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Take the first step…..

It is the first step towards your goals that ensures the possibility of turning them into a reality.

Focused Training

Our personal athlete trainer will guide you, mentor you, and work with you every step of the way, in all aspects of your well-being and your personal fitness goals. Along with workouts, you will get a nutritional plan tailored to your body requirements, your personal trainer will track your progress, and make changes to your personal fitness package if needed. Our focused athlete trainers are knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated to their client needs, and highly passionate enthusiasts who are waiting for you to join them. They are ready to share their experience with you, and serve you in the best possible way. Are you ready to join them?

Learn at your own pace

We know every individual is unique and learns at their own pace. Whether you are a beginner or working out for years. We provide a judgment-free zone for you to work on your physical fitness and overall well-being. 

psb fitness

Our mission is to provide Sheridan students space, resources, and above all an encouraging environment with focused athletic training at affordable and flexible rates, so that they can see their overall well-being, personal fitness goals are within their reach. Our vision is to see every Sheridan student living a healthy and physically fit life. We are here to make your fitness goals ours as much as they are yours. See you at the gym, working towards your fitness goals in a space made just for you.

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