Sport for students close to Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton


  • Are you a student who likes sport and a healthy lifestyle?
  • Interested in fitness classes for an affordable price and close to Sheridan College?
  • Do you need to find a place close to you to meet your friends or find new ones to have fun with?

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PSB Fitness is all about sport for students close to Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton – a place right for you!

By exercising in the gym, you stay fit and well, feel better mentally, and be more productive. In addition, any physical activity has a positive effect on your body, muscles, and mind. For example, it can be walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming, yoga and fitness classes, fly yoga, cycling, etc.

Therefore, finding any activity that you like may provide you to work toward and a sense of accomplishment. As a result, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, get away from everyday life, and build confidence. Other advantages of sport include:

  • increased concentration and motivation
  • reduced anxiety and fatigue
  • having fun

You have a unique opportunity not only to sign up for a sports trial month in our gym but also get a lot of BENEFITS from our fitness classes:


PSB Fitness is located at HMC Campus and Davis Campus of Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton. So, you save on commuting time, transportation fees and never have to tread the snow to go to the gym.


We strongly believe that sport for students close to Sheridan College is vital due to their workload. Our goal is to encourage college students to exercise and be healthy and happy, therefore, the price for being involved in sport is extremely affordable. In other words, the membership fee per month is less than two cups of coffee. At the same time, for non-Sheridan students, the price is quite competitive and reasonable as well.


The professional fitness instructor and a certified personal trainer are ready to help you with any questions or programs you may need for your personal goals.


Furthermore, their combined 12 years’ experience will be very useful in such questions as:

– how often do you need to work out to reach your results
– what kind of equipment is better to use
– which classes to attend based on your preferences to get more fun.

In addition, the staff is open to consult you about proper nutrition and diets. Above all, guys will be happy to share with you their tips on how to balance work and study, because not a long time ago they were in the same boat as you are now.


The top-of-the-line treadmills have multiple features with a wide running area, 22-inch width, and 60-inch length. The ability to watch a show and charge your phone while exercising. Furthermore, running or walking on the treadmills helps burn calories, boosts vitamin D levels, improves mood, and, finally, is a fun way to stay in good physical shape. Also, you may pick the workout routine accordingly to your personal needs and goals. Moreover, PSB Fitness has a wide range of equipment to keep you fit, healthy, and beautiful.


Sheridan students benefit from sport with 2 Fs and 2 Hs – get Fit, get Fun, be Healthy, be Happy! With PSB Fitness you will be healthy, happy, fit, and have a lot of fun in the students’ and friends’ community.


Sheridan students choose PSB!


We have prepared a free trial month for you to get to know each other and become friends. During this month you will have access to a gym with all equipment and all scheduled fitness and yoga classes. Moreover, on your first visit, you have our support with a 1-hour orientation with the personal trainer and 30 minutes with the fitness instructor.

Sign up now to receive your first month of a sports journey for free!

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Ultra-Low Fitness Fee In HMC And Davis

Ultra-Low Fitness Fee In HMC And Davis
Ultra-Low Fitness Fee In HMC And Davis(Photo by Keith Simon on THE CROSSING)

Are you still paying high fitness expenses but not getting any return? Do you still get up early every day and have to drive a long distance to get to the gym. Do you give up exercising because you don’t know how to use the equipment. Have you become anxious and feel great pressure because of the epidemic? Don’t worry, our PSB Fitness gyms at HMC and Davis campuses are committed to using novel methods and provide ultra-low fee fitness member fee to help fitness users solve these various problems.

(Photo by Staff on Climate Online)

Diverse And Novel Fitness

Different from other fitness venues, our gym provides users with some novel fitness methods. Most of us encourage fitness users to try full-body exercise and group training instead of relying too much on and using fitness equipment. Whether it is one-on-one or group exercise. We have professional fitness instructors to guide you in professional fitness training. The fitness training we provide is as follows:

  • TRX Suspension System
  • Group professional fitness training
  • High-intensity decompression professional training
  • Professional weight-bearing training for super fat loss and muscle gain
  • Group 60 minutes of aerobic lean training


Affordable Fitness Member Fees

We, PSB Fitness are not only committed to providing students with the best fitness training, but also considering preferential prices for students. We consider that most of the current fitness objects are mainly students, so we have greatly reduced the fees we charge to students. The ultra-low fee fitness in HMC and Davis campuses allows students to get our other services or drink a refreshing drink after they have finished exercising. This can also help students save more money to support their own tuition expenses. Further more, we provide studnets the the following preferential policies:

