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Here at PSB Fitness we believe that there is no better place to start and here is why.

1. Free one-week trials
Get in touch with our team either in person or on the phone and we can set you up as soon as today! All you need is to be recommended by a friend or family member, after this you will receive 1 week or 7 days out of the same month you’ve signed for and you can experience a new lifestyle. You will be provided with all of the equipment needed and if you enjoy the free trial at the end of it you can come see us to get you started on your membership.

2. 1 Year Membership Promotion
If you sign up in 2021 you will receive the first month free on us, due to the shutdown of gyms in certain areas such as peel we would like to comp the first month to let you get back to your goals. By signing up for the 1-year membership you do not need to pay until the first month is over and to top that within your one-year membership feel free to have access with a personal trainer for 3 days of your choice, the pricing is fairly cheaper, and you get an extended membership, you can contact PSB fitness over the phone and we can work out a deal that benefits you.

3. Online Free Trials
At home during COVID 19 finding motivation can be hard, but fortunately we have started an online fitness program and you are free to use it for one month after the one month is up if you wish to continue you will be able to subscribe for further months. You may be wondering but how will I be motivated if it’s still working out at home? Well don’t worry, our personal trainers have been finding all new ways of motivation from home and we believe that we can keep you motivated by sending you alerts to get up and stay tuned, not only is online training just for working out but you can also ask us any health-related questions and we will guide you through new steps of doing so.


– You get to experience what it’s like to be at our gym by having
one week free coming in whenever you would like.

– You can learn how to maintain goals such as dieting and muscle

– You will be able to work out from home and find new ways of

– Ask trainers any questions you have.

– You will be granted a free 7-day membership or pay for one year
and get one month on us.

We will match your needs if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or walk in and see what we have to offer our team is always happy to help. Again, we offer Free one-week trials, 1-year memberships with the first month free no pay until after, and due to the pandemic we offer a free online trial where the trainers will provide you with the motivation you need!

Are you ready to start your free membership today?

Team PBS Fitness


Someone has said that in a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We all know that health is our

greatest wealth, but in the current age, we tend to ignore our health. Don’t worry! PSB Fitness has come to your rescuer. We have high-class, latest equipments equipped, start-of-the-art fitness centres, that too in your own campus. Enroll today in the PSB Fitness Centre, because remember, health always comes first.


We, at PSB Fitness Centre are making youth healthier. Enrol at PSB Fitness centre and experience an exponential growth in your fitness, with just a couple of months. We have the state-of-the-art fitness and gym architecture, to help you reach the zenith of strength. We have highly skilled professionals on boards, to streamline your health and fitness goals. We have well researched, tried and tested fitness and exercise schedules and plans, to let you work in a planned and focussed way. We also have well proven results, to support our claims. Believe in us and witness wonders happening. Let’s join hands and walk towards a healthy and fit tomorrow.💪

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Visit our fitness centre today, enroll yourself and reach the zenith of success. We have international equipments, state-of-the-art facilities as well as highly skilled, professional fitness trainers, to assist you in your journey towards a fitter tomorrow. Enroll now and see a fittest version of yourself