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PSB Digital offers marketing solutions for fitness studios, such as; accessibility, innovation, customization, and brand growth. Our company creates accessibility by providing various options to meet your needs. Additionally, we provide business management software that offers insights, analytics, and in-depth information about all the activities happening in the fitness business. This software empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, track key performance indicators, and optimize various aspects of their operations. Here at PSP Digital, we aim to create the best marketing solutions for your wellness and fitness studio.

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Grow faster with the simple and effective set of strategies and tools created specifically for how gyms and fitness studios conduct their marketing – all in one place, delivering a steady stream of new members and clients. With our strategies and tools, you will find new clients, and new clients will see you, period.

Our digital marketing agency has developed expertise in the Health and Fitness industry, and we take pride in offering a range of specialized products and services tailored to this sector. Some areas we excel in are (not limited to):

Website Design and Development

We have a dedicated team of web designers and developers who create visually stunning and user-friendly websites specifically designed to showcase the unique offerings of fitness clubs, hospitals, and the wellness industry. Our websites are optimized for mobile devices and provide a seamless booking experience.

App Development

Developing a mobile-friendly app that can be used even by a 10year old. We strive to make every step stress free for our clients and your clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

We have Google paid access to the keywords people are searching for in the fitness industry eg “personal fitness and recovery trainer for stroke patient”

Google Analytics

Using available data to make strategic decisions for the fitness industry. Eg Using Google Analytics to determine locations suitable for expansion. Using Envision / Environics to determine which location is best for a fitness club.

Social Media Marketing

We create and implement social media plans. This entails developing interesting content, monitoring social media profiles, and managing paid social media campaigns. It will establish a strong online presence, it will also engage and attract your target audience and retain both old and new clients.

Our digital marketing agency has individuals who are well-groomed in the area of fitness. We make it a criterion to hire employees who are fitness enthusiasts and also understand the fitness industry very well. We use this expertise and knowledge to help reposition our client’s business.


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Jay Vollmer – Director – Sales & Marketing – PowerGym

Being in the fitness business since 1967, I’ve seen a lot of publications regarding fitness and fitness equipment. I must say, your agency is very well insight, quality information, and marketing solutions. FIRST CLASS! 

Ron Hemelgarn

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Gym for students near Sheridan Hazel McCallion

Gym for students near Sheridan Hazel McCallion

Gym for Students near Sheridan Hazel McCallion 

Welcome to the first gym for students near Sheridan College Hazel McCallion. The first gym build for your life in mind! 

Our gym provides competitive sports areas, including hot tubs and spas, a recreational basketball league, personal training sessions and the PSB fitness App, which will help our gym members with workout plans, mental exercises to reduce stress, coupons, and discounts and even more!

Why choose us?

Two Students using an app at the gym watching tutorial videos

Were you looking for an affordable gym for students near Sheridan Hazel McCallion? Look no further! PSB Fitness offers students all the tools required to start working out. We know how frustrating it can be to keep up with schoolwork, study for midterms and final exams, and find the time to exercise. PSB fitness is here to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle where you can exercise despite having a busy schedule. 

We all know that workout routines can be a little complicated, especially if there are no coaches in the area or if you are at home and don’t have all the required equipment. For this reason, PSB fitness provides all members with a free-to-download app where each member can track their workout routines and health plans, where you are able to see detailed workout videos explaining the machines at the gym or exercises you can do in the comfort of your home when you are unable to find the time to commute. Speaking about time, we are open 24 hours from Monday through Friday, so you are able to go to the gym without interrupting your class time.  

PSB fitness provides modern equipment perfect for beginners and experts alike! Our Personal trainers will teach you how to use each machine and guide you through your exercises. Our trainers will also teach you how to lift weights to ensure your personal well-being.    

Keep reading more to learn about, Gym for Students near Sheridan Hazel McCallion

PSB App Benefits

Man using PSB fitness App, gym for students near Hazel McCallion

At PSB fitness, we are committed to making your experience as smooth as possible. The PSB Fitness App was designed to help our gym members achieve their goals without hassle. Our app includes the following:

Goals and Workout Plans Tracker

Our app includes workout plans made just for you, whether you plan to go to the gym one day a week or daily. The user is able to set their set goals and be able to compare them to their actual performance. This feature also allows members to unlock badges and rewards after completing challenges and reaching their goals. These rewards include discounts, free recipes, training sessions, bringing a friend for free for a day and much more! Additionally, the user will be able to compare their results with community members through our leaderboards and progression bars. 

