Online CPA CFE Course with Sheridan PSB!!

Welcome to Sheridan PSB where we are proud to announce our CPA (Certified public accountant) courses.
Sheridan provides Online CPA CFE course for candidates who are attempting CFE (Common Final Examination) to pursue CPA designation.

What is CPA PEP?

Candidates willing to pursue the path of certified accountants can take the CPA PEP course, which covers multiple topics such as finance, accounting, and taxation. Additionally the course is designed to prepare the candidates for the examination and provide them with the appropriate knowledge to succeed. As a result the course curriculum is designed to help candidates succeed in the CFE.CPA course

What is CFE?

Common Final Examination (CFE) is the examination all the candidates must pass in case to become a CAP. CFE is a three day exam which evaluates candidate’s knowledge in business and accounting. The exam consist of multiple choice questions as well as short answers. To attempt CFE exams candidates must complete Capstone 1 or Capstone 2 or complete CPA PEP program from an institution. Moreover CFE is considered a world-wide standard eligible criteria for qualifying as an accounting professional. After passing the CFE, a candidate is considered eligible for various accounting jobs such as Financial analyst, Risk manager, Audit consultant, and many more.

Benefits of choosing Sheridan PSB !!

Furthermore Sheridan has been rated as one of the top colleges for their academics and results. Sheridan PSB is offering courses for CPA PEP. We have specifically designed the course to provide appropriate knowledge to clear CFE. Online CPA CFE course are not very common but this is provided by Sheridan PSB. The main reason of providing online cpa cfe course is to ensure flexibility for candidates. A lot of CPA aspirants are working professional who want to upgrade their skills by completing the CPA course and passing CFE exam. These working professionals are unable to attend lectures every day and that’s where the online cpa cfe course comes in play. Sheridan PSB has introduced CAPS (Continuing and Professional Studies) consisting for individual courses like CPA PEP.

Sheridan's Online courses for CPA CFE courses

Other benefits of choosing Sheridan PSB :

  • Faculty with CPA CFE course experience :

Sheridan offers CFE concentrated curriculum. The faculty for the CPA course have hands on real- world experience which make the curriculum very true to reality. This helps the candidates to learn from the real life experiences and excel in CFE.

  • Academic Integrity :

Sheridan has a reputation for upholding academic integrity by treating every test with sincerity. They conduct all tests on Lockdown browsers, enabling candidates to prepare for the CFE with sincerity and zero compromises.

  • Online CPA CFE Course :

Sheridan PSB provides online cpa cfe course which is accurate for working professionals who wish to apply for the course. This cpa cfe course helps the candidates to attend all the classes remotely and also go through recorded lectures. This course helps working professionals to maintain their work and education on the same level.

  • Career Benefits :

In Addition Sheridan PSB provides various opportunities for candidates to excel in their career once they have completed their course. Sheridan’s reputation helps candidates to acquire opportunities in the market.

Sheridan CAPS curriculum for CPA

How to Apply for Online CPA CFE Course:

Apply for CPA PEP course then visit Sheridan’s website. You will get more information on the application process and requirements. For further help you can contact out admission team. Below is the link to redirect you to Sheridan PSB’s CPA page for course information.
CPA Program Information


To conclude we at Sheridan dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality education by designing an academic program that helps candidates succeed. Choosing Sheridan’s online CPA CFE course will help a lot of working professional to upgrade their knowledge and skills while still working towards their financial goals. With experienced faculties, academic integrity and career benefits Sheridan PSB is setting the candidates up for success. So what are you waiting for?


The Value Option for Student Fitness

Sheridan College HMC Gym Facilities

Welcome to PSB Fitness. We are regarded as the high end option for Sheridan College students, located right on campus! Despite the high quality standards our facilities reach, our pricing is currently the best option for students, and we are located right on the HMC Campus in building C.

