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Affordable Membership Plans

Basic- $15.99/bi-weekly


Gym equipment

Group exercises

Virtual and in-location fitness clubs

Virtual personal workouts

Videos on fitness and overall health

Premium- $19.99/bi-weekly


Gym equipment

Group exercises

Virtual and in-location fitness clubs

Virtual personal workouts, and

Videos on fitness and overall health

Personal athletic trainer

Personalized workout plans

Nutritional plans

Indoor pool

Hot yoga studio

Private showers

Personal lockers

Gym bags

*Both memberships include one-time enrolment cost $49.99. 

Jamaica & Italy Customizable Travel Package

Jamaica & Italy are waiting for you

Our product has the superior benefit of providing clients with a luxurious multi-destination vacation experience combined with customizable vacation planning in order to provide a vacation that you will remember for a lifetime. We exist to expand your horizon, where you can thrive anywhere and provide travel packages that will deliver much needed R&R.

Jamaica & Italy – A travel package mixing an experience filled with unique culture and beautifully artistic land marks.

When you’ve reached Jamaica, you will be met each morning with magnificent sunrises until the vast blue sea engulfs the sun and uncovers the stars at night. Jamaica gifts a wonderful array of once in a life-time experiences, a vivid phantasmagoria of vibrance, sound and sites that make this island a true, aw inspiring diamond in the rough of the Caribbean. It is a land of unique experiences, charming activities, robust landscapes, and open-hearted people.

Your experience does not end there – Next stop, Italy, Italy is a country built on the foundation of a rich, beautiful and artic atmosphere. It is filled with riches. Remarkable cities, brilliant museums and ancient ruins are just a few of the pleasures that Italy has to offer you.

rome, travel, blog

Best Activities in Jamaica:

Swimming With Dolphins

Within Montego Bay rests Dolphin Cove, where you will receive the amazing chance to swim and interact with the friendliest dolphins all while appreciating the love and joy of these amazing marine mammals.

Blue Hole

Home to magnificent, crystal-clear blue water experience adventure and excitement at Blue Hole. I will be able to see breathtaking view before taking 30 plunges into the water through the jungle. The water is cool and refreshing and the maze of waterfalls with leave you with countless memories.

person swimming in olympic pool

Best Activities in Italy:

The Colosseum

Occupied with deep Roman history and the largest construction remaining from ancient Rome, the colosseum is a remarkable icon of the world. You may discover this prevalent and breathtaking landmark on your own or through a guided tour, the Colosseum still creates a powerful first impression.

The Grand Canal in Venice

Explore the city! take a ride on a gondola throughout Venice’s canals as people have been doing for centuries. Along the sides of the canals you will gaze the most majestic of buildings and structures.

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Inexpensive personalized vacation packages

PSB Travel offers inexpensive personalized vacation packages depending on our client’s needs and wants. Our clients are solo travellers, couples, group, and family trips of all ages. We conduct research and discuss them with our clients. Our packages differ from All-inclusive to European Plans with a guide form and map of cities included in each itinerary. Testimony from our satisfied clients will make you want to embrace your fears and make your dreams come true!

Inexpensive personalized vacation of Claire Vales: SOLO in SPAIN

Have you ever thought of going on a trip but have no one to go with? Me too!  Thanks to PSB Travel I got to travel to Spain safely without spending a lot of money.


personalized vacation in Circulo de Bellas Artes building


My arrival at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas International Airport was in July 2021. It was terrifying since it was my first time travelling alone and I do not speak Spanish. I was feeling lost at the airport until I remembered the map that my agent from PSB Travel had given me as part of my personalized package. I was able to find my way through my hostel where I met a bunch of other solo travellers from all over the world. It was amazing to me to learn how many people are doing what I always dream of. My new friends and I have enjoyed the nightlife in this city and went all together to see the other popular destinations.

personalized vacation in City of Arts and Sciences


Valencia was my second destination, and it was amazing as I expected. The city is known as the home region of Paella, and I was able to find the best restaurants to go to because of the city guide from my agent at PSB Travel. The travel guide also helped me find the best place where I tried the delicious and authentic Horchata and Fartons during the sunny day. To my surprise, the guide also includes a discount to enter the modern Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias where they have a fantastic architecture that consists of an open-air oceanographic, opera house, planetarium, and many others.


