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Travel plans made easier than ever

PSB Travel is a travel agency located in Mississauga. Its goal is to provide travelers with the chance to explore the most desirable and intriguing parts of Canada. Personalized holiday packages are PSB Travel’s best-sellers and what the agency is most known for. The travel agents within PSB work hard to tailor your vacation packages to meet your every need. These packages include anything from flight tickets to accommodations to restaurant recommendations. They are customized to meet your budget and preferences, making them affordable and convenient. Your role is to tell PSB who you are and what you need. Then allow the travel agents to secure the best vacation you could ever dream of!

Domestic vacation packages

Being a Mississauga-based agency, PSB’s travel agents have well-founded experience in uncovering the greatest tourist attractions within Canada. The Canadian-focus of PSB is beneficial for both Canadians and the international world. Canadians will be able to explore parts of their home that they may have never thought of before. They can fulfill their need to travel and explore in an affordable and familiar atmosphere. On the other hand, international travelers will be able to explore the best parts of an unfamiliar land. Click here to check out our current Canadian vacation package options or create your own!

Niagara Falls
One of the many tourist attractions that are included within PSB’s vacation packages!

Surprise vacation packages

PSB’s travel agents have catered its products to align with the needs of the young and adventurous population. For the travelers desperate for a wild and unfamiliar experience, PSB Travel is now offering surprise Canadian vacation packages. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are deeply familiar with Canada’s greatest attractions. You can put your trust in these agents who have got your back! They want your surprise location to be everything you hope it would be. Despite the surprise element, you can still make sure it is affordable and able to meet your specifications. Click here to start the process and help PSB’s travel agents get to know you and develop the best surprise package for you!

Toronto Sign at Nathan Phillips Square
You can visit anything from basic, popular sights to more subtle ones based on your preferences!

How can PSB Travel help?

Unsure why you may need a travel agent’s help? Here are a few reasons why this is the right choice for you!

  1. Lack of decision-making. With the help of our Mississauga-based travel agents, you can have a fully planned vacation handed to you. Do not worry about the hassle of making decisions about where to go and what to do.
  2. Affordable. Tailor your vacation packages to include what you can afford. Good deals with airlines and hotels can be attained with the help of a travel agent.
  3. Convenient. The vacation packages and travel agents help travelers access all holiday-related resources in one place. This results in a carefully constructed trip that encompasses all you may need to relax and explore.
  4. Reliable. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are well suited to recommend the top Canadian sights. They can help travelers explore the various hidden gems that Canada has to offer.
  5. Organized. The vacation packages designed by travel agents include anything you could possible think of when on a vacation. They are easy to use and include activities that can fit your desired schedules.
  6. Personalized. As a traveler, you have the choice of what to include in your package. For example, accommodations, day-to-day activities, transportation, etc. Also, you can share your qualities and preferences to help the travel agents tailor your packages accordingly.

Traveling should be relaxing and PSB’s travel agents are here to make it so!

PSB Beautiful all-inclusive GTA travel packages

Travel far and wide at a respectable price

PSB Travel prides itself on being able to bring the most beautiful pre-planned all-inclusive prices in all of the GTA. Feel free to visit our new Mississauga location for the most diverse traveling options and feasible travel advice. Beautiful destinations with pre-planned and all-inclusive travel packages. Essentially, our service will be guaranteeing you not only the best time but a stress-free vacation that doesn’t leave a dent in your bank. Perhaps you wish to live new travel experiences with your significant other but require guidance and options for them. PSB Travel will be all the help you need!

Google Rating: 4.7/5 stars out of 450 Reviews

4 out of 5 stars coloured in

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Get to know our  beautiful competent staff

Sayid – Head Advisor

Sayid - Head Advisor

Sayid has over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. Praised for his impeccable customer service, impeccable organization skills and innate ability to get the best deal for the best price. In short and in his words:


“Everyone could use a break from time to time and  I will make it my job to ensure that that break goes as smoothly as possible”


Click this link to book a session with Sayid instantaneously



Amber – Travel Advisor

Amber - Travel Advisor - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTAAfter obtaining her degree in Hospitality and Tourism management in 2014 from Berlin. That said, Amber has gone full force in the travel industry. Amber has been instrumental in the development of relationships between PSB Travel and our various resort partnerships such as BeLive, Red Velvet Inn and Hotel deLuxe among others.

