Biggest Squishmallow Collections Ever

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Squishmallows

A collection of Squishmallows arranged according to colour. Starting at red on the left down to blue on the right.
Collection of colourful Squishmallows – Courtesy of TODAY from

The Squishmallow Craze: What Inspired the Biggest Squishmallow Collections?

In the age of social media, a brands fame can come overnight. This is what happened to Squishmallows. These cute plush toys feel like they are stuffed with marshmallows, making them the perfect friend and cuddle buddy. Besides their cute look and fun personalities, what makes them so popular? Squishmallows is known for its frequent releases of rare and limited lines. This makes fans want to collect them all before it’s too late. In addition, rare and limited lines contribute to the brand’s exclusivity. Because they are exclusive, they are more desirable than other plush toys. You will be shocked by the biggest Squishmallow collections.

Squishmallows appeals to people of all ages from around the world, as well as social figures and celebrities like Charlie D’Amelio. With over 800 unique Squishmallows, the demand for new designs shows no sign of stopping. As a result, many have taken their hobby to the extreme by spending a lot of money on the brand. This post will break down the top 3 biggest Squishmallow collections and the people behind them.

Top 3 Biggest Squishmallow Collections

Rebecca Brown’s Collection

Rebecca Brown sitting in a large pile of Squishmallows with her arms in the air and a happy expression. Rebecca Brown has one of the biggest Squishmallow collections.
Rebecca Brown and her impressive Squishmallow collection – Courtesy of the New York Times from

Although this craze began before the pandemic, many found comfort in Squishmallows during this hard time. One university student took this time to take her collection to new heights and found comfort and community in her collecting hobby. Rebecca Brown, 21, has a wide array of 325 common and rare Squishmallows. During such an isolating time she connected with her classmates on zoom and bonded over a shared love for the plush toys. However, with rising interest, Brown has some concerns. As a result of the demand, she worries that they will become harder to find. As she continues to build her collection, she has found many empty store shelves that have been cleared out by other people. But in some ways, it makes the hunt even more exciting.

Alana Marie’s Collection

A living room filled entirely with Alana Marie's Squishmallow Collection. Alana Marie has one of the biggest Squishmallow collections.
Alana Marie’s living room filled with her Squishmallow collection – Courtesy of Squishmallows Official Facebook

Another one of the biggest Squishmallow collections was posted to Squishmallows’ official Facebook page, Courtesy of collector Alana Marie. This collection consists of 436 plushies, enough to fill an entire room. Alana Marie does not post about her collection on social media like many of her fellow collectors, but we are happy to see that she shared through the Facebook page. This post got a great reaction from fans because her collection filled an entire room. One user commented, “There are NOT ENOUGH Squishmallows in this photo. There will never be enough.” This shows just how much people love the brand.

Squishmallows Emma’s Collection

A selfie of Emma with a happy expression posing with a stack of Squishmallows behind her. Emma has one of the biggest Squishmallow collections.
Emma with some of her 460 Squishmallows – Courtesy of @squishmallows.emma on Instagram

Lastly, one teen has taken to social media to show off her Squishmallow collection. Emma, who goes by Squishmallows Emma on Instagram and YouTube, has collected 460 of the plush toys to date. Emma’s collection is not complete as she wants to continue to purchase more. She has 7,408 followers on her Instagram and an additional 5,440 subscribers on YouTube. Emma uses Instagram to share her collection and where she found her Squishmallows. She also uses Instagram to connect with other fans of the brand. In addition, her YouTube videos show off her collection and follows her as she hunts for new releases. Due to her dedication, Emma has made a brand for herself based on her love for Squishmallows. As a result, some might say Emma is one of the best collectors around. A collection like Emma’s is one that many wish they had.

How to Grow the Biggest Squishmallow Collections

How many Squishmallows do you have in your collection? Are you already a collector, or are you just a beginner? If you are looking to take your collection to new heights, come to PSB Toys Mississauga today and check out our selection. With lots of new arrivals, you don’t want to miss what we have to offer. For this reason, PSB Toys wants to help you achieve your dream Squishmallow collection. Use the QR code down below to redeem a Squishmallow deal in-store.

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STEM and Interactive Toys in Mississauga. The Trend that Helps Children Develop Skills.

STEM and interactive toys have become more and more popular in Canada, particularly in Mississauga. As a result, traditional toys have been left aside.

But, what is the purpose of STEM and interactive toys? You might ask. Namely, the main purpose of this type of toy is to develop specific thinking skills in children.

These toys help children learn about math and science, as well as develop their creativity. “STEM toys usually have a strong connection to robotics, coding and generally also in the act of making things.” (Statista, 2020, p.33).

What Does STEM Mean?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. However, it was only in the early 2000’s that it became a trend within the education.  This trend began to develop due to the increasing number of parents enrolling their children in STEM programs. As a result, there was more interest in STEM topics.

Parents enrolled their children in STEM programs with the objective of improving their thinking skills and expanding their knowledge. The reason for this decision is that these skills can be applied in school, college and in their professional lives. Furthermore, they will support the general learning process of children.

Similarly, this resulted in a new interest within the toy industry to develop STEM toys. “These trends currently shape the market and are the industry’s answer to a changing consumer interest: STEM toys aimed to teach kids tech skills and math in an amusing way” (Statista, 2020, p 4).