personalized vacation in Parc Guell


Known as The City of Gaudi, Barcelona has numerous world-class must-see creations of Antoni Gaudi including Sagrada Familia where I was booked in advance by my agent from PSB travel, College of Teresians, Casa Vicens, Artigas Gardens, Torre Bellesguard, Guell Palace, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and Parc Guell. The city is so unique with lots to offer. My newfound friends and I have spent some time by the beach during sunset, a moment that I only see on movies and TV shows. It was unreal and will stay in my memory for a lifetime.

personalized vacation in Plaza De Espana


Watching TV shows and movies is how I relax at home. Going to Sevilla and seeing the location of the shows I liked was surreal. Water Garden of Dorne from Game of Thrones was filmed in Royal Alcazar. The palace was a 5-minute walk from my hostel. I strolled by the gardens, looking at the flowers feeling mystified. The Palace of the Kingdom of Naboo from Star Wars was filmed in Plaza De España. The feeling of walking by the place was unbelievable. There are other things to see there such as the Metropol Parasol, Seville Cathedral and Torre Del Oro.


I travelled for 3 weeks to four different cities in Spain for less than $2,000 including lodging, airfare, and PCR testing. It really is an inexpensive personalized vacation package. My trip was during the pandemic, and the stress of having to research the destination requirements and testing facilities was researched by my agent. PSB Travel booked a PCR testing for me in advance so there was no delay in my trip back to Mississauga. This trip was the best decision I have ever made so far this year. I highly recommend PSB Travel, and I will be a loyal customer as they have made my dream vacation a reality.



– PSB Travel has the promotion where a random customer that has purchased a travel package within the year is automatically in our database for a chance to win a free all-inclusive 5-day vacation at the Memories resort in Cuba.

– Our travel agents build relationships with our customers and give recommendations based on research; we want our customers to have a stress-free time when deciding to book a vacation. No gimmicks, no surprises; we make sure we give our customers exactly what they ask for.

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GTA-Based Travel Agency: PSB Travel

Travel plans made easier than ever

PSB Travel is a travel agency located in Mississauga. Its goal is to provide travelers with the chance to explore the most desirable and intriguing parts of Canada. Personalized holiday packages are PSB Travel’s best-sellers and what the agency is most known for. The travel agents within PSB work hard to tailor your vacation packages to meet your every need. These packages include anything from flight tickets to accommodations to restaurant recommendations. They are customized to meet your budget and preferences, making them affordable and convenient. Your role is to tell PSB who you are and what you need. Then allow the travel agents to secure the best vacation you could ever dream of!

Domestic vacation packages

Being a Mississauga-based agency, PSB’s travel agents have well-founded experience in uncovering the greatest tourist attractions within Canada. The Canadian-focus of PSB is beneficial for both Canadians and the international world. Canadians will be able to explore parts of their home that they may have never thought of before. They can fulfill their need to travel and explore in an affordable and familiar atmosphere. On the other hand, international travelers will be able to explore the best parts of an unfamiliar land. Click here to check out our current Canadian vacation package options or create your own!

Niagara Falls
One of the many tourist attractions that are included within PSB’s vacation packages!

Surprise vacation packages

PSB’s travel agents have catered its products to align with the needs of the young and adventurous population. For the travelers desperate for a wild and unfamiliar experience, PSB Travel is now offering surprise Canadian vacation packages. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are deeply familiar with Canada’s greatest attractions. You can put your trust in these agents who have got your back! They want your surprise location to be everything you hope it would be. Despite the surprise element, you can still make sure it is affordable and able to meet your specifications. Click here to start the process and help PSB’s travel agents get to know you and develop the best surprise package for you!

Toronto Sign at Nathan Phillips Square
You can visit anything from basic, popular sights to more subtle ones based on your preferences!

How can PSB Travel help?

Unsure why you may need a travel agent’s help? Here are a few reasons why this is the right choice for you!

