Spend your time on vacation, not on planning! What do you need to know while planning a family trip?

Planning a trip

Want to create an unforgettable family experience? Thinking of spending a quality time with your family? What should you  consider while planning for a trip with kids? How to be prepared for 100%? It can be quite an overwhelming and stressful period for parents but we got you covered! Read our tips for the best family experience.

Picking a destination

This is your first step in planning a good time for your family. It can be one of the hardest parts of your to-do list as it is difficult to choose from so many options the one ideal for every family member. As it all depends on the preferences and expectations of each, the kind of experience each desires and is interested in doing.
The best thing to do is to list every destination with possible activities there and vote for the most attractive one.

TimeTime for vacation, Family trip customization

Timing is important when it comes to vacation as parents are working and kids are going to school. Therefore, you should estimate the dates beforehand to prepare and arrange work/school correspondingly. It is hard to relax when you still have unresolved matters waiting at home.


How much are you ready to spend? How do you want to get there? Where do you want to stay? What do you want to do? Setting the budget will help you with selecting accommodation, transportation methods, activities, flights according to the set price range.

Purchase tickets

It is highly recommended to look for the flights at least a month ahead to get more options. Especially, when travelling with kids there are many details that should be considered such as flight duration, provided meals, entertainment, transit. To make it less stressful for both you and your children, it is important to carefully select the flight.

Book a placeVacation with kids, Family trip customization

When travelling with a family, choosing accommodation can become quite challenging. The place should be comfortable, safe, accessible and convenient for a vacation with kids, with attractions nearby and options for family time.

Health & safety

Safety and wellbeing are something that always should be in the mind of parents at any time, even on vacation. Even though nobody wants anything to happen it is still recommended to be prepared. Therefore, prepare medications, necessary vaccinations, travel protection plans to be ready for any situation abroad.

Discover locals

Allow yourself to go sightseeing, try local food, emerge into the local lifestyle. Plan your daily activities including tours and insightful excursions, fun and engaging activities available in the country, small walks around the city, etc. It can be an eye-opening experience for your kids.

Prepare your documents

Do you have all the documents prepared? Do you have a visa?

Family at the airport

Check if your documents are expired and/or eligible for travelling. Going through the documentation is the least favorite thing in planning but extremely important. Therefore, thoroughly prepare yours and your children’s documents to eliminate any issues at the airport and make the process smooth.

Family trip

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Affordable & Custom!

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Beautiful river trail in Alberta.


Booking Customized Vacation Packages in Mississauga!

Booking customized vacation packages in Mississauga


The world conditions have rapidly changed since the pandemic started. Many organizations and educational institutions have adopted an online approach to carry on responsibilities and learnings. Moreover, travel restrictions have forced many people to put their yearly vacations plans on hold due to the fear of uncertainties. In addition, the province’s continuous lockdowns have impacted people’s mental health and increased anxiety among individuals. Therefore, our traveling agency is offering a unique service to our customers by booking customized vacation packages in Mississauga.

Challenges those employees and their families have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic   

Covid 19 pandemic has forced employees to perform their tasks from home and students to learn in a virtual environment. Furthermore, these sudden changes have impacted employees’ productivity and student learning behaviors. Due to the pandemic, employees have lost the in-person interaction with their colleagues as well as a student with their peers. Many individuals have fallen for depression due to the lack of human interaction. These human interactions are considered important for individuals to maintain mental health.

How do vacations help in overcoming anxiety, depression, and mental health issues?

The Canadian government announced reducing the covid-19 restrictions in the Ontario province. Some of the restrictions lifted include the ability to travel abroad for vacations. However, this means all individuals can resume their planning process for vacations. According to WebMD, traveling to new locations and experiencing different cultures helps with reducing anxiety, improving mental power, and relieving tension and stress. In addition, exploring new places helps with opening your mind and improves your mental health (Brennan, 2021).

