New Protein Product in a Mississauga Gym – PSB Fitness

New PSB Fitness Gym

PSB Fitness recently opened a fitness gym, is selling a brand new protein product, and provides a variety of training options and choices. Due to popular demand, group workout programs will be implemented at the gym, allowing people to work out together. The workout program will be designed by experienced professionals Jessie and Matt, and activities will include group yoga classes for mental health and group treadmill classes for physical training. These activities allow people to not only feel at ease because they are all moving at the same pace, but also to make new connections and possibly new friends. PSB assists people in achieving their goals because the level of difficulty is designed to accommodate all types of people rather than one specific group. A higher difficulty workout routine includes a mixture of strengths, cardio and difficult mental training practices.

new protein product in a mississauga gym

Fitness Gym Location – Mississauga

PSB Fitness gym is located in Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario and it is in a very convenient location because there is a mall right next to it, as well as many food places, allowing for a great balance as well as convenience. The location makes it an excellent place to exercise because the view from the gym is breathtaking, filled with greenery, tall sky scrapers, and beautiful skies. This not only helps with exercise, but it also helps to refresh your mind from any stress that you may be experiencing. Moreover, this location allows for a spacious gym, providing members with the ideal location to perform their daily workouts without being interrupted by a lack of space.

New Product in PSB Mississauga Gym – Protein Powder Shake

PSB Fitness intends to launch a new protein product in their Mississauga gym. The protein shake is a protein powder shake that is both effective and free of major side effects! It enables gym members to stay fit, gain muscle, and engage in high-quality workouts. It not only helps with muscle building but also with mental relaxation. Using the shake after a stressful day, whether at school or at work, aids in stress relief. Moreover, the protein shake has a very smooth texture, making it a pleasure to drink. Overall, this has physical and mental benefits because it makes you feel and look good.

New Protein Product in a Mississauga Gym - PSB Fitness

Benefits and Outcome of the Product – Protein Powder Shake

PSB Fitness’s new protein product for their Mississauga gym has a multitude of advantages. It is a natural product that improves muscle tone and leaves you feeling recharged! The prices are also very reasonable. Students also benefit from discounts. This is an excellent way to assist students who want to stay healthy while also saving money. Moreover, the product’s texture allows for a smooth experience when trying it out. Consuming this product will result in a very positive outcome. This is because the ingredients are very fresh allowing a person to receive required vitamins from the product.

Future Gym & Product Plans

PSB intends to continuously hand out subscriptions and make a profit out of it. The gym intends to grow and attract various target markets. The gym will regularly update with the latest equipment allowing no disruptions. The new product will be developed regularly to be made the best version of itself. Any side effects as well as complaints will be taken into consideration. It will then be fixed. Marketing wise, the product will be marketed all throughout PSB and online. This will allow for a variety of people to be reached.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your subscription to the new PSB gym today!

Contact us for any questions or for more information!

Group Gym-classes Sheridan College Mississauga

Are you looking for a gym that will meet your every fitness need? Are you a Sheridan College student that needs a convenient location for working out in Mississauga or Brampton and is interested in group gym-classes?  Search no further, because PSB Fitness is the gym of your dreams!

Why PSB Fitness?

PSB Fitness Gyms will be like your home away from home. Here is why you should take a chance on us!

Convenient Locations at Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton

We at PSB Fitness wanted to make gyms and working out convenient for you! So, PSB Fitness Gyms will be located on campus at the Hazel McCallion and Davis locations of Sheridan College. If you are a student at any of these campuses, say goodbye to having to travel to the nearest gym in the Mississauga and Brampton area, and say hello to simply walking to your PSB Fitness Gym, on campus!

Group Gym-classes Sheridan College Mississauga 

Group Gym-classes Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton will be offered at PSB Fitness Gyms. Wanna know why? Keep reading!

We know that not everyone is at the same level of experience when it comes to working out, and that’s okay! That is why, we will be introducing our new Group Gym-Classes to Sheridan College at the Mississauga and Brampton Campuses. With our new Group Gym Packs, you can join group classes according to your level of experience. You won’t have to worry about being too inexperienced or being left behind, because at PSB Fitness, you set your own pace and train alongside people just like you. With our flexible schedules, you can choose to come at a time that is most convenient for you! You select what you think is best, and we will deliver.