  1. Lack of decision-making. With the help of our Mississauga-based travel agents, you can have a fully planned vacation handed to you. Do not worry about the hassle of making decisions about where to go and what to do.
  2. Affordable. Tailor your vacation packages to include what you can afford. Good deals with airlines and hotels can be attained with the help of a travel agent.
  3. Convenient. The vacation packages and travel agents help travelers access all holiday-related resources in one place. This results in a carefully constructed trip that encompasses all you may need to relax and explore.
  4. Reliable. PSB’s Mississauga-based travel agents are well suited to recommend the top Canadian sights. They can help travelers explore the various hidden gems that Canada has to offer.
  5. Organized. The vacation packages designed by travel agents include anything you could possible think of when on a vacation. They are easy to use and include activities that can fit your desired schedules.
  6. Personalized. As a traveler, you have the choice of what to include in your package. For example, accommodations, day-to-day activities, transportation, etc. Also, you can share your qualities and preferences to help the travel agents tailor your packages accordingly.

Traveling should be relaxing and PSB’s travel agents are here to make it so!

PSB Beautiful all-inclusive GTA travel packages

Travel far and wide at a respectable price

PSB Travel prides itself on being able to bring the most beautiful pre-planned all-inclusive prices in all of the GTA. Feel free to visit our new Mississauga location for the most diverse traveling options and feasible travel advice. Beautiful destinations with pre-planned and all-inclusive travel packages. Essentially, our service will be guaranteeing you not only the best time but a stress-free vacation that doesn’t leave a dent in your bank. Perhaps you wish to live new travel experiences with your significant other but require guidance and options for them. PSB Travel will be all the help you need!

Google Rating: 4.7/5 stars out of 450 Reviews

4 out of 5 stars coloured in

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Get to know our  beautiful competent staff

Sayid – Head Advisor

Sayid - Head Advisor

Sayid has over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. Praised for his impeccable customer service, impeccable organization skills and innate ability to get the best deal for the best price. In short and in his words:


“Everyone could use a break from time to time and  I will make it my job to ensure that that break goes as smoothly as possible”


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Amber – Travel Advisor

Amber - Travel Advisor - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTAAfter obtaining her degree in Hospitality and Tourism management in 2014 from Berlin. That said, Amber has gone full force in the travel industry. Amber has been instrumental in the development of relationships between PSB Travel and our various resort partnerships such as BeLive, Red Velvet Inn and Hotel deLuxe among others.

“I’ve been traveling with Amber for years. Not only does she provide new and exotic locations but she makes sure we avoid all the tourist traps”

– Mary-Ann, 33, Mississauga

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Lu-Ann – Embassy Correspondent
Lu-Ann Embassy Correspondent - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA

Hailing from Mauritius island and having a wealth of experience as a travel ambassador for the European Union, Lu-Ann ensures that all trips go smoothly and effectively. Her credentials ensure that no trip should pose any issues and most importantly that you always have a reliable contact for any additional travel assistance.

“Lu-Ann is the make or break for all our vacation trips abroad. She is always a call away and ensures to provide us with assurance and information whenever we travel with her. She is always so kind”  – DeMarcus, 29, GTA


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PSB Travel – All-Inclusive Buddy referral program

When you refer our services to a friend you pose the chance of earning up to 5% in discounts for our exclusive travel packages. Furthermore, to do so, simply click the link below to send an email to your friend in question and have the use the auto-generated referral code when they utilize our services. Once the trip has been booked, both you and your friend stand the chance of earning up to 5% in discounts. Take a look at some our popular destination packages below

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Montego Bay - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
              Montego Bay
Belize - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
Morocco - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
Casa Blanca - PSB beautiful all-inclusive GTA
          Casa Blanca

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Join us and change your vacationing life as you know it. Your future awaits and the time to plan is now. In other words, allow us to make the absolute best of what’s to come at an affordable price. After that, customer satisfaction guaranteed. We will make sure to build realistic expectations but with nothing short on quality that you will be sure to experience while on vacation! Lastly, PSB Travel will be sure to bring you the most beautiful pre-planned all-inclusive prices in all of the GTA.

Travel to New York City.

