PSB is Affordable Student gym located in Brampton with private classes, quality equipment and great prices!

Why Join this cheap student gym in Brampton?

Join PSB Fitness today and get your first week for free! We are a student gym in Brampton with low waiting times on all gym equipment and machines. Our top priority is customers time and overall satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you want to let off some energy, improve yourself mentally of physically, join us in starting your journey! Whether you want to lift weights participate in yoga classes or you apply to, most of our fitness centers will be for you. With low wait times and unlimited possibilities on what you can do, why wait? With our short times, the only person holding you back from improving yourself is you.

About Us!

We are located at the Sheridan College Campus in Brampton. The building is located at the address 7899 McLaughlin Rd. You have the ability to book appointments and sign up in person at this address. You can also sign up online for a membership or private classes. Hours of operation are 24-7 all week from Sunday to Saturday.

Pricing will start at about $30 a month for 9-5 access only while the next tier up will be about $45 a month for full 24/7 access. Since this is a student gym in Brampton near the college campus, there will be an additional 15% taken off these rates for Sheridan students.

On top of these discounts the first two weeks of membership are free and this will give you a good trial. You will be able to decide for yourself if you would like to continue the membership. Visit our front desk for more information.

We offer services like private classes with our personal trainers while also offering the use of our weight lifting machines, dumbbells, barbells and fitness machines like Treadmills and Stairmasters!

Equipment in Student Gym in Brampton

We offer a judgement free environment for all new gym goers. You will make plenty of new friends and possible study partners!

What else do we offer?

Sauna and Changeroom

Sauna Change room in Student gym in Brampton

Yoga and Pilates Classes

The opportunity to meet great new friends

Friends at gym

Student Gym in Brampton

Student Gym in Brampton

Why join a gym in the first place?

Working out has great benefits and when done effectively. It not only improves your mental health, but it helps to keep it healthy. It makes you more confident if you are not satisfied with your appearance in any way. You will unlock confidence you didn’t know was possible when consistently working out. Becoming a better you is what we want to help with. You will see some big changes over the timeline of weeks and even months. As long as you are committed to staying consistent your life will improve. A part of human life is always trying to become a better version of yourself. Physical activity is left out of this conversation all of the time. Living is about balance, please do yourself a favor and don’t neglect your body and mind. Always embrace challenges and embrace change to grow as a person.

There are many notable health implications to working out. The overall change on mental health is larger than anyone could imagine. If you deal with any sort of mental health struggle, these include things like depression or anxiety. These physical activities will free you for the time being, and as you get more consistent you will see prolonged results. College students deal with anxiety and an unprecedented amount of stress in their lives. They have to meet all sorts of deadlines and juggle the responsibility of multiple classes. Since all these are stress inducing things for most, why not clear your head?

Why attend our student gym in Brampton?

Our gym and staff offers you the best experience at a great affordable price. There is no need to attend a costly commercial gym where wait times will be very high due to increased foot traffic. We pride ourselves on our selling proposition of low wait times. With our use of top quality machines and other workout devices, all at one great cheap price, we’re your number one stop for working out. With expert trainers and experienced lifter you will be guided in the right diretion. Any confusion you have just ask one of our many experienced personal trainers and you’ll be headed on the right track. Combining that with our guaranteed low wait times, we won’t be beat!

We have the best student gym in Brampton, not only because of our wait times and contents but also due to the phenomenal location. We are located in the best possible place for all of Sheridan’s Brampton students. Where else is better than 5 minutes from your last class? You will be able to get a quick workout in between your classes without being late. Our gym is catered to students, students get every advantage at our gym that they don’t get anywhere else. That is why our student gym should be your top choice! So drop by and talk to one of our customer service representatives to get setup as soon as possible. Begin your fitness journey today!

PSB Fitness- Fit for you


PSB Fitness Logo
Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

Take the first step…..

It is the first step towards your goals that ensures the possibility of turning them into a reality.

