Sheridan college Gyms in Mississauga

PSB fitness is one of the best fitness centers in the GTA area providing high standard equipment with personal trainers 24 hours a day. PSB Fitness offers exceptional customer service, in other words, we want to help members achieve their goals. We are available in the Brampton and Mississauga campus of Sheridan.

Why PSB fitness

PSB fitness will offer personalized training from certified trainers 24 hours a day.Gym will provide the gym with space, design, and layout, quality Gym Flooring, cleanness and maintenance, and helpful Staff. We will provide a free trial for 2 weeks for new customers. Many people do wrong exercises and they may hurt themself. But the PSB fitness will provide personal trainers which will guide you while your work out.

Personal trainer 24 hour

Our group of Personal mentors will work with you every day to make a wellness plan that works for you. Making the correct wellness plan is our fitness coaches’ work they will make an arrangement that will rescue the best once again from you. The goal is to provide 100% results. So, our dietitian will prepare the diet according to the body. This will include in your plan no extra charges.

Location of gym

We have two locations for students to access and choose from, the first location is in Mississauga known as the HMC campus. The second location is in Brampton at the Davis campus.

Online sessions

You can also book an online session with ou professional trainer in which you can do a face-to-face session and do cardio at home too. The online studios are video-based platforms that allow trainers to work with students online. because It is also an excellent option for personal trainers because they allow you to work with an unlimited number of people.

Covid rules and regulation

• Masks are always mandatory while walking around
• Maintain a 6ft distance with other members
• Use alcohol wipes from the stations provided to wipe down equipment used and after usage
• Any flu-like symptoms workout from anywhere convenient for you
• Wash hands upon entering and leaving

Pricing and promotion

You can get 2 weeks of the free trial and our membership will start at only $21.99 monthly.
6 months subscription-$121.99
Yearly subscription- 191.99

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Women keeping fit
Gyms have proved a regular need in everyone’s life these days. Staying fit is something that everyone should follow on. Lifestyles these days have turned out to be hectic and full of obesity. Gyms, the craze for fitness is something that should keep importance in place of everyone’s head even though the eye re sitting free for a whole day.
PSB Fitness Zumba class

We have opened our specialized gyms in accordance with the requirements of the people who want to be fit or live a healthy lifestyle. Gyms are playing an important role in keeping people on the track of their habits and helping them stay stressless in their lives. We can help you with your need, starting from meals to daily exercise, we can give you the best options to have good health.
healthy foods for diet plan

We have our locations of PDB fitness gyms in Brampton Davis and Mississauga, HMC campuses respectively that anyone and everyone can access to. This will be the best experience of your life.

Best Affordable gym in Mississauga for students

Best affordable gym in Mississauga for students

Looking for the best affordable gym in Mississauga? Flexible time. Reasonable price and best natural gym product and services. High quality, cheap gyms in Mississauga. Zumba classes. Virtual availability. Personal Trainer. Personal diet trainer. Good benefit with affordable gym membership. Good for student. Stress free environment. Activities. Fitness is all about being physically fit and healthy. Help in mental healthy, wellbeing and meditation. certified and qualified personal and health trainers. PSB Fitness provides clients with consistent and visible result that you would be satisfied with. PSB focus on the needs of their clients and creates a safe environment for every member. A family community gym with a goal to try and achieve the same set goals as the clients. An affordable gym in Mississauga for students to relax and release stress. Suitable for part-time working students .

Our gym offers state of the art equipment and a unique experience sure to ignite a passion for fitness. Join our gym because it is designed to assist all you fitness needs. Connect with us through our social media platforms, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check our website for additional information. PSB fitness operate online to make it ease for clients. There is something to meet what each person needs. We are making effort to give our clients the best trainers and best exercise programs as a result of what they like and ask for, so as to keep fit.

The gym has no limit to our exercise programs, we work together with the employees to deliver our mission goal and meet the belief of our gym members. Our work encourages our customers to use our service to get in better shape, release stress, get better mental shape because we care and want the best for them.

PSB Gym Professional Guidance.

PSB Gym Professional guidance offers fitness programs to their clients with certified professional coaches at an affordable price. Click to find out more on Facebook!

Did you ever think of going to the gym for a good workout but have no idea what to do? Worry not, most of us have been in the same place. As a result, PSB Gym offers Professional Guidance to their clients with coaches who train under various Fitness activities and gym programs. In addition, customized schedules, flexible hours and so much more. Keep on reading ahead if you think this gym fits you!

What we Offer at PSB Gym?

We at PSB gym offer clients with the most suitable workout programs based on their fitness levels at affordable prices. Inclusive of all activities such as Cardio, H.I.I.T Training, Weight training, Low Impact beginners workouts etc. Being one of the low budget-provide all gyms in the market for students and others who are interested in maintaining a budget, is a bonus! It’s good to save some extra money, right?

PSB Gym guidance

The Gym provides new clients with two weeks free trial programs. During those weeks the clients can decide what suits them physically and mentally. As a result, our professional coaches prepare their schedules and a program suitable for their fitness journey.Providing our clients with all the best facilities and benefits at an affordable price rate is what we believe in!.

Who would you work with at PSB?

Certified Professional trainers who have expertise under different categories of fitness routines are appointed for you. They have supported our clients in the past to reach their goals of fitness successfully. Coaches who are certified Doctors and nutritionists are present to offer you with the best diet and meal plans. In other words we believe fitness and health a very important priority for all!

PSB Gym’s Features

These Gyms are built to provide you Motivation, Dedication, Confidence and a sense of Reliability and Trust for our clients. So that you can have the best experience possible during your fitness journey. In addition, our gym is spacious, breathable, and modern. Above all our main aim is to provide you with a space which screams motivation and dedication as you enter. Similarly, under the professional guidance of our coaches we assure you that when you become a part of our team, reaching your fitness goals would be smooth and effective.

How to join PSB Gym Professional Guidance?

Professional coaches analyze an individual’s fitness level through a series of simple and easy tests. After that they will prepare a program which matches the capability of the client. In other words below is the process which our coaches follow to train any individual under there guidance.

Customized schedules

• Under the 2 weeks trial program, clients undergo a whole-body test and our professional coaches assess their fitness levels.
• After the results of the checkup they are given a set of training programs and meal plan which they have to follow during the trial period.
• Satisfied with their results, interested clients can continue by purchasing our affordable membership and schedule their program to their preference.
• We assure you a successful and effective change under our certified Coaches and Doctors’ Professional guidance.

Wanting to join a gym which makes training and working out fun? As a result, help you achieve all your fitness goals successfully? PSB Gym Professional Guidance is the right place for you!

NOTE – All Gym Memberships and admission forms are available at the Hazel McCallion Campus site, Mississauga or on Sheridan’s Official website. To learn more about our Campaign and Gym facilities follow our Social media platforms where you can reach out to us anytime and from anywhere.