“I’ve been traveling with Amber for years. Not only does she provide new and exotic locations but she makes sure we avoid all the tourist traps”

– Mary-Ann, 33, Mississauga

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Lu-Ann – Embassy Correspondent
Lu-Ann Embassy Correspondent - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA

Hailing from Mauritius island and having a wealth of experience as a travel ambassador for the European Union, Lu-Ann ensures that all trips go smoothly and effectively. Her credentials ensure that no trip should pose any issues and most importantly that you always have a reliable contact for any additional travel assistance.

“Lu-Ann is the make or break for all our vacation trips abroad. She is always a call away and ensures to provide us with assurance and information whenever we travel with her. She is always so kind”  – DeMarcus, 29, GTA


Click this link to book a session with Lu-Ann instananeously


After booking a session with them, feel free to leave a review here

PSB Travel – All-Inclusive Buddy referral program

When you refer our services to a friend you pose the chance of earning up to 5% in discounts for our exclusive travel packages. Furthermore, to do so, simply click the link below to send an email to your friend in question and have the use the auto-generated referral code when they utilize our services. Once the trip has been booked, both you and your friend stand the chance of earning up to 5% in discounts. Take a look at some our popular destination packages below

Click here to draft the email with the link to our website as well as the auto-generated referral code

Montego Bay - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
              Montego Bay
Belize - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
Morocco - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
Casa Blanca - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
          Casa Blanca

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Join us and change your vacationing life as you know it. Your future awaits and the time to plan is now. In other words, allow us to make the absolute best of what’s to come at an affordable price. After that, customer satisfaction guaranteed. We will make sure to build realistic expectations but with nothing short on quality that you will be sure to experience while on vacation! Lastly, PSB Travel will be sure to bring you the most beautiful pre-planned all-inclusive prices in all of the GTA.

Sightseeing with Affordable Custom Concierge Service

PSB Travel has your back

Life can get very busy when you’re working full time and maintaining a healthy social life. Making time for yourself to take care of your own mental and physical health can get a bit tough. We all deserve a break sometimes. An affordable yet custom vacation without the stress of planning out all the little details can really help one unwind. Holidays should be easy to book and flexible enough to fit in some last-minute plans that create life long memories worth cherishing. This is why we offer price matching on eligible products to make sure our clients get the most value from their hard-earned money. Whether you’re a solo traveler or going with a group, there’s a concierge for you.  We help you do more sightseeing and less review-reading. A client recently found their dream holiday through a 2-week custom concierge solo travel package with affordable sightseeing.

A 2 Week Solo Trip with Affordable Sightseeing

One of our clients decided to share photos of their 2-week trip to Switzerland. They answered the quiz on our website, told us their budget, and we took care of the rest. This gentleman is in his mid-20’s and asked us to find him a guided tour. He wanted it to include meals or meal allowance and transportation. This was his first time going to Switzerland, so he wanted to be extra sure there were no delays due to misunderstanding the language or culture. He wanted to try some authentic food, so we contacted our friends to confirm Swiss raclette and fondue would be on the menu.

Raclette 2 week custom concierge
By planet_fox / 2371 images from

Other interests he provided were spending time in nature to feel the peaceful breeze underneath blue skies. We were able to find castles, lakes, and mountains with tour guides to tell him the history of the area in his language. The tour was flexible and provided plenty of free time for anyone who wanted to have some quiet time with the beautiful view. This client specifically asked us to thank our other clients, who posted about their experiences and gave us permission to repost their vacation memories on our Instagram and Facebook page.

Photo of Lake During Daytime
Photo by H. Emre from Pexels

 If you’d like to keep up with our clients’ experiences and find free “things to do” lists, or stay notified with what we’re up to, follow us on Twitter!

