Transforming the Recruitment Environment for the Beauty Industry

Transforming the Recruitment Environment for the Beauty Industry

Using technology to Guarantee Efficient hiring and Training

Our software function as a complete solution intended to simplify the hiring process from start to end. It includes all aspects of hiring on one platform, from finding candidates to onboarding them. It increases overall efficiency by reducing the time and effort required for manual activities by combining these processes. Our software allows organizations to efficiently handle their hiring demands and achieve outstanding outcomes by offering features designed to maximize every phase of the recruitment process.

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PSB Recruit Software

In this webinar, we explore the specific challenges in finding talent in the beauty industry and show how PSB recruit provides a customized approach to speed up the hiring process. To learn the cutting-edge capabilities and advantages of PSB Recruit, which was created specifically to handle the challenges associated with hiring in the beauty industry. Also, find out how a comprehensive platform can transform your recruitment strategy and advance your business, from streamlining HR operation to improving selection efficiency. And lastly, learn from experts in the field and from actual case studies as we demonstrate how technology is transforming the hiring process for the beauty business.

Our Talented Speakers

ATS software for faculty hiring

Laura Stephan, Managing partner, International IT recruitment

Experts and professional who delivers presentations, workshops or talk focused on the recruitment of IT professionals across international borders. This speaker is typically experienced in navigation the complexities of global talent acquisition, including understanding diverse cultural norms, visa requirements, and legal regulations. She provides insights into best practice, trends, and strategies for sourcing, assessing, and attracting top IT talent from around the world. Her expertise helps organizations effectively expand their IT teams across different geographic regions while ensuring compliance and maximizing recruitment success.


Headshot Manager

Mitchill Kolant, Senior recruitment consultant

Specializing in providing strategic recruitment solutions to clients. He occupies extensive experience and expertise in sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates across various industries and job functions. He often plays a leadership role within recruitment teams, guiding building relationships with clients and candidates, understanding their needs, and delivering matched recruitment solutions to meet organizational objectives.

Nikita Roberson, Customer success manager.

Professional dedicated to ensuring the success and satisfaction of clients or customers with a particular product or service. She acts as a connection between the customer and the company, providing support, guidance, and personalized solution to address the client’s needs and concerns. She is skilled in relationships building, problem-solving and strategic planning, aiming to foster long term relationships and drive customer retention and loyalty.

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Customer Reviews

“With the support of PSB Recruit, we were able to overcome some of our obstacles by implementing a paperless system that reduced the time required for staff employment data, leave applications, and other processes. Additionally, by giving employees easy access to assess themselves and learn their supervisor’s evaluation, it has standardized our performance system. The customer service provided by PSB Recruit is excellent; they are always willing and prepared to assist in any manner that they can. The technology is quite user-friendly overall.”

Nancy Callan, Senior Human Resources

Ready to revolutionize your recruitment process?


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AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management-PSB Recruit

AI recruitment and talent pool software PSB recruit logo

PSB Smart Recruiting:
All-in-One AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management Software

Introducing the new PSB Recruitment software, an all-in-one AI recruitment and talent pool management solution. With the latest hiring artificial intelligence support, PSB Recruit offers a comprehensive suite of tools.

Additionally, our software also features robust talent pool management capabilities. You can easily access and engage with top talent with powerful search and segmentation tools.

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Tailored AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management Solution for the Beauty Industry

Transitioning to the introduction of PSB Recruit, the new specialized software revolutionizes how beauty businesses find, hire, and retain top talent. Built with the unique needs of the beauty industry in mind, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline the recruitment process and connect beauty professionals with their dream jobs. Additionally, our software enables beauty businesses to access a vast network of qualified candidates, connecting the right candidates with matching skills, experience, and certifications to the right jobs. Moreover, our software features robust talent pool management capabilities, allowing you to build and nurture a dynamic pool of qualified candidates for current and future hiring needs. With powerful search and segmentation tools, you can easily access and engage with top talent, ensuring a steady pipeline of candidates for your organization.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the capabilities of PSB Recruit! Click below to register and learn more about AI recruitment and talent pool management solutions through our upcoming webinar. During the event, we will have a live demonstration to showcase the abilities of PSB Recruit.

Meet Our Speakers

Hear from our Head Developer and Recruitment Specialists on the exclusive features for PSB Recruit!

male professional from AI recruitment and talent pool software PSB recruit

Alex Rodriguez

Head Developer for PSB Recruit

A visionary leader at the forefront of technological advancement in the talent acquisition sphere, Alex brings unparalleled insight and creativity to the evolution of our recruitment platform. Moreover, with a wealth of experience and expertise in software development, Alex leads a dynamic team of developers, engineers, and designers in creating revolutionary solutions for how organizations hire top talent. Additionally, his strategic vision and hands-on approach ensure that our software remains at the forefront, delivering value and efficiency to our clients.

