latest venture, PSB Recruit.

Trusted by leading brands

“PSB Recruit AI HR Software has revolutionized our hiring process. The intuitive platform has empowered us to make smarter hiring decisions faster than ever before.”

Elizabeth Anderson, Director, Julibe

Last Week to Sign up!

Experience the future of recruitment with PSB Recruit AI HR software from Toronto! Join us for an exclusive webinar where you’ll discover how AI technology is transforming the hiring process. Don’t miss this chance to learn from industry experts, gain valuable insights, and take your recruitment strategy to the next level!

AI HR Software Toronto PSB Recruit Webinar

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Smart Recruitment Software in Toronto

Smart Recruitment Software in Toronto

A smart recruitment software in Toronto just launched and is here to help you with your recruitment and onboarding process. PSB Recruit uses the latest AI technology to streamline your HR processes and integrates the existing data in your current HR software too. Recruitment and onboarding will be more effective and efficient altogether.

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A Smart Recruitment Software in Toronto Makes Hiring as Seamless as Possible

Thousands of people are looking for new opportunities and receiving numerous applications can be daunting. With PSB Recruit, the latest smart recruitment software in Toronto, there is no need to sift through all the applications to find the best candidate. Furthermore, its latest AI technology uses advanced algorithm to select the best candidates based on your company needs. 

Moreover, PSB Recruit will not keep you hanging once the best candidate is hired. The software also takes you and the new recruit through the onboarding process together. Therefore, you can keep track of all the steps that are needed to for onboarding and never miss a thing.

Learn from the industry's best

To explain, notable speakers share their experience and their thoughts about the changing landscape of recruitment with the integration of technology in the process. Get helpful insights about the latest global trends on HR, specifically on recruitment As a result, get to learn and understand how to get ahead of the game and find the best candidate for your company. Not to mention, our speakers are all established HR professionals with their own proven track record. 

Speaker 1 for smart recruitment software in Toronto

Janelle Johnson, the HR head of HR Canada’s top university with 12 years of experience will share her journey when it comes to recruitment.

Speaker 2 for smart recruitment software in Toronto

Matthew Davis, the CEO of an AI company, shares his views on the future of AI coupled with how it will assist everyone in their fields.

Speaker 3 for smart recruitment software in toronto

Katie Richards, Talent Acquisition Manager for Department of Education, tackles the difficulties of onboarding employees and how she overcame these.

The smart recruitment software in Toronto integrates with other HR software

Obviously, it is very crucial to keep your operations running and to not have any gaps in between. With the integration feature of PSB Recruit, there is no need to pause your HR operation just to import your data into the new platform. Meanwhile, the AI technology is able to integrate all your existing data into PSB Recruit for a seamless experience and operation. 

Basically, no time is wasted when you upgrade your software to PSB Recruit. Transitioning to a new platform never felt so smooth.

Trusted by top canadian universities

"PSB Recruit is the most advanced HR software to exist"

“I have never seen a software that understands all the HR needs. It is easy to understand and very intuitive to use too. As a matter of fact, our recruitment processing time was reduced by 50%!”

Integrate the smartest recruitment software now!

To conclude, start upgrading your recruitment and onboarding process with the latest PSB Recruit smart recruitment software in Toronto. Understand the benefits as well as the importance of integrating AI in your HR processes.

Smart AI

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