Great Custom Concierge Service in your Own Backyard

Sometimes we get so caught up in travelling around the world, that we forget to check out our own city! Some of our clients want to stay close to home but still see their country from the perspective of a tourist. This gives them a new perspective on what it feels like to travel without having to take a flight and we’re onboard with the idea. Our company offers hotel bookings and transport such as rent-a-car services. The services are easy to book quickly so even the most last-minute plans are stress free. We understand taking time away from work can be difficult and time is often limited. That’s why we prioritize finding partners that are reliable. We need them to be trust worthy to treat our clients with the same care we do.

You can click here to find a list of our all-inclusive packages and itineraries (including recommended restaurants) for local and international trips. For those who like going further away, we have flights that are easy to book. Not to mention we can price match to get you the best deal. These packages are ideal for solo travelers but there’s always room for more friends!

We also love seeing our clients in person so we can get to know them better. We’re always open for walk ins at: 4046 Confederation Pkwy, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G4

Does a 2-week custom concierge solo travel package with affordable sightseeing sound too good to be true?

 Still unsure if your vacation needs are in the right hands? Give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer your questions! 

Main office: (905) 845-9430


Emre, H. (2019). Photo of Lake During Daytime. photograph, Kandergrund. Retrieved March 16, 2022, from

planet_fox. (2020). Raclette Sylvester Tortelini Noodles Mushrooms. photograph. Retrieved March 16, 2022, from

Finding and reviewing all-inclusive family vacation packages.

The idea of the all-inclusive package for the family.

My Story about finding the right package.

My search is completed where I found a company that gave my family and me all-inclusive family vacation packages.
The family and I were itching to go somewhere warm and relaxing throughout the pa demic. We managed to save our money and searched throughout the last two years. Finally, we found an excellent and friendly place near my former work building. I was fortunate that they had a 24/7 customer service line. When I called asking for details, the person on the line helped me at an honest and reasonable price, what the person talks about deals and packages they had. After the script introduction, I told them my issue. I had a problem finding a vacation far away from Canada and having a wife and two children wanting something different. The agent also mentioned an app that the company developed.

The app for the all-inclusive family vacation packages

The app gives me a chance to customize a plan that works for my family of four. Next, the agent explained more about the app, mentioning it can manage with the different wants. Finally, the agent asked me some of the details about the vacation. I explained that the wife and I wanted a place to relax and soak in the scenery. In contrast, the kids wish for entertainment like beaches or attractions. I was being skeptical about the app and being as vague as possible. After the agent asks how many stars you want for the hotel? I answered with 4-5 stars. Then, the agent asked about the flight class. I said the economy but if the price is suitable first class. Then asked you wanted to rent a car and want travel insurance.

I said yes to both. A few seconds later, the price was stated for the all-inclusive package. After finishing with the agent, I thought the price was reasonable. I thanked them for their expert service. The agent gave a price range for the all-inclusive package. Later in the evening, I mentioned to the wife about the deal. She was surprised about the price, saying it is an excellent deal. She asked me whether we were going on a vacation soon. I answered, let me look at finances and see if it is in our budget. Then, let me sleep on it to ensure it is suitable for the family.

Talking to the family about the all-inclusive package

After talking to my wife about it, I mentioned it to my kids. They were excited not only about going on a vacation after the pandemic. They were also getting a chance to choose to do instead of what the parents wanted. Being teenagers wanted places near a beach or having a resort with many activities and seeing if there is a nightlife enjoying the cities safely and responsibly. With that information, from what the kids and the wife gave me, and input it in the app. Seeing the price, I was satisfied and started to budget out for the vacation.

My experience with the company was beyond excellent, with the agent giving me the knowledge and the app to me. I am grateful for the agent’s advice and service and the app’s ease of use. I would thoroughly recommend the company as the service was knowledgeable and having the service 24/7 makes it convenient. As a result, my family and I are preparing for this trip without worrying about missing essential items. As the package covered what needed for travel. (Travel insurance, hotel rooms, plane tickets, car rentals and attractions to visit in the area)
I will give the company 5/5 stars.