At our agency, we offer customized vacations packages that allow you to add or remove services according to your needs. This means that you control the price you pay as you add or remove services from your package. We are known as the best travel agency when it comes to booking customized vacation packages in Mississauga. We have different packages that suites employees who are traveling for business trips and traveling packages for families seeking relaxing vacation.

What does our travel agency offer?

Booking customized vacation packages in Mississauga


Our travel agency guarantees satisfaction in helping our customers enjoy their well-deserved vacation by taking the stress of planning off their shoulders and providing packages that tie in with their likes while also suggesting something new. Below are some of the services we offer to our customers.

Customer Service:

Our agency is one of very few in the market that has a special offer for all loyal customers. In addition, we offer a better deal for return customers and support for finding all related information to the trip. Also, our agents will ensure to keep our customers satisfied by providing excellent customer service which includes:

  • Assistance with building a customized travel package.
  • Update or adjust the customized package as needed.
  • Providing reminders to our customers outlining their vacation date and what is required of them to do before traveling.
  • Provide information that is related to the travel destination such as weather updates.

Customized Packages:

Our product has the unique benefit of customer satisfaction as we do the best for customers by offering specific packages based on the customer’s needs. Furthermore, our customized packages include flight, accommodation, and car rental for the length of the stay. Any leisure activities or excursions can be included based on customers’ requests.


Booking customized vacation packages in Mississauga


Our goal is to provide our customers with memorable vacations and reward them for choosing us by imagining their dream trip and making it a reality.


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Brennan, D. (2021, October 25). How Travel Affects Mental Health. Retrieved from WebMD: https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/how-travel-affects-mental-health

Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be To Europe


Family vacation in Europe

Choosing Education and Fun!

Most people would not choose to take their kids to Europe for their family vacation. Instead, they would choose seemingly more kid-friendly locations such as Disney. However, Disney may not be the best choice for you and your kids. I believe that the trips we take with our children should be more than just cartoons and roller coasters. Trips should allow your kids to have fun and to learn something new, this ensures that you are getting the most out of every trip you take.

What is more memorable?

As a kid, I was lucky enough to go to Disney with my family twice, at ages 6 and 9. The first year I got to have breakfast with Cinderella on Christmas morning and the second I was tall enough to go on all the rides. Don’t get me wrong, those trips were amazing and completely unforgettable, but what did I learn? A couple of years later I visited Washington DC with my family where we were able to visit many of the important US history monuments. This trip allowed me to not only have a fun time but also taught me a lot about our southern neighbours and their history. While there I got to see the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial, and explore the Smithsonian. This trip will forever stick in my brain as one of my favourite trips and most educational.

Why Europe for your family vacation?travel to Europe

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to travel outside North and South America yet, but it is a trip I hope to one day take with my family. Disney is fun for kids, there are no two ways about it, but it is just that, fun.  Trips to places full of history allow us to teach our children more than what they would learn in just the classroom and somewhere such as Europe provides the perfect opportunity. Instead of learning about the world wars in a classroom with just pictures, kids will be able to see where the events took place and hear the stories directly from those who have lived through them. This is an opportunity like no other that families should take advantage of.

But what do I know?

Now that I am an adult, I have been given the opportunity of working at PSB Travel to take my travel experiences and bring them to young families. At PSB Travel we are all about finding young families a vacation that provides you with experiences to last a lifetime without all the stress of planning on your own. We know that planning trips can be stressful, especially when travelling to a place such as Europe, but we want to make this as easy for you as possible. We will discuss all your needs and wants thoroughly and provide you with the educational vacation of your dreams. Your kids will make memories and expand their knowledge beyond what a trip to Disney would provide.

What can we do for your family vacation?

If you are ready to take your vacations up a notch and help your children grow into smarter adults, then why not try out PSB Travel. When you call us, you will be greeted with a pleasant attitude and an associate who is willing to help. We will do everything we can to help you feel less stressed when planning your trips and will try to get you the best deal possible. In fact, if you call right now, you will be given a free consultation to help you decide what works best for your family and help us gauge how we can help make that dream come true.