New York – concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Probably, it can be called a deceiver city. Millions of people travel to New York City to see something grandiose and at the same time familiar: after all, they have seen these streets, skyscrapers, and squares in the cinema so many times! But unfortunately, New York looks much more prosaic than its Hollywood version. New York, they say, is irresistible currently: what is only Central Park with its golden and red-yellow trees and morning fogs.

So, New York! Well,  impressions of this city cannot be called completely positive, but they are vivid. So, this is already worth a lot. First, New York is the noisiest place on the planet. Every sound seems to be a few decibels louder there than anywhere else. People there do not talk for a long time – they scream. Otherwise, you will not hear each other! Moreover, this situation is observed not only on the streets but also in restaurants, cafes, hotels. impression. Most likely, these factors prevented from imbuing the atmosphere of the city. But, despite the fact, New York left quite a lot of pleasant memories of itself.

Image by Quintin Gellar on Pexels
Activities in New York City. City View. Image by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.

Best activities in New York City:

  1. Helicopter flight over the city.

If you can fly over to New York City during your travel – do not miss it! Various companies offer their options for how this can be done—the difference in flight duration and, accordingly, the price. I advise you to take the longest possible flight “Lux”: this way you can see the whole city and even possibly capture New Jersey.

  1. Jazz evening at Vanguard Village.

While travel to New York City, people should visit New York and not go to a jazz club? That would be a fatal mistake. Especially given the importance that America and jazz play for each other. You can go to the Village Vanguard club, which we can safely recommend. Remember to pre-register.

  1. Metropolitan Museum.

This museum took third place in my top impressions, primarily for its incredible collections of European paintings. Due to the limited amount of time, we set out to visit museums: the Metropolitan, and the MoMA. We can compare the Metropolitan and the Museum of Modern Art (aka MoMA).  If you can visit both museums, then we recommend visiting the Museum of Modern Art first, and only then – the Metropolitan. After a grandiose collection of paintings in the Met, you were not at all impressed with the MoMA collection. The only thing that inspired you there after the Met was Van Gogh’s Starry Night, which has been kept there since 1941.

  1. Rise to the roof of Rockefeller Center.

Activities in New York City. View from Rockefeller Center.
Activities in New York City. View from Rockefeller Center.

Yes, this option has its advantages over the roof of the Empire State Building.

Firstly, the absence of the craziest queues. By the way, many guides in New York have roof passes, with which you can bypass almost all lines (there are several of them). So, if you have a private tour planned, take advantage of the situation and, after agreeing with the guide, include Rockefeller in your program.

Secondly, the elevators are much faster than those in the Empire State Building. Accordingly, more modern.

Thirdly, the presence of several viewing platforms, including a completely open platform on the 70th floor, is especially important to get decent photos. I can’t say anything from myself about the site on the Empire State Building, since I haven’t been there, but I read that it is so small that sometimes you have to wait in line to get there. Empire is taller than Rockefeller, but that doesn’t mean the view is better from there. Many tourists note just the opposite: that Central Park from Rockefeller can be seen much better, for example. In addition, Rockefeller has another important advantage: you can photograph the Empire from it.

  1. Times Square and Broadway

People, who travel to New York City say that Times Square is the brightest point on the planet when viewed from space. The place is very atmospheric, it energizes. If it were not for the crowds of tourists, it would be wonderful.

Activities in New York City. Times Square
Activities in New York City. Times Square
  1. Central Park

It is impressive! It’s amazing how in the middle of such a big city, the authorities managed to preserve this huge green area. This commands great respect. The spirit of this place allows admitting that New York is the city, where dreams come true.

Activities in New York City. Central Park.
Activities in New York City. Central Park.
  1. The ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty

The ferry sails to Liberty Island, but along the way make a stop at Ellis Island, which was the largest US immigration point from 1892 to 1954. If you want to climb the statue (from the crown, as they say, offers an impressive view of New York Harbor), then know that it is not so easy to do this: you need to register several months in advance to visit it. In addition, as the guide told us, not all the tourists who planned to climb the statue with him realized their plans: the inside of the monument is quite crowded, dark, and scary. So, if you are claustrophobic, you probably shouldn’t do this.

