Fun Fitness Weekends with Friends in Mississauga

What about having Fun Fitness Weekends with Friends in Mississauga? This is one of the ways we at PSB Fitness help our students get in shape. With tours and outdoor activities during the weekends, it is possible to work out, know new places, and make new friends.

The purpose of the Fun Fitness Weekends with Friends in Mississauga program is to allow our students to optimize their time on the weekend by exercising in a fun and enjoyable way. We know that many of our students have a very busy week. They have to organize their schedule with classes, work, and college projects. Usually, on weekends, they prefer to spend time with family and friends rather than going to the gym. At the same time, we know that many students struggle with their bodies and health and get anxious with this impossibility to find the time to do exercises.

Because PSB Fitness is located in 2 of Sheridan’s Campus we can have a close view of the main causes that keep students away from a healthy lifestyle. Among all types of excuses that students give not to join a gym, time is the most mentioned one.

To help students to add fitness to their timetables, we decided to develop different tools and programs that allow students to exercise at any time and place. One of these programs is our Fitness Tours. With our tours, students have so much fun that doesn’t even realize they are exercising.


What can you expect from our Fun Fitness Weekends in Mississauga with Friends Program

The activities are the most variable possible and will depend on the season and weather conditions. The idea is to have activities that are fun and proper for each season.

Here are just some examples of what we are preparing for you. Group of friends running by the lake.

During the warmer seasons:

  • Bike rides in local parks;
  • Yoga classes by the lake;
  • Hiking;
  • Kayaking

During the winter:

  • ice skating;
  • cross-country;
  • snowboarding;
  • ski

Depending on the tour an additional fee may be charged, as the liftings for snowboarding and ski. However, the idea is to have most of the activities in public spaces. For sure the students will find many fun options to get in shape and enjoy the weekend.

The schedule with the programmed activities is prepared each month and posted on our webpage, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Follow us and stay on top of the schedule!


Discover how and what are the benefits you and your friend can have to join our Fun Fitness Weekends with Friends in Mississauga Program.

If the student wants to invite friends to join on one of ours fitness tours they will be more than welcome! Just let us know before. Our tours are projected to have up to 30 participants and for everyone to have a great time we just ask students to check previously, the availability of spots for the tour.

Special DiscountAnd because we know how exercising with friends helps you maintain a healthy routine, all student’s friends who join one of our tours get a 10% discount on our membership program. Wait, there’s more! For every 5 friends referred by the students who join our membership program, the students get 20% off on their own membership. Awesome, right?

So what are you waiting for? Come join us today and get free access to our tours, and other programs and benefits. Bring your friends and enjoy your weekends in a healthy way to stay in shape! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

Do you want to learn more about PSB Fitness, our programs, and benefits? Check our website: and our social media pages.


Women keeping fit
Gyms have proved a regular need in everyone’s life these days. Staying fit is something that everyone should follow on. Lifestyles these days have turned out to be hectic and full of obesity. Gyms, the craze for fitness is something that should keep importance in place of everyone’s head even though the eye re sitting free for a whole day.
PSB Fitness Zumba class

We have opened our specialized gyms in accordance with the requirements of the people who want to be fit or live a healthy lifestyle. Gyms are playing an important role in keeping people on the track of their habits and helping them stay stressless in their lives. We can help you with your need, starting from meals to daily exercise, we can give you the best options to have good health.
healthy foods for diet plan

We have our locations of PDB fitness gyms in Brampton Davis and Mississauga, HMC campuses respectively that anyone and everyone can access to. This will be the best experience of your life.

PSB Fitness Free online lessons through mobile app or Website.

PSB Fitness Free online lessons 24/7 through the mobile app or Website. With practical and dynamic classes where they can train wherever they want.

The purpose of this campaign is to ensure that the student of PSB Fitness has all the support for the practice of physical exercises even with all the diversities.
It is already proven that the regular practice of physical exercises promotes greater relaxation and stress relief. Students have daily assignments with different deadlines and extra college concerns, therefore PSB Fitness wants to make life easier for the student, providing all the necessary support for the student to continue exercising regularly and reaching their full potential in their studies.

PSB Fitness offers several cardiovascular, relaxing and bodybuilding classes. Amongst them:

• Bodybuilding
• Yoga
• Pilates
• Fitness
• Spinning
• Weight loss program
• Cross fit
• Zumba
• Bootcamp for woman

These classes are provided from the face-to-face module at the academy, but also in an online module for our students through our website or mobile application, every day of the week and at any time. The intention is that the student has the facility to carry out his training wherever he is.
Due to the adversities of COVI19, the academies had to close to the public, leaving many people without training, but PSB Fitness students have classes free of charge, 24/7 through the app or website.


In addition to the student having access to all the ease of classes, PSB Fitness provides direct contact with professionals through the chats on the app and website. If the student needs help with any exercise or diet, our professionals are always ready to help.