For the high value Sheridan College HMC gym membership price, we provide students with a range of modern equipment, including cardio and weight machines, as well as studio spaces for yoga and dance. Additionally, the facility features a large double-height gym with an elevated track, located on the third floor along with other athletic facilities and a gymnasium. On the fourth floor, you will find the weight rooms and indoor track, and the third floor includes universal changing rooms.

With your membership have access to all of these benefits to contribute to your health and wellness. In addition to all of this, we also offer group classes and personal training, all of which take place in these same facilities.

Group classes are a good way to receive specific training while getting fit with fellow Sheridan students. Personal training is even more hands on and includes one on one instruction and mentorship from professional trainers that meet your individual needs.

All of this is worked into the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price and comes at no extra fee!

Picture of Sheridan Weightlifter

Sheridan College HMC Gym Membership Price

Once again, the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price is the go-to option for students and faculty looking to get fit and healthy on campus. At the competitive price of $50 CAD per month, the PSB fitness program will provide you with state of the art facilities, training, and a community of peers that will keep you motivated and engaged.

Membership Testimonies

“I absolutely love my gym membership at PSB Fitness! As a student on a tight budget, the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price was a major factor in my decision to join. But what’s even better is the value for the price.” – John Smith

“Joining PSB Fitness was the best decision I made for my social life at Sheridan College! Not only did I improve my physical health, but I also made a ton of new friends in the process. It’s amazing how much more motivated you feel to work out when you have a supportive community cheering you on. Thanks to PSB Fitness, I now have a great group of workout buddies who inspire and challenge me every day. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join, and I encourage all Sheridan students to give it a try. Trust me, the friendships you make are priceless!” – Abby Fakename

“As a student, I was worried about the cost of gym memberships, but the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price was incredibly reasonable, and I knew I had to take advantage of it. Little did I know that I would not only get in the best shape of my life but also save a ton of money in the process. The trainers and fitness classes at PSB Fitness are top-notch, and the equipment is always well-maintained. I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress, and I’m proud to say that I achieved my fitness goals.” – Michael Jade

Image of Michael Jade
Image of Michael Jade

Our competitively priced gym memberships and fitness classes are designed to promote student health and wellness while encouraging a sense of community. Join us today and experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in a fun and welcoming environment!


PSB: A Gym For All of Your Needs

The products offered by our fitness centre include a gym, spa, and sauna (offering massages), a smoothie bar that will provide many different drinks and healthy shakes, various programs and classes (Zumba, weight-lifting, basketball, etc), and a pool. The price for these products varies based on the membership tier you will choose. Starting off with the basic membership, which provides access to the main gym. Then there is the bronze membership, which will offer everything in the basic plus classes such as Zumba, weight lifting, and more. The next is the silver membership, which offers all the previous services plus the spa. The gold membership includes everything plus a smoothie bar loyalty card, to earn rewards such as 10% off every smoothie purchased and every 8th smoothie is free. Customers can sign up online for a free 3-day trial.

We have plenty of rewards, discounts, and promotions that constantly run. Our centre is located in downtown Mississauga and there are many ways to get there using public transportation, as well as a big parking lot for members who drive. An excellent all-in-one fitness centre offering all kinds of programs that will help users with planning and building their healthy lifestyle. A prime location along with relaxation services, such as a spa and smoothie centre, allow our users to not just work out but recover. Find the membership tier that is perfect for your needs and let’s get started!

Our Vision and Mission:

Helping you in building your healthy lifestyle by offering our fitness centre and the incredible services we offer.

Incredible Gym & SPA & Pool

How many gyms do you know that also offer spa service? Recovery is just as important as working out. After you’ve completed one of our designed workouts or finished one of the many classes we offer, take a look into using the SPA we have to recover. All our equipment is state of the art. We hire only the best RMTs, and provide a relaxing atmosphere. The silver and gold memberships give users access to the SPA, and it is a service that is truly life-changing. Feeling a little heated after a workout? Try taking a swim in our pool. All of these great services are offered under one roof, in a state-of-the-art centre, conveniently located downtown.