Focused Training

Our personal athlete trainer will guide you, mentor you, and work with you every step of the way, in all aspects of your well-being and your personal fitness goals. Along with workouts, you will get a nutritional plan tailored to your body requirements, your personal trainer will track your progress, and make changes to your personal fitness package if needed. Our focused athlete trainers are knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated to their client needs, and highly passionate enthusiasts who are waiting for you to join them. They are ready to share their experience with you, and serve you in the best possible way. Are you ready to join them?

Learn at your own pace

We know every individual is unique and learns at their own pace. Whether you are a beginner or working out for years. We provide a judgment-free zone for you to work on your physical fitness and overall well-being. 

psb fitness

Our mission is to provide Sheridan students space, resources, and above all an encouraging environment with focused athletic training at affordable and flexible rates, so that they can see their overall well-being, personal fitness goals are within their reach. Our vision is to see every Sheridan student living a healthy and physically fit life. We are here to make your fitness goals ours as much as they are yours. See you at the gym, working towards your fitness goals in a space made just for you.

Students Gym Membership Plans Mississauga

Unsure! Not to worry. Join us today for free to experience our services. We are happy to take you on a tour of PSB fitness and work out with you.

Book your free trial today! Take a tour with us!

Affordable Membership Plans

Basic- $15.99/bi-weekly


Gym equipment

Group exercises

Virtual and in-location fitness clubs

Virtual personal workouts

Videos on fitness and overall health

Premium- $19.99/bi-weekly


Gym equipment

Group exercises

Virtual and in-location fitness clubs

Virtual personal workouts, and

Videos on fitness and overall health

Personal athletic trainer

Personalized workout plans

Nutritional plans

Indoor pool

Hot yoga studio

Private showers

Personal lockers

Gym bags

*Both memberships include one-time enrolment cost $49.99. 

Affordable Gym in Downtown Mississauga

If you’re looking for a CrossFit gym near HMC Sheridan College which open 24/7, if you want to get in great, healthy shape while saving time and money, you are coming to the right place! Other than CrossFit training, we provide a variety of fitness services, ranging from basic gym packages that allow you to work out alone, to group classes and personal trainings with professional coaches. Along with our individualized approach to each customer and adaptable membership options are the great price, perfect location, and variety of fitness services which distinguish us from other gyms.

This is our CrossFit gym near HMC Sheridan College

About Us

The company, PSB Fitness, is founded by two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5
years’ experience and 15 existing clients. The two new fitness centers will be operating onsite at the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. 


Our gym is located in the centre of Mississauga. Whether you are student or staff at Sheridan HMC, living or working near Square One Shopping Center, we have you covered.

Other than CrossFit training, We are Also Providing:

– Yoga classes
– Muscle training
– Personal training
– Virtual exercise classes

Membership Plans

**All packages include 3 free trials**

Beginner Package – $24.99/month
– 24/7 access
– One membership per person
– Free Wi-Fi
– Free locker
– CrossFit training (limited to 2 times per month)

Advanced Package – $34.99/month
– Includes all features of Beginner package
– Personal training (limited to 3 times per month)
– Yoga classes
– Virtual exercise classes

Hardcore Package – $49.99/month
– Includes Beginner & Advanced
– Unlimited CrossFit & Personal training
– Muscle training

Exclusive Offer for Sheridan Students and staffs:
One-on-one training with Matt and Jessie on Beginner and Advanced packages
– One month fee waived off for Hardcore package
– Bring a guest for Hardcore package **Guests can only access the basic gym amenities**

We are here for you!

We would love to be here to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Learn more about Sheridan College:

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PSB Fitness
24/7 Gym with Affordable prices

PSB Fitness

Excersave on your Fitness Journey – Building a Better Body, with a Buddy!

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

PSB Fitness is the right place for you to “excersave” especially thanks to the affordable gym membership that includes an array of benefits that are great for students as well as faculty looking to get started on their fitness and healthy lifestyle journey with us. Furthermore, our trained and knowledgeable fitness instructors are here for you, providing you with affordable one-to-one personal training that you certainly can’t get anywhere else. Without a doubt, you can experience and learn in a judge-free environment that our members can enjoy 24/7 and with the help of our buddies, you can indeed ask questions or receive one-to-one customized workouts as well as nutritional guides within the process as well.