Image of 5 stars

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

PSB travel destinations at affordable pricesPSB travel destinations at affordable prices

Take the leap! PSB travel destinations at affordable prices

PSB Travel Vacations is a new travel agency dedicated to providing excellent customer service and assistance to young adults in the Mississauga and Brampton areas. Our agency is dedicated to offering affordable trips all around the globe in our unique travel packages. Our package deals offer the best services and accommodations available at the lowest prices so that you can take a vacation without breaking the bank. The main goal of our agency is to make your vacation planning process as simple and relaxing as possible because we know how stressful it can be.    Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Our Team 

PSB Travel Vacations is a team of seasoned travelling experts with more than 40 years of personal travel experience and industry insight so that we can provide our clients with life-long memories. We specialize in providing fast, easy, and stress-free service to our clients that create the experience of a lifetime. We can provide suggestions on locations, walk you through planning and accommodations and even help discuss financing and payment of your trip. Learn more about our team here

Some of our most popular destinations!

Morocco, North Africa PSB travel destinations at affordable prices 

Morocco may not be the largest city but it’s a city with style, it is an underrated warm-weather destination at an affordable price for young adults, explore ancient cities, beautiful mountain ranges, vast deserts, or coastlines that stretch as far as the eye can see. This trip offer’s something for everyone and comes equipped with a variety of itinerary suggestions. Tour the magic desert of Marrakech with your friends or immerse yourself in the historic imperial cities, or simply explore the beautiful culture and people of Morocco. So? What are you waiting for explore this diverse and refreshingly different underrated location with endless possibilities? Learn more about Morocco 

Activities to look forward to in Morocco:

  • Tour the desert
  • Trekking across some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges
  • Delicious food and wonderful hospitality 
  • Kite surfing

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa Kenya, this underrated destination offers a beautiful warm-weather seaside vacation and a wide variety of cultures. See beautiful locations such as Fort Jesus, or Mombasa Old Town or spend time at some of the most beautiful beach destinations in all of the world. Immerse yourself in one of the most culturally diverse cities in existence and explore some of the local wonders. Learn more about Mombasa

Activities to look forward to in Mombasa:

  • Walking tour through Old town Mombasa
  • Tour of different Nature Reserves
  • Spend a day at beautiful beaches and resorts
  • See beautiful architecture from Arab and African history

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga! Some of our most popular trips for young adults

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the most popular travel destinations for young adults because of its beautiful beaches, warm weather and a variety of after-hour activities for any visitors to enjoy. This affordable marvel of a city offers the picture-perfect last-minute vacation, for anyone looking to unwind and escape the realities of the world! Learn more about Cancun

Activities to look forward to in Cancun: 

  • Explore Cancun’s hotel zone
  • Snorkelling near Cancun
  • Visit Cancun’s best beaches
  • Zip Line in the Jungle


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Home to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall this city provides endless fun. Enjoy beautiful buildings, dazzling beaches, all-inclusive accommodations, and fine dining. Dubai is constantly growing and always creating something bigger and better every day.  This shimmering oases constantly pushes the limit for what is possible and is the perfect vacation spot.   Learn more about Dubai

Activities to look forward to in Dubai:

  • Visit the Burj Khalifa
  • Visit some of the biggest malls in the world
  • Swin in the world’s deepest pool
  • Ride the world’s largest observation wheel Ain Dubai

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Save with PSB Travel Vacations

Sheridan students get special deals and discounts for any of our affordable vacations as long as they provide proof of their enrollment at Sheridan. Sheridan Students can also get referral benefits when a referral spends $300 or more! Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Get in Contact with us now or visit one of our locations!

Visit PSB Travel Vacations at either of our two offices

Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus Office Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Hours: Opens 8:30 am – Closes 5:30 pm, Mon-Fri

Phone: (905) 845-7728(PSBT)


Sheridan College Davis Campus Office

Address: 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9 Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

Hours: Opens 8:30 am – Closes 5:30 pm, Mon-Fri

Phone: (905) 459-7728(PSBT)


Contact us at or at 9527672447

Or stay connected with us on Social Media

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Why Get in Contact with us?

PSB Travel Vacations can answer any questions or concerns you have. We offer free consultations to discuss possible destinations for your vacation, a layout of what the payment for any of our packages may look like, or the intricate details of the work that goes into the planning of your dream vacation! Any additional information you may need to get started we can provide.


