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Excersave on your Fitness Journey – Building a Better Body, with a Buddy!

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

PSB Fitness is the right place for you to “excersave” especially thanks to the affordable gym membership that includes an array of benefits that are great for students as well as faculty looking to get started on their fitness and healthy lifestyle journey with us. Furthermore, our trained and knowledgeable fitness instructors are here for you, providing you with affordable one-to-one personal training that you certainly can’t get anywhere else. Without a doubt, you can experience and learn in a judge-free environment that our members can enjoy 24/7 and with the help of our buddies, you can indeed ask questions or receive one-to-one customized workouts as well as nutritional guides within the process as well.

What do we offer?

All-day gym access

Firstly, as students and faculty have busy schedules and lifestyles, we wanted to focus on providing flexibility by allowing access to the gym 24 7 for those who still want to exercise later in the day. Specifically, we’re open during weekdays and open during weekends. 

Affordable gym membership packages

Secondly, did we mention our gym is affordable? Without a doubt, we provide great cheap membership options starting from $15 a month that includes all the benefits you need to “excersave” such as inexpensive personal training, free workout guides, free stretch guides, a training buddy program with a small additional fee and more!

Customized workouts and personal training for you

Thirdly, not sure where to start on your fitness and health journey? No worries we got you covered, we provide customizable workouts and nutritional guides personalized for you and with the help from our trained and knowledgeable fitness instructors, you can ask questions or concerns anytime. These trainings are done mainly within the gym but as we know many students or faculty have busy schedules and so, we provide work-outs/nutritional guides that you can take home…how’s that for convenience?

Key location

Fourthly, our gym couldn’t be more conveniently located within the Sheridan Mississauga HMC and Brampton Davis Campuses. The locations are ideal for students/faculty looking to save on transportation costs and would love to go support their fitness journey by going to the gym frequently.  

A learning and judge-free environment made for you at the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

Fifthly, we offer a learning and judge-free environment that our members can enjoy. As we know that starting your fitness/health journey can be difficult at first and in that case, our staff will ensure you feel your best as well as confident throughout your time at the gym. All things considered, you can seek assistance 24/7 whenever you want and you’re welcome to ask any questions or concerns throughout your workout. 

Exclusive Buddy Program at the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

What do we offer that you can’t get anywhere else? our buddy program is here to better assist you on your overall fitness and health journey. Indeed, our highly trained buddies provide personalized assistance and customized workouts based on what you’re looking to achieve during your time at the gym. 

Helping those within the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis who:

A glimpse into the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

High-quality gym equipment.

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis

Customer service and front desk to assist with your questions and concerns.

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis

Small-large session rooms

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis


24 7

Change rooms

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis

How much does it cost to use the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis?

As has been noted we aim to be the most affordable gym near you because we want to provide membership packages that are geared towards students as well as faculty looking to save and in short, would want to avoid paying hefty prices.

Additionally with this special promotional event happening now, you can receive 10% off of the fee of both packages today for one month when bringing another student and signing up today!

Starting out on my own - $15 per month

You’re just starting your fitness and health journey and are looking to occasionally use the gym.


  • Access to both of our locations for free after one month of joining.
  •  Personalized one-to-one or group sessions.
  • Free work-out guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Free nutritional planning guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Receive free training from our instructors. 

Starter with a little bit of guidance - $20 per month

You want to get started on your fitness and health journey with personalized guidance provided by your very own buddy.


  • Access to both of our locations for free after one month of joining.
  • Personalized one-to-one or group sessions.
  • Free work-out guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Free nutritional planning guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Receive free training from our instructors.
  • Personalized and geared towards you with the help of your very own buddy.
  • Receive personalized training and health guides geared towards you with the help of your buddy.

Extra fees that can be additionally added to your gym membership package

Locker – $10 fee per month 

Want more information on picking a membership right for you prior to signing up?

Let us help and get you moving by visiting us in person at both Sheridan campuses now. Our staff will help you get set up with the membership package of your choice without reservation. 

