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About Group Seven PSB Fitness Gym

Group Sevens’ PSB fitness gyms live on the Sheridan College HMC and Davis campuses in Mississauga and Brampton. Founded by recent PSB graduates and fitness experts, we are a fitness gym that focuses on easy-to-use equipment to help you build a healthier body. Subsequently, we do not believe that bulky machines are the only way to build your body. Alternatively, fitness should be engaging, dynamic and fun. This also means that we can share the savings with members like you and keep your membership fees low. As a result, you have access to our fitness experts along with a variety of fitness equipment without breaking your bank.

Currently, we are the only student gym with TRX suspension training in Mississauga! So, if you are tired of traditional fitness tools and looking for ways to make your fitness journey fun and effective? Look no further. Group Sevens’ PSB fitness gym has designed the perfect space with the best equipment to help get you there!

Image of TRX Suspension Trainer

What members can expect:

Free Parking

Low Membership Fee

Garage style environment and equipment like kettlebells, slam balls, squat racks etc.

TRX Suspension Training

Certified and experienced trainer and fitness instructor

Open late weekdays and weekends until 12am

In addition to the list of what members can expect, you can also expect a clean and sterile space. Our entire team takes on the responsibility of keeping the gym clean. Furthermore, our equipment is inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is fully functional and safe to use. Finally, our team is dedicated to working with you and maintaining a positive space that empowers you to challenge yourself.

What is TRX suspension training equipment

The TRX suspension trainer is a strap that when suspended from a secure point allows you to perform a variety of total body exercises anywhere at any time. It does this by taking advantage of gravity, your body weight, and the resistance they create to keep your body actively engaged. Additionally, it allows you to easily customize your challenge level by repositioning the strap or your body.

Benefits of suspension training

Firstly, TRX suspension training is an effective way to upgrade workout and how you reach your fitness goals. With the TRX suspension training strap you can create a versatile and fun workout regime using just one piece of equipment. By means of using your body weight and resistance training to help you perform exercises you stay actively engaged in burning fat, building muscle, and increasing flexibility.

How to use TRX suspension training equipment

To use the TRX suspension training kit you do not need any experience. All you need is a willingness to engage and use your body. Our experts at Group Sevens PSB fitness gym can guide you into discovering new ways to get an effective workout in. Then, once you decide on the exercise you want to perform, adjust the straps, position your body and you’re on your way. To increase or decrease the challenge level, bring your center of gravity closer or further away from the floor. For examples on how to take advantage of suspension training, check out our posts on increasing flexibility and total body suspension training in 9 exercises.

Example of How to Use TRX Suspension Trainer equipment.

Not a member yet? Stop by our gym and start your fitness journey with the first month on us! You can even bring a friend to join in the fun with you. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with what we’re doing. And call us at 987-654- 3210 for information on how to start your membership today. All members have access to suspension training at our gym.

See you soon!

Women’s Only Personal Training in Mississauga

group HIIT class
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Here at PSB Fitness, our goal is to provide a service that fits the needs of every
individual. We offer a section of our gym that is women’s only with personal training at Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton. With fitness trends on the rise, many individuals, especially females, are looking to start their fitness journeys. Whether you are an experienced lifter, or just starting your fitness journey, personal training
can be a great tool to help you reach you goals and meet your fitness needs. So,
why personal training? Let us look at The Top Ten Benefits of Personal Training
and why it could be one of the best investments you make for yourself:  

1. Motivation

When thinking of working out, most of us start of on a strong and dedicated routine.
However, as time goes on, you may drift away from this routine and not be as committed. But, working with a personal trainer [PT] provides you with the encouragement and
motivation you need to not only jumpstart your routine but also stay dedicated
and follow through on your plan. Therefore, this can help establish goals and set a
unique plan tailored to meet your own fitness needs (Long, 2017).

2. Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to a successful workout plan. As a result, sticking to a habit or routine can be difficult. But, trainer’s can assist you in being accountable and
help you overcome any of the excuses (Long, 2017). Therefore, having someone at the gym
waiting for you to workout, makes it a lot harder for you to skip or miss the

3. Clarity

There are many different aspects when it comes to fitness. For instance, Cardio, HITT, weights, interval training, the list goes on and on! As a result, this can be confusing because you do not know where to begin. However, a trainer will provide credible information and
provide direction to make working out simple and easy.