Smoothie Bar with Rewards

Along with working out and recovering, what you eat is extremely important. PSB offers a healthy and nutritious smoothie bar that comes with drinks and snacks to help you stay energized. Grab one of our pre-made drinks or have one created by our wonderful staff. Our goal is to have you feeling fresh and healthy when you step out of our gym. Our gold membership offers rewards for the smoothie bar, such as 10% off all drinks and a free drink every 8 drinks. The smoothie bar is truly one of our highlights.

Classes and Programs

A great gym offers many classes and programs for its members. At PSB, we offer Zumba, weight training and lifting, swimming classes, HIIT workouts, cycling classes, and much more! We believe group and social interaction in these classes are important for our members. PSB strives for a family environment. These classes are designed to make you feel welcomed and passionate about your health journey!

Here at PSB, we want to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. Our staff is warm, welcoming, and ready to help you shape your lifestyle. Our services are welcome for all kinds of people, with many kinds of needs. Let’s work together to find out what’s best for you at PSB.

Brampton and Mississauga Affordable Fitness

Why Choose PSB Fitness?

Are you looking for a fitness facility located in the city of Brampton and Mississauga? Perhaps, a gym that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Or maybe you’re looking to attend group classes to make friends? What if I told you, you could achieve all this for an affordable price?


If you answered yes, or showed interest towards any of these questions, then PSB Fitness is suitable for you and here is why!


With two locations in Brampton and Mississauga PSB will provide Affordable Fitness. Additionally, PSB will contain a variety of products and services to choose from. This is to ensure our members are able to achieve their health and wellness goals. This experience includes woman’s hour from 9-10am, teen night, group classes, personal training services, fitness machines, and fitness equipment ranging from light to heavy weights, and plenty more.

Meet The Team

Premium members of PSB Fitness will be given the opportunity to manage equipment with our personal trainers. Indeed, this will avoid potential injuries and set the tone for future workouts. All training sessions will take place with PSB’s very own Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor, and Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years’ experience. Also, Matt is currently assisting 15 existing clients (Buchko, 2019). Personal training is a great way to see the results you hope for in a short period of time. A qualified personal trainer will hold clients accountable, set realistic goals, and liven your workouts. Thus, helping you create your very own routine once your session has finished. Our small team of students are here to attend to your needs and build long lasting relationships.

Fitness Classes

In addition, PSB Fitness will have 3 designated studios. Each studip will relate to a scheduled classes. As a premium member of PSB, you will gain access to all of our running classes. To attend a class you will need to book an appointment. This can be achieved by reserving a spot online, or at the front desk prior to the scheduled class.

Scheduled Fitness Classes

  • Cardio (Spin Cycle Class, Boxing, HIIT)
  • Strength/Weight Training (Low Cardio HIIT, Circuit Training)
  • Dance (Zumba, Jazzercise, HipHop)
  • Mindful Training (Yoga & Pilates)


Similarly, group classes are a great way to find out what motivates you to keep pushing. All while others are cheering you on by your side. Furthermore, they promote socialization, a positive fitness environment and build relationships with other members of our community. 

Price and Promotions

We understand as students your wallet may not permit leisure spending, due to the cost of tuition, books, equipment, and living expenses. Therefore, we have made it our mission to promote an alternative that is affordable. It should be noted, students shouldn’t have to compromise a healthy lifestyle due to the cost. So, there is no need to add stress to your schedule, as you are likely coming to PSB Fitness to relief those stresses.


As a result, we have created two membership options for those who wish to receive the basics while feeling fulfilled and those who are die hard fitness experts and want a little bit more to spice up their routine. 

