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The product that we would be offering is the PSB fitness gym with features including: 24/7 access, high quality facilities, and brand-new equipment. This gym will offer personal training sessions and allows for customers to have the opportunity to work achieve their fitness goals. The product USP is “the only gym in your price range that offers personalized training plans”.

The pricing of this gym is bargain. It will be $16.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee unless you sign up in the first month. This gym is a bargain because it has similar amenities of other gyms but a cheaper price. To enroll, customers have to pay $50 which is considerably lower than most gyms in the GTA. The USP for price is “Customers are provided with all-inclusive classes for only $16.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee which is half of what competitors are charging.”

The place that customers can purchase our membership is at the campus athletic reception desk or online through the Sheridan athletics website. The gym is located in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton. Toronto is the hub spot of the GTA and is heavily populated. This is beneficial for this gym because it would attract new customers and allow for new and returning customers to visit. Mississauga houses a lot of students so this gym would attract them and be affordable. Brampton is another location that houses a lot of students so PSB would be the most ideal for students to join. The USP for place is “Customers can purchase the membership online which most gyms do not permit you to do”.

The promotion we are choosing to use is sales promotion as our main strategy. When members sign up, three complimentary personal training sessions will be given. A bonus pack will also be provided to the gym members with a new gym bag when they sign up. The theme of our promotion is “Work Hard, Feel Proud”. The promotion USP for PSB “Three complimentary personal training sessions once registered”.
“Spend Less, Get More” please contact PBS Fitness at 416-768-3748 or email us at PSBFitness@outlook.

Affordable Gym in Downtown Mississauga

If you’re looking for a CrossFit gym near HMC Sheridan College which open 24/7, if you want to get in great, healthy shape while saving time and money, you are coming to the right place! Other than CrossFit training, we provide a variety of fitness services, ranging from basic gym packages that allow you to work out alone, to group classes and personal trainings with professional coaches. Along with our individualized approach to each customer and adaptable membership options are the great price, perfect location, and variety of fitness services which distinguish us from other gyms.

This is our CrossFit gym near HMC Sheridan College

About Us

The company, PSB Fitness, is founded by two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5
years’ experience and 15 existing clients. The two new fitness centers will be operating onsite at the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. 


Our gym is located in the centre of Mississauga. Whether you are student or staff at Sheridan HMC, living or working near Square One Shopping Center, we have you covered.

Other than CrossFit training, We are Also Providing:

– Yoga classes
– Muscle training
– Personal training
– Virtual exercise classes

Membership Plans

**All packages include 3 free trials**

Beginner Package – $24.99/month
– 24/7 access
– One membership per person
– Free Wi-Fi
– Free locker
– CrossFit training (limited to 2 times per month)

Advanced Package – $34.99/month
– Includes all features of Beginner package
– Personal training (limited to 3 times per month)
– Yoga classes
– Virtual exercise classes

Hardcore Package – $49.99/month
– Includes Beginner & Advanced
– Unlimited CrossFit & Personal training
– Muscle training

Exclusive Offer for Sheridan Students and staffs:
One-on-one training with Matt and Jessie on Beginner and Advanced packages
– One month fee waived off for Hardcore package
– Bring a guest for Hardcore package **Guests can only access the basic gym amenities**

We are here for you!

We would love to be here to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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PSB Fitness
24/7 Gym with Affordable prices

PSB: A Gym For All of Your Needs

The products offered by our fitness centre include a gym, spa, and sauna (offering massages), a smoothie bar that will provide many different drinks and healthy shakes, various programs and classes (Zumba, weight-lifting, basketball, etc), and a pool. The price for these products varies based on the membership tier you will choose. Starting off with the basic membership, which provides access to the main gym. Then there is the bronze membership, which will offer everything in the basic plus classes such as Zumba, weight lifting, and more. The next is the silver membership, which offers all the previous services plus the spa. The gold membership includes everything plus a smoothie bar loyalty card, to earn rewards such as 10% off every smoothie purchased and every 8th smoothie is free. Customers can sign up online for a free 3-day trial.

We have plenty of rewards, discounts, and promotions that constantly run. Our centre is located in downtown Mississauga and there are many ways to get there using public transportation, as well as a big parking lot for members who drive. An excellent all-in-one fitness centre offering all kinds of programs that will help users with planning and building their healthy lifestyle. A prime location along with relaxation services, such as a spa and smoothie centre, allow our users to not just work out but recover. Find the membership tier that is perfect for your needs and let’s get started!

Our Vision and Mission:

Helping you in building your healthy lifestyle by offering our fitness centre and the incredible services we offer.

