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PSB Smart Recruiting:
All-in-One AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management Software

Introducing the new PSB Recruitment software, an all-in-one AI recruitment and talent pool management solution. With the latest hiring artificial intelligence support, PSB Recruit offers a comprehensive suite of tools.

Additionally, our software also features robust talent pool management capabilities. You can easily access and engage with top talent with powerful search and segmentation tools.

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Tailored AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management Solution for the Beauty Industry

Transitioning to the introduction of PSB Recruit, the new specialized software revolutionizes how beauty businesses find, hire, and retain top talent. Built with the unique needs of the beauty industry in mind, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline the recruitment process and connect beauty professionals with their dream jobs. Additionally, our software enables beauty businesses to access a vast network of qualified candidates, connecting the right candidates with matching skills, experience, and certifications to the right jobs. Moreover, our software features robust talent pool management capabilities, allowing you to build and nurture a dynamic pool of qualified candidates for current and future hiring needs. With powerful search and segmentation tools, you can easily access and engage with top talent, ensuring a steady pipeline of candidates for your organization.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the capabilities of PSB Recruit! Click below to register and learn more about AI recruitment and talent pool management solutions through our upcoming webinar. During the event, we will have a live demonstration to showcase the abilities of PSB Recruit.

Meet Our Speakers

Hear from our Head Developer and Recruitment Specialists on the exclusive features for PSB Recruit!

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Alex Rodriguez

Head Developer for PSB Recruit

A visionary leader at the forefront of technological advancement in the talent acquisition sphere, Alex brings unparalleled insight and creativity to the evolution of our recruitment platform. Moreover, with a wealth of experience and expertise in software development, Alex leads a dynamic team of developers, engineers, and designers in creating revolutionary solutions for how organizations hire top talent. Additionally, his strategic vision and hands-on approach ensure that our software remains at the forefront, delivering value and efficiency to our clients.

Female professional from AI recruitment and talent pool software PSB recruit

Sarah Thompson

Recruitment Specialist

Introducing Sarah, our exceptional Recruitment Specialist, whose dedication and expertise have made her an invaluable asset to the development team for PSB Recruit. Drawing on her extensive background in human resources and talent acquisition, Sarah deeply understands the hiring process’s intricacies. Moreover, her strategic approach to recruitment ensures that our clients find qualified candidates and build teams that align with their culture and goals. 

Female professional from AI recruitment and talent pool software PSB recruit

Emily Lawson

Corporate HR Manager

Meet Emily, our esteemed Corporate HR Manager, whose strategic leadership and unwavering dedication are the cornerstones of our human resources function. With a wealth of experience in HR management and a passion for cultivating thriving workplace cultures, Emily plays a pivotal role in driving organizational success and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, she oversees all aspects of human resources management.

Learn the Abilities of AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management

With PSB Recruit’s AI recruitment and talent pool management solution, you can enjoy various tools available in the software. Firstly, automated resume screening swiftly sifts through many resumes, saving valuable time and effort. Moreover, candidate matching ensures that the most suitable candidates are paired with the right positions based on their skills, experience, and qualifications. Predictive analysis provides valuable insights into potential hires’ performance, aiding in informed decision-making. Additionally, personalized candidate engagement fosters meaningful interactions throughout the hiring process, enhancing the overall candidate experience. Lastly, candidate organization simplifies the management of talent pools, allowing for easy access and navigation of candidate profiles. 

With these advanced features seamlessly integrated into PSB Recruit, your recruitment process will be more efficient, effective, and, ultimately, successful.

Trusted by Industry Partners

“As an HR professional, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of AI recruitment and talent pool management software. PSB Recruit has revolutionized our hiring process, enabling us to source, screen, and hire top talent with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.”

Michael Thompson,
HR Director North America, Estee Lauder

Interested in PSB Recruit's AI Recruitment and Talent Pool Management Solution?