  • Those who hold a student ID can enjoy the guidance service of a personal trainer
  • Students who just started PSB Fitness can try all the services in the gym for free for one week
  • For student users, we will regularly provide free fitness snacks and fitness drinks
  • Students can terminate the membership service at any time, we will not charge any additional fees
  • We will regularly provide students with a 50% discount on other services
(Photo by Crunch Fitness on Clarksville Now)

Great Location

We also considered the students’ management of their own time in choosing the location of the gym. Many students come to school from far away, and they usually take a lot of time to reach the school. So many students don’t want to spend time on fitness. I believe we have helped students solve this problem very well. We, PSB Fitness have gyms on both HMC and Davis campuses, which solves the problem of time for students. They can save more time for fitness activities, and they can also have more time for learning.

Contact Us

Fitness Lifestyle Brampton Mississauga

What are you waiting for, if you want to join our gym. You can get information about joining by calling 647-573-2339 or email to psbfitnessC@gmail. Furthermore, if you want to know about our gym services and environment, we welcome you to our gym and we will provide you with gym round-trip services and in order to register, please click here. For HMC campus, we are located in 4180 Duke of York Boulevard Mississauga, ON and for Davis campus, we are located in 7899 McLaughlin Road Brampton, ON. Hope you can join us and let us start an exciting fitness journey.


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Discover Versatile Training in one Gadget!

About Group Seven PSB Fitness Gym

Group Sevens’ PSB fitness gyms live on the Sheridan College HMC and Davis campuses in Mississauga and Brampton. Founded by recent PSB graduates and fitness experts, we are a fitness gym that focuses on easy-to-use equipment to help you build a healthier body. Subsequently, we do not believe that bulky machines are the only way to build your body. Alternatively, fitness should be engaging, dynamic and fun. This also means that we can share the savings with members like you and keep your membership fees low. As a result, you have access to our fitness experts along with a variety of fitness equipment without breaking your bank.

Currently, we are the only student gym with TRX suspension training in Mississauga! So, if you are tired of traditional fitness tools and looking for ways to make your fitness journey fun and effective? Look no further. Group Sevens’ PSB fitness gym has designed the perfect space with the best equipment to help get you there!

Image of TRX Suspension Trainer

What members can expect:

Free Parking

Low Membership Fee

Garage style environment and equipment like kettlebells, slam balls, squat racks etc.

TRX Suspension Training

Certified and experienced trainer and fitness instructor

Open late weekdays and weekends until 12am

In addition to the list of what members can expect, you can also expect a clean and sterile space. Our entire team takes on the responsibility of keeping the gym clean. Furthermore, our equipment is inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is fully functional and safe to use. Finally, our team is dedicated to working with you and maintaining a positive space that empowers you to challenge yourself.

What is TRX suspension training equipment

The TRX suspension trainer is a strap that when suspended from a secure point allows you to perform a variety of total body exercises anywhere at any time. It does this by taking advantage of gravity, your body weight, and the resistance they create to keep your body actively engaged. Additionally, it allows you to easily customize your challenge level by repositioning the strap or your body.

Benefits of suspension training

Firstly, TRX suspension training is an effective way to upgrade workout and how you reach your fitness goals. With the TRX suspension training strap you can create a versatile and fun workout regime using just one piece of equipment. By means of using your body weight and resistance training to help you perform exercises you stay actively engaged in burning fat, building muscle, and increasing flexibility.

How to use TRX suspension training equipment

To use the TRX suspension training kit you do not need any experience. All you need is a willingness to engage and use your body. Our experts at Group Sevens PSB fitness gym can guide you into discovering new ways to get an effective workout in. Then, once you decide on the exercise you want to perform, adjust the straps, position your body and you’re on your way. To increase or decrease the challenge level, bring your center of gravity closer or further away from the floor. For examples on how to take advantage of suspension training, check out our posts on increasing flexibility and total body suspension training in 9 exercises.

Example of How to Use TRX Suspension Trainer equipment.

Not a member yet? Stop by our gym and start your fitness journey with the first month on us! You can even bring a friend to join in the fun with you. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with what we’re doing. And call us at 987-654- 3210 for information on how to start your membership today. All members have access to suspension training at our gym.

See you soon!

