Failing Makes You A Champion!

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Feeling distressed because you failed today? Read this!

Did you know that failure isn’t always bad? Let me tell you, failing teaches you valuable lessons. It completely destroys you on the inside, but that is when you grow stronger and gain the courage to do amazing things! It’s okay if you have failed today, whether it was a test or you disappointed yourself by not meeting an expectation. That is completely normal, and you will fail more often in the future. Get yourself a treat and cheer up!

Failing can be difficult and discouraging. You’re not alone when it comes to those situations where you want to just give up on the things you love or even when you’re trying out new things. As much as it is hard, that hardship through failure is what makes you cool. That may not be the case right now, but in the future, you will laugh at your failures because they were an important and crucial factor or “stepping stone” in becoming the best version of yourself!

What does Research Say on Failure?

According to research, “failure is an essential prerequisite to success” (Noonan, 2019), and failure is considered necessary. Everyone, including myself, makes mistakes. I took a lot of STEM classes in high school, including physics, chemistry, biology, and calculus. Taking all of these classes had put a lot of pressure on me, causing me to fail a lot of exams. I hung in there and passed the classes, but I quickly realized that going into STEM was not for me. All of the stress caused by all of those failed exams had made me realize what I wanted to do with my life!

Accepting the possibility of significant failure and pain allows for much greater success (Euchner, 2021). This statement demonstrates how failing and accepting the fact that you failed, and then learning from it, can help you make decisions based on what you learned from your mistakes. Moreover, your mentality changes, allowing you to grow as a person.

Even Famous Successful People Fail!Legends profile: Michael Jordan |

The present successful people that you see online has also had their fair share of fails. Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, would not have gotten this far without failing more times than you can imagine.

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve

lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to

take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed

over and over and over again in my life and that is why

I succeed.”

– Michael Jordan

(Veronesi, 2009)

Michael Jordan is an inspiration to all of us, and the quote shows how hard he has worked and how many times he has failed. He kept trying and failing, eventually learning from his mistakes and becoming one of the best, if not the best, basketball player in the world.

Albert Einstein - Quotes, IQ & Death - Biography

Albert Einstein is another famous and wild person who made a name for himself through a series of failures before achieving success. Albert Einstein actually encourages people to fail in order to succeed and learn more about the areas in which they fail. As an example, Einstein says that “failure is success in progress” (Kierbow, 2015), implying that failing can lead to something amazing over time and that we should go on with our lives and fail in order to find our paths to success.

Some Tips to Cope With Failure

As you can see, even the greatest of people made mistakes! Do not be disheartened by yours. Fail more frequently! Experiment with new things or commit to what you like doing. Don’t be afraid to fail, even if it’s painful. To cope with failure, take regular breaks and treat yourself so you can get back up and move forward.

Some approaches to dealing with failure include:

  • Take a seat and unwind. Enjoy your favorite shows because you worked hard and deserve to relax!
  • Enjoy yourself! Buy your favourite treat or snack and enjoy it to help you cope with your failure.
  • Tell someone about your worries! Talk about it with a close friend or family member.
  • Compliment yourself and tell yourself that you did a fantastic job and that one day the thing you failed at will be something you thrive at.

Most Importantly Be Proud of Yourself!

Accept and be proud of your failures! Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate the fact that you failed! Be proud that failing will help you advance in your future self, as well as in your future careers! Failure is the beginning of something very exciting, and it will allow you to be an amazing person in general.



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