Affordable Fitness Memberships

  • A classic membership – will cost $13.99/month (Plus $7.00 start up free). 
  • Students of Sheridan will automatically obtain this package through school tuition
  • Start-up fees provide a security tag or fob to gain access to the gym and administration fees 
  • Provides students with access to light and heavy free weights, fitness machines, mats, exercise balls, and an indoor running track 

NOTE: you will have the opportunity to opt out of these fees and pay on a class-by-class basis, if you choose. However, we don’t think you’ll want to after reading what’s included in each package and for how affordable.

  • A premium club membership – $23.99/month (Plus $10.00 start-up fees)
  • Sheridan’s students who opt into this membership will pay $8/month
  • Start-up fees include a security tag or fob to gain access to the gym and a freebie gym t-shirt
  • Experience 2 free one-on-one personal training sessions to create personalized goals familiarizing each individual with the available equipment
  • Receive access to all running and scheduled group classes

Still Not Intrigued?

Leave a positive review online regarding our affordable fitness in Brampton and Mississauga, and gain access to our gym free for your first time! You’ll be sure to believe that PSB Fitness is the perfect fit for you.


Wondering where you might find us?

PSB Fitness will operate out of Sheridan College within the city of Brampton and Mississauga to provide affordable fitness to the student body. 

Hazel McCallion Campus (Square One Mall)
Davis Campus (Shoppers World Mall)

For More Information

Finally, thank you for joining us today. Contact us through our website if you have any questions, concerns or if you just want to say hi. We would be happy to response to your request within 48 hours.

Be sure to connect with us regularly through our website homepage, as well as our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

Without a doubt, we know you will enjoy our Brampton and Mississauga fitness facilities just as much as we do. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Buchko, M. (2019). Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs in Canada. IBIS World.  

Lee, M. (2021, Jan 8). Woot is having a massing week-long sale on workout equipment. Retrieved from USA Today:

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Women’s Water Aerobics in Mississauga

Have you heard about Water Aerobics? Specifically, about Women’s Water Aerobics in Mississauga at PSB Fitness Centers? If you have not, continue reading because what you are about to learn can change your life.

Exercising in a Pool
Women’s Only Water Aerobics Class Source:8 Pool Exercises That Burn Fat Fast | Everyday Health. (2017, November 15). EverydayHealth.Com.

PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness, is a new fitness center that is now open in two convenient locations near you, Mississauga and Brampton. It offers a variety of services, classes, and gym rooms with the newest technology fitness equipment, and machines that give you personalized workouts and motivate you to continue exercising. That is not all, there are indoor climbing walls, amazing swimming pools, and a gym cafeteria that offers food items that cater to every specific health diet.

PSB Fitness is there to make a student’s life easier and healthier. The good news is if you are a Sheridan student, pricing is at a bargain. Since you pay gym fees as part of your tuition, most gym services are free. You also get 40% off all other services. If you are a college or university student, there is good news for you too, you get 30% off all services and a one-month free class of your choice, a gift just for you.

As a student with full-time classes, maybe with a job too, it often becomes extremely stressful, exhausting, and draining. There is no time to work out, destress or do recreational activities. What if there was ONE thing you could do that combines all those, leaving you satisfied with your body and ready to face all the challenges the world brings you? PSB Fitness offers Women’s Only Water Aerobics Classes in Mississauga. These classes are a guaranteed stress reliever, that gives you a full, (YES FULL), body workout, leaving all your needs fulfilled.

What is Water Aerobics?

It is a form of exercising in water, usually in a swimming pool, with water covering up to the waist or deeper. It is considered a type of resistance training that focuses on aerobics endurance, usually done as a group of fitness participants with a professional instructor.

Did you know that there are different forms of water aerobics? They are Aqua Zumba, Water Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, and Aqua Jog. Each form offers different benefits. Aqua Zumba is a water-based dance exercise, which is great for those looking for a low-impact workout that works every muscle in the body in different ways. Water Yoga is self-explanatory, which is doing yoga while in a swimming pool. It is a great choice for those looking to develop strength, balance, and range of motion. Finally, Aqua Jog is running in deep water and it is perfect for those looking to burn 30-40% more calories and lose weight.

