Group Gym-classes Sheridan College Mississauga

Are you looking for a gym that will meet your every fitness need? Are you a Sheridan College student that needs a convenient location for working out in Mississauga or Brampton and is interested in group gym-classes?  Search no further, because PSB Fitness is the gym of your dreams!

Why PSB Fitness?

PSB Fitness Gyms will be like your home away from home. Here is why you should take a chance on us!

Convenient Locations at Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton

We at PSB Fitness wanted to make gyms and working out convenient for you! So, PSB Fitness Gyms will be located on campus at the Hazel McCallion and Davis locations of Sheridan College. If you are a student at any of these campuses, say goodbye to having to travel to the nearest gym in the Mississauga and Brampton area, and say hello to simply walking to your PSB Fitness Gym, on campus!

Group Gym-classes Sheridan College Mississauga 

Group Gym-classes Sheridan College Mississauga and Brampton will be offered at PSB Fitness Gyms. Wanna know why? Keep reading!

We know that not everyone is at the same level of experience when it comes to working out, and that’s okay! That is why, we will be introducing our new Group Gym-Classes to Sheridan College at the Mississauga and Brampton Campuses. With our new Group Gym Packs, you can join group classes according to your level of experience. You won’t have to worry about being too inexperienced or being left behind, because at PSB Fitness, you set your own pace and train alongside people just like you. With our flexible schedules, you can choose to come at a time that is most convenient for you! You select what you think is best, and we will deliver.

We will also offer a variety of different gym activities, such as yoga, cardio training, stamina training and more. Our training programs and regimens are managed by two established professionals who know what Sheridan College students need. After all, they are Sheridan College graduates!

Group Gym-Classes Sheridan-College:Mississauga
Shown in this image is a group gym class taking place. This is what PSB Fitness at the Sheridan College Campuses in Mississauga and Brampton are looking to offer.
Group Gym Class
This is another example of a group gym class in action.

 Different Pricing Options and Benefits for Sheridan College Students

Here at PSB Fitness, we offer different membership packages. You can choose amongst the following membership packages!

  • Standard Package: This package gives you access to the gym, however no access to group training activities.
  • Group Fitness Package: This package allows you to participate in our group training activities, however, does not allow you to access the gym for anything other than group training.
  • Complex Package: This package gives you access to the gym and group training!
  • Students’ Package: This is a special package. With the Student’s Package, you can choose any of the Packages listed above, however at a 35% discount. This package is only for students currently enrolled in Sheridan College.
  • Private training: The Private Training Package allows you access to the gym and six or twelve private training sessions with an experienced and professional PSB Coach.

We want you to get the best value for your money, so we are providing you with multiple membership packages. Choose the one that suits you best and start your gym journey as soon as possible.

Promotions and Opportunities to ‘Do it like a Bruin’ at Sheridan College Locations

You won’t want to miss the opening of our Gym because so many surprises and promotions await you! This is your chance to get PSB merchandise and win prizes by following our social media accounts. Additionally, there are free trials for the coveted ‘Group Gym Packs’ on opening day! Other gym services are also up for free trials on opening day.

But wait! There’s more! The Bruins are the pride and joy of Sheridan College! They are hardworking athletes who strive to make Sheridan College proud. On opening day, you can train alongside some Bruin athletes, meet them and get their advice on working out and other gym related things. The Bruins are delighted to be a part of PSB Fitness and we want you to get to know them! Nothing says ‘school pride’ like learning from our very own athletes.

Under the theme, ‘It’s gotta be PSB!”, we want you to know that this is the gym for you- we have it all. PSB Fitness is surely the right choice, and the best choice!

 Give us a try and we won’t let you down!

Take a chance on us, and we’ll do our best to help you reach all your fitness goals. Follow all of our social media below!




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ExerSave on Your Fitness Journey with PSB Fitness! – A 24-Hour Access, Affordable & Convenient Gym

PSB Fitness Area
Workout in a classy modern environment with PSB fitness
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A group of students working towards their fitness and health goals to maintain a greater lifestyle.


About Us
Welcome to PSB Fitness! Our highly trained coaches and personal fitness trainers are excited to work with you on your fitness journey at an incredibly affordable price. At PSB Fitness, you can Excersave on your Fitness Journey – Building a Better Body, with a Buddy or Solo! Here, you will have access to all the tools you need 24/7. We work with you and your busy lifestyles to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. We also provide tips and advice on diets and nutritional meal plans. Our professional coaches will be there to support you and demonstrate to you examples of various stretches, exercise routines and workout options.


Student Gyms Near HMC Campus
Workout with friends!

Confidence: Our cordial staff will make you feel welcomed and comfortable during your visit. We aim to create a learning, judgement-free environment where you will feel confident in your exercise routines.

Great Amenities: state-of-the-art exercise equipment, clean floors and workout spaces.

Nutrition: Our coaches and fitness trainers are also experts in nutrition and will provide you with information for healthy diets and mean plans.

Fitness Packages: our trainers will work with you and personalize your fitness exercise routines. You can access many exercise routines that can be customized to your level.

Certified Personal Trainers: Our trainers are there to help you! We will work with you to reach your goals faster.

Convenience: Two convenient locations at Mississauga and Brampton, and open 24 hours a day.

PSB Fitness is located within the Mississauga Hazel McCallion and the Brampton Davis Campuses. Our convenient locations, both in Mississauga and Brampton, are close to the bus stops and there is ample paid parking. Our gyms are staffed for 24-hours and provides 24-hour access than any other gyms.

• Bronze: weekly – $9.99
– Access to one location.
– FREE gym towel.
– Allow one friend or buddy to workout with you.
– One-time registration fee of $10.00

• Silver: monthly – $29.99
– Group fitness and classes.
– Access to two locations.
– FREE gym towel.
– Allow one friend or buddy to workout with you.
– One-time registration fee of $10.00.
– 10% off for one month if you bring another student / friend / buddy and sign up.
– Friend enjoys the same discount.
– FREE advice on workout plans and nutritional meal plans.
– FREE access for one month.
– FREE personal training.

• Gold: annual membership – $39.99
– Group fitness and classes.
– Access to two locations.
– FREE gym towel and gym bag.
– Allow friends or buddies to workout with you.
– $0.00 One-time registration fee.
– 10% off for one month if you bring another student / friend / buddy and sign up.
– Friend enjoys the same discount.
– FREE advice on workout plans and nutritional meal plans.
– FREE access for one month.
– FREE personal training.
– Family add ons.
– PSB Fitness rewards.

Call to Action
PSB Fitness is committed to delivering results and trusted health, nutrition and fitness information. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. We will actively support your every move toward a healthy future and a happier life. Our team of highly trained coaches and certified trainers are passionate and dedicated about fitness,and are eagerly awaiting your arrival as we proceed on this fitness journey together.

We’d Like to Hear From You
Come visit us at either our Mississauga Hazel McCallion Campus or our Brampton Davis Campus. We will be happy to give you a free tour of our facilities. Ask our friendly staff about our membership packages and let’s work out!