Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment

Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment: Recruitment Made Easier

Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment is the best solution for your recruitment problems. The hospitality staff is challenging to recruit. We have aptitude tests, which help analyze the candidates’ skills. This software makes the recruitment process smooth as butter. Our main office is in Toronto and focuses on the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. Join the webinar to learn more.

Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment.
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Why join this webinar

This webinar benefits you if you are a recruiter; it will offer an in-depth understanding of the software, how it works, how it can make your life easier, and how to use the aptitude test in recruitment. This webinar will also include all the areas of the system and how you can integrate PSB recruit into your company and the system.
This webinar will also help you by providing reports on the candidates according to your filters and a comparison of the candidates.

Attendees of this webinar will gain valuable knowledge to improve the hiring process.

Optimize your recruitment: Identify and attract the best candidates


Understanding the Software:  understand how hospitality Recruitment is made Better by Incorporating aptitude tests to find the best matches. 

Hospitality Recruitment Made Better: Incorporating Aptitude Tests to Find Best Matches 

Understanding the software: how PSb recruit works, deep understanding of how to make the most of the software

Tips and Tricks: Tips on how to utilize the software’s full potential. Use the features to make your life easier and help you with effective recruiting.

Meeting with the speakers: Meet the PSB recruit team and ask one-on-one questions with our specialists. 

Key benefits of PSB recruit:

  • Real-time tracking of the candidates and their application
  • Fast and smooth process
  • integration with your current system
  • hassle-free customer service
  • 24/7 support
  • Regular webinars to solve your queries and educate you on the updates
  • Friendly User interface, easy to understand and use
  • Reports on every candidate, making it easy for the right recruitment, which leads to better retention of employees
  • Cost-effective recruitment
  • Easily, simple and smooth
  • seamless candidate experience

Enhance your hiring with Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment with Us.
Join the Webinar:

Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment
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Recruitment Testimonials:

PSB recruit software is amazing and has made my life so much easier; it has also improved employee retention rates. I highly recommend this software.
Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment
John Doe
PSB Recruit software is the best Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment software.
Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment
HR Manager

PSB Recruit Toronto Hospitality Aptitude Recruitment office

We are located in the heart of Toronto. You can walk in to get an appointment by phone or on our website. 


Realtor Lead Generation GTA Area Ideas!

Effective Realtor Lead Generation in GTA for Your Real Estate Business

Are you a realtor in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) searching for effective lead generation ideas? Well, here, we’ll delve into actionable strategies that can assist you in generating quality leads and propelling the growth of your real estate business. Whether you’re a novice in the industry or an experienced realtor. What’s more lead generation GTA city ideas are specifically tailored to help you thrive in this fiercely competitive market.

realtor lead generation
Play Video about realtor lead generation gta

Why PSB Digital for your business?

At PSB Digital, we understand the challenges that real estate developers like you face in attracting customers and investors. Moreover, our tailored lead generation strategies will assist you in strengthening your brand identity and improving your digital presence. Additionally, with our CRM tools and streamlined communication channels. Moreover, you can effectively manage your customer database and provide personalized experiences. Furthermore, don’t let uncertainty hold you back from investing in the success of your business – let our expertise drive your real estate growth.

Your one-stop-source for CRM solutions and realtor lead generation in GTA

With our proven lead generation strategies, you can effectively position your real estate business in the GTA market. Moreover, we offer a range of tools and techniques to attract quality leads, enhance your online presence, and drive conversions. Additionally, our experienced team understands the unique challenges real estate developers face and will create a customized plan to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, our digital marketing strategies are designed to target the GTA market and reach potential investors and customers who are actively searching for real estate opportunities. However, by implementing effective marketing campaigns and leveraging our CRM tools, you can streamline your communication channels and  manage your customer database efficiently.

Notably, we believe in data-driven decision-making, and that’s why our database solutions allow you to gain valuable insights into your customer base, make informed decisions, and prioritize your marketing efforts. Furthermore, leveraging the power of digital presence, we will increase your brand visibility, attract more investors and customers to your listings, and ultimately boost your sales.

Importantly, don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied clients have seen significant results from our lead generation strategies. Additionally, our proven track record and expertise in the real estate industry make us the trusted partner for developers like you. Formerly, Join the ranks of successful real estate businesses in the GTA and unlock the potential of your brand with PSB Digital.

Trusted by leading brands

Moreover, Look What our clients say...

PSB Digital has been instrumental in transforming our real estate business in the GTA. Moreover, their lead generation strategies have helped us attract quality leads and boost our sales. Additionally, the personalized experiences we can provide to our clients through their CRM tools have made a significant difference in our customer satisfaction. Therefore, we highly recommend PSB Digital to any real estate developer looking to unlock the potential of their brand.

Parveen Arora, VP, Broker of Record, Team Arora Pvt. Ltd.