What do we offer?

All-day gym access

Firstly, as students and faculty have busy schedules and lifestyles, we wanted to focus on providing flexibility by allowing access to the gym 24 7 for those who still want to exercise later in the day. Specifically, we’re open during weekdays and open during weekends. 

Affordable gym membership packages

Secondly, did we mention our gym is affordable? Without a doubt, we provide great cheap membership options starting from $15 a month that includes all the benefits you need to “excersave” such as inexpensive personal training, free workout guides, free stretch guides, a training buddy program with a small additional fee and more!

Customized workouts and personal training for you

Thirdly, not sure where to start on your fitness and health journey? No worries we got you covered, we provide customizable workouts and nutritional guides personalized for you and with the help from our trained and knowledgeable fitness instructors, you can ask questions or concerns anytime. These trainings are done mainly within the gym but as we know many students or faculty have busy schedules and so, we provide work-outs/nutritional guides that you can take home…how’s that for convenience?

Key location

Fourthly, our gym couldn’t be more conveniently located within the Sheridan Mississauga HMC and Brampton Davis Campuses. The locations are ideal for students/faculty looking to save on transportation costs and would love to go support their fitness journey by going to the gym frequently.  

A learning and judge-free environment made for you at the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

Fifthly, we offer a learning and judge-free environment that our members can enjoy. As we know that starting your fitness/health journey can be difficult at first and in that case, our staff will ensure you feel your best as well as confident throughout your time at the gym. All things considered, you can seek assistance 24/7 whenever you want and you’re welcome to ask any questions or concerns throughout your workout. 

Exclusive Buddy Program at the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

What do we offer that you can’t get anywhere else? our buddy program is here to better assist you on your overall fitness and health journey. Indeed, our highly trained buddies provide personalized assistance and customized workouts based on what you’re looking to achieve during your time at the gym. 

Helping those within the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis who:

A glimpse into the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

High-quality gym equipment.

Customer service and front desk to assist with your questions and concerns.

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis

Small-large session rooms

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis


24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis

Change rooms

24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan college HMC and Davis

How much does it cost to use the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis?

As has been noted we aim to be the most affordable gym near you because we want to provide membership packages that are geared towards students as well as faculty looking to save and in short, would want to avoid paying hefty prices.

Additionally with this special promotional event happening now, you can receive 10% off of the fee of both packages today for one month when bringing another student and signing up today!

Starting out on my own - $15 per month

You’re just starting your fitness and health journey and are looking to occasionally use the gym.


  • Access to both of our locations for free after one month of joining.
  •  Personalized one-to-one or group sessions.
  • Free work-out guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Free nutritional planning guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Receive free training from our instructors. 

Starter with a little bit of guidance - $20 per month

You want to get started on your fitness and health journey with personalized guidance provided by your very own buddy.


  • Access to both of our locations for free after one month of joining.
  • Personalized one-to-one or group sessions.
  • Free work-out guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Free nutritional planning guides (can take home afterwards)
  • Receive free training from our instructors.
  • Personalized and geared towards you with the help of your very own buddy.
  • Receive personalized training and health guides geared towards you with the help of your buddy.

Extra fees that can be additionally added to your gym membership package

Locker – $10 fee per month 

Want more information on picking a membership right for you prior to signing up?

Let us help and get you moving by visiting us in person at both Sheridan campuses now. Our staff will help you get set up with the membership package of your choice without reservation. 

Hours of operation at the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

Convenient access to both of our gyms with flexible hours as seen below on the following days:

  • Monday – 24 hours
  • Tuesday – 24 hours
  • Wednesday – 24 hours
  • Thursday – 24 hours
  • Friday – 24 hours
  • Saturday – 24 hours
  • Sunday – 24 hours

Where to find the 24 7 cheap gym for students at Sheridan College HMC and Davis

Sheridan College HMC Campus Mississauga

Sheridan College Davis Campus Brampton

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Subscribe by clicking down below and “extrasave” on your fitness journey. 

