Rare Squishmallows in Mississauga

PSB Toy’s New and Upcoming Rare Squishmallows… Hurry Before they’re Gone!

Are you an avid Squishmallow collector? Are you searching for a new place to find rare Squishmallows? Then PSB Toys is the place for you! Come into our storefront to find some of the newest and most rare Squishmallows in Mississauga, and gain that feeling of excitement and warmth! Keep reading to learn more about the 4 rarest Squishmallows that you can find in-store at PSB, and we hope to see you at the best Squishmallows toy store in Mississauga very soon!

P.S. there is a special offer hidden in this blog, happy hunting!


Grace the Ghost Squishmallows
Grace the Ghost is part of Squishmallow’s 2021 Halloween crew, and is wickedly cute.
Image Courtesy of Squishmallows Squad Fandom from https://squishmallowsquad.fandom.com/wiki/Grace

If you are like some of us, and are sadly late to some of the hottest new trends… we understand, and don’t worry we aren’t judging you. Grace the Ghost is the perfect rare Squishmallow for you! She is said to be terrifyingly cute, and will wow everyone she meets with her bootiful smile. Hurry in to purchase Grace the Ghost before she’s all sold out – and before it is no longer acceptable to be gushing over Halloween-themed items (be careful, Michael Buble and Mariah Carey are watching you from just around the corner)!


Tallulah the Unicorn Squishmallows
Tallulah is part of the Valentines Squad. She dazzles wth her beautiful purple fur and magical abilities.
Image Courtesy of Squishmallows Squad Fandom from: https://squishmallowsquad.fandom.com/wiki/Tallulah

Tallulah the Unicorn may be one of the older rare Squishmallows that PSB Toys carries (with her birthday being 3 years ago), however, that doesn’t make her any less magical! With her soft and sparkling purple fur, to her iridescent horn, Tallulah would be a great addition to anyone’s collection! Due to the fact that unicorns are looked at as a sign of good luck, you better hurry before she POOFS away!

LUCILLE THE SEAL (rare Squishmallows sighting)

Lucille the Seal Squishmallows
Lucille the Seal is part of the Sealife Crew. Catch her before she slips away!
Image Courtesy of Squishmallows Squad Fandom from https://squishmallowsquad.fandom.com/wiki/Lucille

Lucille the Seal is one of the rarest Squishmallows yet, but we at PSB Toys have been lucky enough to have her swim by for a visit. Out of the 800+ Squishmallow characters (Lorenz, 2021), she is only 1 of 4 seal plushes in the Sealife Crew (and because of this, she is super rare)! With her adorable flippers and whiskers, Lucille will definitely melt your heart! If you want to join the club of proud seal owners, then hurry in to PSB Toys to pick up Lucille the Seal! However, make sure you swim fast!


Avery the Mallard Squishmallow
Avery the Mallard belongs to the Farm Squad, and she shows off her vibrant green and brown coat.
Image Courtesy of Squishmallows Squad Fandom from https://squishmallowsquad.fandom.com/wiki/Avery

Avery the Mallard is the perfect rare Squishmallow to add to your collection! She is vibrant and eye-catching, while still being patriotic to Canada. As most people know, we sport a Loon on our Loonie coin, and therefore Avery can be viewed as being very similar! This rare Squishmallow quite resembles a loon, just a little smaller, in other words, making her the perfect purchase! If you are in the market to buy a Squishmallow from the Farm or Adventure Squad, Avery may be the perfect character for you! Make your way into PSB Toys quickly before she gets scooped up!


Located in Mississauga, PSB Toys is here to fill that hole in your heart that only a Squishmallow character can, so come check us out! Scan the following QR code with one of our cashiers when you come in to receive 15% off of any (1) Squishmallows purchase in-store because yes, we are the best! (We know you are wondering, and this is indeed the special offer that we mentioned before… congrats you found it)! Saving on a new rare Squishmallow is as easy as: read, scan, pay, and save! Come in to PSB Toys to redeem this limited-time offer!