Finally!! What are you thinking of realtor lead generation in GTA?

Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Well, look no further! Download our FREE White Paper today: “Realtor Lead Generation Ideas in GTA.” With this comprehensive resource, you’ll discover a plethora of actionable strategies and effective techniques. So, why wait? Start generating quality leads and boosting your business in the competitive Greater Toronto Area market right away!

realtor lead generation

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PSB Fitness: Affordable gym membership for students in the GTA

 PSB fitness affordable gym membership for Sheridan College students

Are you a Sheridan student looking to improve your health and fitness? PSB is offering an affordable gym membership in the GTA

Join and start your membership today ! starting at $9.99 a month!

psb fitness for students
PSB fitness

About us
We are a student fitness club that will be convent and affordable for Sheridan college students located in the GTA. Our gyms are in Brampton (Davis) and in Mississauga (HMC) . We certainly aim to help students with limited income and pack schedules to fit in a quick workout. In essence, of course we want students to be maintaining their physical and mental health across campuses. Additionally we will also have personal trainers, nutritionist and a kinesiologist on site to answer all questions and can be booked for private sessions. After all PSB Fitness was created to improve the minds and bodies of students across the GTA while also being an affordable gym membership for students.

Fitness classes available ( twice a week)

  • Kickboxing ( Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Yoga (Mondays & Wednesdays)
  • Hot yoga (Mondays & Thursdays)
  • Pilates ( Mondays & Tuesdays )
  • Zumba (Fridays & Saturdays)
  • occasional salsa lessons

PSB provides weekly classes and gives you full access to our gym including its amenities. Sign up today!


Our memberships are $9.99 a month, not to mention a discount of  $69.99 yearly ,however don’t worry being committed to your membership, as cancelling at anytime whether you paid monthly or yearly is allowed. However Whenever you are ready to cancel, visit us on campus s with your ID as soon as possible to avoid charges. As long as you are cancelling before the 1st of the month, we will not be charge you.


For women

We also created women only fitness classes for those who like a unisex workout environment. In fact our goal is always to promote confidence and comfortability.  The goal is all students having a safe space to exercise.

Women’s Workout Classes at Sheridan College

The Best And Most Affordable PSB Gym in The GTA

Stay in shape without running late!

Join PSB Fitness today and get your 2 first weeks for free! We guarantee low waiting times on all gym equipment and machines, our customers time and overall satisfaction is our number one priority.

Regardless which side you apply to, most of our fitness gyms will be there for you!

With low wait times and unlimited possibilities on what you can do, why wait? The only person holding you back from improving yourself is you.

Our Gym Features Top Quality





Classes (virtual and in-person)

and the best expertise via the owners of the gym.

There are also online classes and programs available for those who want more structure in a workout.


$20 Bi-weekly for our regular session

$40 Bi-weekly for our guided session (Includes training schedules and meal planning)

$60 Bi-weekly for our exclusive session (Includes full access to our virtual classes, training schedules and meal planning)

$25/hourly for private training

$10 monthly locker fee

Get the annual exclusive session offer for $500/year and enjoy all the perks with two months on us! *Best Value*

**All students will have the first two weeks for free including 2 free virtual classes.

PSB: All Inclusive Gym and Spa

Luxury Leisure Gym and Spa 

PSB: All Inclusive Gym and Spa not just a traditional gym. Let us become your resort to maintaining an active and relaxed lifestyle. We offer the most advanced gym equipment and a wide range of cardio and fitness equipment to meet your needs. To ensure a safe environment, PSB ensures to have on-site cleaners to ensure that all equipment is regularly disinfected for your protection. Additionally, PSB has disinfecting stations all around the center for easy access.

Weights on a rack in a gym
PSB is not just a traditional gym. Let us become your resort to maintaining an active and relaxed lifestyle. We offer the most advanced gym equipment and a wide range of cardio and fitness equipment to meet your needs. To ensure a safe environment for our members, we have on-site cleaners to ensure that all equipment is regularly disinfected for your protection.

PSB: All Inclusive Gym and Spa – Pool

Picture of a swimming pool
Pool with constant lifeguard supervision. Our pool also has reserved slots for group fitness classes such as aqua fit. Gold tier memberships include all group training classes. Inquire today!

PSB fitness is a luxury leisure spa and gym located in Mississauga, walking distance from Sheridan College. Visit us for a free tour!

We understand that making a lifestyle change can be a difficult decision, that is why we offer a day pass so that you can experience what a difference it can make, let us show you a glimpse of the future you! Fitness should not feel like a chore, after all, pampering yourself is the first step in becoming the improved you.

PSB fitness is a one-stop center which includes pool usage, group fitness classes such as Arriba, Zumba, and water sports, personal training and group training classes. We know that you are busy and come home tired from a long day – why not visit us to relax? PSB fitness also offers spa services such as cupping, massages, sauna services, and more!