Discover how AI recruitment and talent pool management software revolutionizes organizations’ attracting, assessing, and hiring talent. From automated resume screening to personalized candidate engagement, this technology streamlines the hiring process, reduces bias, and enhances efficiency.

Moreover, try out PSB Recruit now to gain a unique hiring experience.

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Sheridan PSB Career Services

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An Ecosystem of Opportunities for Students and Alumni at Sheridan PSB Careers

Sheridan PSB Career Services is an ecosystem for Alumni and Students, you have exclusive access to our career portal, where you can explore a wide range of job opportunities, expand your professional network, and gain valuable industry insights. Whether you’re seeking a full-time position, an internship, or a part-time job, Sheridan PSB careers offers personalized job recommendations tailored to your interests, skills, and career goals. 

The portal is an ecosystem for finding full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. Our personalized job recommendation system uses your interests, skills, and career aspirations to suggest relevant job openings. You can also browse and apply for job postings from our network of partner organizations, which include some of the top employers in your field.

Sheridan PSB Career Services isn’t just a job board. It’s a complete career ecosystem that provides you with valuable resources and support to succeed in your professional journey. Our employer insights feature lets you learn about the hiring practices and culture of the organizations you’re interested in.

 Our career resources section offers tips, tools, and advice on resume writing, networking, and interviewing. And our networking opportunities help you connect with other PSB students, alumni, and industry professionals.

Don’t wait – sign up for Sheridan PSB Career Services now and discover the endless job opportunities and career resources available to you. Your dream job could be just a few clicks away.

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Discover Sheridan PSB Career services for Alumni and Students, no matter where you stand in your career journey.


Gain insight into the career resources offered to employers and staff, designed to aid in hiring students, implementing best practices, and promoting inclusivity in the workplace.


Breaking the Language Barrier: Tips for Non-Native English Speakers to Succeed in Canadian Job Market

interview career jobs management sheridan psb

Non-native English speakers face a significant challenge when job hunting in Canada due to the language barrier. However, by using the right resources, you can improve your communication skills and adapt to Canadian workplace culture with the help of Sheridan PSB Career Services.

In our article “Breaking the Language Barrier,” we offer practical tips and strategies to help you thrive in the job market, from enhancing your grammar to building your confidence through language exchange programs or public speaking opportunities.

 Ultimately, with these valuable insights, you can overcome language barriers and achieve your career goals. (Read more)

Welcome to Sheridan PSB Career Services

job fairs careers virtual sheridan psb Ecosystem for Alumni and Students

Register now on Sheridan PSB’s career services to attend virtual job fairs and stay connected with potential employers.

This is a great opportunity to explore job opportunities, network with industry professionals, and take the next step in your career. Don’t let this chance slip away – sign up now!

resume careers jobs psb management Ecosystem for Alumni and Students

Join our resume building workshop and learn how to create a powerful resume that showcases your skills and experiences. Our experts will guide you through identifying your strengths, formatting your resume effectively, and tailoring it to meet specific job requirements. 

Give yourself a competitive advantage in the job market by enrolling now!

interviews excel career jobs sheridan psb formals Ecosystem for Alumni and Students

Get fully prepared for your upcoming interview with Sheridan PSB’s career services. Our expert advisors will guide you through potential interview questions, practice responses, and boost your confidence. 

Make a great impression and land your dream job by scheduling your appointment today.

Find Your Perfect Marketing Career with Our Career Assessment Questionnaire:

sheridan psb laptop quiz for Alumni and Students
assessment jobs careers marketing Ecosystem for Alumni and Students

Looking for direction in your marketing career? Take our assessment on the PSB Ecosystem and find your ideal marketing specialization. This assessment is designed to help you identify your strengths and interests within the marketing industry and suggest potential career paths that align with your goals.

Whether it is SEO/SEM, Content, Influencer marketing or even copywriting, our assessment will provide personalized recommendations for marketing roles that match your skills. With this clarity, you can excel in your chosen niche and achieve your career goals.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain direction and focus in your marketing career. Take the marketing assessment today and start your journey towards your dream job!