Female professional from AI recruitment and talent pool software PSB recruit

Sarah Thompson

Recruitment Specialist

Introducing Sarah, our exceptional Recruitment Specialist, whose dedication and expertise have made her an invaluable asset to the development team for PSB Recruit. Drawing on her extensive background in human resources and talent acquisition, Sarah deeply understands the hiring process’s intricacies. Moreover, her strategic approach to recruitment ensures that our clients find qualified candidates and build teams that align with their culture and goals. 

Female professional from AI recruitment and talent pool software PSB recruit

Emily Lawson

Corporate HR Manager

Meet Emily, our esteemed Corporate HR Manager, whose strategic leadership and unwavering dedication are the cornerstones of our human resources function. With a wealth of experience in HR management and a passion for cultivating thriving workplace cultures, Emily plays a pivotal role in driving organizational success and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, she oversees all aspects of human resources management.

Learn the Abilities of AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management

With PSB Recruit’s AI recruitment and talent pool management solution, you can enjoy various tools available in the software. Firstly, automated resume screening swiftly sifts through many resumes, saving valuable time and effort. Moreover, candidate matching ensures that the most suitable candidates are paired with the right positions based on their skills, experience, and qualifications. Predictive analysis provides valuable insights into potential hires’ performance, aiding in informed decision-making. Additionally, personalized candidate engagement fosters meaningful interactions throughout the hiring process, enhancing the overall candidate experience. Lastly, candidate organization simplifies the management of talent pools, allowing for easy access and navigation of candidate profiles. 

With these advanced features seamlessly integrated into PSB Recruit, your recruitment process will be more efficient, effective, and, ultimately, successful.

Trusted by Industry Partners

“As an HR professional, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of AI recruitment and talent pool management software. PSB Recruit has revolutionized our hiring process, enabling us to source, screen, and hire top talent with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.”

Michael Thompson,
HR Director North America, Estee Lauder

Interested in PSB Recruit's AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management Solution?

Discover how AI recruitment and talent pool management software revolutionizes organizations’ attracting, assessing, and hiring talent. From automated resume screening to personalized candidate engagement, this technology streamlines the hiring process, reduces bias, and enhances efficiency.

Moreover, try out PSB Recruit now to gain a unique hiring experience.

AI recruitment and talent pool software PSB recruit logo

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One Stop HR Software GTA

Your One-Stop HR Software For Your Workplace in GTA

Introducing PSB Recruit, the one-stop HR solution for recruitment management- from sourcing to employee onboarding, we’ve got it all covered for you so that you can truly focus on hiring the right candidates in a simple and quick way. We are truly an all-in-one software for all your HR management needs in GTA.

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Why Choose PSB Recruit - The One-Stop HR Software for GTA?

Our software assists you with each step, from sourcing to onboarding the best candidates that are perfectly suitable for your organization. We don’t lie when we claim we truly are the one-stop solution for all your recruitment needs.

With our easy-to-understand UI and our AI assistant, automate your workflow and let the HR managers freely focus on the main objective – to hire the most talented employees for your organization.

Time=Money and no one understands it better than PSB Software. PSB Recruit is designed to make your work faster with its intuitive features and interface helping you to save plenty of precious time. After all, we’re the ones who truly value time and see it as a priceless resource.

Our Software not only manages the applications but also aids in comprehensive talent sourcing helping you to enhance your recruitment strategy with data-driven insights.

Trust and confidentiality are top priorities as our recruitment software protects your sensitive information with non-breakable data encryption.

 Our mobile recruiting app assists you in tracking the hiring process of each applicant anytime and anywhere, helping you hire talented employees at the touch of a button.

Join PSB Recruit - The One-Stop HR Software's
Reveal Webinar

One-Stop HR Software GTA

Full Software Demo

In our webinar, we shall give a comprehensive tutorial of PSB recruit and how it can enhance your HR recruitment process, displaying why PSB Recruit is truly your one-stop solution for recruitment management.

In Depth Q&A Session

Have any questions about the features and benefits of this software? This is your chance you interact with our highly skilled team of developers and clarify all your queries about PSB Recruit and we assure you that once all your queries are clarified, you’ll realise its a one-stop solution recruitment software.

HR and Management Trends and How They’ll Change in the Future

With the rapid advancement in technology, it is highly important to stay up to date with all the technological trends and our webinar will help you to do so with valuable insights that will be provided by the speakers.

Various Speakers

Ms. Feng Wan Chan

 Senior Software Developer at PSB Software

Over 10 years of experience in software development specialising in Human Resource Software Development.