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PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga

PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga !

PSB Gym located in Downtown Mississauga Opening Soon!

Introducing our new state of the art fitness center! Now open for all Sheridan students conveniently located by the HMC campus. We are providing an affordable gyms in downtown Mississauga for a low monthly cost with no sign up fees or deposits, PSB Fitness allows for you to network with other likeminded students which is open 24/7 making it easily accessible for our valued students and alumni. Our luxurious design provides our customers with a feeling of elegance and cleanliness.

Additionally, PSB Gym is currently offering a FREE trial period of 2 weeks and a limited time incentive of a FREE PSB Fitness duffle bag and gym attire and 3 FREE training sessions. In life you are either a person who GETS IT DONE, or thinks about getting it done and leaves it for another day. STOP THINKING AND TAKE ACTION NOW.  PSB Fitness wants you to take action TODAY and be someone that GETS IT DONE. Take the first step today and change your life for the better! Call us at (905) 845 9430 to Register or Sign Up now using our App!

PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga invites you!

Our values are Discipline, Health and Hustle.

Our Mission:

Basically, we want to encourage our students to discipline themselves and live a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle. Creating discipline by going to the gym regularly allows our students to learn how to better control their minds, which will help them in their everyday lives! We also promote networking amongst students and alumni which is why this gym has been made exclusive for Sheridan specifically. Start your journey today with likeminded individuals and become the best version of yourself. Students who are unable to discipline themselves physically will have a hard time disciplining themselves mentally. Lack of discipline can cause failure and that is something that we do not wish upon our students. We encourage a healthy mind and body and we are here for you to take your first step into creating a better version of yourself mentally physically and emotionally!



PSB Fitness is located in the heart of Downtown Mississauga

Conveniently located beside HMC Campus




Basketball Court

Pool + Jacuzzi

Personal Training Area


Group Classes:


Self Defense


Stamina Endurance




Silver: 24/7 Access, 1 Group Class selection, 1 Monthly Training Session

Gold: 24/7 Access, 2 Group Class Selections, 2 Monthly Training Sessions, 1 Guest Pass

Platinum: 24/7 Access, 4 Group Class Selections, 4 Monthly Training Sessions, 2 Guest Passes


Why you should sign with us today!

Convenience – 24/7 Access and HMC Campus location, PSB Gym downtown Mississauga allows for easy accessibility!

Exclusivity  – Only Sheridan Students/Alumni are allowed to purchase a membership, Network with like minded people today!

Modern State of the Art Facilities – Luxurious finish and modern workout equipment provides extra motivation for our PSB Gym downtown Mississauga members to enjoy their workouts!

Pricing – Our pricing is very competitive, no other local gym provides what we have to offer for such a low cost!

Promotion: FREE trial period of 2 weeks, FREE PSB Fitness duffle bag, gym attire and 2L Water Bottle, 3 FREE personal training sessions (Limited time offer)

What makes us Unique – 24/7 Access to Sheridan members in a top of the line gym facility with many amenities and classes available for our valued members while remaining budget friendly!

Free Trial of PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga

Best workout tips for beginners!

Click here to access a nutritional guide to building your desired body!



PSB Private Training Fitness Room (PSB Gym in Downtown Mississauga)
One of many fitness areas in our facilities
PSB Gym Downtown Mississauga
Yoga Classes

Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College

PSB Fitness – One of the Most Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College!

Welcome, Everyone! PSB Fitness is a community of young students that offers the finest gym membership with personal training programs at the best possible price and location – One of the Best Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College.

We focus on bringing quality gym services and a one-on-one mentorship opportunity from our highly trained coaches and trainers working around the clock to ensure Students take their fitness to the next level – with no additional cost to YOU!

psb fitness

Meet The Team Behind PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is founded by two Sheridan Graduates, Jessie and Matt. Matt is an experienced and certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience and Jessie has 7 years of experience as a Goodlife Fitness Instructor.