Sheridan PSB Careers Success Stories:

Indeed, PSB has been an instrumental part of my career journey, providing me with the skills, knowledge, and connections I needed to succeed in the competitive job market. PSB's ecosystem provided me with the necessary training and resources that helped me secure a job at one of the biggest media companies in the country, and now I have landed my dream job as an Employee Relations Coordinator at Aritzia, Canada.

I graduated with an advanced diploma in Business Administration - Human Resource Management from Sheridan, and my career journey has been incredible so far. I started as a manager at staffing firm Robert Half and then moved on to HR administration and coordination roles at a consulting company Deloitte Inc.

Additionally, the faculty and staff at Sheridan provided me with valuable mentorship and guidance, helping me navigate the industry and make meaningful connections. Overall, I am proud to be a Sheridan alum and grateful for the opportunities that PSB has provided me.
alumni testimonals psb hrm
Sana Ansari
Human Resources Management, Class of 2019
Grateful for PSB's user-friendly interface and customized search options allowed me to narrow down my job search to the exact criteria that I was looking for. This made it easy to find job postings that were a perfect fit for my qualifications and career goals.

Additionally, PSB's career services team provided me with personalized guidance throughout the entire job search process, from resume building to interview preparation. Without their support, I wouldn't have been able to secure my dream job in the competitive marketing industry. It helped me land my DREAM JOB!!
marketing alumni psb sheridan success career job
Mahek Shah
Marketing Management, Class of 2021
PSB Success Stories

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PSB Sheridan Works: Launch Your Career With Us!

 PSB Sheridan Works : Find Exclusive Job Opportunities and Get Expert Support to Kickstart Your Career

Welcome to PSB Sheridan Works, exclusively designed for our students! Our learning institute is committed to providing comprehensive support to our graduates in their job search. We understand the challenges of finding the right job, and that’s why we’ve created this platform to help our students take the next step in their career.

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Are you not sure where to begin your job search or how to present yourself to potential employers? Look no further than our comprehensive career services to help you unlock your potential and achieve your professional goals. At PSB Sheridan Works, we take a personalized approach. We understand that everyone is different, and we work with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

How does this align with your goals?

PSB Sheridan Works offer a wide range of career services designed to help you succeed. The commitment to providing personalized support and resources to our students and alumni. We understand that everyone’s career journey is different, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our Approach

Our innovative approach to helping you discover your unique value proposition. We believe that everyone has something unique to offer, and we are committed to helping you identify and leverage your strengths to achieve your goals.

Our unique platform connects you with top employers in your field, helping you find job opportunities that match your skills and interests. With PSB Sheridan Works, you can access:

  • Exclusive Job Opportunities

    Our platform features job postings from top employers looking to hire Sheridan College graduates. You can apply to these opportunities directly from the platform, saving you time and effort in your job search.

  • Expert Career Advice

    Our team of experienced career advisors is here to support you every step of the way. From crafting your resume and cover letter to acing your interview, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you succeed

  • Resources to Ace Your Job Search

    We offer a range of resources to help you prepare for your job search, including resume templates, interview tips, and networking advice. Our goal is to equip you with everything you need to land your dream job.

Why Choose PSB Sheridan Works?

At PSB Sheridan Works, we understand the challenges of finding your dream job in today’s competitive job market. That’s why we’ve designed a platform that offers you a unique advantage in your job search. Here’s why you should choose us:

Exclusive Access to Top Employers

Employment Facilitator Hub Sheridan
Sheridan College, HMC Campus

We work closely with top employers in the field to bring you exclusive job opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. This gives you a unique advantage in your job search, helping you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.

Expert Career Advice

Our team of experienced career advisors at PSB Sheridan Works has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in your field. We’re here to support you every step of the way, helping you craft a winning resume, ace your interview, and secure the job of your dreams.

