Networking Job Hub for Business Management with PGWP

networking job hub for business management with PGWP 2023

5 Ways to Kickstart your Business Management Career in Canada 2023 (With PWGP Assistance)

Congrats! You’ve made the first step toward kickstarting your business management career in Canada. We created this Networking Job Hub for Business Management with PGWP assistance. This was inspired by the need to fill a gap among business management students. As a current student or alumni of Sheridan PSB, you have access to our world-class exclusive PSB Job Hub platform. Here, you can meet and network with industry experts, potential employers, and current students and graduates in your field.

Our aim is to ensure students are career-ready for the business management industry, by providing all the tools necessary, and giving them direct access to employers in the Canadian job market.

According to an article by Edvoy, business management continues to be one of the most in-demand industries here in Canada. So, you are in the right place! However, the road from degree/certification to your dream job isn’t always easy. This is where we come in.

1. Networking Job Hub for Students – The PSB Job Hub for Business Management 

The PSB Job Hub is a hybrid-model networking job hub for business management with PGWP and career assistance. Whether you are new to Sheridan PSB, at the end of your studies, or a graduate of the PSB program, you can access the resources made available.

As a member of the PSB Job Hub, you have access to exclusive benefits and services including but not limited to:

  • Canadian employment assistance
  • Career fairs with potential employers
  • Industry-led webinars and seminars
  • Internships with PSB Temp
  • Networking events
  • PGWP assistance (for International Students)
  • Canadian Immigration pathways advice (for International Students)

2. Canadian Business Management Employment Assistance Through Networking Job Hub

One of the most frustrating and nerve-racking things that a new graduate can experience is having the certification and knowledge needed to land their dream job but having absolutely no clue where to begin.  With PSB Job Hub, we have a team of dedicated persons, ready and willing to help you get started in the Canadian job market. Our career employment counselling and assistance includes Canadian resume writing services, interview coaching, career advice and exclusive information about the Canadian business management job market. Having a networking job hub that you can access will help steer you in the right direction.

3. Exclusive Career Fairs and Networking with Potential Canadian Employers

Not sure where to meet potential employers in the business management field? We’ll bring them to you! As a member of the PSB Job Hub, you will be privy to career fairs and other networking opportunities exclusively for members. Basically, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with experts and potential employers in the field, while gaining industry knowledge that will be beneficial for the Canadian working world.

4. PSB PGWP Assistance for International Students

Networking Job Hub for Business Management with PGWP 2023

One of the benefits of being an international student in Canada is the Canadian work experience after you graduate. The Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is a Canadian work permit available to international students who graduated from a post-secondary program in Canada. The length of this permit ranges between 8 months and 3 years. International students typically jump at the opportunity since it provides them with gainful experience in their field. However, the application process isn’t always a simple one.

At PSB Job Hub, we assist students with their applications for PGWP. Our immigration advisors are happy to help students walk through the process for the most positive outcome.

5. Land Your Dream Job Within the Canadian Business Management Industry

At Sheridan PSB, we pride ourselves in knowing we are offering equal opportunity for all our students, by providing you with the tools necessary to succeed in your job search after your business management studies. But don’t just take it from us, check out some testimonials from students who have benefited from the networking job hub for business management.
I graduated from Sheridan PSB with a postgraduate certificate in Marketing Management in 2019. By singing up for the PSB Job hub, I was able to format my resume appropriately for the job I was seeking. I also met my current employers at one of the many PSB Job hub networking opportunities.
Black business woman posing
Mia Thermopolis
Marketing Manager
As an international student, it can be difficult to integrate and understand the Canadian job market. The PSB Job Hub helped me to prepare for my current job by providing me with resume and interview counselling. I also received PGWP assistance for my work permit.
international student turned businessman
Akash Bhakati
SEO Specialist

If you are ready to add to the success stories of current students, graduates and alumna, and really make your mark on the Canadian business management industry, sign up for the ultimate networking job hub for business management 2023 – the PSB Job Hub! 

Additionally, as a new member of the PSB Job Hub, you will get access to a FREE and exclusive Canadian Resume template. Advance your career and sign up today to download this fantastic template!

Student Work Experience at PSB Sheridan!

Secure your job offer before you graduate!

An ideal offer for you:

Are you finding you have more time on your hands this semester than you expected? Are you looking for opportunities to land a job in your field of studies? If so, apply PSB Temp and create your FIRST STUDENT WORK EXPERIENCE at PSB Sheridan!

What is PSB Temp:

PSP Temp is a short-term staffing service at PSB school. Students will have a chance to make the transition from short-term/causal positions to permanent employment within PSB departments. If they perform well in their role, they will possibly receive referral to PSB partner companies.

Benefits of working in PSB Temp

1. You will get short-term work experience during your final term.

2. Apply and learn new skills in an academic environment.

3. Specific training provided.

4. We will offer you a reference letter at the end of the employment period.

4. Future opportunities to receive permanent offer after graduation.

5. Opportunites to refer to work for PSB's Partner Companies.
Eg: Canadian Tire, Nestle Canada, PointClick Care......

6. Coffee meeting! Once you are recruited as a PSB Temp staff, you are eligible to join PSB Coffee meeting to talk to our partners.