Most importantly, the user will have access to all of the workout and exercise videos that we have available. These videos demonstrate how our machine should be used and demonstrate each exercise included in the workout routines. 

Diet Recommendations and Healthy Recipes 

This feature allows users to select food allergies, preferences, and intolerances to provide healthy recipes our neurologists recommend. You will be able to see tutorial videos on how to cook the recipes and keep track of your daily calorie intake. Additionally, the user can add the ingredients of their homemade meals in the Food Calculator to see the number of carbs, calories, fats and proteins in their meals. This feature also allows you to upload your homemade recipes into the community section, where you will be able to share photos, recipes and recommendations with your fellow gym members. PSB fitness will help you get into the healthier habits you’ve always wanted. 

Egg Salad with fresh tomatoes, berries and citrus fruit

Third-Party App Integration

PSB fitness app also allows third-party app integrations, where you can connect with other health and wellness apps to share information. For example, users could connect their Google Fit or Apple Health App. Hence, the user is able to see more information about their nutrition, sleeping habits and daily physical activities. Users can also connect their Spotify or Apple Music to control their music of choice without leaving the app. 

Notifications and Reminders

Keeping track of homework, exams, and meetings can be rough. This feature allows individuals to set reminders and notifications of fitness classes, reminding them to drink water, meal prep, and more. Additionally, users can connect their Google Calendar so that they can have their class and daily reminders as well. 

Download the PSB Fitness App NOW!!

The PSB fitness app is available for download for free through Google Play and the App Store

Student Safety and Security

Man taking out hoodie from backpack in a gym locker room

Our customer’s safety and security are our priority. At PSB fitness, we provide our customers with high security to ensure they can focus on what matters most: getting healthier. When the customer first enters the gym, they will be given a key where they will have access to the locker rooms. Students can put their belongings and valuables in a locker with unique keys to protect their stuff. Additionally, PSB fitness will have surveillance cameras around the building as an added security measure. These cameras will be placed at the entrance of the building. Hence, there is a recording of who enters and leaves the facility and the parking lot to ensure the client is safe while getting to their car and that nothing happens to their vehicle when they are busy working out. 

PSB fitness has a Strict no-recording policy. We understand it is already hard for some people to go to the gym, and we want to ensure all customers are comfortable during their training sessions.  It is essential to us everyone feels safe, and we are committed to providing the best experience possible to all our customers. Thank you for learning all about PSP Fitness. Gym for Students near Hazel McCallion.

Download PSB Fitness App Now!!

Apple, Google and App Gallery download image

Download the PSB Fitness App NOW!!

The PSB fitness app is available for download for free through Google PlayApp Store and AppGallery

Where to find us!

Affordable judgment-free gym in Mississauga

PSB Fitness

Girl working out, smiling, judgment-free gym

We understand that students struggle with balancing work, school, and life, and so we are here to help. With PSB fitness, we are an affordable judgment-free gym in Mississauga. We promote both the physical well-being of students and also their mental well-being. We strive to make a healthy environment and community within our facilities to ensure a welcoming gym that is open for all. Regardless of your circumstances, we welcome you to PSB fitness. PSB fitness aims to guide students to a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. We are currently open in two locations, the first location is HMC Sheridan (Mississauga), and the second location is Davis Sheridan (Brampton). 

Meet the founders:

Jessie: 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness

Matt: a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience

Both are PSB graduates and are qualified so you know you are in good hands. 

Why choose PSB fitness?

Man and woman in the gym, happy, highfiving, judgment-free gym

PSB fitness is looking to help and guide students to a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Additionally, PSB fitness is an affordable judgment-free gym in Mississauga. We offer a welcoming environment that is open to everyone and free of judgment. Also, we provide workout sessions that are specifically designed to improve the mental well-being of the members while also helping with their physical fitness. We strive for a fun, healthy, and welcoming gym environment so every member can work out in peace and be themselves. We value relationships with our members here at PSB fitness, we aim to create long-term relationships with each individual in our community. 

What we offer

Our products offer students many ways of working out and maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind. Allowing our members to have the means to have the freedom and freely express themselves is important. Here are the key products that PSB fitness offers for its members (may depend upon the membership type):

  • High-end facilities
  • Yoga classes
  • Workout equipment such as cardio machines, free weights, and machine weights
  • A hot tub, pool, Ice Showers, and spa (spa is a separate cost)
  • Personal Training / Nutritionist
  • Food Bar
  • Sheridan College Shuttle System
  • Free Parking
  • Shower Rooms
  • Drop-in Sports and Recreation
  • Rec leagues
  • Changing Room/Lockers
  • Guest options are available!
  • And more!