Resources to Help You Succeed with PSB Sheridan Works


Range of resources to help you prepare for your job search, including resume templates, interview tips, and networking advice. We want to equip you with everything you need to succeed in your career.

Sign up for PSB Sheridan Works today and start your journey towards your dream job! Our platform is designed to help you succeed, with exclusive job opportunities, expert career advice, and resources to help you ace your job search process. Don’t wait – sign up now!




CAPS courses to upskill career or career switch in GTA.

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Welcoming towards the path of career switching with CAPS

Welcome to CAPS, where you may pursue inexpensive professional education. We extensively work in skill-oriented studies in short-term applied learning and business courses as a result we appreciate the value of continuous education and job success. The courses are designed in such a way that they give an adaptable and surely a simple solution to access your progress and how you study. Whereas, CAPS courses to upskill career or career switch in GTA gives a solution towards the road for Professional skill oriented education.

Discussing the pros and cons after career switch and upskilling from CAPS courses in sheridan


Having low income in present job enroll in CAPS courses for source of Income.

One of our key selling factors is our commitment to making education accessible and affordable for everyone. For instance, we have recognized that the cost of higher education sometimes becomes a barrier for many people, therefore we strive to offer courses at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality at Sheridan. CAPS courses, makes everyone updated with the current market skill-set and where you should have the access to education that can help them realize their career goals that can eventually help in career switch or upskilling.

Witnessing better opportunities in GTA

Additionally, we offer a range of courses like Certified Public Accountant that can help you develop your skills and advance in the current GTA job industry. The subjects in which our professors  teach are quite respected in cooperation with present standards markedly for overall learning to you. Through networking, you also pick up knowledge from professionals who are eager to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

CAPS Career Advancements in upskilling and Career switch

Basically, we are aware that many people would really like to switch their fields or start over professionally. Although it may seem overwhelming, our experts are here to assist you with better understandings. Your success in your chosen course help you realize your career goals, as we offer individualized support and guidance. Another key point is that there is never a bad time to begin or restart your career, and at CAPS, indeed we are here to help you in every step of the way.

Sheridan Caps Courses helps in career upskill

Source:  Caps.sheridancollege


Opportunities after switch and learning new caps courses in GTA

Learning more about CAPS career job market

The advantages of selecting CAPS courses specifically CPA for your professional education needs as it emphasized in our value offer. A pathway to in-demand careers in GTA at reasonably priced courses  starting at $500 that can enable you to increase your income and join professional associations.

Working at your own pace and choose CPA course of Sheridan

Correspondingly to provide you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace, we provide a tailored learning experience with these CAPS courses that eventually help in identifying the upskill career or the desired career switch in GTA. Nevertheless, our CPAs knowledgeable faculty members give you the abilities you need to be successful, and our experiential learning opportunities let you gain practical experience in the sector of your choice. At Sheridan, we provide prospects for hands-on learning so that you can learn concerning your chosen subject from scratch. In our opinion, education really should not be confined to the classroom.

Looking for a second source of income, due to low income in present job? Enrolling in a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course at Sheridan could be a potential solution. The following are some major benefits of pursuing a career as a CPA:

Firstly, if you’re looking to change careers, being a CPA can be a fantastic choice. You gain a number of abilities from the certification that are in demand across numerous sectors. If you want to work for yourself or as a freelancer, it can also be a useful certification to have.

Secondly, CPAs typically earn a high salary, which can help you achieve your financial goals and improve your overall quality of life. The level of experience or type of company you work for, and your location plays high earning potential, but in general, CPAs are among the highest-paid professionals in the accounting field.

Thirdly, CPAs can work in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and more. This gives you the flexibility to pursue opportunities that align with your interests and expertise. Additionally, many companies require or prefer candidates with a CPA certification, so becoming a CPA can open up new doors for your career.

