Strategic Faculty Hiring: Trends and ATS Software Insights

ATS software for faculty hiring

Strategic Faculty Hiring: Trends and ATS Software Insight

So, where and how do you begin to make skill-based recruiting a reality by 2024? Do you want to embrace the future of academic talent acquisition? Now you can tune in to our webinar to discover our AI-powered solution, the ATS software for faculty hiring, designed to optimize faculty recruitment.

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Empower the Faculty Hiring with ATS Software: Gaining Skill Insights

Join us to explore the practical steps and strategies for implementing skills-based hiring in your organization. You can learn from experts how to effectively evaluate candidates’ competencies. Moreover, now you can discover how AI can assist in uncovering the real talents, enhancing your recruitment process significantly. Additionally, you can learn how AI-driven ATS Software for Faculty Hiring can transform faculty hiring, offering strategic insights and live software demos.

Who Should Attend:

HR Head 

Faculty Senate

University Deans

School Principals

Human Resources Director

Academic Hiring Coordinators

Meet the Hiring Innovators

Hear from our leading HR innovators and technologists on making skills-based hiring and ATS Software for Faculty Hiring a staple in every HR toolkit!

Sara Heart
Co-founder of PSB Recruits, offering innovative solutions for skills identification.

David Mccallum
Co-founder of PSB Recruits, leading the charge in leveraging AI for talent development and acquisition. Renowned for incorporating real-world experiences into recruitment tactics. 

ATS software for faculty hiring

Maria Deyon
A pioneer in advocacy for skills-based recruitment, bringing a wealth of knowledge from HRPA

ATS Software for Faculty Hiring:
Why Should You Attend This Webinar?

First and foremost, you will gain valuable insights into how AI can streamline the complex process of academic recruitment. The discussion will be centered around the strategic advantages that you can leverage using AI to manage high volumes of applications, maintain diversity in hiring, and ensure an unbiased evaluation process, which are essential for achieving academic excellence. Furthermore, you will be treated to a live demonstration of the Recruitment Software ATS during the webinar. This practical showcase will reveal how the software’s user-friendly interface and robust features can significantly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in faculty recruitment within educational institutions. In addition, you will learn how to navigate and overcome common challenges in faculty recruitment through the use of AI. Through a hypothetical case studies, you will see firsthand how integrating AI solutions can help you meet budget constraints, achieve diversity goals, and balance professional responsibilities with personal commitments, ultimately leading to successful hiring outcomes.

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“Attending the webinar was a game-changer for our academic institution. Firstly, the in-depth discussions not only highlighted the intricacies of faculty recruitment but also offered innovative solutions. Moreover, PSB Software’s AI-driven ATS was a revelation. Its intuitive design and powerful analytics have simplified our hiring process, allowing us to effortlessly manage large application volumes while upholding our commitment to diversity and equity. Additionally, the software’s collaborative hiring features have been particularly beneficial, aligning seamlessly with our committee-based decision-making. Finally, I am genuinely impressed with how the PSB Software has enabled us to meet our recruitment goals more effectively and equitably.”

Register today to our webinar to know the software which will help you to enhance your institution’s hiring efficiency and diversity.

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Academic Recruitment Strategies: Elevate Hiring with PSB Recruit

Mastering the Art of Academic Talent Acquisition

Embark on a journey of transformation in the education sector with our exclusive webinar focused on ‘Academic Recruitment Strategies’. Discover the transformative power of collaboration in the hiring process and however learn how to harness collective expertise for strategic, impactful hiring. 

March 12,2024 10am-12pm EST

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Academic Recruitment Strategies Poster

Pioneering Academic Recruitment Strategies for Equitable Hiring

In the competitive realm of academic recruitment strategies, it’s not just about filling positions; indeed, it’s about ushering in the next wave of educational innovators. Consequently, PSB Recruit emerges at the forefront, offering an AI-powered platform that transforms the complex task of hiring into a strategic opportunity for advancement. Furthermore, our dedication to fostering leadership and academic excellence propels PSB Recruit beyond traditional recruitment tools. With a keen focus on diversity and innovation, we empower institutions not only to meet their immediate staffing needs but also to shape the intellectual leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, through our platform, universities gain access to a wider pool of talent, fostering a vibrant and dynamic academic community.