Overseas Travelling with Kids Mississauga

Overseas Travelling with Kids Mississauga

Travelling the world creates countless memories for everyone in the family. You will feel more refreshed and happier than you have ever been. From new adventures to sights to foods, the possibilities of your experience are endless! Not only will you develop a stronger bond with your family, but you will cherish the time and benefits of travelling as well. There’s no work, chores, annoying phone calls, and ultimately no stress. This scenario may seem like a piece of cake, but overseas travelling with kids in Mississauga can be overwhelming. With unexpected incidences, cranky kids, and a long list of things to pack, these are only some of the challenges you will encounter along the way. You wouldn’t want something as simple as forgetting to bring a camera to ruin your vacation.

Planning a trip for your family can be hard, especially without any help. I find getting outside assistance is very helpful to ensure that I am on the right track. From my experience to yours, here are some tips and tricks to turn a good vacation into a great one:

Overseas Travelling with Kids Mississauga

Tip 1: What to Pack When Travelling Overseas with Kids

Overseas travelling with kids in Mississauga can be hard, especially when they are in preschool or middle childhood. There is always the issue of having too much to bring and/or not knowing what is essential to bring. This often leads to overpacking. You must be strategic and do lots of planning ahead of time. To save you the time and stress of packing, here are 6 important items to packs. 

  1. Camera - Photos and videos capture the great memories you've had during the trip. Looking back at these pictures will help you recall the good times you had and create serotonin.
  2. Bandaids - Having bandaids or a first aid kit can be helpful as kids are accident-prone.
  3. Hand Wipes - Kids can be messy! You will need to use this on your trip whether it's to wipe off those dirty plane table trays or to simply clean your kid's hands. Don’t leave home without them.
  4. Bring snacks - Have snacks readily available for your kids at all times! Not only can their hunger be unpredictable, but they can also be very picky. If you cannot find a restaurant with desirable food, then snacks will be your best friend. And remember a hangry kid can make your fun time miserable within minutes.
  5. Extra Clothes and Diapers - You should always pack enough clothes and diapers for the whole duration of the flight and a few extras along the trip.
  6. Cellphone/Tablet + Portable Charger - Entertainment is a must-have when travelling with kids. It stimulates and keeps them distracted. Whether it’s to watch shows or play games, they will be hooked for hours. To ensure this lasts, you will need to bring a portable charger. Having a portable charger can also be a lifesaver as phone batteries can be unreliable.

Overseas Travelling with Kids Mississauga

Tip 2: Aim for Quantity Rather Than a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

A vacation experience shouldn't be taken for granted. But this does not mean that each vacation you take has to be a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Having this expectation may limit your overall happiness because any site you see or activity you do may not live up to your anticipation.

Having more things to do may lead to a better time. Vacation creates multiple opportunities for fun since you constantly plan new experiences, such as zip-lining, skating, kayaking, and exploring. If you are searching for a more relaxing experience, you can still fill your days with enjoyable things. People often find themselves happiest when eating, socializing, or simply relaxing at a beach or hotel, so make sure you set aside time for great meals, adventures, and quiet time.

Overseas Travelling with Kids Mississauga

Tip 3: Finding a Travel Agency

A travel agency creates necessary plans for a great trip. They provide services such as booking airline tickets and hotel rooms and picking activities to do. Travel agents make travelling simple due to their expertise and destination knowledge. 

When planning a trip, I find selecting a good travel agency is crucial. It eliminates concerns with costs, safety, and planning activities. PSB Travel, located in Mississauga, is my go-to travel agency because of its reliable services and products. They offer the unique benefit of giving their customers a high-quality experience for everyone in the family for only a fraction of the price and with ease. PSB Travel will create customized vacation packages, making planning easy and fun for everyone. On top of their amazing deals, their quality assurance will help you create an unforgettable vacation through the numerous activities and adventures you can experience. To reduce stress, PSB Travel offers 24/7 global assistance. You can now go overseas travelling with kids in Mississauga without difficulty.

If you follow these 3 tips, I guarantee your trip will be more successful and memorable.