We will also offer a variety of different gym activities, such as yoga, cardio training, stamina training and more. Our training programs and regimens are managed by two established professionals who know what Sheridan College students need. After all, they are Sheridan College graduates!

Group Gym-Classes Sheridan-College:Mississauga
Shown in this image is a group gym class taking place. This is what PSB Fitness at the Sheridan College Campuses in Mississauga and Brampton are looking to offer.
Group Gym Class
This is another example of a group gym class in action.

 Different Pricing Options and Benefits for Sheridan College Students

Here at PSB Fitness, we offer different membership packages. You can choose amongst the following membership packages!

  • Standard Package: This package gives you access to the gym, however no access to group training activities.
  • Group Fitness Package: This package allows you to participate in our group training activities, however, does not allow you to access the gym for anything other than group training.
  • Complex Package: This package gives you access to the gym and group training!
  • Students’ Package: This is a special package. With the Student’s Package, you can choose any of the Packages listed above, however at a 35% discount. This package is only for students currently enrolled in Sheridan College.
  • Private training: The Private Training Package allows you access to the gym and six or twelve private training sessions with an experienced and professional PSB Coach.

We want you to get the best value for your money, so we are providing you with multiple membership packages. Choose the one that suits you best and start your gym journey as soon as possible.

Promotions and Opportunities to ‘Do it like a Bruin’ at Sheridan College Locations

You won’t want to miss the opening of our Gym because so many surprises and promotions await you! This is your chance to get PSB merchandise and win prizes by following our social media accounts. Additionally, there are free trials for the coveted ‘Group Gym Packs’ on opening day! Other gym services are also up for free trials on opening day.

But wait! There’s more! The Bruins are the pride and joy of Sheridan College! They are hardworking athletes who strive to make Sheridan College proud. On opening day, you can train alongside some Bruin athletes, meet them and get their advice on working out and other gym related things. The Bruins are delighted to be a part of PSB Fitness and we want you to get to know them! Nothing says ‘school pride’ like learning from our very own athletes.

Under the theme, ‘It’s gotta be PSB!”, we want you to know that this is the gym for you- we have it all. PSB Fitness is surely the right choice, and the best choice!

 Give us a try and we won’t let you down!

Take a chance on us, and we’ll do our best to help you reach all your fitness goals. Follow all of our social media below!




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Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College

PSB Fitness – One of the Most Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College!

Welcome, Everyone! PSB Fitness is a community of young students that offers the finest gym membership with personal training programs at the best possible price and location – One of the Best Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College.

We focus on bringing quality gym services and a one-on-one mentorship opportunity from our highly trained coaches and trainers working around the clock to ensure Students take their fitness to the next level – with no additional cost to YOU!

psb fitness

Meet The Team Behind PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is founded by two Sheridan Graduates, Jessie and Matt. Matt is an experienced and certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience and Jessie has 7 years of experience as a Goodlife Fitness Instructor.

We offer our services at two Sheridan Colleges – The Davis Campus in Brampton, and The HMC in Mississauga, Ontario. PSB Fitness is open 24 hours, 7 days a week! Our Mission is to be one of the Best Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College.

Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College

Let us show you what we can do for you.

We provide more than just a GYM membership:

– Boxing classes
– Yoga classes
– Group exercise classes
– Access to the basketball court
– Virtual Classes
– Free wifi
– Personal Training
– Healthy Food

Our Pricing

As a student-friendly gym, we ensure our students save the maximum, check our pricing below:

Starter Pack – $14.99/bi-weekly
– Access to Both Locations
– One Membership per person
– $0.00 Locker
– Access to FREE Virtual Classes
– Free Wifi
– 24/7 Access
– Access to the basketball court

Advanced Pack – $24.99/bi-weekly
– All the features of the Starter Pack
– FREE Boxing Classes
– Complimentary Yoga Classes
– Personal Training (4 Classes, Once per Week)

Pro Pack – $39.99/bi-weekly
– All the features of the Advanced Pack
– One-on-one coaching from Matt or Jessie (Until Membership Expires)
– Personalized diet plans
– 50% Discount on Food Offered by Us.

The Ultimate Student Friendly Location

1) Located near Square One: We are located at the HMC in Mississauga close to the ultimate Square One Mall. With hundreds of restaurants, shopping centres, and food courts nearby, and at the heart of Mississauga.