PSB Fitness Swimming Pool- Mississauga Center Source: Water, A. (2020, January 15). Aquatic-based Exercise | APi – Pool and Water Care Chemical Products.

Why Water Aerobics?

Did you know that exercising underwater pumps more blood to the heart? This decreases stress on the heart, reduces blood pressure, and in turn leaves you with a healthier heart. The benefits of Water Aerobics are:

  1. It is in an enjoyable atmosphere, with music that makes every muscle in your body move on its own.
  2. It is a low-impact workout, which means it does not put pressure on any specific muscle or joint that may leave you feeling sore the next day.
  3. It is a balanced workout method.
  4. It is a great way to improve your flexibility!
  5. The water continuously cools the body preventing overheating.
  6. The water temperature forces the body to burn calories to keep the body temperature.
  7. Improves your overall health!!

The different Water Aerobics forms mentioned above are all offered at PSB Fitness. Classes are with as low as 4 participants only, you’ll be guaranteed to have one-on-one time with the amazing and experienced instructors. Women’s Only classes are offered to meet every need, for example, for those who prefer a private space that is not viewed by people passing by. There are also morning and night classes because we know that it can be very hard for you to find a class at a good time that fits your schedule.

Water Aerobics
Water Aerobics Women’s Only Class with experienced instructors Source: Butler, T. (2020). Water Aerobics Equipment. LoveToKnow.

If you want to lose weight, destress, and have fun in the refreshing yet relaxing water, you should consider joining the Women’s Only Water Aerobics Classes in Mississauga at PSB Fitness Centers. The good news is that prices are very affordable, and you do NOT even have to be a good swimmer to join.

Many who have joined the classes said it has changed their life. They saw a positive change immediately after the first class and noticed to have better physical and mental health. Join now and change your life.

For more details about the gym and prices please visit Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College

Sheridan College location
Sheridan College Campus








For more information about PSB Fitness Centers location, hours and news, please visit our MainHomepage, as well as our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook profiles.

Fitness Lifestyle Brampton Mississauga






8 Pool Exercises That Burn Fat Fast | Everyday Health. (2017, November 15). EverydayHealth.Com.

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Photographic Calorie Tracking App at HMC

Photographic Calorie Tracking App
Photographic Calorie Tracking App  at HMC (Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash)

Are you looking for ways to better track your calorie intake? Is it difficult to find healthy meals when at school? Certainly, PSB Fitness has what you need – a photographic calorie tracker! We all know COVID has changed our eating and exercise habits. With everything starting to open up, PSB Fitness is here to offer you the healthier and more nutritious lifestyle you have been craving! Therefore, at Sheridan’s HMC gym, we have a conveniently located food bar and with our photographic calorie tracking app that can be used right at the HMC campus, you don’t need to travel far to find a fresh nutritious meal!

Eat and Burn Those Calories!

However, we want to help you reach those fitness goals you are looking for! If you don’t like working out alone, we offer a variety of classes! If you are new to working out and need assistance, we have personal trainers ready to help you out! PSB Fitness is a gym that values inclusivity, diversity, and equality! In other words, we want to help you feel happy, feel energized, and comfortable!

Firstly, here at PSB Fitness HMC, we understand working out might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and nutrition is just as important a part of a healthier lifestyle! Above all, we even have a food bar station! Yes, a food bar station – PSB Fitness understands the importance of a healthy balanced diet. Most importantly, to make calorie counting even easier, PSB photographic calorie tracking app at HMC will help track your progress daily. Above all, the best part is that it’s no extra cost, it is part of our PSB Fitness membership!