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Lorenz, T. (2021). Squishmallows Are Taking Over. New York Times, p. Page 3. Retrieved 8 November 2021, from https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/16/style/squishmallows.html.

Biggest Squishmallow Collections Ever

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Squishmallows

A collection of Squishmallows arranged according to colour. Starting at red on the left down to blue on the right.
Collection of colourful Squishmallows – Courtesy of TODAY from https://www.today.com/parents/what-are-squishmallows-where-can-i-find-rare-squishy-t212183

The Squishmallow Craze: What Inspired the Biggest Squishmallow Collections?

In the age of social media, a brands fame can come overnight. This is what happened to Squishmallows. These cute plush toys feel like they are stuffed with marshmallows, making them the perfect friend and cuddle buddy. Besides their cute look and fun personalities, what makes them so popular? Squishmallows is known for its frequent releases of rare and limited lines. This makes fans want to collect them all before it’s too late. In addition, rare and limited lines contribute to the brand’s exclusivity. Because they are exclusive, they are more desirable than other plush toys. You will be shocked by the biggest Squishmallow collections.

Squishmallows appeals to people of all ages from around the world, as well as social figures and celebrities like Charlie D’Amelio. With over 800 unique Squishmallows, the demand for new designs shows no sign of stopping. As a result, many have taken their hobby to the extreme by spending a lot of money on the brand. This post will break down the top 3 biggest Squishmallow collections and the people behind them.

Top 3 Biggest Squishmallow Collections

Rebecca Brown’s Collection

Rebecca Brown sitting in a large pile of Squishmallows with her arms in the air and a happy expression. Rebecca Brown has one of the biggest Squishmallow collections.
Rebecca Brown and her impressive Squishmallow collection – Courtesy of the New York Times from https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/16/style/squishmallows.html

Although this craze began before the pandemic, many found comfort in Squishmallows during this hard time. One university student took this time to take her collection to new heights and found comfort and community in her collecting hobby. Rebecca Brown, 21, has a wide array of 325 common and rare Squishmallows. During such an isolating time she connected with her classmates on zoom and bonded over a shared love for the plush toys. However, with rising interest, Brown has some concerns. As a result of the demand, she worries that they will become harder to find. As she continues to build her collection, she has found many empty store shelves that have been cleared out by other people. But in some ways, it makes the hunt even more exciting.

Alana Marie’s Collection

A living room filled entirely with Alana Marie's Squishmallow Collection. Alana Marie has one of the biggest Squishmallow collections.
Alana Marie’s living room filled with her Squishmallow collection – Courtesy of Squishmallows Official Facebook

Another one of the biggest Squishmallow collections was posted to Squishmallows’ official Facebook page, Courtesy of collector Alana Marie. This collection consists of 436 plushies, enough to fill an entire room. Alana Marie does not post about her collection on social media like many of her fellow collectors, but we are happy to see that she shared through the Facebook page. This post got a great reaction from fans because her collection filled an entire room. One user commented, “There are NOT ENOUGH Squishmallows in this photo. There will never be enough.” This shows just how much people love the brand.

Squishmallows Emma’s Collection

A selfie of Emma with a happy expression posing with a stack of Squishmallows behind her. Emma has one of the biggest Squishmallow collections.
Emma with some of her 460 Squishmallows – Courtesy of @squishmallows.emma on Instagram

Lastly, one teen has taken to social media to show off her Squishmallow collection. Emma, who goes by Squishmallows Emma on Instagram and YouTube, has collected 460 of the plush toys to date. Emma’s collection is not complete as she wants to continue to purchase more. She has 7,408 followers on her Instagram and an additional 5,440 subscribers on YouTube. Emma uses Instagram to share her collection and where she found her Squishmallows. She also uses Instagram to connect with other fans of the brand. In addition, her YouTube videos show off her collection and follows her as she hunts for new releases. Due to her dedication, Emma has made a brand for herself based on her love for Squishmallows. As a result, some might say Emma is one of the best collectors around. A collection like Emma’s is one that many wish they had.