2) Davis Campus: Conveniently located Close to Bus Stops and with Free Parking Space. The Brampton Shopping Centre is close by and is only 20 Minute Drive from the HMC in Mississauga.

Exclusive Promotional Offer for Sheridan Students

– Complimentary one-on-one training with Matt or Jessie on STARTER & ADVANCE Package for 6 Months.
– One Month Fee Waived off for PRO Pack

All you have to do is bring your buddy and sign up for the ADVANCE OR PRO Pack
– Offer Valid Until January 1st, 2023 so Take Advantage TODAY!

Fill Out The Form & Subscribe to PSB Digital

– Stay Connected with the PSB Fitness Family
– Don’t Lose out on the promotional offers that we send out
– FREE Information, Health & Fitness Tips
– Get A Free TRIAL OF ANY PACKAGE or Link To Our Virtual Class

Our Commitment as a Student Friendly Gym Near Sheridan College

PSB Fitness is committed to providing excellent and affordable gym services to Students in the GTA. As a Student friendly Gym Near Sheridan College, we know that you want the best fitness training program that enables you to live a healthier lifestyle. Experience an ever-growing strong community of students who believe in helping each other out. We connect, network, and engage in meaningful conversations. Take advantage of all the services that we offer, with you as our main priority. We take pride in calling ourselves the Most Student Friendly Gyms Near Sheridan College

We Want To Hear From You!

Join us LIVE In Action at the PSB Fitness in Davis Campus or HMC and ask us any questions you have regarding any of our fitness programs. We will help you find the best program suitable for your needs, and take your fitness journey forward!

Learn More About Sheridan College:

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Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans Mississauga
ExerSave on Your Fitness Journey with PSB Fitness! – A 24-Hour Access, Affordable & Convenient Gym
Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans Mississauga

Looking for a cost-friendly gym open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga? PSB Fitness presents the perfect opportunity for you to experience all of those aspects. PSB Fitness provides numerous benefits compared to others within the industry for a fraction of the price.

PSB Fitness Logo
Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

The Gym

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga. PSB Fitness is a high-end wonderful facility that allows members to access the gym 24 hours, 7 days a week. It houses high-quality workout equipment such as machines as well as free weights. The gym is very welcoming. We are also one of the only gyms to provide professional personal training plans.

Our pricing is like no other in the industry. Pricing is firm with a single membership each consumer can purchase for $16.99 bi-weekly with a $50 enrollment fee. This fee is available to be waived if you sign up within the first month of the fitness center opening. We are one of the only gyms, if not the only one to offer memberships at this price. As well as the enrollment fee which is almost half of what other gyms will charge.

Our memberships can be purchased fully online at any time through the Sheridan athletics website. This is not the only option of course. Customers can visit the center at any time and can have a tour of the facility as well as complete the membership process within the gym. Almost any other gym at a similar level will not allow you to purchase a membership hands-free. This is where PSB Fitness stands out along with the other primary benefits. Once again, we are a few of the gym that are open 24/7 with personal training plans in Mississauga.

When it comes to our promotion, we tend to focus on providing benefits to our consumers. This is why we are promoting 3 complimentary personal training sessions for our members so that our trainers can help members with a guide on how they can go through their workouts. Along with these personal training sessions we are providing new members with a bonus pack of either a PSB Fitness gym bag or a water bottle for members to use.


We are located inside 2 Sheridan College campuses. HMC Campus near square one in Mississauga as well as the Davis Campus located in Brampton.

Call to Action

If you are interested in joining the PSB Fitness team reply to us RIGHT NOW and receive an all-inclusive circuit training class on the house. E-mail:

Gym open 24/7 with personal training plans Mississauga

Personal training plans


Want to do travelling overseas from Mississauga?

Come fly away with us  

About PSB Travel Mississauga

We at PSB Travel are a travel agency that offers the best travel experience for you and your family overseas or domestically. Our quality assurance will help you create an unforgettable vacation through the numerous activities and adventures you can experience. At PSB Travel, we prioritize our customer’s experience and promise they will return happier. This includes alone time or productivity, there will always be something to look forward to. And with price out of the picture, not only will the kids be happy, but you and your partner as well.