What type of work does PSB Temp offer?

Including but not limited to:
1. Casual positions
2. Flexible part-time roles
Job types range from administrative, marketing, office management, front desk support, accounting, website management, human resources and event organization. Please visit PSB Job Hub webiste to view the job description of the available PSB Temp jobs.
3. For international students, we will assist with the documents preparation to apply work permit. 

PS: Students who need to allocate more time on their assignments over work need provide 2 weeks notice period.

Who is eligible to apply for the PSB Temp?

1. You must be a full-time student who is studying any programme(s) under Pilon School of Business in your final semester. 

PSB Partners

How does PSB Temp helps you to get
Work experience at PSB School?

Procedure of being a PSB Temp staff

Student Work experience at PSB School: Create Remarkable Work Experience

By joining our PSB Temp staffing service, you will not only generate practical work experience in your field of study, but also have a chance to transfer your role to permanent position after you graduate. We host PSB Coffee Meeting every semester. All students who have enrolled PSB Temp can attend the Coffee Meeting to build your professional relationships with your potential employers. You will have opportunity to present yourself to PSB partners and learn the development of their business.

Coffee Meeting AVAILABLE for
PSB Temp students

Student Work experience at PSB School: Create Remarkable Work Experience

We are hosting our 8th PSB Coffee Meeting for our partnership companies and PSB Temp staffs in April, 2023! Each semester, we encourage our students to share their experience with our partners to present their potential. You will explore insights from your favourable companies and deepen your understanding about them. 

Tips for Coffee Meeting:

1. Do your research before the coffee meeting.

2. Arrive on time.

3. Be confident!

If you are interested to be part of PSB Temp and access to our Coffe Meeting, sign up at PSB Job Hub and get your first step to succeed your career path!

Free drinks and pastries available.

Date: 24th April, 2023
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Location: G floor, HMC campus
Who can join: Students who are working as PSB Temp staffs

Feedbacks from our PSB Temp students

Work experience at PSB School: Create Remarkable Work Experience

Rose Tyler

2022 Graduate, Marketing Management

I was an event helper in my final semester. The PSB Temp experience is full of surprises and I enjoyed the time learning from internal staffs. I was invited an interview after I attended the PSB Coffee Meeting and spoke to one of the PSB partners. PSB Temp makes me confident on job-hunting and networking with people.

Work experience at PSB School: Create Remarkable Work Experience

Chris Wong

2019 Graduate, Account, Business Administration

During my final semester of study, I worked for one of the PSB department and assisted administrative work. I feel appretiated I can work to contribute to PSB as part of the team. My supervisor gives high flexibility of timetable so I can press on my assignments.

Sheridan PSB Career Support Services by PSB Job Hub

PSB Job Hub: Your One-Stop Destination for Personalized Career Support

Looking for career guidance that’s tailored to your professional goals? The PSB Job Hub is your ultimate destination. At the PSB Job Hub, the Sheridan PSB Career Support Services are specially curated for PSB students and graduates who are aiming to secure employment in a variety of business disciplines. Delivery of these services is hybrid, i.e., on campus and online. Our job support team is made up of experts who have experience in the recruitment industry, so you can greatly benefit from the guidance they provide. In addition to this, our support services are completely free for all Sheridan Bruins. Don’t wait; click the sign-up button below and join the PSB Job Hub to access the Sheridan PSB Career Support Services and more.

PSB Job Hub logo
Sheridan PSB Career Support

Career Support Services that Help You Get Hired ​

Sheridan PSB Career Support #1: Resume and Cover Letter Assistance ​

Sheridan PSB Career Support #1: Resume and Cover Letter Assistance​

If you’re aiming for your dream job in Canada, then make sure your resume and cover letter are both on point. Our team at Sheridan PSB Career Support helps you prepare professional Canadian style resumes and cover letters.

5 steps to create a strong Canadian-style resume

  1. Pick the format: reverse chronological, combination, or functional.
  2. Prepare the structure of your resume. For example, let’s consider the chronological format. Focus on the five major sections, i.e., contact information, a resume summary, work experience, skills and certifications, and education.
  3. Fill in the necessary details under each section.
  4. Carefully check the formatting, language fluency, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  5. Finally, proofread the content in your resume.

Tips for writing a professional Canadian-style cover letter

  1. Start the letter with a polite greeting using the recipient’s name (if known); otherwise, keep it general.
  2. The cover letter should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

At PSB Job Hub, we know that job application documents like a resume and cover letter play an important role in securing job opportunities. That’s why we have designed a resume-building tool that helps create a well-structured resume. In addition to this, we also provide industry-standard cover letter templates. Our resume and cover letter help does not stop here; we further conduct one-to-one sessions where you can share your doubts, ask questions, and gain assistance with what’s lacking in your resume and cover letter and how you can fill those gaps. You’re just a click away from accessing all these essential services. Become a member and join our community, and let us help you create job applications that stand out.