Affordable Gym Near Sheridan College HMC

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About PBS Fitness

PBS Fitness is an affordable gym near Sheridan College HMC specifically designed for students attending Sheridan College. This gym offers a variety of programs and platforms for students to use on an everyday basis. PBS offers resources to help students grow using their own unique learning styles and optimize their experience at the PBS facility. Additionally, Sheridan College students receive free admission to the gym, since PBS fitness operates within the college. Our founders, Matt and Jessie, are former Sheridan College students who are experienced in personal training and have years of experience in the field. PBS Fitness offers features such as, in person training, online fitness sessions, personalized programs, diet charts, nutrition advice, personal one on one training, and many more uniquely tailored programs.

3 Reasons to Join PBS Fitness Today!

– Vast amount of programs with excellent design features that are tailored to Sheridan College students and their learning styles.

– Free admission to the PBS gym, where the administrative costs are built into the student’s tuition, making it very simple to access and use the gym.

– PBS fitness operates on site at the Sheridan College Mississauga campus (HMC) making it super convenient for students to access the gym.

(These Unique features are offered ONLY by PBS Fitness)

Services and Amenities:

PSB Fitness offers many programs best suited for students! some which include:

– Personal training sessions with a professional
– Diet charts and nutrition recommendations
– Online fitness sessions
– Personalized programs
– Top of the line exercise equipment
– Lockers, Showers, and changing rooms
– massage chairs
– Tennis and Basketball courts

More on Services:

The personal training sessions allow students to receive a personalized workout routine created by either Matt or Jessie. They will also be supervised by them during these sessions and will provide direction and feedback during the exercise. The student will receive a personalized workout plan and can choose to do it alone or with a trained professional. Lastly, the student will receive nutrition recommendations in order to achieve the goals they want.

The PSB gym comes fully equipped with top of the line gym equipment and exercise gear. This is done so students have everything they need in order to have a successful workout. The PSB gym also come with indoor tennis and Basketball courts for those who wish to exercise without any machinery or equipment. This is the perfect space for any team building activities or sports, and is very useful for students that wish to remain active.

Lockers, Showers, and Changing rooms at PSB Fitness are always looked after and kept spotless! members do not need to worry about uncleanliness, as they get cleaned every since day! Additionally, These amenities are a kept private for the privacy and security of the member. Members have the option to purchase or rent a locker to store any items, they can additionally use any changing rooms or showers for free!


PBS FITNESS IS FREE TO USE! Sheridan college students receive full access to the facility and can work on their ideal lifestyle whenever they please!

Join now and receive your first personal training session for free!

Visit Us!

PSB Fitness is located on site at Sheridan College, the Mississauga campus! Feel free to visit us anytime between the hours of 5am till 11pm at:
4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Or contact us for any other inquiries at: (905) 845-9430

Sheridan College Mississauga Campus

So, do you want an affordable gym near Sheridan College HMC? Join us today!

Sign Up!


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Brampton and Mississauga Empowering Exercise

What is PSB Fitness?

Mississauga Brampton Exercise
(Naughton, 2016)

A common struggle for many students is learning how to balance their time like with school, homework, social life and work. As a result we are are so busy, and  often forget that we need to take care of our mental and physical health. Sound familiar? There is a new fitness center in Mississauga and Brampton that offers empowering exercise to help you get on track.

PSB Fitness may be suitable for you. Students designed PSB Fitness for students who understand the daily struggles like expensive gym memberships and commuting from home to school every day. Thus we have your interest at heart. We prioritize creating a fitness center to help students achieve their fitness goals and create a healthier lifestyle. At PSB Fitness offers a wide range of workout equipment, circuit training classes, group classes, and personal trainers that will help you every step of the way at an affordable price.


Live in a Peel region ? PSB Fitness currently has two locations:


  • Sheridan HMC campus in Mississauga 
  • Located by Square One Shopping Mall


  •  Sheridan David Campus Brampton
  • Located by Shoppers World

Each facility operates from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Furthermore allowing students to work out based on their school and work schedules. 

In addition, both gyms are located by bus terminals. As a result anyone working in the Square One Area or Shoppers World Mall Area can drop in to workout based on their schedules.

PSB Fitness Memberships

 At PSB Fitness there is a 2 tier membership thus allowing clients to choose
the best package suited for their wallets and fitness needs.