Statue of Liberty. Image by Pixabay on Pexels
Activities in New York City. Statue of Liberty. Image by Pixabay on Pexels
  1. Roosevelt Island

This is just a heavenly island of relaxation and silence in the middle of the hellish hustle and bustle of New York. The main plus of the island is that most tourists do not know about its existence. Accordingly, there is quiet and almost no people

  1. Monument at the site of the tragedy of the twin towers

It makes a rather strange impression: these are two huge pits, on the site of which the twin towers used to stand. The strange thing is that fountains were made from these pits. People who come to honour the memory of the dead need at least some relative silence to gather their thoughts think or remember.

 World Trade Center Memory Monument.
Activities in New York City. World Trade Center Memory Monument.
  1. Inflatable rats on Wall Street are a clear example of the American mentality

The street itself, to be honest, did not live up to our expectations. Again, in the films, it looked much more interesting. However, you might be surprised by huge inflatable rats in front of one of the banks. As they explained to us, the rats symbolize the dissatisfaction of the employees of this bank with their working conditions. I don’t know why the bank’s management didn’t please their employees, but the bottom line is that, according to the law, these rats cannot be removed for a certain time. That is, they should stay at the entrance to the bank and shame its management. At the same time, every American citizen who respects himself and his country will not enter this bank, thereby expressing his solidarity with the bank clerks-rebels.


Can’t wait to see New York?

Click here to follow us on social media and discover your best way to see New York! A family vacation in New York is a great alternative to everyday life routine. PSB Travels allows you to make a long-awaited trip without much difficulty. Our company provides 24/7 assistance in choosing tours, booking accommodation and buying tickets to see the sights. Not only can you take the opportunity to visit New York according to the scenario described above, but you can also customize it to suit your family’s wishes.


“It was the most memorable trip of my life. Waiting for new experiences. Thanks, PSB Travels.” – Natalie Goldstein

“My first experience of travelling with PSB Travels. Thank you, for 24/7 support, which allows my family fully enjoy our New York vacation” – John Smith

Sightseeing with Affordable Custom Concierge Service

PSB Travel has your back

Life can get very busy when you’re working full time and maintaining a healthy social life. Making time for yourself to take care of your own mental and physical health can get a bit tough. We all deserve a break sometimes. An affordable yet custom vacation without the stress of planning out all the little details can really help one unwind. Holidays should be easy to book and flexible enough to fit in some last-minute plans that create life long memories worth cherishing. This is why we offer price matching on eligible products to make sure our clients get the most value from their hard-earned money. Whether you’re a solo traveler or going with a group, there’s a concierge for you.  We help you do more sightseeing and less review-reading. A client recently found their dream holiday through a 2-week custom concierge solo travel package with affordable sightseeing.

A 2 Week Solo Trip with Affordable Sightseeing

One of our clients decided to share photos of their 2-week trip to Switzerland. They answered the quiz on our website, told us their budget, and we took care of the rest. This gentleman is in his mid-20’s and asked us to find him a guided tour. He wanted it to include meals or meal allowance and transportation. This was his first time going to Switzerland, so he wanted to be extra sure there were no delays due to misunderstanding the language or culture. He wanted to try some authentic food, so we contacted our friends to confirm Swiss raclette and fondue would be on the menu.

Raclette 2 week custom concierge

Other interests he provided were spending time in nature to feel the peaceful breeze underneath blue skies. We were able to find castles, lakes, and mountains with tour guides to tell him the history of the area in his language. The tour was flexible and provided plenty of free time for anyone who wanted to have some quiet time with the beautiful view. This client specifically asked us to thank our other clients, who posted about their experiences and gave us permission to repost their vacation memories on our Instagram and Facebook page.

 If you’d like to keep up with our clients’ experiences and find free “things to do” lists, or stay notified with what we’re up to, follow us on Twitter!

Great Custom Concierge Service in your Own Backyard

Sometimes we get so caught up in travelling around the world, that we forget to check out our own city! Some of our clients want to stay close to home but still see their country from the perspective of a tourist. This gives them a new perspective on what it feels like to travel without having to take a flight and we’re onboard with the idea. Our company offers hotel bookings and transport such as rent-a-car services. The services are easy to book quickly so even the most last-minute plans are stress free. We understand taking time away from work can be difficult and time is often limited. That’s why we prioritize finding partners that are reliable. We need them to be trust worthy to treat our clients with the same care we do.