We offer our services at two Sheridan Colleges – The Davis Campus in Brampton, and The HMC in Mississauga, Ontario. PSB Fitness is open 24 hours, 7 days a week! Our Mission is to be one of the Best Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College.

Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College

Let us show you what we can do for you.

We provide more than just a GYM membership:

– Boxing classes
– Yoga classes
– Group exercise classes
– Access to the basketball court
– Virtual Classes
– Free wifi
– Personal Training
– Healthy Food

Our Pricing

As a student-friendly gym, we ensure our students save the maximum, check our pricing below:

Starter Pack – $14.99/bi-weekly
– Access to Both Locations
– One Membership per person
– $0.00 Locker
– Access to FREE Virtual Classes
– Free Wifi
– 24/7 Access
– Access to the basketball court

Advanced Pack – $24.99/bi-weekly
– All the features of the Starter Pack
– FREE Boxing Classes
– Complimentary Yoga Classes
– Personal Training (4 Classes, Once per Week)

Pro Pack – $39.99/bi-weekly
– All the features of the Advanced Pack
– One-on-one coaching from Matt or Jessie (Until Membership Expires)
– Personalized diet plans
– 50% Discount on Food Offered by Us.

The Ultimate Student Friendly Location

1) Located near Square One: We are located at the HMC in Mississauga close to the ultimate Square One Mall. With hundreds of restaurants, shopping centres, and food courts nearby, and at the heart of Mississauga.

2) Davis Campus: Conveniently located Close to Bus Stops and with Free Parking Space. The Brampton Shopping Centre is close by and is only 20 Minute Drive from the HMC in Mississauga.

Exclusive Promotional Offer for Sheridan Students

– Complimentary one-on-one training with Matt or Jessie on STARTER & ADVANCE Package for 6 Months.
– One Month Fee Waived off for PRO Pack

All you have to do is bring your buddy and sign up for the ADVANCE OR PRO Pack
– Offer Valid Until January 1st, 2023 so Take Advantage TODAY!

Fill Out The Form & Subscribe to PSB Digital

– Stay Connected with the PSB Fitness Family
– Don’t Lose out on the promotional offers that we send out
– FREE Information, Health & Fitness Tips
– Get A Free TRIAL OF ANY PACKAGE or Link To Our Virtual Class

Our Commitment as a Student Friendly Gym Near Sheridan College

PSB Fitness is committed to providing excellent and affordable gym services to Students in the GTA. As a Student friendly Gym Near Sheridan College, we know that you want the best fitness training program that enables you to live a healthier lifestyle. Experience an ever-growing strong community of students who believe in helping each other out. We connect, network, and engage in meaningful conversations. Take advantage of all the services that we offer, with you as our main priority. We take pride in calling ourselves the Most Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College

We Want To Hear From You!

Join us LIVE In Action at the PSB Fitness in Davis Campus or HMC and ask us any questions you have regarding any of our fitness programs. We will help you find the best program suitable for your needs, and take your fitness journey forward!

Learn More About Sheridan College:

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ExerSave on Your Fitness Journey with PSB Fitness! – A 24-Hour Access, Affordable & Convenient Gym
Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

ExerSave on Your Fitness Journey with PSB Fitness! – A 24-Hour Access, Affordable & Convenient Gym

PSB Fitness Area
Workout in a classy modern environment with PSB fitness
Yoast SEO
A group of students working towards their fitness and health goals to maintain a greater lifestyle.


About Us
Welcome to PSB Fitness! Our highly trained coaches and personal fitness trainers are excited to work with you on your fitness journey at an incredibly affordable price. At PSB Fitness, you can Excersave on your Fitness Journey – Building a Better Body, with a Buddy or Solo! Here, you will have access to all the tools you need 24/7. We work with you and your busy lifestyles to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. We also provide tips and advice on diets and nutritional meal plans. Our professional coaches will be there to support you and demonstrate to you examples of various stretches, exercise routines and workout options.