The Classic Membership Package

  • Classic membership package is13.99/month (Plus a $7.00 startup fee)
  • Startup fee provides members with an access card and administration fees 
  • Weights and Weight Lifting equipment 
  • Yoga Mats 
  • Cardio equipment 
  • Indoor Running Track

The Premium Membership Package 

  • Premium club membership package is $23.99/month (Plus a $10.00 startup fee)
  • Startup fee provides members with an access card, a PSB Fitness T-shirt, and administration fees 
  • Two free one on one personal training sessions
  • Access to all group and circuit training classes like yoga and soul cycling

      Sheridan Student Special 

  • Students enrolled Full-time or Part-time will have the classic membership covered by their tuition
  • Sheridan students who want to opt into the Premium Membership will only have to pay $5.00/month

      Meet the Team

PSB Fitness allows members to have one on one personal trainers who will work with their schedule thus help clients to achieve their goals. Furthermore, everyone has a different body. There is no such thing as one size fits all solution. Instead, our trainers will create a custom workout plan and be with you every set of the way.
    Empowering Women Exercise
    (Shutterstock, n.d.)

    Jesse has seven years of experience as a fitness instructor and specializes in Fat Loss and Weight Management further more has experience working with women fitness (Buchko,2019). She enjoys playing with her dog Bailey and going to the beach with her friends in her free time.



    Matt has five years of personal training experience and currently has 15 clients (Buchko,2019). Weightlifting and Weight Training is what Matt is primarily skilled in. In addition, Matt enjoys playing guitar and eating sushi in his free time.

    Empowering Exercise
    (Gonsalves, 2020)

    The gym should be a welcoming and safe place for everyone. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is male-dominated, thus making many women feel uncomfortable working out or attending the gym by themselves  (Smith, 2018). In addition, women may feel insecure about how they look, in addition get unwanted attention from other members. It is important to note that not all men do this; but, is it a problem women have to deal with daily. 

    PSB Fitness wanted to create a space, so women feel more comfortable and safer working out. Firstly Every day from 9:00 am to 10:00 am will be ladies hour, thus creating a safe space. Further more throughout the day PSB Fitness will  offer female-only classes such as yoga and pilates. Our goal is to provide women peace of mind and create a space where they feel supported to develop a healthy lifestyle in addition to feeling confident. The two locations in Brampton and Mississauga encourages a healthy lifestyle through empowering exercise for everyone.

    Focused Workouts

    Women will feel more comfortable working out and supported. In addition, they would not have to worry about what their gym attire looks like while working out and can use the machines and equipment that men typically use. An example would be men typically are in the weight section of the gym, women would have the opportunity to use the weights.


    Women may feel uneasy working out and getting unwanted advancements from other like getting hit on or being watched. In addition, women have expressed that they have rudely interrupted men while working out, which made them not want to return to the gym (Russel, 2017).Feeling safe at the gym will result in more clients to come workout without fear of judgement.

    Empowerment Exercise

    Starting off your fitness journey can be scary and intimidating; however, being around like-minded individuals can make the journey less intimidating. Women can make friends with each other and support
    and motivate each other which result in women feeling confident no matter where there are in their fitness journey. Women would be more understanding how women bodies naturally are like with pregnancy and menstruation , which will make everyone feel confident.

    Upcoming Events

    PSB Fitness has some exciting events and contests. Like, every Friday night, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, we host Teen Night. Teen Night is an opportunity for high school students ages 13 to 17 to work out with their friends which results in helping to lower the obesity rate among teenagers. During Teen Night there are other activities to do like dance classes and yoga classes to promote a healthy lifestyle . We have created a safe space hangout so parents can peace of mind. In the communities of  Brampton and Mississauga PSB Fitness will be promoting the importance of empowering exercise for teens.

     Anyone is free to leave a review on our website  which will result in a a free one-day pass for you and a friend. Clearly this a sweet deal!

     Lastly, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to enter exclusive contests to win some freebies like, PSB Water bottles, T-shirts and day pass.

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Fitness Lifestyle Brampton Mississauga


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    Brampton and Mississauga Affordable Fitness

    Why Choose PSB Fitness?

    Are you looking for a fitness facility located in the city of Brampton and Mississauga? Perhaps, a gym that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Or maybe you’re looking to attend group classes to make friends? What if I told you, you could achieve all this for an affordable price?


    If you answered yes, or showed interest towards any of these questions, then PSB Fitness is suitable for you and here is why!


    With two locations in Brampton and Mississauga PSB will provide Affordable Fitness. Additionally, PSB will contain a variety of products and services to choose from. This is to ensure our members are able to achieve their health and wellness goals. This experience includes woman’s hour from 9-10am, teen night, group classes, personal training services, fitness machines, and fitness equipment ranging from light to heavy weights, and plenty more.