You can click here to find a list of our all-inclusive packages and itineraries (including recommended restaurants) for local and international trips. For those who like going further away, we have flights that are easy to book. Not to mention we can price match to get you the best deal. These packages are ideal for solo travelers but there’s always room for more friends!

We also love seeing our clients in person so we can get to know them better. We’re always open for walk ins at: 4046 Confederation Pkwy, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G4

Does a 2-week custom concierge solo travel package with affordable sightseeing sound too good to be true?

 Still unsure if your vacation needs are in the right hands? Give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer your questions! 

Main office: (905) 845-9430


Emre, H. (2019). Photo of Lake During Daytime. photograph, Kandergrund. Retrieved March 16, 2022, from

planet_fox. (2020). Raclette Sylvester Tortelini Noodles Mushrooms. photograph. Retrieved March 16, 2022, from

Alberta’s Top Family Tourist Destinations This Winter

Alberta offers a wide range of destinations suitable for every member of the family. However, this often leads to time-consuming trip planning as families try to squeeze every tourist destination into their itinerary. Luckily, in this blog post, we have compiled a list of Alberta’s top winter family tourist destinations that are ideal for every member of the family. Each destination offers exciting and lively activities for young children and teenagers while at the same time relaxing activities for the parents.


1.   The Fascinating City of Canmore

Woman backpacking in Canmore, Alberta
Image by Devon Hawkins on Unsplash

Canmore is a beautiful city situated in the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta (“Canmore Maps”, 2022, para. 1). It offers many exciting winter activities such as dog sledding tours, outdoor skating and snowshoeing on many of Canmore’s trails. Meanwhile, Canmore also offers relaxing experiences for parents, such as dinner at the fine dining and highly rated Sauvage Restaurant, a tour of a wilderness distillery, or even an overnight stay at one of Canmore’s spa and resort facilities.

A day out with the family is not complete without a visit to Canmore’s highly anticipated annual Winter Carnival. It includes ice carving, ice hockey, sawing contests and many other exciting events that are sure to entertain both kids and parents (“Canmore Winter Carnival”, 2022, para. 1). Lastly, to make your vacation feel like home, choose from Canmore’s list of fun and cozy lodges located amidst all the attractions. For instance, the exquisite and dazzling Falcon Crest Lodge is a must-visit. It features an outdoor hot tub and views of the Rocky Mountains right outside your window.


2.   The Scenic Town of Banff

Scenic image of Lake Louise with woman standing close to the water
Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Banff is a world-famous resort town in Alberta that offers views, experiences, and a culture like no other. Banff is best known for the breathtaking and picturesque Lake Louise, which is perfect for family photos and activities. In fact, Banff and Lake Louise is one of the most visited places in Alberta, welcoming around 4.12 million visitors per year (“Banff National Park visitor statistics | Statista”, 2022, para. 1)!

For adventurous kids and adults looking for thrills, Banff is the ideal destination with its many ski and snowboard resorts like Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort. Here you can rent equipment to make your day run smoothly and hassle-free. To warm up, take your family to the famous Banff hot springs, which will surely take away the chills while you enjoy the winter wonderland in warmth. It’s a relaxing experience for body and mind, no matter what your age as it offers shallow springs for children and deeper ones for adults.

For a complete overview of Banff, your family can enjoy a ride up the Banff Gondola and enjoy a meal at the top of the mountain. It also features a museum full of historical artifacts and figures of Alberta and its rich culture. Finally, for a pleasant night’s sleep, book a stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs, located in the heart of Banff National Park. This hotel has been providing Alberta tourists with the highest level of hospitality and service for 130 years and has a priceless view of the national park (“Fairmont Banff Springs”, 2022, para. 1).


3.   The Largest City in Alberta—Calgary

Calgary is perfect for city lovers while providing access to the rugged mountain regions Alberta is known for. This makes Calgary another ideal destination for a family vacation, as you get the best of both worlds. The Glenbow Museum is a great attraction for history buffs, offering an interactive and educational look at Western Canadian heritage and aboriginal history. Additionally, if you are in town, the Calgary Tower is yet another exciting attraction for the whole family. Your family can enjoy a delicious meal at SKY 360 restaurant located at the top of the tower. It is an experience as delicious as it is thrilling.