Seeking more information and guides? You can learn more by clicking here

Want to do travelling overseas from Mississauga?

Come fly away with us  

About PSB Travel Mississauga

We at PSB Travel are a travel agency that offers the best travel experience for you and your family overseas or domestically. Our quality assurance will help you create an unforgettable vacation through the numerous activities and adventures you can experience. At PSB Travel, we prioritize our customer’s experience and promise they will return happier. This includes alone time or productivity, there will always be something to look forward to. And with price out of the picture, not only will the kids be happy, but you and your partner as well.

At PSB our product has the unique benefit of giving our busy customers a high-quality experience for everyone in the family for only a fraction of the price and ease. Instead of paying for a trip that would cost you an arm and a leg we give you a great experience at a great price, unlike our other competitors. It also makes it so that you do not need to do any work and worry about messing up anything. All you need to do is give us a list of your preferences. We then will incorporate it into your vacation trip, we will ensure that everyone in the family is happy as can be. You know what they say the whole point of having a family vacation is for everyone to have fun. And if doesn’t hurt Mom and Dad’s wallets it’s even better!

Travel agents and our services

Our 24/7 customer agents helping one another to get the best possible experience for you
Businesswomen working together to help with any questions you may have

Furthermore, we offer a 24/7 global assistant to you any time anywhere that is toll-free. We get that your time is valuable and important and as a result, we have prepared for that. We have a 24/7 global assistant support system with a team of dedicated agents at your service. They are fully prepared with all the information and knowledge to help with any issues that may potentially arise. Our employees are even able to assist our customers with any unexpected and last-minute changes. Likewise, as stated before it’s overseas toll-free as well. Meaning that you won’t get charged for asking us questions at all.

Vacations should be an opportunity for everyone to relax, but not everything goes according to plan. Whether an unexpected incident occurs or something worse, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our agency solves that issue for everyone.  through our ability to provide customers with fast response times.

Kids? No problem

You and your family on vacation
A family who used PSB Travel

Travelling with kids can be expensive, stressful and often hard to please. With PSB Travel you won’t have any of these issues at all! We know that it can be tough to please everyone in the family but with us, it’ll be a breeze. We can help you plan out something for your youngest son or daughter, your oldest son or daughter or even more. With us, there is nothing we can’t do for them and you. You want some alone time with your partner we can set that up. Want to spend most of your trip as a family of 4 we can do that. Some past things we have done are a tour to a museum, visit local tourist attractions overseas, hidden gems, beaches, resorts, outdoor activities or even just spending time inside. If there is something that they want to do really badly and you are ok with it we’ll do it. We always have deals going on with group packages for your family so feel free to share with everyone you know to spread the word!

We want to make this memorable for you

In the end, we want to make this as memorable for you as it is for us. We at PSB travel care about you and your family. With plenty of locations open that all offer this service,24/7 assistance, good prices, keeping you and your kids happy, options to go domestic or overseas what else could you ask for? We promise that this will be a great time for everyone involved. So, what’s stopping you from going on vacation? Call in or go to a local PSB travel and ask us about this great product/deal and we’ll send you guys away. If you enjoy us why not do it again or even share with anyone you know and why not spread the word.


If you have any questions feel free to explore the other websites correlating to PSB Travel. Or contact us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Reasonable travel package with babysitters (Disney)

Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be To Europe



Reasonable travel package with babysitters (Disney)


We all want to take a break from our regular routine but it is hard for parents to relax even during vacations. But now PSB travel is here to give some relaxation to our hard-working parents where we will be providing our trustable babysitters within the packages. Now, most people will think that it will cost them a lot to hire babysitters on vacation but you guys don’t have to worry because PSB travel will provide your holiday packages at a reasonable rate. There is a reasonable package to Disney with babysitters where you will be getting access to tickets to all theme parks within the package that will be under $800. This package will include free meals in the hotel and even transportation services which will take you to Disney World. 