    Meet The Team

    Premium members of PSB Fitness will be given the opportunity to manage equipment with our personal trainers. Indeed, this will avoid potential injuries and set the tone for future workouts. All training sessions will take place with PSB’s very own Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor, and Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years’ experience. Also, Matt is currently assisting 15 existing clients (Buchko, 2019). Personal training is a great way to see the results you hope for in a short period of time. A qualified personal trainer will hold clients accountable, set realistic goals, and liven your workouts. Thus, helping you create your very own routine once your session has finished. Our small team of students are here to attend to your needs and build long lasting relationships.

    Fitness Yoga

    Fitness Classes

    In addition, PSB Fitness will have 3 designated studios. Each studip will relate to a scheduled classes. As a premium member of PSB, you will gain access to all of our running classes. To attend a class you will need to book an appointment. This can be achieved by reserving a spot online, or at the front desk prior to the scheduled class.

    Scheduled Fitness Classes

    • Cardio (Spin Cycle Class, Boxing, HIIT)
    • Strength/Weight Training (Low Cardio HIIT, Circuit Training)
    • Dance (Zumba, Jazzercise, HipHop)
    • Mindful Training (Yoga & Pilates)


    Similarly, group classes are a great way to find out what motivates you to keep pushing. All while others are cheering you on by your side. Furthermore, they promote socialization, a positive fitness environment and build relationships with other members of our community. 


    Price and Promotions

    We understand as students your wallet may not permit leisure spending, due to the cost of tuition, books, equipment, and living expenses. Therefore, we have made it our mission to promote an alternative that is affordable. It should be noted, students shouldn’t have to compromise a healthy lifestyle due to the cost. So, there is no need to add stress to your schedule, as you are likely coming to PSB Fitness to relief those stresses.


    As a result, we have created two membership options for those who wish to receive the basics while feeling fulfilled and those who are die hard fitness experts and want a little bit more to spice up their routine. 

      Affordable Fitness Memberships

      • A classic membership – will cost $13.99/month (Plus $7.00 start up free). 
      • Students of Sheridan will automatically obtain this package through school tuition
      • Start-up fees provide a security tag or fob to gain access to the gym and administration fees 
      • Provides students with access to light and heavy free weights, fitness machines, mats, exercise balls, and an indoor running track 

      NOTE: you will have the opportunity to opt out of these fees and pay on a class-by-class basis, if you choose. However, we don’t think you’ll want to after reading what’s included in each package and for how affordable.

      • A premium club membership – $23.99/month (Plus $10.00 start-up fees)
      • Sheridan’s students who opt into this membership will pay $8/month
      • Start-up fees include a security tag or fob to gain access to the gym and a freebie gym t-shirt
      • Experience 2 free one-on-one personal training sessions to create personalized goals familiarizing each individual with the available equipment
      • Receive access to all running and scheduled group classes

      Still Not Intrigued?

      Leave a positive review online regarding our affordable fitness in Brampton and Mississauga, and gain access to our gym free for your first time! You’ll be sure to believe that PSB Fitness is the perfect fit for you.


      Wondering where you might find us?

      PSB Fitness will operate out of Sheridan College within the city of Brampton and Mississauga to provide affordable fitness to the student body. 

      Brampton and Mississauga
      Hazel McCallion Campus (Square One Mall)
      Brampton and Mississauga
      Davis Campus (Shoppers World Mall)

      For More Information

      Finally, thank you for joining us today. Contact us through our website if you have any questions, concerns or if you just want to say hi. We would be happy to response to your request within 48 hours.

      Be sure to connect with us regularly through our website homepage, as well as our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

      Without a doubt, we know you will enjoy our Brampton and Mississauga fitness facilities just as much as we do. 

      We look forward to seeing you!

      Fitness facility in Brampton and Mississauga


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      Women’s Water Aerobics in Mississauga

      Have you heard about Water Aerobics? Specifically, about Women’s Water Aerobics in Mississauga at PSB Fitness Centers? If you have not, continue reading because what you are about to learn can change your life.

      Exercising in a Pool
      Women’s Only Water Aerobics Class Source:8 Pool Exercises That Burn Fat Fast | Everyday Health. (2017, November 15). EverydayHealth.Com.

      PSB Fitness

      PSB Fitness, is a new fitness center that is now open in two convenient locations near you, Mississauga and Brampton. It offers a variety of services, classes, and gym rooms with the newest technology fitness equipment, and machines that give you personalized workouts and motivate you to continue exercising. That is not all, there are indoor climbing walls, amazing swimming pools, and a gym cafeteria that offers food items that cater to every specific health diet.

