A Place to Get Peace and Health!

PSB Promoting Digitalization and Cross-Fitness

PSB is a place which is equipped with not only training equipment but also digitalized smart devices like tablets in the PSB centres which allow you to make your own schedules for training and also educate you with the health training and making a balanced diet required for your training or which is suggested for the training. PSB promotes Cross-Fitness and provides training and scheduling for this activity. Cross-fitness is a highly intensive interval training workout regime which is done for strength and endurance training it is one of the best forms of workout and this is possible at PSB fitness. Our facility centre is more than GYM it’s a feeling of fun and a healthy environment it is equipped with more then you need and provides you more then you ask.

Injury Prevention is Important!

Education is always an essential part of life and it provides you with important and useful information which helps in keeping life on track, PSB provides various Sporting activities like Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Indoor Football and other Cross Fitness Activities; these activities are not only fun but prone to injuries, however, PSB Fitness center provides the necessary education for injury prevention and how to deal with an injury and this makes PSB different from other GYM facilities. It is important to know how to deal with an accident or injury during play exercise. PSB center is a place which has well-educated and trained trainers and also Smart virtual Trainers which gives an opportunity to learn even when the trainers are not around. You can also choose an option for personal trainers who will help you prevent injuries and will help you train in your own chosen facilities.

A Place to Get Peace and Health!

PSB is set to promote good health and a healthy mind here at the campus itself. PSB fitness is situated on all 3 campuses of Sheridan College, and it is the best place to save money for the students since it is included in the amenity fees of the school. Moving on from the money, PSB believes that health is an important part of life both Mentally and Physically and it wants to provide that here at the campus. PSB is just a place to stop by and give rest to the busy mind for a bit and it allows you to go away from all the stress and mental fatigue for the time you spend at the GYM. PSB gym is fully equipped with the useful equipment’s and many exercising machines; moreover, there are places to just sit and get a chance to socialize with others which is a great way of gaining happy energy. Come see us now!

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