How can you trust someone handling your kids?

reasonable package to Disney with babysitters

Our company ensures that your kids are in good hands and will be taken good care of. Every babysitter is a professional who has earned a certificate in babysitting and has 2 years of experience in this profession. They all are fully vaccinated, follow cleanliness activities, and are respectful. We will be providing all the necessary information on the person who will be handling your kids on the trip as we know that parents prefer all forms of transparency for their kids. In case of any problem or trouble during the trip, our 24/7 global assistance, toll-free is always there for our customers.





Traveling to Disney is worth it?

Who hasn’t heard about Disney? I think it is the dream of most people to travel to Disney once in their lifetime. These are facts that adults enjoy being in Disney as much as kids. But spending $800 is really worth it? Well, we are sure that you will be happy and satisfied after visiting Disney in this package. There is not only one reasonable package to Disney with babysitters but others also where you can choose your own hotel, add any new activity or even eliminate tickets to any water park or theme park where you don’t want to visit. The cost will be adjusted accordingly. 


Traveling to other countries with kids


Not only Disney but we will be providing babysitters in other packages which will take you to Maldives, Spain, Cape Town, and many more. We will make sure that you will enjoy your trip without any stress and you guys won’t be regretting spending money on packages as spending money on them will be worth it. Following are some reasonable packages with babysitters:

  • Arena Beach Hotel package in the Maldives will be for a week where meals and babysitters will be provided within the package at an economical rate. 
  • Cay Beach Princess Package in Spain which includes, babysitters, meals, and transportation services in Spain, and tickets to Aqualandia waterpark will be provided in the package.
  • Welcome to Disney World Package inclusive tickets to all theme parks and water parks and reliable babysitters during the trip. 


The best offer 

reasonable package to Disney with babysitters


Every once in 6 months, there are certain packages that are provided at a reasonable rate by our company. The best offer right now is to Disney World. The best reasonable package to Disney with babysitters is being offered under $800 to different hotels. It is the right time to visit the most magical place on earth at the best rate with your kids. Fun and safety is being guaranteed by PSB Travel. It is your job to reach out to us so we can make your trip stress free and enjoyable.




How to reach us

Follow PSBTRAVEL on Instagram.

Subscribe PSBtravel channel on youtube.

Email us at

Like PSBTRAVEL on Facebook.

Call us today on the toll-free number mentioned on our sites.


Stay close with us to get an update on reasonable rate travel packages 🙂 


Affordable educational toy in Mississauga

affordable educational toy in Mississauga
education, elementary school, learning, technology and people concept - group of school kids with tablet pc computer having fun on break in classroom


In Today’s Day and age, it has become crucial for a child to develop multiple skills as they are growing up. Our world is constantly changing and with that change comes great social pressure on the child to keep up with the rest of the World. Here’s when there comes the need to find a way to hone the skills of your child through various means. This is one of the reasons why educational toys are becoming so popular these days. Choosing toys can be a big task as there are various educational toys out there. Here is where PSB’s Tabucation which is an affordable educational toy in Mississauga, becomes a logical choice for parents.

Why learning outside of school has become important?

Technology is constantly evolving around us and is integrated into our daily lives. This has increased the importance of educational toys. This can help the kids improve their cognitive and academic skills. PSB’s Tabucation helps kids stay connected with technology in a safe and controlled way. At the same time stay up to date with technology helping them to achieve overall academic excellence. Skills such as problem-solving have become important for a child to develop as they are encountered with numerous situations while growing up, where they have to do the problem solving all alone. Here is when it becomes necessary to equip the child with all such skills. Educational toys help to solve this problem and parents prefer this method over direct teaching.


PSB’s all-new affordable educational toy in Mississauga called “Tabucation” is gaining popularity among parents in Mississauga.
Educational toys help develop various skills which are needed for a child’s development. Whether it be developing IQ or enhancing problem-solving abilities, educational toys help solve this problem. Busy parents can finally relax and buy their kids the “Tabucation” which will help their kids achieve academic excellence. PSB’s Tabucation makes learning more fun and interesting as it teaches educational concepts through games. It rewards the child with the accomplishment of finishing a game.