Through the app and website, the student will be able to access their previously stipulated goals with the help of the PSB Fitness professionals.
As soon as the student enrolls in the academy, all the student’s measurements will be made and made available in the student’s personal profile in his account, working with his starting point, we outline his goals and objectives. In this way, every week the student will have the pre-stipulator workouts for him to reach the goals.


Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other problems. Besides, they bring immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular exercise can greatly improve your quality of life. 30 minutes a day is enough for you to enjoy all these benefits.
To gain greater approval from college life and start a career, students must be at their maximum learning potential. Mental and physical health is a constant concern in students’ lives. It has been proven by several studies that physical exercise helps in relaxation and keeps people healthier.

Improves sleep quality

Energy expenditure during physical exercise stimulates recovery processes during sleep. In addition, it is believed that the increase in body temperature that occurs during exercise improves the quality of sleep, helping our body with better thermal regulation while we sleep.

Keep motivated

Take the gym in your pocket, wherever you are. Do your exercises practically and effectively. Stay healthy and without being rich from being contaminated with COVID19. Take care of your mental and physical health so that you have all the energy to freeze your college tests and assignments, reaching your goals and conquering your goals.

Nowadays life is becoming more and more stressful and people need to find a way to relieve the stress and pressure of everyday activities.
College life, especially for new immigrants, there are many responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled, anxiety is present in the lives of students, so the practice of exercise only benefits the students’ routine and Sheridan College and PSB Fitness makes a point to provide all the support you need to reach your goals.

PSB Fitness is with you to make your life easier and walking together towards your successful future!

Gym near Sheridan at HMC or Davis

Now PBS gym is near Sheridan College.

A gym near Sheridan at HMC or Davis is not a far ambitious right now.

An easily accessible fitness center is really a need for Sheridan’s students.

if you study at Sheridan branches including HMC or Davis, if you really need to have near place to workouts, if you think you can’t spend lots of money for a gym, If you want to have a gym in your home or even closer at your pocket? then this is for you.
Nowadays, most of the time students think “Is there a gym near Sheridan near Sheridan at HMC or Davis?” or “I need a gym just close our classes at HMC or Davis in the Sheridan college!”; that’s because they need some where to go for fitness very near to them. Students are usually super busy and have no time to waste on travelling. To meet this need, PSB gym provides fitness and relaxation services at the very nearest place to Sheridan students right at the HMC and Davis campuses of the Sheridan college. Moreover, PSB gym provides its services at very reasonable and lowered price for students; so, they can use students’ discounts, which is other reason that students feel “Hey there is a gym just close to our classes”; because now, your gym is in Sheridan just close to your campuses HMC and Davis.

Gym near Sheridan at HMC or Davis
One of the PSB gym branches located in HMC Sheridan college

HMC and Davis PBS gym branches

Gym near Sheridan at HMC or Davis. The PSB has two branches, one at Sheridan college in Mississauga (HMC),and the other one is located at Sheridan college in Brampton (Davis).Therefore, by purchasing membership of one of the branches, students can use all services in both locations.
Above of all, students can also buy low price for their family so they all can enjoy PSB gyms’ services. First day for everyone is free as a free trial promotion program. To facilitate the enrolment for the students, they can get membership for the PSB at campus, the PSB Facebook page, the PSB Instagram page .
The PSB gym services includes: Yoga, cardio classes, Pilates, workouts, regime planning and for being fit and healthy.

No mater HMC or Davis, gym services, Events and Tours are very close to you

To enhance the mental health of students, PBS has planned several tours and events during the year, such as blue mountain spa tour, Niagara falls tour, lake Ontario relaxation tour and Mississauga parks jogging tour. We also have some weekly programs, such as, workout tours on weekends (hiking, bike rides, ice skating, yoga by the lake)

Gym near the Sheridan College
Lake Ontario relaxation tour
The PSB trying not only to bring a gym near students, but also bring many tours and event near them as well.

Our App brings the gym in to your home!

These days people tend to stay at home, because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Classes are online and students pursue their studies remotely; But PSB doesn’t forget students and has prepared an app to be even much closer to students in their home. We have designed for both Android and IOS; so, students can easily use PSB online training, nutrition consulting, and other workshop and health services.

Gym near Sheridan at HMC or Davis
PSB app regularly provides health reports

PBS has designed combo of in person and on-line facilities for super-busy students to stay healthy; besides, working out at any time, with a fun environment are possible by PBS app. Using all technology available, and enjoying the college network at an affordable price are others benefits for PBS members. For students who have enrolled, the gym will have free online lessons 24/7 through the PSB app. Practical and dynamic classes where they can train wherever they want.

Don’t waste time to be fit. Be a member and keep a gym near you.

Students can subscribe by 25% discount rather than regular fee even for their families. They can use PSB facilities for six months and renew it at the end of the course. Being member for at least 6 months, helps students to be monitored by our consultant specialist. By this, they can plan for a healthy lifestyle for a longer time; so, their bodies are protected from sudden nutrition and physical change. Moreover, when students subscribe for their families, it is easier for the whole family to follow a healthy lifestyle.