Wanna Know Something About Our Cafe!!

Our café is PSB Speakeasy café. It is a new fast food restaurant owned by smaller private companies opened in HMC and Davis Campus of Sheridan college. Food products like: Pizza, Ice cream, Bubble tea, Butter Chicken and so on. It focusses on determining unique products that will be desired by Sheridan students and also drive awareness between students and increase sales. This Café is in the Canadian fast food industry. Main products are alcohol infused beverages. Our unique selling point would be our key products: Hot Boozy Coffee, Pina Colada Cupcakes, Bruins Bruno, Strawberry and Cantaloupe Smoothie. Speakeasy will also host special events like paint nights, DIY nights, Live performances twice a month to bring excitement and buzz surrounding the café. Food item of the month Opportunity which will be mainly international food that will be suggested by the customers. At end, Speakeasy café will be inputting quiet rooms in the back of the café, where students and faculty can book out the space to conduct meetings, study sessions or to work on projects and assignments. The target audience for our USP are Sheridan students, professors and alumni. In our campaign we are giving away free samples of our key products which would grab the attention of the audience, as our products are unique and sold for the very first on campus. Audience would get a chance to experience the flavors during our promotion campaign for free of cost and provide us their feedback, which will be considered. Our promotions, pre-campaign will be done around the campus through SSU’s TV ads, SSU social media channels- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, Flyers on the campus and also announcements will be done in class by the volunteers. As our products are all unique and only available in Sheridan College at our PSB Speakeasy Cafe the primary benefit would be our location, which is in the college and right next to our competitor The Den, ambience, facilities(seating, workshop rooms, meeting rooms) and our products.