Therefore, we are offering this station:

  • We know it can be difficult to decide on nutritious food options.
  • It’s easy to go home and eat anything in your pantry, here is where you know it’s going to be a balanced meal.
  • It will be convenient, you don’t need to drive around looking for food.
  • The food bar station has these meals fresh and always ready.
  • We offer halal, vegetarian, and vegan options.

A Device Photographic Calorie Tracking App at HMC

In addition, PSB Fitness understands that even with all this it might be difficult to reach your goals alone, so we want to be here to help. So, we developed an app that can track your calories. Moreover, this app is free for PSB Fitness members and can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. As a result, this is an easy and fast way to track your calories on your device.

Download the calorie tracking app
(Photo by Aidan Hancock on Unsplash)

Here is how you set the photographic calorie tracking app at HMC up:

  1. Download the PSB Calorie Tracking App.
  2. Log in with your PSB Fitness account.
  3. It will ask you a few questions
    • Ex: gender, height, age group, current weight, fitness level, and what your desired weight is.
  4. Connect with a smartwatch for more features.
  5. Ready to use!

What the Photographic Calorie Tracking App at HMC does:

The PSB photographic calorie tracking app is an easy-to-use app, with just a click of the button it tracks your calorie intake. For instance, it allows the user to track how many calories they are intaking daily, simply by taking pictures of the food, scanning the barcode, and even estimating the weight of the food. This app measures the carbs, fats, sodium, and sugars in the foods that you are having daily. As a result, the PSB Fitness app is easier to use than other calorie counting apps. The best part is it is even connected with our PSB Fitness food bar station, all you need to do is scan the QR code, and it will update your calories within seconds!

In conclusion, the purpose of getting some information from you is to calculate what your calorie count should be, to reach your target weight. Additionally, if you have a smartwatch, it comes with the bonus of being able to track your workout, letting you know how many calories you have burnt within the day, which in turn will reflect how many calories you will need to have. The PSB photographic calorie tracking app is a great way to track and maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach your fitness goals!


So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of PSB Fitness today!
PSB Fitness in Mississauga
Call us at 905-845-9430, or you can just click here to register now! However, if you would like a tour of our gym before you sign up, we are located at 4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga, ON


Affordable Gym in Mississauga with Swimming

Are you about to start a new chapter in your life? Will you be beginning school at Sheridan College? Are you looking for an affordable gym in Mississauga, specifically with a swimming pool and other amenities? Well look no further! We invite you to come sign up at PSB Fitness located inside the Hazel McCallion campus of Sheridan College.

man hold weights, PSB Fitness Logo, Swimming, Pool, Affordable Gym in Mississauga with Swimming

We at PSB Fitness take pride in our affordability and flexibility, especially when it comes to students. In addition, the owners Jessie and Matt, are both alumni of the Pilon School of Business, who take pride in the gym’s flexibility but above all, the affordability in price when working with students.

What Can Such an Affordable Gym Really Offer? Is There Really a Pool?

Yoga Classes, yoga class, PSB Fitness, Affordable Gym in Mississauga with Swimming, Girl doing yoga pose

PSB Fitness is all about variety, especially when it comes to classes, amenities and services! We offer personal training, on the spot coaching and a massive number of classes. In addition to these we also give our members access to not only a swimming pool, but a sauna and a hot tub as well! What more could you ask for

Well, if that was not enough detail here is a list of some specific classes and bootcamp programs we offer:


    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Zumba
    • Rowing (ergonomic machines)
    • Spin
    • Running
    • Kickboxing


    • Military Training
    • Mount Everest
    • Jungle Adventure

Please feel free to contact us through the website if you have any other questions!

How Affordable is The Gym?

There is all this fuss about these crazy deals but no numbers yet? I am sorry, I was getting too excited! Here at PSB Fitness we offer two main subscription packages, which can be added on to for extra services:

1. Common Package for the general public

  • Anyone over the age of 18
  • Costs $25 a month, with no signup fee
  • Requires a 12-month contract which can be broken for $99.

