Loyalty programs at Fitness Centre

In this era, people want to lose weight because they want to make them fit. If you want to lose weight then I have an idea for you. You can join the gym and improve your mental health and save your money by using loyalty programs at the fitness center.

Why gym is important

Well, the gym is that place where you can lose your weight easily. You can also improve your mental health at the Gym. There are a variety of instruments available to lose weight and for improving mental health. Moreover, there is a number of trainers available at the gym that can observe you and help to execute a safe workout routine. As well, you can also burn your calories to make your body fit. Now there is a gym named PSB fitness center at Sheridan college.

Rolling Stone Fitness Centre 





The company, PSB graduates found PSB fitness center, Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years of experience of a fitness instructor. The PSB fitness center will be open at HMC and Devi’s campus at Sheridan college. There are yoga classes, many games, and a swimming pool. At starting there no fees to join the gym. Our gym provides an Athletic club, BoldyBuilding, Swimming pools, and other sports facilities. We will divide our customers on the basis of their age. It is easy to differentiate the target market as the aging population has energized the exercise center and wellness club.

Loyalty programs

Health and fitness are very important and both are closely related to each other. Both are essential for living a healthy life. In our Gym, we offer many loyalty programs that are very beneficial for people. We will offer a loyalty program and other programs that will increase customer’s interest and maximum people to join the club.

Why we provide loyalty programs

We provide loyalty programs to attract more customers. The loyalty programs offer rewards, discounts, and other offers as rewards for brand equality. The loyalty program advantage organization by creating client devotion as well as by giving pivotal data on how clients are spending and what kinds of offers are generally engaging.

Types of Loyalty programs at Gym

  1. If the customer is a member of our gym for the past 1 year then we will give him or her a 20% discount.
  2. If a customer joins a gym with a friend then we give 50% discount for one month.
  3. We will offer customers a points card and the customer can earn gifts, discounts, and other things.
  4. We offer special rates to our regular customers.
  5. We offer a tiered reward system for example if a customer earns 100 points then we will offer them a 5% discount.
  6. We will also organize a contest that will increase customer interest and they can earn gifts.


Benefits of loyalty programs to customers 

There are so many benefits to customers like they can enjoy gym facilities at a very cheaper price. There are so many people who want to lose weight but they do not have enough money to join the gym but with the help of loyalty programs, they can enjoy the gym at a very less price and earn different offers and discounts.

Moreover, if customers use our loyalty program then they can enjoy other facilities at a very less price or maybe free like a locker facility, a swimming facility, other new equipment that have some extra charges. We also offer six months of free training and some month for free if a person promotes our gym that is very benefical.

At last, there are so many special offers like bring a friend and enjoy the gym facilities for two-three months without any cost. So I hope you like this fitness center and also impressed by the facilities that they provide.