      PSB Fitness is there to make a student’s life easier and healthier. The good news is if you are a Sheridan student, pricing is at a bargain. Since you pay gym fees as part of your tuition, most gym services are free. You also get 40% off all other services. If you are a college or university student, there is good news for you too, you get 30% off all services and a one-month free class of your choice, a gift just for you.

      As a student with full-time classes, maybe with a job too, it often becomes extremely stressful, exhausting, and draining. There is no time to work out, destress or do recreational activities. What if there was ONE thing you could do that combines all those, leaving you satisfied with your body and ready to face all the challenges the world brings you? PSB Fitness offers Women’s Only Water Aerobics Classes in Mississauga. These classes are a guaranteed stress reliever, that gives you a full, (YES FULL), body workout, leaving all your needs fulfilled.

      What is Water Aerobics?

      It is a form of exercising in water, usually in a swimming pool, with water covering up to the waist or deeper. It is considered a type of resistance training that focuses on aerobics endurance, usually done as a group of fitness participants with a professional instructor.

      Did you know that there are different forms of water aerobics? They are Aqua Zumba, Water Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, and Aqua Jog. Each form offers different benefits. Aqua Zumba is a water-based dance exercise, which is great for those looking for a low-impact workout that works every muscle in the body in different ways. Water Yoga is self-explanatory, which is doing yoga while in a swimming pool. It is a great choice for those looking to develop strength, balance, and range of motion. Finally, Aqua Jog is running in deep water and it is perfect for those looking to burn 30-40% more calories and lose weight.

      PSB Fitness Swimming Pool- Mississauga Center Source: Water, A. (2020, January 15). Aquatic-based Exercise | APi – Pool and Water Care Chemical Products.

      Why Water Aerobics?

      Did you know that exercising underwater pumps more blood to the heart? This decreases stress on the heart, reduces blood pressure, and in turn leaves you with a healthier heart. The benefits of Water Aerobics are:

      1. It is in an enjoyable atmosphere, with music that makes every muscle in your body move on its own.
      2. It is a low-impact workout, which means it does not put pressure on any specific muscle or joint that may leave you feeling sore the next day.
      3. It is a balanced workout method.
      4. It is a great way to improve your flexibility!
      5. The water continuously cools the body preventing overheating.
      6. The water temperature forces the body to burn calories to keep the body temperature.
      7. Improves your overall health!!

      The different Water Aerobics forms mentioned above are all offered at PSB Fitness. Classes are with as low as 4 participants only, you’ll be guaranteed to have one-on-one time with the amazing and experienced instructors. Women’s Only classes are offered to meet every need, for example, for those who prefer a private space that is not viewed by people passing by. There are also morning and night classes because we know that it can be very hard for you to find a class at a good time that fits your schedule.

      Water Aerobics
      Water Aerobics Women’s Only Class with experienced instructors Source: Butler, T. (2020). Water Aerobics Equipment. LoveToKnow.

      If you want to lose weight, destress, and have fun in the refreshing yet relaxing water, you should consider joining the Women’s Only Water Aerobics Classes in Mississauga at PSB Fitness Centers. The good news is that prices are very affordable, and you do NOT even have to be a good swimmer to join.

      Many who have joined the classes said it has changed their life. They saw a positive change immediately after the first class and noticed to have better physical and mental health. Join now and change your life.

      For more details about the gym and prices please visit Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College

      Sheridan College location
      Sheridan College Campus








      For more information about PSB Fitness Centers location, hours and news, please visit our MainHomepage, as well as our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook profiles.

      Fitness Lifestyle Brampton Mississauga






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      Affordable Tiered Gym Membership Sheridan

      New gym facilities opening at HMC and Davis Campus

      We understand the importance of maintaining good grades for a successful future. But have you ever considered that maintaining physical health is also a key component to not only a better life but better grades? Do you ever feel the need to work out or exercise, but simply do not have the time to go to a gym that just isn’t in your area? Or do you feel as though memberships are just not affordable? Luckily for you, here at Sheridan, we like to accommodate our students by providing an affordable tiered gym membership.

      Gyms Right on Campus

      We have just added two new gyms located at the Hazel McCallion and Davis campuses. We understand that some gyms are just too far or too out the way for the average student to commute to on a steady basis. So, we have made it convenient and suitable for a student’s very busy schedule as a student. Studies have shown that students who have utilized healthy physical activity and diets have noticed an increase in productivity and a better mindset. Our gyms are also set up to accommodate the greatest number of students possible as the gyms and facilities are open daily, between 5 am and midnight. Having the gyms right on campus has allowed us to open for longer hours and reducing the commuting issues.