Mr. Rajesh Koothrapali

Chief Executive Officer at ABC Cosmetic

With over 15 years of experience intechnology, Rajesh will be speaking about how technology changed the recruitment process.

Mr. Richard Johnson

Head of the Human Resources Department at EFG Retail

With experience of over 20 years, Richard will explain how his experience in HR helped him to recruit top talents.

When is the Webinar?

Date: Mar 4th

Time: 12:00 pm (EST)

Location: Online through Zoom ( Link will be provided once you’ve registered)

Trusted by leading brands

One-Stop HR Software GTA
One-Stop HR Software GTA

“PSB Software is one of the leading Corporate Tech Solutions Company that have helped so many companies to enhance and simplify their workflow through their cutting edge technologies and design which makes their softwares easy to learn by almost everyone, from a fresh recruit to even the ones working in the top making it a one stop corporate solution software for all kinds of industries”

Chloe Chicoisne, Senior Marekting Manger at TopSell Co.

Register Today!

The first 50 sign-ups shall receive free early access to PSB Recruit one- stop HR software for two months, and a chance to win a yearly membership of PSB Recruit, your one-stop HR solution designedfor GTA companies!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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Boost Your Beauty Team, Introducing PSB Recruit’s the all in one software for Hiring Transformation.

Boost Your Beauty Team, Introducing PSB Recruit's HR software all in one which streamlines the hiring process for beauty companies

Welcome to PSB Recruit, where beauty and talent blend perfectly. Discover the power of our all in one HR software, which is designed to streamline, improve, and optimize your recruitment process to the particular needs of the beauty companies. 

PSB Recruit is an HR software designed to streamline and improve the hiring process specifically for beauty companies.

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Your HR software All in One streamlined Hiring Solution for beauty companies

Our webinar is aiming to highlight PSB Recruit’s innovative functions in solving the particular challenges that beauty industry professionals face. This engaging webinar is designed for HR managers, talent acquisition teams, and hiring managers in beauty/skincare corporations. It will highlight the PSB Recruit’s HR software all in one which streamlines the hiring process for beauty companies.

From automated screening to talent pool generation, participants will see how our platform simplifies HR processes, saves time, and increases efficiency. We will also focus on a user-friendly experience, resulting in a modern and efficient recruitment procedure.

Join us to see how PSB Recruit the HR software the all in one solution can streamline your hiring process for beauty companies’ recruitment strategy and position itself as your go-to option in the evolving beauty market. 

Meet our Speakers

These speakers will present an extensive and insightful webinar.

Karen Smith – HR Innovation Specialist

An experienced professional with over a decade of expertise in HR innovation, she is well-known for her ability to use technology to streamline HR procedures. Her knowledge of the current trends in HR technology and their impact on beauty industry recruitment make her an excellent speaker for the webinar.

Jasmine Patel – Beauty Industry Recruitment strategist 

Is a renowned leader in beauty industry recruitment approaches. Her significant experience in beauty and skincare HR positions her as a thought leader in understanding the particular problems that beauty corporations encounter. Jasmine will provide practical insights on integrating recruitment tactics with the evolving characteristics of beauty companies.

Alex Turner– PSB Recruit Product Specialist

He is the creative brain behind PSB Recruit’s innovative characteristics and performance. As a Product Specialist, he has an extensive knowledge of how PSB Recruit can change the beauty industry recruitment and hiring process. Alex will give an in-depth overview of the HR software, showing its user-friendly and streamlining the interface and hiring process outlining its key features for beauty companies.

Webinar Benefits

Elevate your HR hiring process with these key benefits that PSB Recruit, the HR software provides

HR software all in one streamline for beauty companies
HR software all in one streamline for beauty companies
HR software all in one streamline for beauty companies
HR software all in one streamline for beauty companies
HR software all in one streamline for beauty companies
HR software all in one streamline for beauty companies

Trusted by leading beauty brands

Voices of Success PSB Recruit the HR software that has streamlined the hiring process for beauty companies

PSB Recruit has significantly impacted our beauty company. We have saved time and increased efficiency beyond our expectations. 

Isabella Newman, HR Manager at CHIC Cosmetics

Request a Demo to Experience PSB Recruit's Power

Request a personalized demo today and experience PSB Recruit’s innovative potential. Our experts are ready to walk you through the HR software’s intuitive features, showing how it easily interacts with the beauty industry’s specific needs. Witness firsthand the efficiency benefits, time-saving automation, and customized solutions that will improve your recruitment operations. This is your chance to transform the way you implement and develop an energetic beauty team. Let PSB Recruit be the spark you need for success.

Request your demo now and unlock a new era of hiring expertise.

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