Photo of a red panda on snow
Image by strichpunkt from Pixabay

To finish your city tour, visit the Calgary Zoo, the perfect tourist attraction for children and animal lovers. At the zoo, you can get a close-up look at exotic animals like tigers, red pandas, penguins and many more (“Calgary Zoo Animals”, 2022, Our Animals). It even offers indoor exhibits in the winter to make your visit warm and cozy.

Lastly, Calgary is a great destination because of its proximity to other destinations like Banff, which you can reach by train or car. Getting there is perfect for a day trip to Banff or surrounding attractions, while offering the comforts and conveniences of a modern city.


What’s Next?

I get it, you can’t wait to get started on your travel plans, I don’t blame you! Luckily, PSB Travel is the one-stop-shop for travellers. We can help you with all your reservation and booking needs. We even offer unique services like our 24/7 customer service, where you can connect with a live representative anytime and anywhere. Additionally, we offer customizable travel packages tailored to your specific needs through our state-of-the-art app. At PSB Travel, your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Click here to download our app or click here to find out more about how we can help make your travel planning easier.


What People are Saying About Us

“PSB Travel is the best! Before I found their app, I used to spend hours customizing each booking, now I can do it easily all in one app. Thanks PSB Travel!” – Pam Beesly Image of 5 stars

“PSB Travel was able to assist my family and I via their 24/7 customer service line during our trip! Thanks, PSB Travel!” – Jim Halpert  Image of 5 stars


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Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

PSB travel destinations at affordable pricesPSB travel destinations at affordable prices

Take the leap! PSB travel destinations at affordable prices

PSB Travel Vacations is a new travel agency dedicated to providing excellent customer service and assistance to young adults in the Mississauga and Brampton areas. Our agency is dedicated to offering affordable trips all around the globe in our unique travel packages. Our package deals offer the best services and accommodations available at the lowest prices so that you can take a vacation without breaking the bank. The main goal of our agency is to make your vacation planning process as simple and relaxing as possible because we know how stressful it can be.    Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Our Team 

PSB Travel Vacations is a team of seasoned travelling experts with more than 40 years of personal travel experience and industry insight so that we can provide our clients with life-long memories. We specialize in providing fast, easy, and stress-free service to our clients that create the experience of a lifetime. We can provide suggestions on locations, walk you through planning and accommodations and even help discuss financing and payment of your trip. Learn more about our team here

Some of our most popular destinations!

Morocco, North Africa PSB travel destinations at affordable prices 

Morocco may not be the largest city but it’s a city with style, it is an underrated warm-weather destination at an affordable price for young adults, explore ancient cities, beautiful mountain ranges, vast deserts, or coastlines that stretch as far as the eye can see. This trip offer’s something for everyone and comes equipped with a variety of itinerary suggestions. Tour the magic desert of Marrakech with your friends or immerse yourself in the historic imperial cities, or simply explore the beautiful culture and people of Morocco. So? What are you waiting for explore this diverse and refreshingly different underrated location with endless possibilities? Learn more about Morocco 

Activities to look forward to in Morocco:

  • Tour the desert
  • Trekking across some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges
  • Delicious food and wonderful hospitality 
  • Kite surfing

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa Kenya, this underrated destination offers a beautiful warm-weather seaside vacation and a wide variety of cultures. See beautiful locations such as Fort Jesus, or Mombasa Old Town or spend time at some of the most beautiful beach destinations in all of the world. Immerse yourself in one of the most culturally diverse cities in existence and explore some of the local wonders. Learn more about Mombasa

Activities to look forward to in Mombasa:

  • Walking tour through Old town Mombasa
  • Tour of different Nature Reserves
  • Spend a day at beautiful beaches and resorts
  • See beautiful architecture from Arab and African history

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga! Some of our most popular trips for young adults