How to Grow the Biggest Squishmallow Collections

How many Squishmallows do you have in your collection? Are you already a collector, or are you just a beginner? If you are looking to take your collection to new heights, come to PSB Toys Mississauga today and check out our selection. With lots of new arrivals, you don’t want to miss what we have to offer. For this reason, PSB Toys wants to help you achieve your dream Squishmallow collection. Use the QR code down below to redeem a Squishmallow deal in-store.

QR code that can be scanned to unlock a mystery deal in-store at PSB Toys

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Best Educational Robot Toys For Kids in Mississauga


Finding a toy that fits your child's healthy development is a tough job. Choosing the right toy for your child is very important and most parents want their child to start learning at an early age because those years are the building blocks of a child’s personality for that get your child an educational toy which solves all your problems at once. But the children of today's generation would rather play video games and watch videos online than play with toys for entertainment which seems to influence their mental development by making it slow and weak.

A study of 3 years of 3000 kids showed that gaming doesn’t help inattentive kids instead video games make them more impulsive and less attentive (Temma Ehrenfeld, September 16, 2018).


Keeping every aspect in mind PSB Toys in Mississauga launched a new product Rov: The Geeky Rover for all the parents who want their child to be smart and creative at the same time. As its name implies, Rov: The GEEKY Rover provides education and fun for children. This is not a typical toy robot that moves just when children play the button because Geeky Rover needs to be built from scratch to make it work and your kids can now finally get rid of video games. Fundamentally, GEEKY Rover is a STEM toy for better learning and practice of new concepts for growing-up children.

Sensory Edge Points out the Advantages of STEM toys:

·        Introduce kids to various concepts of science and education

·        Teach problem solving

·        Make learning fun

·        Encourage creativity and critical thinking

·        Teach motor skills and coordination

·        Bring family together

Why to choose Rov: The GEEKY Rover for your kid?


It is a robot car that has to be built by your child using electrical circuits and wires. Kids can also design their robot car's body using their own creativity. GEEKY Rover helps your child be constructive and intelligent by building his or her own car robot which further creates a scientific curiosity among the children because they need to manipulate the electrical circuit and wires to make their robot move.


Geeky Rover also allows children to be creative because they must design the whole body of their robot car themselves. Here is the fun part, all the tools to design which includes paint colors, colored papers and cool stickers are provided in the kit. The toy is so engaging to children that increases their focus and duration of attention. Like other STEM toys, GEEKY Rover helps kids to develop pertinent problem solving, critical thinking and creativity skills.


The robot toy is also helpful for parents because Rov keeps their child busy which allows their parents to keep up with their busy schedule without any worry because parents know that their child is investing their time into something which is educational rather than watching tv or playing video games. But for some parents, building robots with their kids also brings the entire family together  and help parents to spend more quality time with their kids.

parents educating their child to build the toy

Is it too hard to build Rov: The GEEKY Rover?


The answer is NO. If you follow the correct steps of the instruction manual, it is easy and interesting to build the robot. GEEKY Rover is designed in a way that children find it amusing and educational instead of frustrating to build because the instruction guide to construct the robot is provided with the robot car kit itself.

Education through instruction manual


In any case, when the child finds it difficult to follow the steps given in the manual, you can always visit PSB toy’s site which has the complete video with the instructions to build the robot car. The video describes each wire and how to fit it in the electrical circuit which results in robot movement and it also shows some design ideas for the robot car’s body.

Video educating kids to build the robot


And still, the child is unable to build the robot or it doesn’t work, you can ask for help from the skilled work staff of PSB Toys who are trained to build the Geeky Rover which is absolutely free of cost. Employees can teach your child to build the rover too which creates an educational environment for your child.