Lastly, obtaining a CPA certification can increase your credibility and reputation in the accounting profession, making it more attractive to prospective employers and clients. It can also help you stand out from other job candidates who do not have the certification, which can be a valuable advantage in a competitive job market.

Overall, pursuing a CPA certification can be a great way to improve your career advancement and increase your earning potential. By enrolling in a course at Sheridan, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field and achieve your financial goals.

Sheridan provides diversification with preparatory courses like

                Source:  Caps.sheridancollege

  • Corporate Finance
  • Intermediate Financial Reporting
  • Management Accounting
  • Taxation
As a result, these course not only dwell into making a decision in joining career but also works on which course best suits for the Professional Accounting employability.

Successfully enhance career or change paths with CAPS

Ultimately, we offer a course that can help you achieve your goals, whether they be to improve your abilities, develop your career, or change to a new sector. Sheridan offers accessible, open-access courses with experienced faculty members available to provide you the support and guidance you require to succeed.


graduating from Caps course after career switch and upskillingAltogether, don’t let the expense of college prevent you from advancing in your desired career. As the costs for such CAPS courses lies $500 onwardsThe professional courses that is flexible, inexpensive, and individualized, choose CAPS to find out more about programs and how it can support you in advancing your career, get in touch with us right now.


Click the link below and start moving!



Jumpstart your future: Connecting graduates to their dream jobs at PSB!

Comprehensive Career Support Services to Help Job Seekers Achieve Their Goals at PSB

career services at sheridan psb

Looking for a job can be a daunting task, particularly in the highly competitive job market of today. However, it involves more than just filling out an application and waiting for a job offer to arrive. It involves making the best impression on prospective employers. This requires various skills, such as creating an ideal CV and acing the final interview. PSB Sheridan Works understands the challenges of job searching. That’s why we offer career services for students and alumni to help assist you all in this process.

Variety of Career Services Provided at PSB Sheridan Works

Expert Guidance for Your Career Success Through Career Counseling

counseling at sheridan psb

All levels of job searchers receive individualized assistance and support from our skilled career consultants, be it recent graduates or alumni. You can explore career alternatives, discover your skills and limitations, and create an action plan to reach your objectives with the assistance of our counsellors. We know that the job search process can be challenging, but our career counselling services can support you in maintaining your motivation and concentration. By scheduling a virtual counselling appointment, you can receive the appropriate direction and counselling from the comfort of your home.

Craft a Winning Resume Through Our Resume-Building Workshop

Polishing and professionalizing your resume is crucial because it often provides potential employers with the first impression of you. We provide resume-building classes at PSB Sheridan Works to assist job students and alumni in creating attractive resumes that stand out from the competition. Everything from formatting and design to content and strategy is covered in our workshops. We assist you in emphasizing your relevant qualifications and experience, and we show how to customize your resume for the position you’re looking for.

Crack Interviews By Using Our Interview Preparation Services

Interview preparation at sheridan psb

Although interviews can be nerve-wracking, you can approach them with confidence if you are properly prepared. To assist job seekers in becoming ready for any interview situation, PSB Sheridan Works provides interview preparation services. Our skilled coaches will work with you to improve your interviewing abilities, helping you address basic questions and handle challenging situations. We’ll work with you to pinpoint your advantages and disadvantages and provide you with the resources you need to sell yourself to potential employers.

Remain a Step Ahead with Our Extensive Job Search Support

We provide more than just career assistance at PSB Sheridan Works. We’re also dedicated to giving job seekers the tools they need to be successful in their search. To assist students and alumni in staying up to date on the most recent changes in the job market, we provide job listings, company research, and other services. For all of your job-seeking needs, PSB Sheridan Works is the place to go to.

Expand Your Network for Long-Term Career Success

Networking events at sheridan

Networking is an essential part of any job search. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, find out about job prospects, and develop knowledge of other industries. Through our events, workshops, and online forums, PSB Sheridan Works offers networking opportunities for job seekers so they may get a chance to connect with other professionals in their field.