Kids playing with STEM toys
Kids playing with STEM toys. From Pexels by Vanessa Loring (


5 Benefits of STEM and Interactive Toys.

Some of the most important benefits of STEM and interactive toys are:

  • Increased curiosity and sense of solution exploration
  • Improved teamwork skills.
  • Developed coordination and movement skills
  • Promotion of math learning through play
  • Increased common sense and brain development
Kid playing and learning with STEM toys
Kid playing and learning with STEM toys. From Pexels by Alena Darmel (

Why Do Parents Prefer STEM and Interactive Toys?

Today, many parents still have an interest in introducing their children to STEM environments from an early age. These environments involve classes about topics such as robotics and children playing with STEM toys. Therefore, children can get the benefits of STEM from these environments.

In addition, STEM and interactive toys are enjoyable and provide children the opportunity to learn while playing. Moreover, this helps parents address their concern about children spending a lot of time in front of a screen.

One of the most popular STEM environments, preferred by parents and children, is robotics. Robotics involves all the STEM areas. That makes it a complete learning experience.

Robots are considered STEM toys that allow children to be creative while learning and having fun. "Some studies have demonstrated that building robots encourage skills such as creativity, problem-solving and teamwork." (Klein & Szmodiz,2021)

To sum up, parents should give their children STEM and interactive toys like robots. Eventually, they will be a useful tool for both their learning process and their leisure time.

Learning process
Learning process. From Pexels by Alena Darmel (

Rov, The GEEKY Rover, The New STEM and Interactive Toy, Available Now in PSB Toys!

If you are looking for a place where you can find STEM and interactive toys in Mississauga, PSB Toys is the place. Located on Confederation Parkway, PSB Toys has a new product called Rov, the GEEKY Rover.

The GEEKY Rover is a STEM and interactive toy that allows children to be creative by learning to build a robot that can drive itself and avoid obstacles.

In addition, The GEEKY Rover allows children to learn about math and logical sequencing; It also teaches children how to manipulate electrical currents to control the movements of Rov.

Girl playing with a STEM toy
Girl playing with a STEM toy. From Pexels by Vanessa Loring (

Know more about Rov, the GEEKY Rover


Klein & Szmodiz, R&P. (2021, October 21). 9 Best Robot Toys for Kids That Make Learning STEM Fun.

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Educational Toys Have Become So Important to Children Today!

PSB has an educational buildable toy in Mississauga that is the solution to our problems. Children are vastly changing every day. Technology is improving at astronomical rates. Popular Inventions include the cell phone, computer and internet. Everyday the world is trying to build bigger, better and newer forms of technology.

Furthermore, education is also affected by advancements in technology. With each new technological advancement, education needs to be improved. We might ask ourselves one question. How does technology effect our children’s attention span? What are the educational supports we need to overcome this issue?

To show a child who is interested in an educational innovative toy.
This Photo by Unknown Author is Licensed Under CC BY-SA

What Is Causing Children’s Lack of Attention Today?

Screen time is increasing drastically over the course of the pandemic. “As of June, 62% of parents to U.S. teens aged 14-17 years stated that their kids were spending more than four hours per day on electronics. This is a result of the pandemic. Only 32% of responding parents stated that their teens use electronic devices daily for more than 4 hours. This is before the covid-19 pandemic” (Johnson, 2021). As a result of increased screen time, children are no longer engaging in physical activity.

It is more important than ever for a child to have purpose. A child specifically needs a toy that is educational and maintains their attention. An educational toy helps support the child’s educational needs. It also keeps them entertained for longer. This helps parents focus more on their vital daily tasks.

To show children interacting with buildable designs in Mississauga.
This Photo By Unknown Author is Licensed Under CC BY-SA

What Kind of Toy Is Best to Keep Children's Curiosity?

A toy needs to be innovative to keep up with technology. It also needs to match the demand for educational value. Covid-19 creates a unique environment where people work from home. Children are also forced to go to school at home. As a result, they play from home. This is all due to imposed lock downs. There is a new need for this kind of educational toy. Companies introduce new toys to the market every day.

Buildable STEM toys are new innovative toys. They teach children about science, technology, engineering and math. Furthermore, these toys keep a child’s attention for longer periods of time.

This further helps them to learn, build, create and play. “A survey conducted in the United States in 2018 on popular brands of STEM toys found some of 17% of respondents state that their child owns STEM toys. This is out of 4 million” (Kunst, 2020). As a result, STEM toys are increasing in popularity during Covid-19. For a child living in Mississauga, a buildable STEM toy is the perfect solution to a child’s lack of attention.

Why is an Educational Buildable Toy so Fun?

A buildable STEM toy allows for a child to learn to while having fun. They will discover to build and create something new. This  teaches children to learn about a robot that drives itself. The toy also teaches the child how to construct a robot. This happens through the use of a circuit board and electrical wires. Children find learning to build an educational toy fun and engaging.

To show a child who is happy with an educational buildable toy in Mississauga.
This Photo by Unknown Author is Licensed Under CC BY-SA

Rov – The GEEKY Rover by PSB Toys 

An Educational Buildable Toy in Mississauga:

Rov – The GEEKY Rover is a new toy releasing into the market by PSB Toys. This toy is unique and innovative. Rov is an educational, buildable robot that children can have fun with. The robot also engages the child in a mindful and educational exercise. This toy also solves any issues parents may have with children’s lack of attention span. Rov – The GEEKY Rover is perfect for any child living in Mississauga. This child is looking for a fun creative experience. They are willing to learn and wanting to build!

What does Rov come with?

Firstly, the toy includes: wires, a circuit board, instructions, and wheels. Secondly, it comes with a box that is customizable. Thirdly, the unique design materials help the child build the perfect Rov – The GEEKY Rover.

Choose Rov – The GEEKY Rover for your next toy!

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