4. Confidence

The gym can be an intimidating place. For instance, with the many different machines and equipment, it can be very overwhelming. A PT can help you overcome the intimidation and
allow you to feel confident in your workouts. Therefore, after a few sessions, you will
know what to do and when to do it, making your workout more enjoyable.

5. Fun

Fitness and working out can be hard work but, it can also be enjoyable! Above all, utilizing a
trainer can make working out effective and fun (Long, 2017). Whether its
one-on-one or group training, working out with another individual increases the
enjoyment and makes your workout a social event. 

6. Individualized

Personal Trainers are trained specifically to tailor a program to fit your needs. Your
goals and aspirations when it come to fitness are unique to you and vary from
person to person. Qualified PTs will be able to provide you with specific
exercises to help you efficiently and effectively meet your fitness goals
(Turner, 2020). 

7. Safe

Lack of knowledge when working out can sometimes result in injury. For example, improper use of machines and/or lifting to much weight are the most common ways individuals injure
themselves while at the gym (Turner, 2020). Training with a PT will ensure that
they are guiding you properly on how to effectively complete the exercises in a
safe manner avoiding injury. 

8. Inspiring

It is very common for individuals to fall into the same routine and get bored of
the workouts you are completing. This is one of the most common causes of
training plateaus (Turner, 2020). However, a trainer can provide variety and a fresh
perspective to your workouts to challenge your body and mind. 

9. Efficient

Prior to starting with a new client, PTs conduct analyses to understand their clients
needs and goals. This way, the program they generate will be the most effective
when it comes achieving your goals in a reasonable amount of time. They
consider your personal life such as work, family, and social commitments, and
tailor the program to truly fit your needs (Turner, 2020).

10. Results

Finally, the reason many of us start to workout is to achieve results. They provide not
only their expertise but also information, tools, and resources on nutrition and
other habits to maximize you results (Turner, 2020). In conclusion, this is beneficial for
every individual as you can take this information with you and incorporate it
to your lifestyle in the long run. 

At PSB Fitness, we want you to feel confident and comfortable when coming into our facility. Our skilled Personal Trainers offer a variety of programs:

  • Individualized One-on-One
  • Group Training
  • Women’s Only Personal Training 

In short, our goal is to help you meet your fitness need while ensure you are confident and comfortable throughout the process. So, if you are looking for Women’s Only Personal Training in Mississauga, give us a call at (905) 785 – FITT for a free consultation. 

Make sure to check out our Instagram and Twitter for up-to-date information, discounts, and news!

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Long, A. (2017, May 3). Top 10 Benefits of Personal Training. Retrieved from ACE Fitness:
Turner, B. (2020, January 28). 7 BENEFITS OF PERSONAL TRAINING. Retrieved from Polar:

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Affordable Tiered Gym Membership Sheridan

New gym facilities opening at HMC and Davis Campus

We understand the importance of maintaining good grades for a successful future. But have you ever considered that maintaining physical health is also a key component to not only a better life but better grades? Do you ever feel the need to work out or exercise, but simply do not have the time to go to a gym that just isn’t in your area? Or do you feel as though memberships are just not affordable? Luckily for you, here at Sheridan, we like to accommodate our students by providing an affordable tiered gym membership.

Gyms Right on Campus

We have just added two new gyms located at the Hazel McCallion and Davis campuses. We understand that some gyms are just too far or too out the way for the average student to commute to on a steady basis. So, we have made it convenient and suitable for a student’s very busy schedule as a student. Studies have shown that students who have utilized healthy physical activity and diets have noticed an increase in productivity and a better mindset. Our gyms are also set up to accommodate the greatest number of students possible as the gyms and facilities are open daily, between 5 am and midnight. Having the gyms right on campus has allowed us to open for longer hours and reducing the commuting issues.

Treadmill, Gym, Fitness affordable tiered gym membership Mississauga

Gym Membership Prices and Tiers

We have based our pricing on an affordable multi-tiered gym membership, as this allows for all students of different needs and budgets to get into an active lifestyle.

Tier 1(Budget): This membership option is the cheapest of the three and offers students basic access to free weights and machines. This membership will cost $30.

Tier 2 (All Amenities): This membership offers the same utilities as the first tier with additional access to the gym’s swimming pool, track, and dance/yoga studio. This membership will cost $60.