Hours of operation at the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

Convenient access to both of our gyms with flexible hours as seen below on the following days:

  • Monday – 24 hours
  • Tuesday – 24 hours
  • Wednesday – 24 hours
  • Thursday – 24 hours
  • Friday – 24 hours
  • Saturday – 24 hours
  • Sunday – 24 hours

Where to find the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

Sheridan College HMC Campus Mississauga

Sheridan College Davis Campus Brampton

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Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans Mississauga

Looking for a cost-friendly gym open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga? PSB Fitness presents the perfect opportunity for you to experience all of those aspects. PSB Fitness provides numerous benefits compared to others within the industry for a fraction of the price.

PSB Fitness Logo
Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

The Gym

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga. PSB Fitness is a high-end wonderful facility that allows members to access the gym 24 hours, 7 days a week. It houses high-quality workout equipment such as machines as well as free weights. The gym is very welcoming. We are also one of the only gyms to provide professional personal training plans.

Our pricing is like no other in the industry. Pricing is firm with a single membership each consumer can purchase for $16.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee. This fee is available to be waived if you sign up within the first month of the fitness center opening. We are one of the only gyms, if not the only one to offer memberships at this price. As well as the enrollment fee which is almost half of what other gyms will charge.

Our memberships can be purchased fully online at any time through the Sheridan athletics website. This is not the only option of course. Customers can visit the center at any time and can have a tour of the facility as well as complete the membership process within the gym. Almost any other gym at a similar level will not allow you to purchase a membership hands-free. This is where PSB Fitness stands out along with the other primary benefits. Once again, we are a few of the gym that are open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga.

When it comes to our promotion, we tend to focus on providing benefits to our consumers. This is why we are promoting 3 complimentary personal training sessions for our members so that our trainers can help members with a guide on how they can go through their workouts. Along with these personal training sessions we are providing new members with a bonus pack of either a PSB Fitness gym bag or a water bottle for members to use.


We are located inside 2 Sheridan College campuses. HMC Campus near square one in Mississauga as well as the Davis Campus located in Brampton.

Call to Action

If you are interested in joining the PSB Fitness team reply to us RIGHT NOW and receive an all-inclusive circuit training class on the house. E-mail:

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans Mississauga

Personal training plans



from media library

If you are concerned about finding a PSB Fitness around HMC or Davis Sheridan campus, struggling with your fitness budget since you are a student and do not want to spend too much on the gym, or trying to start a healthy lifestyle but have no idea how to start it, visit PSB Fitness Mississauga today and I am sure you will join us!!

About us: PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is founded by 2 Sheridan College PSB graduates Jessi and Matt. Total 12 years of working experience in the fitness field provides them to help customers to achieve their fitness goals by using appropriate advice and lecturing. During the years of studying at Sheridan College, Jessi and Matt have learnt student requirements for the gym as fitness enthusiasts. PSB Fitness ensures that every customer will achieve their fitness goals with training with us.

Why choosing us

First, PSB Fitness helps each customer to build up fitness and diet plans based on physical health indicators. Second, the customer’s physical condition will be monitored by our fitness instructors so we can change your fitness and diet plans based on your conditions. Third, PSB Fitness also provides reward and punishment systems to help our members continuing fitness processes without quitting.

Facilities and services

PSB Fitness has separated rooms HIIT, Cardio and Tabata training courses. Yoga-related equipment will be provided if the customer required it. We provide a big room for indoor cycling courses which allows 20 people to take an indoor cycling course together. Personal trainers are also available in both locations.

PSB Fitness provides low calories and high-protein foods such as poke bowls, salad and slushies for helping customers maintain their muscle levels and replenish energy during and after workouts.


PSB Fitness Mississauga or Brampton locations provides rewarding plans for our members. Once you joined our membership, you will get free food or drinks depend on the duration of your membership. For the regular customers, they will get various sales promotions based on the seasons.


Jessi has 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor in Goodlife Fitness and Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience.


Hazel McCallion Campus: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5
Phone: 905-845-9430

Davis Campus: 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Phone: 905-459-7533

Visit our website or offline locations for further information! PSBFitness

Best Affordable gym in Mississauga for students

Best affordable gym in Mississauga for students

Looking for the best affordable gym in Mississauga? Flexible time. Reasonable price and best natural gym product and services. High quality, cheap gyms in Mississauga. Zumba classes. Virtual availability. Personal Trainer. Personal diet trainer. Good benefit with affordable gym membership. Good for student. Stress free environment. Activities. Fitness is all about being physically fit and healthy. Help in mental healthy, wellbeing and meditation. certified and qualified personal and health trainers. PSB Fitness provides clients with consistent and visible result that you would be satisfied with. PSB focus on the needs of their clients and creates a safe environment for every member. A family community gym with a goal to try and achieve the same set goals as the clients. An affordable gym in Mississauga for students to relax and release stress. Suitable for part-time working students .

