PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga

PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga !

PSB Gym located in Downtown Mississauga Opening Soon!

Introducing our new state of the art fitness center! Now open for all Sheridan students conveniently located by the HMC campus. We are providing an affordable gyms in downtown Mississauga for a low monthly cost with no sign up fees or deposits, PSB Fitness allows for you to network with other likeminded students which is open 24/7 making it easily accessible for our valued students and alumni. Our luxurious design provides our customers with a feeling of elegance and cleanliness.

Additionally, PSB Gym is currently offering a FREE trial period of 2 weeks and a limited time incentive of a FREE PSB Fitness duffle bag and gym attire and 3 FREE training sessions. In life you are either a person who GETS IT DONE, or thinks about getting it done and leaves it for another day. STOP THINKING AND TAKE ACTION NOW.  PSB Fitness wants you to take action TODAY and be someone that GETS IT DONE. Take the first step today and change your life for the better! Call us at (905) 845 9430 to Register or Sign Up now using our App!

PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga invites you!

Our values are Discipline, Health and Hustle.

Our Mission:

Basically, we want to encourage our students to discipline themselves and live a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle. Creating discipline by going to the gym regularly allows our students to learn how to better control their minds, which will help them in their everyday lives! We also promote networking amongst students and alumni which is why this gym has been made exclusive for Sheridan specifically. Start your journey today with likeminded individuals and become the best version of yourself. Students who are unable to discipline themselves physically will have a hard time disciplining themselves mentally. Lack of discipline can cause failure and that is something that we do not wish upon our students. We encourage a healthy mind and body and we are here for you to take your first step into creating a better version of yourself mentally physically and emotionally!



PSB Fitness is located in the heart of Downtown Mississauga

Conveniently located beside HMC Campus




Basketball Court

Pool + Jacuzzi

Personal Training Area


Group Classes:


Self Defense


Stamina Endurance




Silver: 24/7 Access, 1 Group Class selection, 1 Monthly Training Session

Gold: 24/7 Access, 2 Group Class Selections, 2 Monthly Training Sessions, 1 Guest Pass

Platinum: 24/7 Access, 4 Group Class Selections, 4 Monthly Training Sessions, 2 Guest Passes


Why you should sign with us today!

Convenience – 24/7 Access and HMC Campus location, PSB Gym downtown Mississauga allows for easy accessibility!

Exclusivity  – Only Sheridan Students/Alumni are allowed to purchase a membership, Network with like minded people today!

Modern State of the Art Facilities – Luxurious finish and modern workout equipment provides extra motivation for our PSB Gym downtown Mississauga members to enjoy their workouts!

Pricing – Our pricing is very competitive, no other local gym provides what we have to offer for such a low cost!

Promotion: FREE trial period of 2 weeks, FREE PSB Fitness duffle bag, gym attire and 2L Water Bottle, 3 FREE personal training sessions (Limited time offer)

What makes us Unique – 24/7 Access to Sheridan members in a top of the line gym facility with many amenities and classes available for our valued members while remaining budget friendly!

Free Trial of PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga

Best workout tips for beginners!

Click here to access a nutritional guide to building your desired body!



PSB Private Training Fitness Room (PSB Gym in Downtown Mississauga)
One of many fitness areas in our facilities
PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga
Yoga Classes

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