At PSB our product has the unique benefit of giving our busy customers a high-quality experience for everyone in the family for only a fraction of the price and ease. Instead of paying for a trip that would cost you an arm and a leg we give you a great experience at a great price, unlike our other competitors. It also makes it so that you do not need to do any work and worry about messing up anything. All you need to do is give us a list of your preferences. We then will incorporate it into your vacation trip, we will ensure that everyone in the family is happy as can be. You know what they say the whole point of having a family vacation is for everyone to have fun. And if doesn’t hurt Mom and Dad’s wallets it’s even better!

Travel agents and our services

Our 24/7 customer agents helping one another to get the best possible experience for you
Businesswomen working together to help with any questions you may have

Furthermore, we offer a 24/7 global assistant to you any time anywhere that is toll-free. We get that your time is valuable and important and as a result, we have prepared for that. We have a 24/7 global assistant support system with a team of dedicated agents at your service. They are fully prepared with all the information and knowledge to help with any issues that may potentially arise. Our employees are even able to assist our customers with any unexpected and last-minute changes. Likewise, as stated before it’s overseas toll-free as well. Meaning that you won’t get charged for asking us questions at all.

Vacations should be an opportunity for everyone to relax, but not everything goes according to plan. Whether an unexpected incident occurs or something worse, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our agency solves that issue for everyone.  through our ability to provide customers with fast response times.

Kids? No problem

You and your family on vacation
A family who used PSB Travel

Travelling with kids can be expensive, stressful and often hard to please. With PSB Travel you won’t have any of these issues at all! We know that it can be tough to please everyone in the family but with us, it’ll be a breeze. We can help you plan out something for your youngest son or daughter, your oldest son or daughter or even more. With us, there is nothing we can’t do for them and you. You want some alone time with your partner we can set that up. Want to spend most of your trip as a family of 4 we can do that. Some past things we have done are a tour to a museum, visit local tourist attractions overseas, hidden gems, beaches, resorts, outdoor activities or even just spending time inside. If there is something that they want to do really badly and you are ok with it we’ll do it. We always have deals going on with group packages for your family so feel free to share with everyone you know to spread the word!

We want to make this memorable for you

In the end, we want to make this as memorable for you as it is for us. We at PSB travel care about you and your family. With plenty of locations open that all offer this service,24/7 assistance, good prices, keeping you and your kids happy, options to go domestic or overseas what else could you ask for? We promise that this will be a great time for everyone involved. So, what’s stopping you from going on vacation? Call in or go to a local PSB travel and ask us about this great product/deal and we’ll send you guys away. If you enjoy us why not do it again or even share with anyone you know and why not spread the word.


If you have any questions feel free to explore the other websites correlating to PSB Travel. Or contact us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Reasonable travel package with babysitters (Disney)

Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be To Europe




Squishmallow Collection. From Reviewed by Lindsey Vickers (

Are Squishmallows limited to CANADA?

The increasing craze for Squishmallows makes it limited to find in Canada. They are lovely furry animals with cute little smiles imprinted on their faces. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and species. Squishmallows was a trending theme during the last year for casual fans and collectors alike talking about them on TikTok and Reddit. The #squishmallows on TikTok crossed over 2 billion views, while the Squishmallow subreddit has more than 12000 members.

A firm of Squishmallows, Kellytoy, claimed to have sold millions of the toys by this time last year. When you look at a Squishmallow – or better yet, hug one – you’ll see why they’re so popular and difficult to find. However, their cuteness is simply one aspect of their attractiveness. The Squishmallows have over 500 different varieties, including seasonal exclusives.

Squishmallows are popular and limited to find in Canada due to the creativity level it is being made with. These plushies are somewhat solid, a little spongy, but quite mushy. This category makes him stand out of the box from other competitors in the market.

Squishmallows are sold at Walgreens, Amazon, Five Below, and other large online and specialized shops. Squishmallows are available worldwide in limited editions and exclusives.


How did Squishmallows become popular to CANADA?

This cuddly collectible plush toy sparked a fandom at some stage in this pandemic and uncertainty. The bulb and brightly colored plush toys have created a beanie babies' style craze amongst kids. Not only kids, but teenagers, and adults are also attracted to this popular toy over the last few months.

Even if the trend started before the epidemic, it really took off in the last year. This squish toy is a stress reliever during these months of sadness and isolation. In February 2020, The Toy Book, a trade publication reported that the company had sold over 50 million squishes.

