Best Affordable gym in Mississauga for students

Best affordable gym in Mississauga for students

Looking for the best affordable gym in Mississauga? Flexible time. Reasonable price and best natural gym product and services. High quality, cheap gyms in Mississauga. Zumba classes. Virtual availability. Personal Trainer. Personal diet trainer. Good benefit with affordable gym membership. Good for student. Stress free environment. Activities. Fitness is all about being physically fit and healthy. Help in mental healthy, wellbeing and meditation. certified and qualified personal and health trainers. PSB Fitness provides clients with consistent and visible result that you would be satisfied with. PSB focus on the needs of their clients and creates a safe environment for every member. A family community gym with a goal to try and achieve the same set goals as the clients. An affordable gym in Mississauga for students to relax and release stress. Suitable for part-time working students .

Our gym offers state of the art equipment and a unique experience sure to ignite a passion for fitness. Join our gym because it is designed to assist all you fitness needs. Connect with us through our social media platforms, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check our website for additional information. PSB fitness operate online to make it ease for clients. There is something to meet what each person needs. We are making effort to give our clients the best trainers and best exercise programs as a result of what they like and ask for, so as to keep fit.

The gym has no limit to our exercise programs, we work together with the employees to deliver our mission goal and meet the belief of our gym members. Our work encourages our customers to use our service to get in better shape, release stress, get better mental shape because we care and want the best for them.

The Best Stress Management Gym in Mississauga

Commonly referred to as the best stress management gym in Mississauga, the Pilon School of Business Gym is an inclusive student exercise facility that focuses on improving student mental health through exercise and dietary regimens. In addition, unlike most gyms in the GTA, PSB Fitness primarily focused on empowering college students.


Our Swing by our gym on your way to class!

We believe that one of the many advantages of PSB fitness is convenience. Unlike the YMCA, our gym is located directly on campus, which means students can work out before or after their classes without having to worry about commuting. Also, we are located next to a cafeteria, should you crave a snack after your workout!

How can exercise help you manage your stress?

Stress management is paramount to being successful throughout your academic career, and we are fully committed to supporting you every step of the way! Furthermore, unlike most gyms in the GTA, our mission is to create a stress-free exercise environment. Undoubtedly, with your patronage, we can continue to improve the quality of our gym.

Feeling overwhelmed? Join us During Mental Health Monday’s!

students meditating at the stress management gym in mississauga

It is nearly impossible to notice any improvement in your mood without adequate rest. Undoubtedly, sleep deprivation will also affect your grades over time. Therefore, to combat this issue, we are proud to announce that we will be launching a mental health campaign called Mental Health Monday.
Starting every Monday, during midterm and final exam months, students will have the option of visiting our facility to receive free tips on exercises and other stress management techniques. These include breathing techniques, meditation, and dietary regimens designed to improve sleeping patterns and concentration. In addition, We also offer free aerobics classes on Tuesdays from 1-2 pm during this period.

Many students rely on caffeinated beverages and other stimulating supplements when studying. While these may be useful in the short term, heavy consumption could lead to serious long-term health consequences. Fortunately for you, Our dietary plans are guaranteed to help you stay fit, energized, and focused during the semester, without causing long-term harm.

Cross Fit gym comes to Mississauga

Our commitment to inclusivity

For students with physical disabilities, we have optimized our equipment to make I make it more accessible. The sad fact is that most gyms don’t have easily accessible equipment for people with disabilities. However, PSB fitness isn’t like most gyms!