Our gym offers state of the art equipment and a unique experience sure to ignite a passion for fitness. Join our gym because it is designed to assist all you fitness needs. Connect with us through our social media platforms, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check our website for additional information. PSB fitness operate online to make it ease for clients. There is something to meet what each person needs. We are making effort to give our clients the best trainers and best exercise programs as a result of what they like and ask for, so as to keep fit.

The gym has no limit to our exercise programs, we work together with the employees to deliver our mission goal and meet the belief of our gym members. Our work encourages our customers to use our service to get in better shape, release stress, get better mental shape because we care and want the best for them.

24/7 Gym With Yoga and Sports Classes In Brampton

Are you looking for a place to lose weight with some fun? You now have a bonus to stay fit by doing your fav activity. If you love doing Yoga and are interested in  making goals then this is the right place for you. Here I am talking about our Rolling Stone Gym which is available for 24/7 with yoga and sports classes in Brampton.

What is Rolling Stones?

Rolling Stones is a fitness and athletic center in Brampton which offers almost all the interesting facilities like Yoga, Martial Art, Swimming classes and Basketball and other sports training. The special thing about our gym is that you don’t need to pay any entry fee or no need to sign up for any contract before. We will provide our members with the first six months of free training to stay fit and healthy.

Rolling stones gym
Group of young people in sportswear talking in a gym after a workout

Extra bonus points for Students and Staff in Brampton

If you are a student and doing post- secondary diploma and If you are a staff member at Sheridan College who have shortage of time and can not make up with your study, work and health at the same time, This is a right place for you and you don’t need to go some miles away only to do some exercise and pay bucks. Moreover, you have an interesting option to workout in your free time in less amount.

  • Students can enjoy different types of sports and activities
  • Shred some extra pounds
  • Get some relief from stress.

Claim To Fame

Complementary Services-

We offer almost everything but there is some special chance which you definitely don’t want to miss. An interesting thing about our gym is that we provide First Six Months Of Free Training to our members which will benefit a lot of people to get fit and achieve a healthy lifestyle in the budget/reasonable price. We offer 24/7 service with yoga and sports classes in Brampton. This offer will specially benefit the students who are dependent on their parents.

Playing Basketball
Basketball Training

24/7 Sports Training-

Our Gym offers exclusive training for sports and other recreational activities like Basketball, Martial arts, Yoga classes and swimming training. Fast Results Fitness Gym on Every Sheridan College Campus!!  This could benefit a lot of customers who have interest and hobbies in sports and meditation. There will be no commitment and members can delete their membership online if there will be any level of  dissatisfaction by some chance. You can build on your interest and can lose some weight both at once.

Premier Services-

Rolling stones offers some mental health training as well. If you want to get fit mentally and physically, our gym can absolutely help you out to change your whole lifestyle and do great in your social life as well with high level of technological equipment.

Yoga Classes
Yoga Training

Reasonable Price-

Rolling stones prefers to provide all the above services at a low cost. Customers can enjoy the rewards and offers like getting friends with you to enjoy for free.  Loyalty programs at Fitness Centre The membership cost is low and you also have an option either to choose a membership program or join as a normal customer. No need to go far away and waste your precious money.


Choose Rolling Stones

In Conclusion, your fitness, mental health, physical health and your social health is the matter of greatest importance for Rolling Stones because we care for your health. We are offering two locations in Davis Brampton and HMC Mississauga campus at Sheridan College. Enjoy our great equipment, training, sports and recreational activities with a reasonable price. Try out our first six months free training without any membership commitment at all. Our gym includes all workout essentials like lockers and a proper diet plan for your best experience.

Ready to join!

We are available 24/7.

Come, your new life is waiting for you. As Rolling stones promise you to change your lifestyle because we know that you are dreaming about that.