Staff members educating kids to build the robot

Things you get in the Rov: The GEEKY Rover’s kit

Rov: The GEEKY Rover comes in a large package with the enormous image of the rover on the box that is appealing to children. The tools which the kit includes are:


  •  Wires of four colors- red, green, yellow and blue. Each for different use and an additional pair of each wire is provided in the event the first breaks.
  •  An electrical circuit to attach the cables that power the robot
  • A Battery Pack
  • TT Motor 13 and Shied
  • High Quality rubber tires
  •  Wooden body frame for the rover
  •  Screws to fasten the rover body together after wiring is done


  •  Paint colors to paint the entire rover's bodyshell. It comes in an eight-color pack: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, black and white to paint your coolest creations.
  •   Colored papers that can be used to make cutouts to stick to the robot.
  •   Stickers with cool designs to enhance your rover's appearance. A package includes 6 stickers.

For more information and the first look of the Rov: The GEEKY Rover visit PSB Toy's website


Educational Tablets for Toddlers | Mississauga


Searching for a fun/educational toy for your child? WE GOT YOU! The Tabucation is the best fit for your toddler. A kid-friendly educational tablet that is packed with 30+ educational apps. It creates an environment that guides your child’s brain and aims to make learning fun. The educational tablet has a very easy to use software. It is child proof and durable. 

Girl using a tablet to learn.

What does an Educational Tablet do?

A modern educational tablet (Tabucation) is filled with ultimate features to enhance your child’s learning capabilities through various video games installed in it. Tabucation is focused on fun-learning because it is important for the kid to learn to give their complete attention to the tablet therefore, they enjoy what they learn. The educational tablet is bilingual and has been designed to enable your toddler to learn new languages such as English, French, Mandarin and Punjabi. The educational tablet focuses on a toddlers' cognitive thinking skills. It has a first generation stylus. It is used to teach children to write and draw. This makes sure that children do not lose the hang of writing.

The Benefits of Tabucation!

The Educational tablet has different levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advance). Each educational tablet is filled with learning modules in which your child will have to clear a level to pass on to the other. As your child’s brain grows there is an increase in the level of difficulty which challenges your toddler to do better. This focuses on expanding your child’s analytical thinking capabilities. It hence encourages them to take on new challenges after a game ends. At the end of every game there is a reward to keep your toddler motivated. Tabucation has its center of attention on the child to keep them engrossed for long hours and challenging their capabilities. There are no tests, the toddler will have unlimited chances to repeat a level. The correct answer is always taught at the end of every level if answered incorrectly.

When should a toddler be introduced to technology?

“The best time to introduce a child to a tablet is when they are at least 2 years old” (Mark Zadvinskis, 2021). Nowadays, every child  has learned to use technology. The educational tablet has restricted all social media contents and eliminated all parental controls because the content it showcases is already filtered. The operation of the Tabucation is confined between learning and gaming. It’s their world with your rules! There is an application through which parents can track their toddlers progress to decide and schedule which learning modules they want to introduce to their children. The educational tablet also has a self-updating feature most importantly introduces new learning module grade wise and plans on giving your child never ending knowledge.

Why choose Tabucation?

“Some research indicates that specific apps and games can enhance kids' ability to concentrate” (Heba Hasan, 2015). After the Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a drastic incline in the use of technology. It has become obligatory for everyone to shift to technology most importantly to function and keep up with the entire world. Tabucation focuses on toddlers to become tech-savvy. What’s more, Tabucation does not need an internet connection. So now your toddler can learn on the go. They can also listen to thousands of hours of fun, educational and inspirational audible books which are already downloaded on the tablet. It has a durable protective case and screen protector which protects the tablet against dust, bumps and drops.

FREE REPAIRS FOR 1 YEAR. Tabucation has a warranty for one year that provides completely free repairs for 1 year.

Two kids learning on their tablets


  • Long battery life
  • 30+ educational applications
  • Controlled screen time
  • Games only tablet
  • Educational/Fun learning
  • 16GB Storage
  • Multilingual capability (English, French, Mandarin, Punjabi)
  • Durable/Child proof
  • Includes a USB charger
  • Stylus to practice writing and drawing
  • Protective case
  • Screen protector





Top Squishmallows list in Ontario

Which ones are people loving province wide?