Affordable Pricing Options and Promotions

With students in mind, our prices are adaptive to a typical college student’s financial needs. Plus, our facilities offer many amenities which are relatively more expensive than PSB Fitness, which is an affordable judgment-free gym in Mississauga.

We are here to make you run, not your wallet. 

Affordable judgment-free membership options

  • Basic: which includes only the workout equipment – $40.99 per month
  • Mid: includes workout equipment plus pool and hot tub – $50.99 per month
  • Advanced: Includes the application, fitness tracking, and discounted pricing at the food lounge – $60.99 per month

We also have more flexible payment options to suit your needs.


Bring a friend: A primary member can bring one friend a day free of charge

Free trials: One week free trials for Sheridan students

Contract discounts: 50% discount for the first five months for new members that joined an agreement

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Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to be entered in the raffle for a chance to win a free 1-year membership. We also post many more events and promotions on all of our social media platforms, so be sure to keep updated with all the latest things at PSB fitness. 

Our Affordable Judgment-free Gym Locations

📌 Mississauga (HMC)

📌 Brampton (Davis)

Contact us

For inquiries and general questions, please contact us via email!

📧Email –

If you require urgent assistance, please contact us via phone!

☎️Phone – (905) 845-9430


PSBDigital Address

Pilon School of Business
Sheridan College
Hazel McCallion Campus
4180 Duke of York Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5


To know more about us, visit these articles:

Affordable Price Gym – PSB Fitness

Affordable Gym for Improving Student Life

Gym for students near Sheridan Hazel McCallion

Professional PSB Student Gym

Are you a college student ready to break away from the ordinary and add some new excitement to your daily routine? Our professional PSB student gym offers a unique affordable gym services that can not only add some energy to your day but also a quality fitness routine that will leave you feeling great.

Who are We

We offer top-notch gym equipment and certified trainers. You can transform your body into the best physical shape yet. The unique atmosphere of our gym will help to keep you motivated and inspired. Moreover, our professional trainers will personally keep you on track with tailored training plans suited to your goals. We strive to provide the most comprehensive and effective workout experience. Come enjoy the forward-thinking, innovative design and join the journey to the ultimate transformation. Join Fitness Gym today and get ready to be amazed at the level you can reach with us.

Our Services

Visit us today and enjoy training with high-quality equipment and a schedule tailored to your needs. At PSB student gym, we provide a comfortable environment that fosters team building and well-being. We offer,

Athletic Training

Athlete Training at PSB Student Gym

Are you looking to get ready for a competitive event? Then the athletic training is well suited to you. At PSB student gym, we cover both students on a budget and professional athletes looking for a top-notch training facility. Moreover, the athletic training service comes with highly trained and reputed coaches that will guide you through the way. In addition, Athletic Training gym also offers an array of group and individual classes that cover everything from yoga to strength training. If you’re looking for a way to get fit, but don’t have the time or energy to make it to the gym every day, these classes are a great option. With classes designed to help both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you.

Affordable Sports Physiotherapy

Ordinary Physio Session at PSB student Gym

Sports physiotherapy is becoming a vital part of improving the body’s overall health. Physiotherapy helps prevent sports-related injuries and assists in recovery, allowing those involved in physical activity to stay in peak condition. At PSB student gym, we not only provide up-to-date equipment but also well-trained individuals at an affordable price. In this program, The sports physiotherapist will assess the fitness levels of the athlete and then devise a plan of action to ensure the athlete is able to perform to the highest level. This usually involves a combination of exercise and relaxation techniques. The physiotherapist will also monitor your progress to make sure that your fitness level is well maintained. Find out More

Affordable Virtual Training

Students Gym Online Platform
The 2020 pandemic introduced a shift in our work. To cater to our customer’s needs, we at PSB student gym adapted by launching an online platform. The virtual gym has quickly become the favored way to stay in shape during this challenging time. Being able to train personally with a professional gym instructor, completely online, has made it extremely convenient. It’s also ideal for those of us who are on a budget, as the cost of virtual gym memberships is substantially lower than that of traditional gym memberships.

Seamless Payments

To support the student demography, we have devised a manageable payment plan. This payment plan allows members to pay for the membership over time instead of making large upfront costs. Moreover, our gym support payments using credit cards, debit cards, or electronic using mobile money.

Joining a gym is a great way to stay healthy, motivated, and connected. With all of the options for people to connect and register for a gym, there’s something for everyone. So don’t wait, find us at Mississauga and get started on your path to better health today!

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All Female Kettlebell Classes with Free Spa

Would you consider joining our all female kettlebell training classes & free spa at Sheridan College?