Sheridan PSB Career Support #2: Interview Preparation Help

Sheridan PSB Career Support - Interview Preparation

You need to be well-prepared for a job interview because an industry-specific dream job is no cakewalk to achieve. Being prepared for the interview can boost your confidence and reduce nervousness when you enter the interview room. So, putting in effort for interview preparation is crucial for a successful outcome. That’s precisely where the Sheridan PSB Career Support team steps in.

Tips and strategies for preparing for job interviews

At our job hub, we offer exceptional career support to equip you with the necessary skills to easily handle tough interview situations. Firstly, we conduct body language training sessions, which are essential for interview preparation. Additionally, our Career Support team conducts mock interviews to ensure that you are well-prepared for potential questions that may arise during the interview. Moreover, we provide you with a fundamental interview preparation guide that you can take advantage of to crack even the most difficult interviews. Moreover, with our guidance, you can navigate interviews smoothly and confidently.

Take a bold step in your career by joining the PSB Job Hub

Our career support services are available to every job seeker at the Sheridan Pilon School of Business, regardless of whether you are a student or a graduate. Additionally, we help you stand out among other candidates with enhanced resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation. In conclusion, “Sheridan Bruins are born to stand out” and we at Sheridan PSB Job Hub provide impactful career support to make that happen.

The PSB Job Hub caters to each of your career requirements, as mentioned earlier. So make sure to check out the rest of what we have curated for you by clicking the links below
The Networking Job HubCareer Path SuccessPSB Connect

Sign up for the PSB Job Hub today and let’s take your career to the next level!

Stay tuned with us on our social media!

At PSB Job Hub, we strive to provide valuable guidance through our career support services to help you achieve your professional objectives. Likewise, we share tips and tricks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to keep you informed and engaged. Follow us on these platforms, so you never miss our latest updates. 

Career Path by Sheridan PSB Job Hub HMC Trafalgar Davis

Career Path by Sheridan PSB Job Hub (HMC, Trafalgar, Davis)

Personality Quiz: Your Journey Awaits

Sheridan Bruin Mascot at Graduation
(Resources available Career Path Sheridan Job Hub HMC, Trafalgar and Davis )

Looking for a Job?
Why wait till you graduate?
Plan your journey today with
Personality Quiz by PSB Job Hub

(Resources available Career Path Sheridan Job Hub HMC, Trafalgar and Davis ) :

We here at Sheridan Career Path by Sheridan PSB JOB HUB, recognize the importance of catering to every student in the way they require it because everyone is different, so start your journey today, the way you want to.

Check out our helpful Sheridan PSB Job Hub Resources at HMC, Trafalgar, Davis campuses  :

Networking Job Hub for Business Management with PGWP



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Sheridan students studying Game Development Advanced Programming
Sheridan Ceramics Program
Sheridan Ceramics Program
Virtual Reality in Computer Design
Virtual Reality in Computer Design
Sheridan Healthcare Programmes
Sheridan Healthcare Programmes
Sheridan Animation Programme
Sheridan Animation Programme
Sheridan Business School
Sheridan Business School

So how does Career Path Personality Quiz by PSB Job Hub work?

Plan your career path successfully by taking our easy personality quiz so we can align your field of study to the best career for you, based on your aptitude and personality. 

Evidently although many factors influence a person, personality is the force behind a person’s actions, behaviours and attitudes, which is why companies are therefore increasingly analysing candidate personality in their recruitment process. 

Furthermore, these insights specifically help predict potential, job performance and areas of weaknesses, which can be thus improved through training and mentorship in order to make you the candidate that aligns with the vision of the company you work for. 

Job recruitment process
Personality assessment
Importance of Personality for your career in the Job Market
questions reflecting personality
questions reflecting personality

These once least frequently asked interview questions, have become a staple in any job interview of today. Therefore, individuals being interviewed are required to self reflect and think “What would I do?”, which gives an employer an idea of the job performance of the candidate. 

Answers to these questions basically reflect the levels of team work, commitment, ability to handle stress, morals and ethics, ambition; which moreover, directly link to the behaviour of an individual and is influenced explicitly by personality.  

Additionally, in order to understand the consequences of actions and to make level headed decisions in a fast paced challenging world, it is important to understand the personality and then align it with the right job. 

Read more about why employers ask personality related questions 

We here at Sheridan PSB Job Hub (Resources available at HMC, Trafalgar and Davis campuses) : can assist you with navigating these areas, in order to be the right candidate at the right job. 


What do
YOU need to do for Career Path Sheridan Job Hub HMC Trafalgar Davis?

Firstly start by taking our simple quiz

Your results will be 

shared with our recruitment advisors

& will be emailed to you where you can 

Finally book your FREE Career Consultation session with Sheridan PSB Job Hub based on your day & time preference

Any questions? Also call or visit us anytime because we are here to help! (Resources available at HMC, Trafalgar and Davis campuses) : 


We set you up for success, so when you leave, you take us with you! by Sheridan PSB Job Hub HMC Trafalgar Davis
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