Meet the Experts Behind PSB Academic Recruitment Strategies

Connect with the minds driving the future of academic recruitment

Academic Recruitment Strategies Officer

Dr. Amber Thomas

(Director of Academic Recruitment)

Session: Empowering Decision-Makers in Academic Hiring

Dr. Abraham brings her extensive expertise to discuss strategic, data-driven hiring processes that enhance diversity and foster academic growth.

Academic Recruitment Strategies Officer

John Doe 

(Chief Technology Officer)

Session: Leveraging Technology for Inclusive Hiring

 John showcases how PSB Recruit’s advanced AI algorithms are the cornerstone of fair and efficient hiring in academia.

Webinar Benefits

Exclusive Expert Knowledge: Gain insights from seasoned experts like Dr. Amber Thomas on the nuances of academic hiring and the strategic advantages of collaborative decision-making.

AI-Driven Recruitment Strategies: Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence in recruitment to streamline processes, from sorting applications to final selection, therefore ensuring a more efficient hiring cycle.

Diversity and Inclusivity Focus: Understand the importance of diversity in academic recruitment and discover practical tools and strategies as a result to enhance inclusivity in your hiring practices.

Networking with Peers: The webinar provides a platform to connect with other decision-makers in the academic sector, fostering a community of professionals dedicated to improving recruitment practices.

Live Interaction and Q&A: Have your specific questions answered by experts in real-time, likewise allowing for a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.

Actionable Takeaways: Each session is designed to provide actionable advice that attendees can immediately apply to improve their recruitment strategies.

Trusted by Leading Institutions: PSB Recruit's Commitment to Academic Excellence

University of excellence
Global Educations Group

Customer Testimonial

Academic Recruitment Strategies testimonial

“PSB Recruit has revolutionized our faculty hiring. Its collaborative tools brought our committees together, enhancing candidate quality and diversity. It’s become a pivotal part of our strategy, exceeding all expectations.”

Dr. Robert Goodall, Provost, Global Education Group

Shape the Future of Academia with PSB Recruit

Step into a world where academic recruitment strategies are not only about filling positions but also about crafting a distinguished educational community. PSB Recruit is your gateway to attracting and nurturing the leaders who will drive academic innovation forward. It’s time to elevate your recruitment strategy and build a legacy of excellence with our AI-powered recruitment platform. Therefore, Join countless other esteemed institutions and witness the transformative impact of our academic recruitment strategies for yourself.

Academic Recruitment Strategies Group

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Optimize Hiring With Talent Management System in Mississauga

Optimize Hiring With Talent Management System in Mississauga

Discover the Talent Management System in Mississauga, a game-changing HR educational software, in our seminar.Discover how it transforms hiring and management in higher education by providing cutting-edge tools for hiring, streamlining administrative tasks, and promoting a culture of learning. Perfect for academic recruiting managers and HR specialists looking to maximize their team’s potential.
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Seminar on our Software: Talent Management System in Mississauga

Join our seminar introducing the cutting-edge Talent Management System in Mississauga, revolutionizing academic recruitment and management. Explore how this innovative HR software streamlines hiring processes and fosters a culture of learning in higher education.

Various Speakers

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Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Softwar

Dr. Sarah Patel, PhD, is a seasoned HR specialist with 15+ years of expertise in academic recruitment and talent management. With a background in Organizational Psychology, she has spearheaded research projects aimed at optimizing hiring processes in educational settings. Currently, as the Director of Human Resources at a prominent Mississauga university, Dr. Patel excels in implementing innovative HR solutions to attract and retain top talent.

Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Softwar

Mark, an experienced HR technology consultant, specializes in implementing talent management systems for academic institutions. With an MBA in Human Resource Management, he’s collaborated with universities nationwide, optimizing recruitment and performance management through technology. His practical insights and hands-on approach position him as a sought-after resource for modernizing HR practices.

Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Softwar

Emily, a dynamic educator and HR professional, brings extensive talent acquisition and development experience in academia. With a Master’s in Education Administration, she’s led university career services, fostering academic-industry connections. Her passion for empowering individuals in career growth makes her an engaging speaker on talent management and career advancement.

Webinar Benefits

  1. Streamlined Recruitment Processes: The Talent Management System in Mississauga simplifies and automates hiring workflows, from job posting to candidate evaluation, saving valuable time and resources for HR teams.

