CrossFit has calibre to transform you!

Gaining excess weight and want to lose it but don’t know how?
We are here at Sheridan College HMC and at Sheridan College Davis to help you with everything you need and CrossFit has caliber to transform you.


You do not need to be in shape to start CrossFit

Our trainers are much experienced and are very aware of the ability of each member and they will work with you to develop a healthy body, no matter where you start. We have different workouts that will help you to reach you goal.

CrossFit has caliber to transform you!

CrossFit is a high-intensity exercise that helps you to gain good health, improve your stamina, balance and flexibility and perfect shape that you dream of. It can boost your fitness level, change your view about yourself, you will feel more confident and energetic.

With the help of CrossFit you even can concentrate more on your studies as it will refresh your mind.

Benefits of CrossFit

  • Boost physical strength
  • Improve flexibility of body
  • Burn calories
  • Get a perfect body shape
  • You can get a great workout in short period of time.
  • CrossFit enhances Cardiovascular fitness
  • Classes are usually short but effective

Benefits that we provide

  • We provide CD’s on the first day to practise at home.
  • We provide gifts when a member do workout of the month.
  • Free 3 days trial.
  • Subscription is only $40 per month.

We divide the classes in to three categories warmup, skill component and the workout of the day. The warmup is the basis of skill so, you are prepared for what comes next. Skilled or strength exercises are designed to enhance your ability to do some exercises such as jumprope double-under.The last step is workout of the day, in which you have to do a exercise that we give you in a specific amount of time.

You will get  certification according to your level or your ability.

  • In warmup training you will get Basic CrossFit Certificate.
  • In skilled or strength training you will get Intermideate CrossFit Certificate.
  • The third and last is when you get more than 20 workout of the day title you will get Advanced CrossFit Certificate.

We (CrossFit) has ability to reshape you and we are really excited to burn some calories with you 🙂