Tier 3 (Training): this tier will be the most expensive and will offer all the utilities and amenities available as well as a personal training package. This package provides students with a health and fitness plan, training assistance, and more to keep them on track to their fitness goals. It will also provide third-tier members with three personal training or Nutritionist sessions (these 3 sessions can be interchanged between training and nutrition) each month to keep them on track of their personal fitness plan. This membership will cost $110 with the option of paying $30 per session for any additional training/consulting.

Bodybuilding and Weight-lifting affordable tiered gym membership Mississauga

HMC and Davis Campus Equipment and Accommodations

Depending on what tier of the membership the student has purchased the amenities available to you will be varied. But we have carefully structured our membership so that it fits every person’s active lifestyle and budget. Both new facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment that caters to all types of athletes. We have prioritized the funding of allocating proper healthy snacks and drinks throughout each gym. Both gyms are also staffed with trainers that are always available on the floor, to provide assistance to all students.

Campus’ Gym Trial Offered to Students

Our trial is for everyone! We offer a free tier two trial for two weeks! If our amenities and services do not meet your standards, you may cancel your membership or downgrade to the next tier below at any time! During your trial, you will find that life has never felt better! Now that you are able to go on those runs before class or mediate right after.
Visit us on campus at 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, or 7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton. If you have any questions ask us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why wait? Join HMC and Davis Campus gyms today!


Covid Treadmill:

Forearm Heavy Weights:

Best workout equipment in Mississauga | PSB Fitness | First Month Free

Best workout equipment in Mississauga

Gym Features and Equipment
The treadmills that PSB fitness will carry will have multiple features by providing the best workout equipment in Mississauga. Firstly, they will have a 3.5 HP motor. Secondly, They will go from 0% incline to 15% incline. In addition, it will have a wide running area, 22-inch width, and 60-inch length. Moreover, there will be a screen in front of the treadmill to allow the users to watch a show while exercising. Also benefit from a cable attached to the treadmill allowing users to charge their devices while they run/walk. There are a number of health benefits to running and walking. For instance, it burns calories, improves individuals’ mood, boosts vitamin D levels, and is a fun way to stay healthy. If an individual is concerned about their knees and cannot run, they can seek the same benefit by walking on our treadmills, among the best workout equipment in Mississauga.

Affordable for students
The Price is a bargain. The membership fee will be $8/month for Sheridan students. For non-Sheridan students, the membership fee is still competitive but not quite as much – $30/month. The reason why the price is so low for Sheridan students is that our objective is to encourage college students to exercise. School fees are high, and students may not be able to afford a gym fee. This is the gap that our gym is filling. The selling price’s unique selling point is that it is very affordable. Our membership fee per month costs less than two cups of coffee.

apart from this yoga has several benefits.

Convenient locations
Accessible at Mississauga and Brampton Sheridan College campus. Located at the heart of campus. Students no longer have to tread in the snow to go to the gym. Campus and gym are fully connected indoors. The gym is accessible indoors from all wings of the campus, within a five mins walking distance. Saved time and No transportation fees to get to the place.

Fitness & lifestyle
Gym equipment
Weight Lifting

We have all heard it many times before – regular exercise is good for you, and it can help you lose weight. But if you are like many Americans, you are busy, you have a sedentary job, and you haven’t yet changed your exercise habits. The good news is that it’s never too late to start. You can start slowly, and find ways to fit more physical activity into your life. Similarly, to get the most benefit, you should try to get the recommended amount of exercise for your age. If you can do it, the payoff is that you will feel better, help prevent or control many diseases, and likely even live longer.

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A group of students working towards their fitness and health goals to maintain a greater lifestyle.

Students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance, and classroom behaviors. Higher physical activity and physical fitness levels are associated with improved concentration and memory among students. Students no longer have an excuse to not sign up for a gym. Therefore, PSB Fitness is not only convenient but also affordable. Our membership fees cost less than two cups of coffee and we are located right on campus. In addition, students will no longer need to tread snow to go to a gym or have access to professional fitness instructors.

PSB Fitness

In conclusion, the fitness lifestyle can be a challenge to start up. However, once you get going and maintain your focus on your goals and aspirations, you’ll very quickly see the long-term benefits. If you have any questions regarding a new lifestyle of fitness it is advisable to consult a trained personal trainer to help you with this process. You can thank those daily workouts for your newfound ability to handle stressful situations with aplomb. Exercise, of almost any kind, reduces stress hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins—meaning a calmer and more relaxed you.

Benefit from a wide range of equipment for faster results. Sign up now to receive your first month free!