PSB: A Gym For All of Your Needs

The products offered by our fitness centre include a gym, spa, and sauna (offering massages), a smoothie bar that will provide many different drinks and healthy shakes, various programs and classes (Zumba, weight-lifting, basketball, etc), and a pool. The price for these products varies based on the membership tier you will choose. Starting off with the basic membership, which provides access to the main gym. Then there is the bronze membership, which will offer everything in the basic plus classes such as Zumba, weight lifting, and more. The next is the silver membership, which offers all the previous services plus the spa. The gold membership includes everything plus a smoothie bar loyalty card, to earn rewards such as 10% off every smoothie purchased and every 8th smoothie is free. Customers can sign up online for a free 3-day trial.

We have plenty of rewards, discounts, and promotions that constantly run. Our centre is located in downtown Mississauga and there are many ways to get there using public transportation, as well as a big parking lot for members who drive. An excellent all-in-one fitness centre offering all kinds of programs that will help users with planning and building their healthy lifestyle. A prime location along with relaxation services, such as a spa and smoothie centre, allow our users to not just work out but recover. Find the membership tier that is perfect for your needs and let’s get started!

Our Vision and Mission:

Helping you in building your healthy lifestyle by offering our fitness centre and the incredible services we offer.

Incredible Gym & SPA & Pool

How many gyms do you know that also offer spa service? Recovery is just as important as working out. After you’ve completed one of our designed workouts or finished one of the many classes we offer, take a look into using the SPA we have to recover. All our equipment is state of the art. We hire only the best RMTs, and provide a relaxing atmosphere. The silver and gold memberships give users access to the SPA, and it is a service that is truly life-changing. Feeling a little heated after a workout? Try taking a swim in our pool. All of these great services are offered under one roof, in a state-of-the-art centre, conveniently located downtown.

Smoothie Bar with Rewards

Along with working out and recovering, what you eat is extremely important. PSB offers a healthy and nutritious smoothie bar that comes with drinks and snacks to help you stay energized. Grab one of our pre-made drinks or have one created by our wonderful staff. Our goal is to have you feeling fresh and healthy when you step out of our gym. Our gold membership offers rewards for the smoothie bar, such as 10% off all drinks and a free drink every 8 drinks. The smoothie bar is truly one of our highlights.

Classes and Programs

A great gym offers many classes and programs for its members. At PSB, we offer Zumba, weight training and lifting, swimming classes, HIIT workouts, cycling classes, and much more! We believe group and social interaction in these classes are important for our members. PSB strives for a family environment. These classes are designed to make you feel welcomed and passionate about your health journey!

Here at PSB, we want to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. Our staff is warm, welcoming, and ready to help you shape your lifestyle. Our services are welcome for all kinds of people, with many kinds of needs. Let’s work together to find out what’s best for you at PSB.

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