Leonard the Lion. Courtesy of Squishmallow Official Website

Squishmallows, a series of cute toys released in 2017, became very popular with the help of social media and especially TikTok (as fans call #SquishTok). Collectors say the stuffed animals comforted them during a difficult year. The hunt for them formed a much-needed sense of community during their long isolation.

Squishmallows aren't simply adorable; they're full of personality. Each stuffed animal's tag includes not just a name, but also an in-depth description of the toy's personality. For example, Leonard the lion is a vegetarian, while Tristan is a dinosaur who also works as a personal trainer. Bobby the rabbit even uses they/them pronouns, and the official Squishmallow Twitter has verified that more non-binary plushies are on the way. Brock is a white dog with light orange patches over his right ear, around his left eye, and on his belly.

Is Squishmallows Organic?

Brock, The White Dog. Image by misstina255 from Pixabay

Squishmallows, on the other hand, are not biological. They are constructed of polyester fibers. Polyester is a robust, man-made textile that maintains its form due to its resistance to creasing. Most soft toys are composed of a poly mix - plush Cocomelon toys, for example, aren't organic either. It's an excellent fiber option for something as fluffy as a Squishmallow. They don't use any possibly harmful chemicals on the outside or interior of the fibers. The downside is that these toys are not flame retardant.

Squishmallows @ PSB Toys

Unable to find the Squishmallow that you are looking for? Come visit us at PSB Toys and you would find all the plushies you are looking for. PSB Toys offer you a wide variety of Squishmallow that you would definitely like to add to your collection. PSB has a daily buying limit so you would not end up seeing the empty racks.

Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on our daily updates and promotions: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

For more questions, you can email us at or visit PSB Toys.

Would you like to have a glance at the big Squishmallow Collections? Read here...




Lorenz, T. (2021, March 16). Squishmallows Are Taking Over. Retrieved from The New York Times

Squishmallows. Retrieved from Original Squishmallows

Nicole, S. (2020, February 11). Kellytoy Celebrates 50 million squishmallows sold. Retrieved from The Toy Book

Language Tablets for Preschoolers in Mississauga

Tabucation: Language Learning for Preschoolers

The Preschoolers of Today

As children around the world get more connected with IOT, it is important for them to have products that are made for fun and learning. These are products like language learning tablets for preschoolers in Mississauga! The present day preschooler's entertainment is Ipads and Iphones. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate, while also providing unlimited exposure to social media. This further leads to parents being worried about what their kid searches online. PSB offers a self - language learning tablets for preschoolers in Mississauga. This makes learning fun through game- centric education. “Tabucation” also eliminates the need for parental controls and guidance through it’s simple yet creative approach to enhance cognitive and motor skills.

Mississauga and Language Learning Barriers

Demographically, Mississauga is a fast growing economy that values diversity, giving way to relevant technological innovations. The IRCC data shows that 75% of Canada’s population growth comes from immigration. The diversity of Mississauga welcomes people from all over the world. Immigrants value traditions but the lack of knowing certain languages makes it difficult for them to communicate freely. This inability to interact in a foreign or a more native language often creates barriers in communication.

Here is a look at the growth in immigrant languages besides English in Canada. The period from 2011 to 2016 shows that a heavy percentage increase in Asian, South Asian and European languages in the country.

Language learning tablets for preschoolers in Mississauga
Asian, South Asian and European languages have become more popular.

Keeping this increasing linguistic diversity of Canada in mind, our product offers parents a chance to urge children in the direction of a communicative Mississauga! Learning new languages from a very early age will boost their academic and social confidence. It will also make them understand each other better. This will be us shaping our kids into more empathetic and mature human beings.
Our language learning tablets for preschoolers in Mississauga offer English, French, Mandarin and Punjabi as their new fun language to learn.

Language learning tablets for preschoolers in Mississauga
Children are recommended to learn languages from a younger age.

Why Tabucation: Language Learning Tablets for Preschoolers in Mississauga?

Designed with love, care and expert experience, Tabucation is an early age language learning tablet that combines fun and learning. Helping young children experience the importance of collaboration, emotional thinking, story – telling and problem solving skills. Children can now be open to exploring their smart senses. Our language learning tablet for preschoolers in Mississauga is a 2- way tablet. It combines digital with a magic slate at the back to practice handwriting, drawing and written language skills.