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the most popular travel destinations for young adults because of its beautiful beaches, warm weather and a variety of after-hour activities for any visitors to enjoy. This affordable marvel of a city offers the picture-perfect last-minute vacation, for anyone looking to unwind and escape the realities of the world! Learn more about Cancun

Activities to look forward to in Cancun: 

  • Explore Cancun’s hotel zone
  • Snorkelling near Cancun
  • Visit Cancun’s best beaches
  • Zip Line in the Jungle


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Home to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall this city provides endless fun. Enjoy beautiful buildings, dazzling beaches, all-inclusive accommodations, and fine dining. Dubai is constantly growing and always creating something bigger and better every day.  This shimmering oases constantly pushes the limit for what is possible and is the perfect vacation spot.   Learn more about Dubai

Activities to look forward to in Dubai:

  • Visit the Burj Khalifa
  • Visit some of the biggest malls in the world
  • Swin in the world’s deepest pool
  • Ride the world’s largest observation wheel Ain Dubai

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


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Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga

Affordable vacation planners in Mississauga


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Indecisive Travel Destinations in Canada

Explore Canada Freely

Beautiful Lake trail in Alberta. Great travel destination for indecisive traveller.
Beautiful hiking trail crossing through Moraine Lake in Alberta.

When families across Canada think about going on vacation, most of them imagine taking a flight someplace with white sandy beaches. As well as a unique experience that they will be able to cherish forever. However, due to recent world events such as Coronavirus, and the current war between Russia & Ukraine. Travelling domestically within Canada seems to be a much better alternative. It’s assumed that a vacation is outside of your country which is why many ignore the beauty that’s around them. This may just add to the dilemma of indecisive travellers as they are not aware of many travel destinations in Canada.

Vacations Trends in 2022

There has been a reduction in travelling from the older demographic. In comparison to the increased demand from younger consumers to travel. Most young travellers want a unique experience with almost 83% of them preferring all-inclusive and worry-free holidays. While younger consumers may prefer exotic destinations, they have been identified as the most likely group to go into debt. This in addition to the craziness of our world serves as the perfect time to explore all that Canada has to offer.

A common occurrence for vacation planning is the brainstorming of possible travel destinations. Most start as early as the wintertime or even 6-12 months before. The vast number of options is a mind bender for those indecisive travellers who are searching for the best experience. This is no different even in terms of Canada, the country itself has hundreds if not thousands of  possibilities. Ranging from hiking, to fishing, swimming, and many more. The sheer number of opportunities & experiences may be overwhelming for many consumers. This only adds to their indecisive thought process making choosing a destination almost impossible.

PSB’s Vacation Packages for Indecisive Travellers

However, that’s where we come in. PSB specializes in unique travel destinations in Canada for indecisive flyers who are just unable to make up their mind. Whether it be an all-out luxury family vacation or a cost-efficient travel option for students on a budget. We’re able to cater to everyone due to our dynamic pricing strategy, where we offer different prices depending on the season and destination.

On top of that we have just released our new surprise destination vacation packages. We plan an entire vacation for you based on your interests and criteria so you can travel in peace without the headache and stresses of planning and itinerary planning. We got you covered, with various vacation options that include family, friends, couples, and our surprise packages we can deliver an amazing experience to every single one of our customers no matter in what stage of life they are in. Our personal touch makes all the difference, we truly care about every individual that books a trip through us, which is why we have such a loyal consumer base that trusts us with all their travelling needs.

Why PSB Travel?

Airplane flying towards vacation destination
Airplane carrying excited families flying towards for an amazing vacation experience.

We are a Canadian company that is known to provide exceptional service. Our amazing vacation experiences are personal to every traveller. Our Canadian roots also mean that we know the best sweet spots and hidden gems located across Canada. Even if you can’t make up your mind, we offer numerous travel destinations in Canada for indecisive flyers. We will go above and beyond to ensure we achieve your travel dreams and the feeling of freedom that going on vacation gives you.

Special Offerings for You

  • We offer loyalty points that can be used towards future vacations.
  • Our surprise vacation packages cater to all people.  Stress free resorts or fun-filled adventures. The choice is yours.

Don’t wait to book your next vacation. Visit this link which will direct you to our website or visit our Instagram page to connect with us. What are you waiting for, explore now!