      Treadmill, Gym, Fitness affordable tiered gym membership Mississauga

      Gym Membership Prices and Tiers

      We have based our pricing on an affordable multi-tiered gym membership, as this allows for all students of different needs and budgets to get into an active lifestyle.

      Tier 1(Budget): This membership option is the cheapest of the three and offers students basic access to free weights and machines. This membership will cost $30.

      Tier 2 (All Amenities): This membership offers the same utilities as the first tier with additional access to the gym’s swimming pool, track, and dance/yoga studio. This membership will cost $60.

      Tier 3 (Training): this tier will be the most expensive and will offer all the utilities and amenities available as well as a personal training package. This package provides students with a health and fitness plan, training assistance, and more to keep them on track to their fitness goals. It will also provide third-tier members with three personal training or Nutritionist sessions (these 3 sessions can be interchanged between training and nutrition) each month to keep them on track of their personal fitness plan. This membership will cost $110 with the option of paying $30 per session for any additional training/consulting.

      Bodybuilding and Weight-lifting affordable tiered gym membership Mississauga

      HMC and Davis Campus Equipment and Accommodations

      Depending on what tier of the membership the student has purchased the amenities available to you will be varied. But we have carefully structured our membership so that it fits every person’s active lifestyle and budget. Both new facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment that caters to all types of athletes. We have prioritized the funding of allocating proper healthy snacks and drinks throughout each gym. Both gyms are also staffed with trainers that are always available on the floor, to provide assistance to all students.

      Campus’ Gym Trial Offered to Students

      Our trial is for everyone! We offer a free tier two trial for two weeks! If our amenities and services do not meet your standards, you may cancel your membership or downgrade to the next tier below at any time! During your trial, you will find that life has never felt better! Now that you are able to go on those runs before class or mediate right after.
      Visit us on campus at 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, or 7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton. If you have any questions ask us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why wait? Join HMC and Davis Campus gyms today!


      Covid Treadmill:

      Forearm Heavy Weights:

      Best workout equipment in Mississauga | PSB Fitness | First Month Free

      Best workout equipment in Mississauga

      Gym Features and Equipment
      The treadmills that PSB fitness will carry will have multiple features by providing the best workout equipment in Mississauga. Firstly, they will have a 3.5 HP motor. Secondly, They will go from 0% incline to 15% incline. In addition, it will have a wide running area, 22-inch width, and 60-inch length. Moreover, there will be a screen in front of the treadmill to allow the users to watch a show while exercising. Also benefit from a cable attached to the treadmill allowing users to charge their devices while they run/walk. There are a number of health benefits to running and walking. For instance, it burns calories, improves individuals’ mood, boosts vitamin D levels, and is a fun way to stay healthy. If an individual is concerned about their knees and cannot run, they can seek the same benefit by walking on our treadmills, among the best workout equipment in Mississauga.

      Affordable for students
      The Price is a bargain. The membership fee will be $8/month for Sheridan students. For non-Sheridan students, the membership fee is still competitive but not quite as much – $30/month. The reason why the price is so low for Sheridan students is that our objective is to encourage college students to exercise. School fees are high, and students may not be able to afford a gym fee. This is the gap that our gym is filling. The selling price’s unique selling point is that it is very affordable. Our membership fee per month costs less than two cups of coffee.

      apart from this yoga has several benefits.

      Convenient locations
      Accessible at Mississauga and Brampton Sheridan College campus. Located at the heart of campus. Students no longer have to tread in the snow to go to the gym. Campus and gym are fully connected indoors. The gym is accessible indoors from all wings of the campus, within a five mins walking distance. Saved time and No transportation fees to get to the place.

      Fitness & lifestyle
      Gym equipment
      Weight Lifting

      We have all heard it many times before – regular exercise is good for you, and it can help you lose weight. But if you are like many Americans, you are busy, you have a sedentary job, and you haven’t yet changed your exercise habits. The good news is that it’s never too late to start. You can start slowly, and find ways to fit more physical activity into your life. Similarly, to get the most benefit, you should try to get the recommended amount of exercise for your age. If you can do it, the payoff is that you will feel better, help prevent or control many diseases, and likely even live longer.

      Yoast SEO
      A group of students working towards their fitness and health goals to maintain a greater lifestyle.