Language learning tablets for preschoolers in Mississauga
Exploring and learning together is the new social!

Tabucation Makes Spending Feel Like a Fun Investment!

Tabucation is an investment for families that want their kids to learn new languages and diversify their outlook through fun games. Learning languages has always been fun however older students often lose touch because of lack of practice, insufficient study material or lack of time once they start school. This is where Tabucation comes in play!

As children are growing, their brains are more open to exploring, learning and adapting to information that is visually appealing. It gives the touch of games and enjoyment! Tabucation can be your child’s smart, language learning best friend in Mississauga! They can choose and play from a wide set of game genres offered in the PSB App Store. What’s more interesting is that they can customize their game settings basis the language they are keen to learn! This allows children to not only have fun while learning but also prepares them for a fantastic career with secured multi-lingual skills!

Tabucation helps your child start early by introducing them to the experiential learning offered by the digital world on their own smart tabs!

Language Learning Apps for Preschoolers in Mississauga Respect Data Privacy 

With an inbuilt PSB App Store, Tabucation makes sure your child’s data privacy needs are met. While the PSB’s games do not access personal data, they also make sure to limit content. This is done basis age groups making comprehension feel easy and fun!

Language learning tablets for preschoolers in Mississauga
Children do not have to worry about privacy concerns!

Come visit us for an in-store demo!

The PSB Toy Store is open for walk in demos!

“Can I Tumble Dry My Squishmallow?” We Say No

We’ve got better options to keep your squishy friend looking as good as new without tumble drying your Squishmallow!

Cleaning a Squishmallow sounds as easy as throwing it in the washing machine and letting your Squishmallow tumble dry – and it is! But such convenience comes with consequence and you might lose out on the cute shape Squishmallows come in. Here’s why you should never tumble dry your Squishmallow, along with some tips on how to take care of your Squishmallow.

The official Squishmallow banner from Jazwares to showcase a few Squishmallow plush toys.
Squishmallows “Love at First Squish” banner – Courtesy of Jazwares from

What are Squishmallows? Why are they so popular?​

Squishmallows are the latest trendy toy to hit the Internet. They’re cute, cuddly, and collectible with their own names and unique backstory that add to the appeal of the plush toys. With thousands of Squishmallow plush toys to offer, Squishmallows also come in a wide range of themed groups, also known as “Squads.” Whether you’re into animal plush toys or Disney themed plush toys, there’s a Squishmallow for just about anyone!

While plush toys are generally known to be for kids, these soft, marshmallow-like toys are perfect as a companion for all ages. It’s especially important to take good care of your Squishmallow so it can keep its cute shape and fluffy sensation for longer, as well as its soft, cuddly exterior.

Looking for a Squishmallow to take home? Check out PSB Toys’s post on the Top Squishmallows in Ontario!

Squishmallows look great on display, but they still need to be cared for! Squishmallows are friends and a little extra time spent on caring for your Squishmallow can go a long way. So, how do you take care a Squishmallow? Especially without washing and throwing your Squishmallow in the machine to tumble dry? PSB Toys has a few quick tips and tricks that will make Squishmallow cleaning easy and hassle-free.

#1: Caring for your Squishmallow begins right when you open the package.

It’s exciting to bring home your new Squishmallow companion that sometimes we forget that we could damage our new, cuddly friend just from opening the package. Keep sharp objects away from the package, or at least be careful with them so you don’t accidentally damage the Squishmallow before you can even pull it out from its package.

An 8 pack Squishmallows Plush Set with a variety of smaller 5 inch Squishmallows
8 pack Squishmallows Plush Set – Courtesy of Walmart from

#2: Use a damp cloth to spot clean your Squishmallow. No need for a washing machine!

According to the official website, Squishmallows can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. If your Squishmallow gets a small stain on the side, you can use a wet wipe or a stain remover to get rid of the unwanted blemish quickly. But make sure you don’t throw your Squishmallow in a washing machine! This could mess with the shape of your Squishmallow and ruin the texture of the fabric so it won’t be as soft as it should be.

#3: Do not tumble dry your Squishmallow! Let it air dry instead.