Tabucation comes without the need for parental control as access to certain apps and websites is blocked on the Tabucation. So parents don’t need to worry about how their child is spending time on the tablet. Toys are meant to be simple and safe. Kids are always in direct contact with the toy. That’s why the Tabucation is built using toxic-free materials and processes to ensure the child’s utmost safety.

Moreover, some educational toys can be very expensive and heavy on the wallet for parents. Hence, it has become important for a parent to make the smart choice. Purchasing affordable educational toys which can last long and sustainable is the right choice for the parents. PSB’s Tabucation is the most affordable educational toy you can find on the market as it offers more features for a lesser price compared to its competitors.

SO WHY CHOOSE Tabucation?

Tabucation differentiates itself from its competitors in terms of price and the packages offered. The most important feature of Tabucation is that it promotes learning through games and takes the modern approach. It keeps  your child more engaged and entertained. This ensures that your kid does not get distracted easily yet yields the benefit of learning educational concepts. Tabucation is also an environmentally sustainable product which means it uses toxic free products ensuring the safety of your kid, so you can take pride in contributing towards a healthy earth. Being cheaper and long-lasting makes it an added benefit. You can place your order online at our PSB Store

affordable educational toy in Mississauga
A boy and girl wearing mask learning through games

So why wait? Get your Tabucation today and prepare your kid for the new world!


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Affordable Mississauga Gym tailored to your Schedule!

An exciting new gym on the Peel Block

Hey there millenial achiever! Looking to join a gym in Mississauga but cannot commit to tedious timings an non affordable prices? Are you a full time student or freshly into your harsh new job and need some recharging? Do you want to keep healthy despite this ever hectic schedule you are stuck with? Well, you are in luck! PSB gym offers a fresh and radical new gym and fitness experience tailored for Mississauga youth with needs for flexible workout routines.

Located conveniently near Sheridan college and downtown Mississauga, our two gym locations offer competitive prices for members cheaper than established gyms and with a flexibility in personalized workout routines and schedules that allows you to choose what kind of fitness you want when you want it and how you want to go about it. The icing on top? We have exciting offers and rewards to help you tickle your taste buds and recharge your bellies to reward you for your workouts. We are indeed a gym truly made for millenials!

Our Gym and its offerings
We have three distinct tailormade low cost programs designed for people with different personalized fitness goals. Apart from these, our trainers are available to tailor fit your goals 7 days a week between 8 AM to 11 PM. We also have our online fitness videos as well as sessions if you want to achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your homes.

Membership structures
We at PSB offer two tailor made programs
PSB weight loss program: Ideal for those motivated youth looking to stay lean and mean even as you settle into a high stress job
PSB advanced strength workout: For highly motivated young guns looking to maintain their guns.

Membership fees
We offer competitive and affordable monthly rates for our fresh college grads
One time payment for First timers: $79
Monthly membership fees: $21
Personal trainers and online sessions (hourly): $55

Package deals for jet set millenial youth
7 day package: $33
21 day package: $85

But wait! There’s more
We at PSB are Sheridan College grads too! We know how students and youth love to scour the Peel area looking for their quick meal fix. Fear not! We have not forgotten our starving days and will ensure you will have enough fuel to get you by as you use our facilities. Presenting, our founders favorite Poke that will take you straight to Hawaii!

Our poke bowl is affordable by Mississauga standards, but for you, dear customer, we will be giving them free! That’s right. Every member is entitled to one delicious poke bowl a week. We love cheat days. But this Poke is will keep you coming back for more! Moreover it is healthy. So we are exclusively offering it for a discounted price of $12 a bowl. Choose from 4 different fish or ham and vegan options. What is a good workout without some pampering.

Other health meals
If poke isn’t your thing, we also sell even healthier options such as salads and juices to replenish serious sloggers after a hard day at the gym. Choose from our salads that cost just $10 or our house made slushies for $4 each. We also have a vending machine stocked with the usual snacks.

Join our family
So what are you waiting for? Enlist in a membership that suits you the best and gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Our training is the most affordable in this part of Mississauga and we will keep you satisfied with our Poke. Promise! Our gym is open now since the pandemic restrictions have loosened, and we can’t wait to see your faces! Whether upfront or through a screen, we shall be with you all the way, your way.