Find Your Dream Job and Achieve Your Career Goals with PSB Sheridan Works

To conclude, PSB Sheridan Works provides a variety of career services for students in achieving their objectives. We offer job seekers the resources they need to thrive in today’s cutthroat job market. This includes career counseling, resume-building courses, and interview preparation services. We’re dedicated to assisting job searchers in discovering fulfilling professions that complement their abilities, interests, and goals. Visit our career services today if you’re seeking for a job board that provides more than just job listings.

get your dream career at sheridan psb

Are you ready to advance your career? Join us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or sign up with us, and let us help you reach your goals!

Do you want to know more about PSB Sheridan Works? 

To read more, click over here:- Career Opportunities for Students & Alumni

Sheridan PSB Career Support Services by PSB Job Hub

PSB Job Hub: Your One-Stop Destination for Personalized Career Support

Looking for career guidance that’s tailored to your professional goals? The PSB Job Hub is your ultimate destination. At the PSB Job Hub, the Sheridan PSB Career Support Services are specially curated for PSB students and graduates who are aiming to secure employment in a variety of business disciplines. Delivery of these services is hybrid, i.e., on campus and online. Our job support team is made up of experts who have experience in the recruitment industry, so you can greatly benefit from the guidance they provide. In addition to this, our support services are completely free for all Sheridan Bruins. Don’t wait; click the sign-up button below and join the PSB Job Hub to access the Sheridan PSB Career Support Services and more.

PSB Job Hub logo
Get hired

Career Support Services that Help You Get Hired ​

Sheridan PSB Career Support #1: Resume and Cover Letter Assistance ​

PSB Career Support Services

If you’re aiming for your dream job in Canada, then make sure your resume and cover letter are both on point. Our team at Sheridan PSB Career Support helps you prepare professional Canadian style resumes and cover letters.

5 steps to create a strong Canadian-style resume

  1. Pick the format: reverse chronological, combination, or functional.
  2. Prepare the structure of your resume. For example, let’s consider the chronological format. Focus on the five major sections, i.e., contact information, a resume summary, work experience, skills and certifications, and education.
  3. Fill in the necessary details under each section.
  4. Carefully check the formatting, language fluency, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  5. Finally, proofread the content in your resume.

Tips for writing a professional Canadian-style cover letter

  1. Start the letter with a polite greeting using the recipient’s name (if known); otherwise, keep it general.
  2. The cover letter should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

At PSB Job Hub, we know that job application documents like a resume and cover letter play an important role in securing job opportunities. That’s why we have designed a resume-building tool that helps create a well-structured resume. In addition to this, we also provide industry-standard cover letter templates. Our resume and cover letter help does not stop here; we further conduct one-to-one sessions where you can share your doubts, ask questions, and gain assistance with what’s lacking in your resume and cover letter and how you can fill those gaps. You’re just a click away from accessing all these essential services. Become a member and join our community, and let us help you create job applications that stand out.

Sheridan PSB Career Support #2: Interview Preparation Help

PSB Career Support Services

You need to be well-prepared for a job interview because an industry-specific dream job is no cakewalk to achieve. Being prepared for the interview can boost your confidence and reduce nervousness when you enter the interview room. So, putting in effort for interview preparation is crucial for a successful outcome. That’s precisely where the Sheridan PSB Career Support team steps in.

Tips and strategies for preparing for job interviews

At our job hub, we offer exceptional career support to equip you with the necessary skills to easily handle tough interview situations. Firstly, we conduct body language training sessions, which are essential for interview preparation. Additionally, our Career Support team conducts mock interviews to ensure that you are well-prepared for potential questions that may arise during the interview. Moreover, we provide you with a fundamental interview preparation guide that you can take advantage of to crack even the most difficult interviews. Moreover, with our guidance, you can navigate interviews smoothly and confidently.