Student Gyms Near HMC Campus
Workout with friends!

Confidence: Our cordial staff will make you feel welcomed and comfortable during your visit. We aim to create a learning, judgement-free environment where you will feel confident in your exercise routines.

Great Amenities: state-of-the-art exercise equipment, clean floors and workout spaces.

Nutrition: Our coaches and fitness trainers are also experts in nutrition and will provide you with information for healthy diets and mean plans.

Fitness Packages: our trainers will work with you and personalize your fitness exercise routines. You can access many exercise routines that can be customized to your level.

Certified Personal Trainers: Our trainers are there to help you! We will work with you to reach your goals faster.

Convenience: Two convenient locations at Mississauga and Brampton, and open 24 hours a day.

PSB Fitness is located within the Mississauga Hazel McCallion and the Brampton Davis Campuses. Our convenient locations, both in Mississauga and Brampton, are close to the bus stops and there is ample paid parking. Our gyms are staffed for 24-hours and provides 24-hour access than any other gyms.

• Bronze: weekly – $9.99
– Access to one location.
– FREE gym towel.
– Allow one friend or buddy to workout with you.
– One-time registration fee of $10.00

• Silver: monthly – $29.99
– Group fitness and classes.
– Access to two locations.
– FREE gym towel.
– Allow one friend or buddy to workout with you.
– One-time registration fee of $10.00.
– 10% off for one month if you bring another student / friend / buddy and sign up.
– Friend enjoys the same discount.
– FREE advice on workout plans and nutritional meal plans.
– FREE access for one month.
– FREE personal training.

• Gold: annual membership – $39.99
– Group fitness and classes.
– Access to two locations.
– FREE gym towel and gym bag.
– Allow friends or buddies to workout with you.
– $0.00 One-time registration fee.
– 10% off for one month if you bring another student / friend / buddy and sign up.
– Friend enjoys the same discount.
– FREE advice on workout plans and nutritional meal plans.
– FREE access for one month.
– FREE personal training.
– Family add ons.
– PSB Fitness rewards.

Call to Action
PSB Fitness is committed to delivering results and trusted health, nutrition and fitness information. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. We will actively support your every move toward a healthy future and a happier life. Our team of highly trained coaches and certified trainers are passionate and dedicated about fitness,and are eagerly awaiting your arrival as we proceed on this fitness journey together.

We’d Like to Hear From You
Come visit us at either our Mississauga Hazel McCallion Campus or our Brampton Davis Campus. We will be happy to give you a free tour of our facilities. Ask our friendly staff about our membership packages and let’s work out!

GTA-Based Travel Agency: PSB Travel

Travel plans made easier than ever

PSB Travel is a travel agency located in Mississauga. Its goal is to provide travelers with the chance to explore the most desirable and intriguing parts of Canada. Personalized holiday packages are PSB Travel’s best-sellers and what the agency is most known for. The travel agents within PSB work hard to tailor your vacation packages to meet your every need. These packages include anything from flight tickets to accommodations to restaurant recommendations. They are customized to meet your budget and preferences, making them affordable and convenient. Your role is to tell PSB who you are and what you need. Then allow the travel agents to secure the best vacation you could ever dream of!

Domestic vacation packages

Being a Mississauga-based agency, PSB’s travel agents have well-founded experience in uncovering the greatest tourist attractions within Canada. The Canadian-focus of PSB is beneficial for both Canadians and the international world. Canadians will be able to explore parts of their home that they may have never thought of before. They can fulfill their need to travel and explore in an affordable and familiar atmosphere. On the other hand, international travelers will be able to explore the best parts of an unfamiliar land. Click here to check out our current Canadian vacation package options or create your own!

Niagara Falls
One of the many tourist attractions that are included within PSB’s vacation packages!