Or our;

2. Sheridan Super Package

  • Any student currently enrolled at Sheridan College.
  • Requires their Student ID card for proof when registering.
  • Costs $15 a month, with no signup fee
  • Requires a 12-month contract which can be broken for $99.

PSB Fitness really is a company made by past students, for current students and this is obvious in the price! Although now I am sure you understand what all the hypes about, we should get into what is included in these memberships and something we like to call “Try Before You Buy”!

What’s Included, even Swimming?

Although the prices are different, both packages at PSB Fitness offer access to the same services which include:

  • Sports Court
  • Free Weight Area
  • All Gym Machines
  • Pool
  • Picture of a swimming pool, Affordable Swimming Pool, PSB Fitness Pool, Mississauga Swimming Pool

    An additional bonus when purchasing a PSB Fitness membership and being a Sheridan College student is that each month you are given a 3-day pass for any of the gym’s additional services that are not included in the base packages. These additional services can include anything from the sauna to a Mount Everest Bootcamp program!

    All I’m Looking for is an Affordable Gym in Mississauga with a Swimming Pool, but I only Want to Try?

    Do not worry, we have all been there. Starting at a new gym, or any gym for that matter, can be a very stressful experience especially when you are pushed to sign a contract and pay all these upfront fees. We are PSB Fitness think about the people first and because of this offer anybody a Three-Day Trial when coming in-person for the first time!

    In conclusion, it time to stop chasing an affordable gym in Mississauga with swimming, and get your behind down to PSB Fitness!

    NOTE – If you are looking to register at PSB Fitness, you can either contact us using this form, sending us an email here, or visiting the gym itself! Please check us out on our social media platforms for updates on programs and even deals on memberships.

    Instructor-Lead Kickboxing Near You!

    Instructor-Lead Kickboxing and Fitness Gym Comes to YOU!

    Are you looking to find join a kickboxing, weights and cardio gym near Sheridan College, Mississauga? You’ve officially come to the right place, welcome.

    We Are So Happy To Have You.

    Muay Thai Kickboxing

    Whether you are a beginner, experienced or a professional at fitness, this is exactly the place you need to be. You have made the first step just by being on our page! Let’s begin. Are you interested in classes? Kickboxing? Instructor-lead kickboxing classes? Typical gym qualities?

    Well… you’ve made it to the right place. Continue reading for further details.


    PBS Fitness is opening our brand new gym December 1st! The first 100 new customers will receive a goody bad filled with fitness related items such as coupons to the gym, activewear and more. Opening weekend will be filled with free classes and trials! Join us to start or even continue your fitness journey at our gym.


    PBS Fitness is all about YOU. We cater to whatever your needs and goals are. We have recently opened up our location at Sheridan College, HMC Campus, Mississauga. Enjoy having many resources at your fingertips, including:

    -Weights, Cardio Equipment, Kickboxing Classes, Instructor-Lead Classes, Online Workouts, Meal Inspiration, and SO. MUCH. MORE.25-Minute Total-Body Strength Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness

    Although our gym has a primary focus on kickboxing classes and equipment, we have equipment available for every type of workout you could ever want to do, the are not limits.

    PBS Fitness is a judgement free-zone. We are all working towards and own personal goals, support is always right at your fingertips whenever you need!


    PBS Fitness Website allows you to log in based upon your memberships! Each membership has different attributes, choose what works for YOU. (Costs vary)

    Free Trial: One week free trial allows access to weights and cardio and TWO free classes

    Starter Membership: Unlimited access to weights and cardio area, NO MORE than five classes a week, access to online updates

    Base Membership: Unlimited access to weights and cardio area, unlimited classes a week, access to online workouts, access to online updates

    Advanced Membership: Unlimited access to weights and cardio area, unlimited classes a week, access to online workouts, access to online meal plans and online updates + merchandise giveaways

    To check out more details about us click HERE