Take a bold step in your career by joining the PSB Job Hub

Our career support services are available to every job seeker at the Sheridan Pilon School of Business, regardless of whether you are a student or a graduate. Additionally, we help you stand out among other candidates with enhanced resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation. In conclusion, “Sheridan Bruins are born to stand out” and we at Sheridan PSB Job Hub provide impactful career support to make that happen.

The PSB Job Hub caters to each of your career requirements, as mentioned earlier. So make sure to check out the rest of what we have curated for you by clicking the links below
The Networking Job HubCareer Path SuccessPSB Connect

Sign up for the PSB Job Hub today and let’s take your career to the next level!

Stay tuned with us on our social media!

At PSB Job Hub, we strive to provide valuable guidance through our career support services to help you achieve your professional objectives. Likewise, we share tips and tricks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to keep you informed and engaged. Follow us on these platforms, so you never miss our latest updates. 

Career Path by Sheridan PSB Job Hub HMC Trafalgar Davis

Career Path by Sheridan PSB Job Hub (HMC, Trafalgar, Davis)

Personality Quiz: Your Journey Awaits

Sheridan Bruin Mascot at Graduation
(Resources available Career Path Sheridan Job Hub HMC, Trafalgar and Davis )

Looking for a Job?
Why wait till you graduate?
Plan your journey today with
Personality Quiz by PSB Job Hub

(Resources available Career Path Sheridan Job Hub HMC, Trafalgar and Davis ) :

We here at Sheridan Career Path by Sheridan PSB JOB HUB, recognize the importance of catering to every student in the way they require it because everyone is different, so start your journey today, the way you want to.

Check out our helpful Sheridan PSB Job Hub Resources at HMC, Trafalgar, Davis campuses  :

Networking Job Hub for Business Management with PGWP



Game Development Advanced Programming
Sheridan Ceramics Program
Virtual Reality in Computer Design
Sheridan Healthcare Programmes
Sheridan Animation Programme
Sheridan Business School

So how does Career Path Personality Quiz by PSB Job Hub work?

Plan your career path successfully by taking our easy personality quiz so we can align your field of study to the best career for you, based on your aptitude and personality. 

Evidently although many factors influence a person, personality is the force behind a person’s actions, behaviours and attitudes, which is why companies are therefore increasingly analysing candidate personality in their recruitment process. 

Furthermore, these insights specifically help predict potential, job performance and areas of weaknesses, which can be thus improved through training and mentorship in order to make you the candidate that aligns with the vision of the company you work for. 

Job recruitment process
Importance of Personality for your career in the Job Market
questions reflecting personality

These once least frequently asked interview questions, have become a staple in any job interview of today. Therefore, individuals being interviewed are required to self reflect and think “What would I do?”, which gives an employer an idea of the job performance of the candidate. 

Answers to these questions basically reflect the levels of team work, commitment, ability to handle stress, morals and ethics, ambition; which moreover, directly link to the behaviour of an individual and is influenced explicitly by personality.  

Additionally, in order to understand the consequences of actions and to make level headed decisions in a fast paced challenging world, it is important to understand the personality and then align it with the right job. 

Read more about why employers ask personality related questions 

We here at Sheridan PSB Job Hub (Resources available at HMC, Trafalgar and Davis campuses) : can assist you with navigating these areas, in order to be the right candidate at the right job. 


What do
YOU need to do for Career Path Sheridan Job Hub HMC Trafalgar Davis?

Firstly start by taking our simple quiz

Your results will be 

shared with our recruitment advisors

& will be emailed to you where you can 

Finally book your FREE Career Consultation session with Sheridan PSB Job Hub based on your day & time preference

Any questions? Also call or visit us anytime because we are here to help! (Resources available at HMC, Trafalgar and Davis campuses) : 


We set you up for success, so when you leave, you take us with you! by Sheridan PSB Job Hub HMC Trafalgar Davis