Bodybuilding and Weight-lifting affordable tiered gym membership Mississauga
PSB: All Inclusive Gym and Spa offers the state of the art weights allowing you to transform a dumbell from 2 lbs to 20lbs with a shift of gears. Additionally, PSB also offers traditional equipment for those who are not ready to shift entirely

Group Fitness Classes at PSB Gym and Spa

Group fitness class
group HIIT class, Arriba, cycle fit, Zumba, Bootcamp and Musclefit are some of the programs offered by PSB. Gold tier membership includes all group training classes.

Personal training one-on-one

Personal Training

PSB offers personal training through one-on-one sessions with our certified fitness instructors. Our trainers will meet with you on a weekly basis to find a fitness regimen that works best for you! This will include a meal plan (vegetarian, vegan, keto options available), as well as a workout routine best suited to your lifestyle. Inquire today to find our competitive rates.

PSB now has personal training with a guest! You may bring along one guest to your personal training sessions at a discounted price (guests must be a member at PSB to qualify for the discount).

Smoothie Bar

A healthy lifestyle does not end with your workout, PSB fitness offers smoothies and snacks for after your workout. We specialize in making the healthiest of options delicious! Our smoothies are 100% customizable –  feel free to add your desired protein, amino acids, creatine and more! Dairy free? No problem! Our chefs are trained especially to cater to the needs of our members to ensure that you are getting all the healthy goodness after a visit with us.

Different flavours of smoothies offered by PSB
Assortment of fruit and vegetables smoothies in glass bottles with straws on wooden table background. Fresh organic Smoothie ingredients. Superfoods and health or detox diet food concept. Assortment of fruit and vegetables smoothies in glass bottles with straws on wooden table background. Fresh organic Smoothie ingredients. Superfoods and health or detox diet food concept. Gold tier membership offers a 10% discount on every smoothie purchase with every 8th smoothie on the house!

GTA-Based Travel Agency: PSB Travel

Travel plans made easier than ever

PSB Travel is a travel agency located in Mississauga. Its goal is to provide travelers with the chance to explore the most desirable and intriguing parts of Canada. Personalized holiday packages are PSB Travel’s best-sellers and what the agency is most known for. The travel agents within PSB work hard to tailor your vacation packages to meet your every need. These packages include anything from flight tickets to accommodations to restaurant recommendations. They are customized to meet your budget and preferences, making them affordable and convenient. Your role is to tell PSB who you are and what you need. Then allow the travel agents to secure the best vacation you could ever dream of!

Domestic vacation packages

Being a Mississauga-based agency, PSB’s travel agents have well-founded experience in uncovering the greatest tourist attractions within Canada. The Canadian-focus of PSB is beneficial for both Canadians and the international world. Canadians will be able to explore parts of their home that they may have never thought of before. They can fulfill their need to travel and explore in an affordable and familiar atmosphere. On the other hand, international travelers will be able to explore the best parts of an unfamiliar land. Click here to check out our current Canadian vacation package options or create your own!

Niagara Falls
One of the many tourist attractions that are included within PSB’s vacation packages!

Surprise vacation packages

PSB’s travel agents have catered its products to align with the needs of the young and adventurous population. For the travelers desperate for a wild and unfamiliar experience, PSB Travel is now offering surprise Canadian vacation packages. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are deeply familiar with Canada’s greatest attractions. You can put your trust in these agents who have got your back! They want your surprise location to be everything you hope it would be. Despite the surprise element, you can still make sure it is affordable and able to meet your specifications. Click here to start the process and help PSB’s travel agents get to know you and develop the best surprise package for you!

Toronto Sign at Nathan Phillips Square
You can visit anything from basic, popular sights to more subtle ones based on your preferences!

How can PSB Travel help?

Unsure why you may need a travel agent’s help? Here are a few reasons why this is the right choice for you!

  1. Lack of decision-making. With the help of our Mississauga-based travel agents, you can have a fully planned vacation handed to you. Do not worry about the hassle of making decisions about where to go and what to do.
  2. Affordable. Tailor your vacation packages to include what you can afford. Good deals with airlines and hotels can be attained with the help of a travel agent.
  3. Convenient. The vacation packages and travel agents help travelers access all holiday-related resources in one place. This results in a carefully constructed trip that encompasses all you may need to relax and explore.
  4. Reliable. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are well suited to recommend the top Canadian sights. They can help travelers explore the various hidden gems that Canada has to offer.
  5. Organized. The vacation packages designed by travel agents include anything you could possible think of when on a vacation. They are easy to use and include activities that can fit your desired schedules.
  6. Personalized. As a traveler, you have the choice of what to include in your package. For example, accommodations, day-to-day activities, transportation, etc. Also, you can share your qualities and preferences to help the travel agents tailor your packages accordingly.

Traveling should be relaxing and PSB’s travel agents are here to make it so!