A Squishmallow tumble drying in the drying machine.
Screenshot of a Squishmallow Tumble Drying in a Drying Machine – Courtesy of YouTube from

Once your Squishmallow is clean, let it sit out to dry. Low heat is the best way to go as Squishmallows and applied heat don’t mix well together. Make sure to avoid using hair dryers, irons, or any other heated appliance. Yes, that means staying away from the drying machine.

It’ll take awhile before you can comfortably cuddle your Squishmallow again, but it will hold its shape and look as cute as when you first got it!

#4: Cut any loose threads you might see.

The official website states that it’s rare for a Squishmallow to have loose threads, but not impossible. If you do end up seeing any loose threads on your Squishmallow, do not pull it! Instead, grab a pair of scissors and cut the thread off as close to the seam as possible. This prevents any possible damage that could be done to the fabric. We don’t want any unraveling to happen, right?

A bright, colourful collection of Squishmallows on a hammock
A Collection of Squishmallows – Courtesy of Variety from

Squishmallows have blown up in popularity in the past few years and it’s obvious why. These plush toys are known for their cute, soft exteriors. Heck – the Squishmallow slogan is “Love at First Squish.” Like any other collectible, they’re great to have on display for aesthetic purposes, but Squishmallows aren’t meant to be just for display. 

Squishmallows give a great sense of comfort just from cuddling with it, playing with it, and sleeping with it. It’s important to take care of your Squishmallow if you want it to last long, so make sure to follow these tips to keep your Squishmallow looking and feeling as good as new.

Want more on Squishmallows? Check out our post on The Biggest Squishmallow Collections Ever!

Got some Squishmallow-care tips of your own? Comment below!

Why Your Kids will Love Our Fun New STEM Toy, And Why You Will Love Them Having It Too.

Kids building a stem toys in mississauga

PSB has launched a fun STEM toy in Mississauga, “Rov, The Geeky Rover.” All parents will know that having their kids engaged is the most important. Rov is the perfect toy for your kids. So, the toy provides hours of fun that both child and parent can enjoy. Because of this, Rov is a buildable toy where your kids can fulfill their wildest dreams. And the Toy improves their mechanical and problem-solving skills on their own. As a result, your child will learn the basics of energy conversion and electrical circuits. Once your children have finished everything the product is still worthwhile as it could be put on display. Leading your child to be proud of what they have accomplished.

Now that we have gone through why your child will just adore this toy it is time to tell you the parents. STEM is the largest growing field for the future. Because of this, this toy will teach them how and why they will love science, technology, engineering, and math. This toy will allow them to start to find their interests within these fields and grow. As a result, what more could you want as a parent? This toy provides your child to find their interests but also puts them on the path for a bright future.

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Why a Fun Educational STEM Toy Should be Your Top Priority when Purchasing Toys

There is always a need for education. Education is one of the most important factors to a child’s development. It teaches kids a multitude of different skills that will improve much needed skills (Educational Playcare, 2018). Educational toys provide an educational benefit are even more important, as kids need to be learning while having fun to improve as much as possible. Using our toy your child will have a growth attention span.

If your child is engaged in learning, children find it easier to screen out distractions (Playskipy, NA). Your main priority is to give them educational toys. Our STEM toy can instill creativity and imagination into the children our toy reaches. This leads to our fun stem toy in Mississauga to be the best option available.

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Benefits of  Fun Interactive Toys Help Your Kids

  • Increased critical thinking, problem solving skills, and reasoning

  • Improved creativity and experimentation

  • Better coordination abilities

  • Learning and development of skills related to logical sequencing

Kids Interacting with Stem Toys

STEM Toys What are They and Why You Should Care

Kids Playing with their parents with STEM toys

STEM is a way for children to learn concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This learning leads your children to a bright future. Our new toy teaches engineering and science skills mainly but there are other toys that focus on other subject areas. STEM toys encourage children to think outside the box. As a result, developing creative solutions that are not teachable in a school setting. Another benefit to your child interacting with our toy is it teaches foundational skills. Such as critical thinking, teamwork, trial and error, problem solving, and independent learning.
STEM education extends far beyond what is taught in the classroom. Since STEM subjects are taught independently in school, STEM toys offer children the opportunity to pull knowledge in each of these subjects to solve the problem at hand. Overall, your children will benefit STEM toys offer is far better than purchasing a generic toy.

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