Our blog post will show you the Top Squishmallows list in Ontario at the moment. We’ve seen the Beanie Baby boom from the 1990’s but now there’s something bigger (literally) and better…Squishmallows! The softest, squishiest, plushiest toy is booming in the province and all over the world! Just to give you an idea of the sheer popularity of this toy, the makers of Squishmallows, Kelly Toys, have sold 50 million of them and counting! This number is just from February 2020.
Squishmallows are the only stuffed toy brand that offers a range of rare, limited edition stuffed toys, each with their own unique personalities and background stories. Our customers at PSB Toys will be brought a sense of pride and ownership with some very rare and hard to find Squishmallows where you’re sure to stand out in the crowd! What’s the best part? You can now find all of them LOCALLY at PSB Toys in Mississauga!

Top Squishmallow in Ontario #1: Maui the Pineapple

Top Squishmallow #1 list-Maui the Pineapple
Photo courtesy of Amazon

First up we have Maui the Pineapple as part of our Top Squishmallows list in Ontario. You know those pineapples you see all over Hawai’i? Why not have something that reminds you of that? Especially if you live in Ontario where our seasons are pretty much summer and winter. This yellow, squishy, totally cuddleable Squishmallow will brighten up your day that much more!

Top Squishmallow in Ontario #2: Cookie the Pink Flamingo

Cookie the Pink Flamingo is #2 on the Top Squishmllow list in Ontario
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A new addition to the Wildlife Squad with colours just as bright as her personality, Cookie hopes to one day become a botanist so she can teach you all about plants! This adorable pink and tropical Squishmallow is loved all over Ontario because of its bright colours and tropical feel! Cookie is sure to make the collector in you happy!

Top Squishmallow in Ontario #3: Freddie the Black and White Zebra

Freddie the Black and White Zebra is #3 on the Top Squishmallows list in Ontario
Photo courtesy of Squishmallows Wiki-Fandom

Sidenote—have you ever wondered if a zebra is considered a horse? Anyway, with this Squishmallow you’ll love it so much you won’t even care! Freddie is a guitar playing, band member! You can also get him at a perfect Squishmallow size of 12”. Due to his sheer popularity, there’s only a few left in stock at PSB Toys in Mississauga so you wouldn’t want to wait to get your hand on this one!

Top Squishmallow in Ontario #4: Atlas the Tye-Dye Unicorn

Atlas the Tye-Dye Unicorn is #4 on the Top Squishmallows list in Ontario
Photo courtesy of Squishmallows

At PSB Toys, we had to make sure we got our hands on this one for all you collectors out there. Who wouldn’t want a colourful tye-dye unicorn to not be available to those that want to add a pop of colour to their Squishmallow collection? You can’t go wrong owning an Atlas.

Top Squishmallow in Ontario #5: Clara the Cupcake

Clara the Cupcake is #5 on the Top Squishmallows list in Ontario
Photo courtesy of Walmart

Are you a cupcake lover? Are you someone that could eat them all-day every day? Then you might want to get your hands on the Squishmallow version of your favourite dessert! As part of this top Squishmallows list in Ontario, you’re sure to find this one fully stocked at PSB Toys because we know everyone LOVES cupcakes! You can never go wrong with the Food Squad. To see some fellow collectors with Clara the Cupcake, check out our Instagram!

Squishmallow collection
Photo courtesy of TODAY

Like this Top Squishmallows list in Ontario? Want to see more Squishmallows you’re going to fall in love with that everyone province-wide is currently obsessed with? Do you want to build your collection with both common and rare Squishmallows? Are you looking for something special to help you become the ULTIMATE collector? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then subscribe to our blog to be in-the-know about everything Squishmallows in Ontario! If you subscribe, you will also get a super exclusive special offer in your inbox that can be redeemed in-store at PSB Toys in Mississauga! Claim this offer for a limited time.

If you’d like to learn more about the world of Squishmallows please feel free to visit the “Biggest Squishmallow Collections Ever” page on our blog!