There are many reasons to be part of our community! Do you have a busy schedule yet want to put your health and fitness first? PSB Fitness offers all female Kettlebell training classes with free spa in Mississauga or Brampton, Sheridan College campus! We want you to have a complete fitness experience to reach new levels and achieve your goals!

Get Your Monthly Membership Today

All female Kettlebell training classes and free spa in mississauga

Have you trained using a kettlebell before?

It is so much fun and most importantly impactful! Don’t be intimidated by the weight of these kettlebells or the shape of these impactful tools. Our specialized and certified trainers will be there to guide you step by step, watch your form, and count your reps to optimize your workout experience. You will be using a variety of weights with our carefully designed trainings. And if you haven’t used them before, don’t hold back! This is why we are here!

According to Harvard Health Publishing, Kettlebell training can improve posture through strengthening core muscles and improving bone growth. When you use a kettlebell, you will be holding it through its handle and balancing the weight from your arms all the way to your shoulders, back muscles, legs, and your bones. For all the strong women out there! Don’t we all strive for that great posture! Read more in the link here

“With the weight in front of you, your back muscles have to straighten up more to counteract the force of the kettlebell pulling you forward,” Nancy Capparelli, a senior physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.


Kettlebells can be part of different training routines

Our unique training classes are designed to boost your metabolism and get you into a strong start with your health journey. We offer a wide range of 30-minute daily classes that are meant to target a new muscle group each day. You will add your kettlebell to a high intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata, AMRAP and more! Our training classes will target the legs (our biggest muscles) one day, and target the core muscles on another day. The goal here is to have you in shape with our total weekly training plans. We promise fun, energy, and motivation along the way!

We also offer to our female members a variety of other fun classes:

  • Dance: hip-hop, ballet, contemporary
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre classes

You can also check more of our classes here!

Get Your Monthly Membership Today


two females are supporting each other for training

Be part of our community and get the support you need! From women to women!

Having a community of females who have the same fitness goals and lifestyle is essential in your fitness journey. You can gather and have fun, dynamic and diverse training classes! This will make the whole difference as we will be working out together, cheering for each other, and scaling up our workouts to reach the next level! Moreover, when we need a break, we will get a free spa session together to unwind and disconnect.


UNLOCK YOUR FREE SPA! Book Your Classes Today!

a female giving a free massage spa recovery session after training in the gym

Training Recovery: Free Spa Sessions

Don’t forget your recovery time!

You have just finished a workout! You have flexed and stretched your muscles and they need to recover! Or you have had a busy day and all you need is to relax and get pampered with a specialized spa session!  Our spa massage will help you get back to your daily schedule feeling fresh and strong, and be ready to complete your next training class with high energy and power! All our spa sessions are included in your membership fees, and they are available upon appointment.


UNLOCK YOUR FREE SPA! Book Your Classes Today!

Membership Offer

Unlimited classes/7 days for $30/month

Membership package includes all female training classes and free spa in Mississauga and Brampton. You can attend as many classes as you want all week long, including a free spa session upon appointment.

two females in the gym giving each other a high five and laughing

Shuttle services available for our members

We want to make your commute easier and faster; therefore, a shuttle service is available! You can take a shuttle from any of the three Sheridan campuses to attend our training classes in Mississauga or Brampton.

Get Your Monthly Membership Today

Extended Gym Training Opening Hours:

7am-11pm on weekdays

8am to 8pm on weekends


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PSB will give you the chance you needed.

Are you tired of being rejected for your appearance? Tired of having an unhealthy lifestyle?

If you can relate to any of this, you’re in the right place. And no, this isn’t me trying to sell you smoke. This is your only opportunity to give yourself a chance.

Student and athletics expansion | Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga) | Sheridan College

It’s well known that working out and keeping yourself active is very important for your well-being. Physical activity can strengthen your bones and muscles, help you maintain a healthy weight, increase your ability to carry out daily tasks and improve your cognitive health. Adults who spend less time sitting and engage in moderate-to-vigorous exercise reap some health benefits.

But, what’s for you on it?
Not only will this help you physically, but also mentally. In today’s market, everything moves so fast that time becomes an issue, but not for us. You’ll ask yourself why and the answer is simple, our product is so easy to use at home that you don’t even have to go to a gym, but if you decide that you want to go to the gym as well, we’ve got you covered! Our team of professionals will be there to help you and assist you along the way and support you while answering your questions and correcting your form, amongst others.

We have various options designed to help you, depending on your seriousness. Still, one is limited and only available because of our new location in Mississauga!