Surprise vacation packages

PSB’s travel agents have catered its products to align with the needs of the young and adventurous population. For the travelers desperate for a wild and unfamiliar experience, PSB Travel is now offering surprise Canadian vacation packages. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are deeply familiar with Canada’s greatest attractions. You can put your trust in these agents who have got your back! They want your surprise location to be everything you hope it would be. Despite the surprise element, you can still make sure it is affordable and able to meet your specifications. Click here to start the process and help PSB’s travel agents get to know you and develop the best surprise package for you!

Toronto Sign at Nathan Phillips Square
You can visit anything from basic, popular sights to more subtle ones based on your preferences!

How can PSB Travel help?

Unsure why you may need a travel agent’s help? Here are a few reasons why this is the right choice for you!

  1. Lack of decision-making. With the help of our Mississauga-based travel agents, you can have a fully planned vacation handed to you. Do not worry about the hassle of making decisions about where to go and what to do.
  2. Affordable. Tailor your vacation packages to include what you can afford. Good deals with airlines and hotels can be attained with the help of a travel agent.
  3. Convenient. The vacation packages and travel agents help travelers access all holiday-related resources in one place. This results in a carefully constructed trip that encompasses all you may need to relax and explore.
  4. Reliable. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are well suited to recommend the top Canadian sights. They can help travelers explore the various hidden gems that Canada has to offer.
  5. Organized. The vacation packages designed by travel agents include anything you could possible think of when on a vacation. They are easy to use and include activities that can fit your desired schedules.
  6. Personalized. As a traveler, you have the choice of what to include in your package. For example, accommodations, day-to-day activities, transportation, etc. Also, you can share your qualities and preferences to help the travel agents tailor your packages accordingly.

Traveling should be relaxing and PSB’s travel agents are here to make it so!

PSB Beautiful all-inclusive GTA travel packages

Travel far and wide at a respectable price

PSB Travel prides itself on being able to bring the most beautiful pre-planned all-inclusive prices in all of the GTA. Feel free to visit our new Mississauga location for the most diverse traveling options and feasible travel advice. Beautiful destinations with pre-planned and all-inclusive travel packages. Essentially, our service will be guaranteeing you not only the best time but a stress-free vacation that doesn’t leave a dent in your bank. Perhaps you wish to live new travel experiences with your significant other but require guidance and options for them. PSB Travel will be all the help you need!

Google Rating: 4.7/5 stars out of 450 Reviews

4 out of 5 stars coloured in

Use this link to book a session with one of our competent advisors immediately

Get to know our  beautiful competent staff

Sayid – Head Advisor

Sayid - Head Advisor

Sayid has over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. Praised for his impeccable customer service, impeccable organization skills and innate ability to get the best deal for the best price. In short and in his words:


“Everyone could use a break from time to time and  I will make it my job to ensure that that break goes as smoothly as possible”


Click this link to book a session with Sayid instantaneously



Amber – Travel Advisor

Amber - Travel Advisor - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTAAfter obtaining her degree in Hospitality and Tourism management in 2014 from Berlin. That said, Amber has gone full force in the travel industry. Amber has been instrumental in the development of relationships between PSB Travel and our various resort partnerships such as BeLive, Red Velvet Inn and Hotel deLuxe among others.

“I’ve been traveling with Amber for years. Not only does she provide new and exotic locations but she makes sure we avoid all the tourist traps”

– Mary-Ann, 33, Mississauga

Click this link to book a session with Amber instantaneously


Lu-Ann – Embassy Correspondent
Lu-Ann Embassy Correspondent - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA

Hailing from Mauritius island and having a wealth of experience as a travel ambassador for the European Union, Lu-Ann ensures that all trips go smoothly and effectively. Her credentials ensure that no trip should pose any issues and most importantly that you always have a reliable contact for any additional travel assistance.

“Lu-Ann is the make or break for all our vacation trips abroad. She is always a call away and ensures to provide us with assurance and information whenever we travel with her. She is always so kind”  – DeMarcus, 29, GTA


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Montego Bay - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
              Montego Bay
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Casa Blanca - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
          Casa Blanca

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