  2. Enhanced Candidate Experience: With its user-friendly interface and seamless communication features, the HR educational software ensures a positive experience for applicants, reflecting positively on the institution’s reputation.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, the system provides valuable insights into recruitment metrics, enabling informed decisions to optimize recruitment strategies and resource allocation.

  4. Comprehensive Training and Development: The platform supports continuous learning initiatives by offering access to educational resources, training modules, and skill development opportunities, fostering a culture of growth and innovation among staff.

  5. Improved Compliance and Accountability: By centralizing documentation, tracking progress, and enforcing standardized processes, the software ensures compliance with regulations and promotes accountability across the organization, crucial for maintaining institutional integrity and reputation

Trusted by leading brands

Talent Management System in Mississauga-TalentEdge Solution
Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Software
Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Softwar
Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Softwar

Daina Thomas

“The Talent Management System in Mississauga has revolutionized our hiring process, providing unparalleled efficiency and ease of use”

HR Coordinator

Invest in the future: Talent Management System in Mississauga. Join our webinar today!

Invest in the future of your academic institution by harnessing the power of the Talent Management System in Mississauga.Come learn how this cutting-edge HR solution can revolutionize your hiring and management procedures by attending our informative webinar today. Don’t pass up the chance to increase the success of your institution and maintain your lead in the cutthroat academic field of today. Enroll right away to realize your potential for greatness!”
Talent Management System in Mississauga-HR Educational Softwar

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Watch the Webinar to Unlock Academic Excellence

Watch the Webinar to Unlock Academic Excellence hiring

Come to Our Free Webinar: Using Collaborative Hiring to Advance Academic Excellence

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What you will discover

Techniques for maintaining academic standards while welcoming creativity in hiring professors.
use AI-powered technologies to find applicants that exhibit a dedication to teamwork as well as academic excellence.
Overcoming typical concerns and obstacles in the process of upgrading academic recruiting.
actual case studies of successful university adoptions of collaborative hiring strategies.

Overview of academic Collaborative

Learn about innovative techniques and resources to improve academic performance in your organization by implementing cooperative hiring procedures. For higher education professionals who are dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, our free webinar provides insights specifically designed for faculty hiring committees.

Discover how to maintain strict academic standards, welcome innovation, and expedite the hiring process by utilizing AI-powered solutions.

Don’t pass up this chance to learn from professionals in the field and examine actual case studies that highlight the positive effects of collaborative hiring on enhancing the reputation of your university and the academic community. Settle in now to gain access to priceless tools and information that will enable you to make wise hiring decisions and promote long-term success in your organization.

Don’t miss up this chance to get insightful knowledge and practical tools to improve the academic performance of your institution. Please fill out the form below to reserve your place.

Keeping Academic Standards

 Learn how creativity can be encouraged and strict academic standards can be upheld through collaborative hiring.

Overcoming Objections and Challenges

 Talk about typical objections and difficulties that arise when using collaborative hiring practices.

Q&A Session

Ask your pressing issues concerning collaborative hiring in academia and receive insightful responses from professionals in the field.

Special Guests for our academic excellences hiring

Dr .Sarah Thomas

Title: Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Stanford University

Sarah Thomas is a renowned academic leader with more than two decades of experience in managing higher education. She is in charge of hiring, developing, and retaining academic members at Stanford University in her capacity as Vice Provost for academic Affairs. Dr. Sarah Thomas has led multiple programs to assist faculty members from underrepresented groups because she is passionate about advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of California, Berkeley, where she studied.

Mr. Joel Johnson

Title: Chief Diversity Officer, Association of American Universities (AAU)

Mr. Joel Johnson has extensive experience promoting inclusivity and diversity in higher education. In his role as the Association of American Universities’ (AAU) Chief Diversity Officer, he collaborates closely with member schools to create and carry out initiatives that promote inclusive learning environments. Mr. Johnson has held executive positions at multiple prestigious colleges and brings a wealth of knowledge in organizational development and cultural competency training to his position. Harvard University awarded him a master’s degree in education policy and management.

Date : 23-02-2024

Day : Friday 

Time : 10.30 am

Duration : Approximately one hour 

featured speakers : Dr. Sarah Thomas 

Mr. Joel Johnson

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“Participating in the Collaborative Hiring webinar was a transformative experience for our university. It provided practical tactics and knowledgeable insights that instantly enhanced our teacher  procedures.”..”

Dr. Albert James

Limited seats

Not able to attend? To receive the recording and resources after the event, sign up in any case.

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