Incredible Gym & SPA & Pool

How many gyms do you know that also offer spa service? Recovery is just as important as working out. After you’ve completed one of our designed workouts or finished one of the many classes we offer, take a look into using the SPA we have to recover. All our equipment is state of the art. We hire only the best RMTs, and provide a relaxing atmosphere. The silver and gold memberships give users access to the SPA, and it is a service that is truly life-changing. Feeling a little heated after a workout? Try taking a swim in our pool. All of these great services are offered under one roof, in a state-of-the-art centre, conveniently located downtown.

Smoothie Bar with Rewards

Along with working out and recovering, what you eat is extremely important. PSB offers a healthy and nutritious smoothie bar that comes with drinks and snacks to help you stay energized. Grab one of our pre-made drinks or have one created by our wonderful staff. Our goal is to have you feeling fresh and healthy when you step out of our gym. Our gold membership offers rewards for the smoothie bar, such as 10% off all drinks and a free drink every 8 drinks. The smoothie bar is truly one of our highlights.

Classes and Programs

A great gym offers many classes and programs for its members. At PSB, we offer Zumba, weight training and lifting, swimming classes, HIIT workouts, cycling classes, and much more! We believe group and social interaction in these classes are important for our members. PSB strives for a family environment. These classes are designed to make you feel welcomed and passionate about your health journey!

Here at PSB, we want to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. Our staff is warm, welcoming, and ready to help you shape your lifestyle. Our services are welcome for all kinds of people, with many kinds of needs. Let’s work together to find out what’s best for you at PSB.

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans Mississauga

Looking for a cost-friendly gym open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga? PSB Fitness presents the perfect opportunity for you to experience all of those aspects. PSB Fitness provides numerous benefits compared to others within the industry for a fraction of the price.

PSB Fitness Logo
Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

The Gym

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga. PSB Fitness is a high-end wonderful facility that allows members to access the gym 24 hours, 7 days a week. It houses high-quality workout equipment such as machines as well as free weights. The gym is very welcoming. We are also one of the only gyms to provide professional personal training plans.

Our pricing is like no other in the industry. Pricing is firm with a single membership each consumer can purchase for $16.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee. This fee is available to be waived if you sign up within the first month of the fitness center opening. We are one of the only gyms, if not the only one to offer memberships at this price. As well as the enrollment fee which is almost half of what other gyms will charge.

Our memberships can be purchased fully online at any time through the Sheridan athletics website. This is not the only option of course. Customers can visit the center at any time and can have a tour of the facility as well as complete the membership process within the gym. Almost any other gym at a similar level will not allow you to purchase a membership hands-free. This is where PSB Fitness stands out along with the other primary benefits. Once again, we are a few of the gym that are open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga.

When it comes to our promotion, we tend to focus on providing benefits to our consumers. This is why we are promoting 3 complimentary personal training sessions for our members so that our trainers can help members with a guide on how they can go through their workouts. Along with these personal training sessions we are providing new members with a bonus pack of either a PSB Fitness gym bag or a water bottle for members to use.


We are located inside 2 Sheridan College campuses. HMC Campus near square one in Mississauga as well as the Davis Campus located in Brampton.

Call to Action

If you are interested in joining the PSB Fitness team reply to us RIGHT NOW and receive an all-inclusive circuit training class on the house. E-mail:

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans Mississauga

Personal training plans


Sport for students close to Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton


  • Are you a student who likes sport and a healthy lifestyle?
  • Interested in fitness classes for an affordable price and close to Sheridan College?
  • Do you need to find a place close to you to meet your friends or find new ones to have fun with?

              sport students workout fitness classes gym      sport for students fitness classes health fun happy

PSB Fitness is all about sport for students close to Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton – a place right for you!

By exercising in the gym, you stay fit and well, feel better mentally, and be more productive. In addition, any physical activity has a positive effect on your body, muscles, and mind. For example, it can be walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming, yoga and fitness classes, fly yoga, cycling, etc.

Therefore, finding any activity that you like may provide you to work toward and a sense of accomplishment. As a result, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, get away from everyday life, and build confidence. Other advantages of sport include:

  • increased concentration and motivation
  • reduced anxiety and fatigue
  • having fun

You have a unique opportunity not only to sign up for a sports trial month in our gym but also get a lot of BENEFITS from our fitness classes:


PSB Fitness is located at HMC Campus and Davis Campus of Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton. So, you save on commuting time, transportation fees and never have to tread the snow to go to the gym.


We strongly believe that sport for students close to Sheridan College is vital due to their workload. Our goal is to encourage college students to exercise and be healthy and happy, therefore, the price for being involved in sport is extremely affordable. In other words, the membership fee per month is less than two cups of coffee. At the same time, for non-Sheridan students, the price is quite competitive and reasonable as well.