      Students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance, and classroom behaviors. Higher physical activity and physical fitness levels are associated with improved concentration and memory among students. Students no longer have an excuse to not sign up for a gym. Therefore, PSB Fitness is not only convenient but also affordable. Our membership fees cost less than two cups of coffee and we are located right on campus. In addition, students will no longer need to tread snow to go to a gym or have access to professional fitness instructors.

      PSB Fitness

      In conclusion, the fitness lifestyle can be a challenge to start up. However, once you get going and maintain your focus on your goals and aspirations, you’ll very quickly see the long-term benefits. If you have any questions regarding a new lifestyle of fitness it is advisable to consult a trained personal trainer to help you with this process. You can thank those daily workouts for your newfound ability to handle stressful situations with aplomb. Exercise, of almost any kind, reduces stress hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins—meaning a calmer and more relaxed you.

      Benefit from a wide range of equipment for faster results. Sign up now to receive your first month free!

      Photographic Calorie Tracking App at HMC

      Photographic Calorie Tracking App
      Photographic Calorie Tracking App  at HMC (Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash)

      Are you looking for ways to better track your calorie intake? Is it difficult to find healthy meals when at school? Certainly, PSB Fitness has what you need – a photographic calorie tracker! We all know COVID has changed our eating and exercise habits. With everything starting to open up, PSB Fitness is here to offer you the healthier and more nutritious lifestyle you have been craving! Therefore, at Sheridan’s HMC gym, we have a conveniently located food bar and with our photographic calorie tracking app that can be used right at the HMC campus, you don’t need to travel far to find a fresh nutritious meal!

      Eat and Burn Those Calories!

      However, we want to help you reach those fitness goals you are looking for! If you don’t like working out alone, we offer a variety of classes! If you are new to working out and need assistance, we have personal trainers ready to help you out! PSB Fitness is a gym that values inclusivity, diversity, and equality! In other words, we want to help you feel happy, feel energized, and comfortable!

      Firstly, here at PSB Fitness HMC, we understand working out might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and nutrition is just as important a part of a healthier lifestyle! Above all, we even have a food bar station! Yes, a food bar station – PSB Fitness understands the importance of a healthy balanced diet. Most importantly, to make calorie counting even easier, PSB photographic calorie tracking app at HMC will help track your progress daily. Above all, the best part is that it’s no extra cost, it is part of our PSB Fitness membership!

      Therefore, we are offering this station:

      • We know it can be difficult to decide on nutritious food options.
      • It’s easy to go home and eat anything in your pantry, here is where you know it’s going to be a balanced meal.
      • It will be convenient, you don’t need to drive around looking for food.
      • The food bar station has these meals fresh and always ready.
      • We offer halal, vegetarian, and vegan options.

      A Device Photographic Calorie Tracking App at HMC

      In addition, PSB Fitness understands that even with all this it might be difficult to reach your goals alone, so we want to be here to help. So, we developed an app that can track your calories. Moreover, this app is free for PSB Fitness members and can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. As a result, this is an easy and fast way to track your calories on your device.

      Download the calorie tracking app
      (Photo by Aidan Hancock on Unsplash)

      Here is how you set the photographic calorie tracking app at HMC up:

      1. Download the PSB Calorie Tracking App.
      2. Log in with your PSB Fitness account.
      3. It will ask you a few questions
        • Ex: gender, height, age group, current weight, fitness level, and what your desired weight is.
      4. Connect with a smartwatch for more features.
      5. Ready to use!

      What the Photographic Calorie Tracking App at HMC does:

      The PSB photographic calorie tracking app is an easy-to-use app, with just a click of the button it tracks your calorie intake. For instance, it allows the user to track how many calories they are intaking daily, simply by taking pictures of the food, scanning the barcode, and even estimating the weight of the food. This app measures the carbs, fats, sodium, and sugars in the foods that you are having daily. As a result, the PSB Fitness app is easier to use than other calorie counting apps. The best part is it is even connected with our PSB Fitness food bar station, all you need to do is scan the QR code, and it will update your calories within seconds!

      In conclusion, the purpose of getting some information from you is to calculate what your calorie count should be, to reach your target weight. Additionally, if you have a smartwatch, it comes with the bonus of being able to track your workout, letting you know how many calories you have burnt within the day, which in turn will reflect how many calories you will need to have. The PSB photographic calorie tracking app is a great way to track and maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach your fitness goals!


      So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of PSB Fitness today!
      PSB Fitness in Mississauga
      Call us at 905-845-9430, or you can just click here to register now! However, if you would like a tour of our gym before you sign up, we are located at 4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga, ON