Cardiovascular Exercise for Sheridan Students

Why are cardiovascular exercises so popular amongst people ?

The popularity of these exercises has mainly become widespread because of how easy they are to perform and requires little to no equipment. As a result you can get your reps in with greater convenience and flexibility without having to worry about operating heavy equipment. Cardiovascular exercises for sheridan students also has a variety of options ranging from cycling, hiking, running, dancing etc. So there is a little bit of something for everyone out there. It is also termed as a ‘beginner’s exercise’ to get them into the world of fitness and gym.

What is the science behind Cardiovascular Exercises ?

These activites gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing with the goal of improving the cardiorespiratory health. In simpler words, it makes the heart more efficient and capable of moving more oxygen carrying blood with every beat. Another way of putting cardio is the type of activity where our heartbeat and breathing increases at a steady but not so much where we feel exhausted. It is a very effective method of increasing stamina and endurance to lead a healthy and better way of life.

Why should you go for cardiovascular exercises ?

Several Health Benefits

Aerobic exercises are recommended by doctors who are risk of heart disease, it keeps low blood pressure and keeps the arteries clear. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels while keepin the body weight in check.

Sleep Benefits

Chronic sleep issues can be treated with regular exercise during those sleepless hours combined with sleep hygiene. As students assignments and many other may keep you up at night, exercising can solve these problems.

It Boosts Mood

A Study on a group of paricipants showed that engaging in regular exercise resulted into significant reduction in depression symptoms.


PSB Fitness is your doorway to cardiovascular exercises for Sheridan Students

As a Sheridan student you may be wondering where to get your daily fix of cardio conveniently with ease and affordably. At the HMC campus we got you covered with our brand new cardiovascular gym to help you on this journey of fitness. Does not matter if you are a cardio veteran or beginner, we have offerings for everyone in our gym.

As a beginner you may not know how much cardio is effective and what equipments to use and start with, this is where our in house gym instructers our ‘Cardio Gurus’ come to help and advice you about your daily dosage of cardio so that you can get the most work done in a day without getting completely exhausted.

If you are looking for fitness classes to guide you, we also have special fitness & Zumba classes that run throughout the week at different time intervals so that you can participate in one at your own convenience without missing on a lecture. The cardio equipments that we offer are operation friendly and you will be able to operate them with ease. If you are looking for variety, this the place to be. We have all the popular options such as treadmills, cycles, rowing etc.

At PSB Fitness we thrive to create the best possible environment to get your blood pumping. Our playlists are compiled of songs with repetitive & pumped music with synchronized lighting to keep you energized. Once you are done burning your calories, you can always rinse your sweat off at the in house showers. The showers are housed right beside the gymnasium for your convenience.

Not sure about cardiovascular exercises?

If you are not sure about your decision to participate in exercising, you can always try it out first. At PSB Fitness we are offering a 7 days free-trial period to dive into our cardiovascular exercise solution experience totally free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Do what is best for you, do what excites!

Beginner Friendly Low-Impact Gym Opening at HMC

A beginner friendly low-impact gym is coming to HMC Sheridan campus!


Beginner Friendly Low-Impact Gym

That’s right! A low-impact beginner friendly gym is coming soon to Sheridan PSB Fitness.

Now that we’ve been moved to remote learning, working out (or even moving from our desks!) have become less of a priority. Even worse, because we’re not moving as much, focusing and staying awake during class is harder now than ever before!

Now that you think about it, I bet you’re starting to notice it: the sore muscles, back pain and strained eyes from working at the computer all day.

No need to worry any longer!
Did you know there’s a simple, relaxing and low-impact workout that can improve your muscle tension and relieve stress? It’s called Yoga and Pilates, and it’s coming soon to Sheridan college at the HMC and Davis campuses.

It will operate as a 2-in-1 class that begins with light Yoga and ends with a medium-intensity Pilate. Classes are entirely beginner friendly and will be trainer lead.


Some special features include:

  • Membership is only $35 a month for students with no cancellation fees.
  • Quiet and spacious workout environment.
  • Free week-long trial with a massage ticket included.
  • Loyalty points program that rewards you with free on-campus meals and discounts.

For more information about our services and features, check out our other blog posts.


On top of this, by partaking in Yoga and Pilate classes, not only will you remain fit- but will also earn additional benefits that can improve your performance at school.
Some of these special benefits include:


Builds Concentration & Focus
Yoga and Pilates gets the body moving in a non-intensive way.

  • Yoga uses alignment and balancing postures that allows us to concentrate on the present moment.
  • Likewise, Pilates requires commitment and concentration during the exercise that enhances body awareness.
  • These postures are great to partake in before class to improve awareness and concentration!

Beginner Friendly Low-Impact Gym

Relives Stress
Yoga and Pilates focuses on the mind and body to relieve tension.

  • Yoga teaches breathing techniques that relaxes muscles in the body that are tense with stress.
  • Meanwhile, Pilates teaches a unique breathing technique the manages the quality of oxygen entering the body to give muscles energy.
  • These techniques are perfect to partake in between classes and before exams to work off stress!

Beginner Friendly Low-Impact Gym

Builds Muscle Strength
Yoga and Pilates contain poses that tones abdominal muscles

  • Yoga is a bodyweight exercise that builds strength and flexibility in the muscles and bones.
  • Similarly, Pilates also improves flexibility and posture by increasing muscle strength.
  • Partaking in these workouts after long hours of desk-work are perfect for getting blood-flow back!

Beginner Friendly Low-Impact Gym

More information about the differences and benefits of Yoga and Pilates can be found here.


If these features interest you, we look forward to seeing you at our new gym!