The professional fitness instructor and a certified personal trainer are ready to help you with any questions or programs you may need for your personal goals.


Furthermore, their combined 12 years’ experience will be very useful in such questions as:

– how often do you need to work out to reach your results
– what kind of equipment is better to use
– which classes to attend based on your preferences to get more fun.

In addition, the staff is open to consult you about proper nutrition and diets. Above all, guys will be happy to share with you their tips on how to balance work and study, because not a long time ago they were in the same boat as you are now.


The top-of-the-line treadmills have multiple features with a wide running area, 22-inch width, and 60-inch length. The ability to watch a show and charge your phone while exercising. Furthermore, running or walking on the treadmills helps burn calories, boosts vitamin D levels, improves mood, and, finally, is a fun way to stay in good physical shape. Also, you may pick the workout routine accordingly to your personal needs and goals. Moreover, PSB Fitness has a wide range of equipment to keep you fit, healthy, and beautiful.


Sheridan students benefit from sport with 2 Fs and 2 Hs – get Fit, get Fun, be Healthy, be Happy! With PSB Fitness you will be healthy, happy, fit, and have a lot of fun in the students’ and friends’ community.


Sheridan students choose PSB!


We have prepared a free trial month for you to get to know each other and become friends. During this month you will have access to a gym with all equipment and all scheduled fitness and yoga classes. Moreover, on your first visit, you have our support with a 1-hour orientation with the personal trainer and 30 minutes with the fitness instructor.

Sign up now to receive your first month of a sports journey for free!

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A Personal Trainer can help YOU reach YOUR goals at YOUR convenience in Mississauga

Do you dwell on your body shape and wonder what it would look like to reach your fitness goals? Do you wish you were more confident and more socially active with your friends but no convenience in time? Well, you can stop dreaming about it and start doing it because PSB Fitness is here to help! PSB Fitness, started by PSB graduates Jessie and Matt (certified trainer and instructor), is here to offer fitness services to students. At bargain prices students can use different courses to obtain fitness goals and watch their calories at their convenience. Personal trainers help by keeping you on track to successful goal completion, teaching you the procedures, and making personalized plans.


Alone, customers have trouble trying to reach their goals. They are bored working out alone and lose motivation. People procrastinate due to schedule inconvenience so interest is lost. They are disheartened because they are not seeing results and find their goals unachievable. When not held accountable, people stop trying to reach their goals and desires. But a personal trainer is a great way to fix these problems and achieve said goals. A PSB personal trainer helps by just being with them. They alleviate loneliness, act professionally, and positivity encourage clients. Time slots are booked in advance for the reasonable cost of $55/hour for a Mississauga personal trainer. This way clients are also accountable for coming to sessions booked at their convenience unless an emergency occurs. Our trainers motivate with positive reinforcement, especially when clients are dejected from lack of progress. Our trainers discover methods to achieve goals when feeling unmotivated.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
Hard at work to Achieve his goal


As a certified personal trainer and instructor PSB Fitness founders have much knowledge of the industry and with new trends. Because they Have over five years of experience each they have the skills and competence regarding hiring a personal trainer. Their expertise and experience gives them insight as to what the client wants and needs, and how to achieve goals. As a personal trainer they must have experience dealing with clients, know the correct forms/techniques of exercises, and dieting regimes. Since it is at the client’s convenience, trainers teach them exercises for their spare time. This improves the habit of working out on one’s own. They show clients how to correctly exercise and warm up to avoid injury so they realize their goals. It is easy to book an appointment, meet a personal trainer, and gain insight at the Mississauga campus.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
Personal Trainer showing the correct form

Personalized Plan

Personal trainers usually work individually with clients. This gives them a standard regime. Our trainers find their likes and dislikes, mindsets, and behaviors. Personal trainers then form an idea on how their plans should be structured. Once our personal trainers know their personality and behavior a personalized plan is given to them. This revolves mostly around fitness exercises and diet, which PSB Fitness easily helps with. We offer rewards to get free diet food and free access days into our Mississauga location. It is adjusted over time so clients are comfortable applying it at their convenience to accomplish their goal. Personal trainers can set more realistic goals over time based on the client’s abilities. After developing a personal plan, they do not just help with your fitness but also your mental well-being. The plan includes exercises to reduce stress and make you more comfortable with yourself and in social situations.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
A page meant just for you at your convenience

To Apply:

It is straightforward to apply for PSB Fitness’ personal training service. It can be done through our website, through the phone (905) 845-9430, or in-person. We are located at 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5.

personal trainer goals convenience Mississauga
Location of PSB Fitness (Mississauga, Sheridan College Campus)