Fitness classes


Yoga Classes
woman running on treadmill

Martial arts

Students practicing martial at the stress management gym in mississauga


guy boxing at the stress management gym in mississauga

Bring a Friend During Mental Health Monday and Save 25% Your Next Membership Renewal!

stressed student working out with his friend working out
A recent survey conducted by PSB students revealed that 62% of students have noticed a significant change in their mood after bringing a friend. Therefore, to keep this trend going, we are offering a 25% rebate to members who bring a friend with them. Each time you invite a friend to the PSB fitness facility, you will earn points that can be redeemed to recieve 25% off your next renewal. Our hope is that doing this will maintain our position as the best stress management gym in Mississauga. Furthermore, we will be offering a $0 enrollment fee for those who then decide to join.
If you plan on joining PSB fitness, we encourage you to download our app. With this app, you will receive immediate access to limited-time events and contests. Also, you will become eligible for a 5% rebate off your next membership.

So what are you waiting for?

If you feel that PSB fitness is the right fit for you, we encourage you to become a member today!
For further questions, please contact Sheridan’s student resources. Also, feel free to check out our social media, if you haven’t done so already.


Q What do I need to bring to register?
A Any proof of ID will suffice
Q. is there a cancellation fee for members?
A. we do charge a $99 cancellation fee to those who opt-out of their membership
Q. How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer
A. Our trainer usually charges 20-30 dollars per session

If you feel that you’re in crisis mode, please contact sheridan student counseling for further support

Special Cardio Classes in Brampton


Cardio exercise means that you’re performing an activity that increases the heart rate to the heart rate goal area, the final region where you’re going to lose the most calories and fat. Doing cardio twice a day, which we give you in our Special cardio classes in Brampton which will help you a lot to accomplish your weight loss or fitness goal.

Cardio Session
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Benefits of taking Cardio Classes

Cardio is one of the most effective forms of exercise for reducing belly fat and staying fit. High intensity cardio exercises combined with weightlifting helps promote the release of growth hormones that will leads to fat burning and building muscles(ANDERTON, 2015).

Benefits of attending Special Cardio Classes

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Cardio exercises leads to various benefits.

Firstly, cardio helps eat a lot of calories, accelerates our metabolism and increases our Body Mass Index (Waehner, 2019).

Secondly, doing cardio exercises regularly will help us sustain our target weight.

Thirdly, it helps stabilize blood pressure and reinforces the immune response etc.

Our exercise program in Brampton offers you special cardio classes at least twice in a day.

If you want to lose weight, get fit, or simply be healthier, high intensity cardio exercise is an important part of every workout. To minimize health risks and to maintain our fitness level or to attain your body targets, health officials prescribe 150 minutes of cardio workout a week and at least once a day (Katrina L. Piercy, Richard P. Troiano, Rachel M. Ballard, & al, 2018)

Cardio exercises have benefits beyond weight loss. If I talk about more scientific thing the healthier our mitochondria are, the less likely we are to experience a variety of age-related illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, experts have theorized. By acting on the mitochondria, cardio exercise could specifically lead to a person’s better overall health (Harvard, 2013).

Why ideal weight is important for body?

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for health. If you have ideal weight you automatically stay away from many diseases and look attractive. If one is fit, he/she feels confident. Ideal weight doesn’t come handy and one must work for it either in gym or by playing any sport. The easiest way to maintain regularity is to join any gym near by you and following your routine regularly. It not only helps you to be fit but in addition lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, it can also lower the risk of many different cancers.

Special Cardio Classes results in weight loss

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Why our gym?

The goal of our gym is to keep people active and healthy by increasing stamina and building up their endurance level. With just spending a pocket friendly amount one can achieve his/her targets and can maintain them. PSB Fitness is Highly convenient and accessible gym located right on the Davis campus of Sheridan College in Brampton. Our gym have Easy to use cardio equipment with trainers available for watching and help. We offer Special cardio classes in Brampton with other services as well such as weight training, Body measurements, Track recording etc. Trainers and instructors come up with new ideas and new training programs every month without any extra charge. It makes convenient for the people in Brampton to take a step towards their fitness easily.

The most important thing, as a result of pandemic due to COVID19 PSB Fitness maintains proper hygiene and take cares of its members health and fitness.

So lets starting working together towards the fitness goals. S0, Sign Up for our membership plans. First 100 members can avail special discounts so Hurry up!






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