Alberta’s Top Family Tourist Destinations This Winter

Alberta offers a wide range of destinations suitable for every member of the family. However, this often leads to time-consuming trip planning as families try to squeeze every tourist destination into their itinerary. Luckily, in this blog post, we have compiled a list of Alberta’s top winter family tourist destinations that are ideal for every member of the family. Each destination offers exciting and lively activities for young children and teenagers while at the same time relaxing activities for the parents.


1.   The Fascinating City of Canmore

Woman backpacking in Canmore, Alberta
Image by Devon Hawkins on Unsplash

Canmore is a beautiful city situated in the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta (“Canmore Maps”, 2022, para. 1). It offers many exciting winter activities such as dog sledding tours, outdoor skating and snowshoeing on many of Canmore’s trails. Meanwhile, Canmore also offers relaxing experiences for parents, such as dinner at the fine dining and highly rated Sauvage Restaurant, a tour of a wilderness distillery, or even an overnight stay at one of Canmore’s spa and resort facilities.

A day out with the family is not complete without a visit to Canmore’s highly anticipated annual Winter Carnival. It includes ice carving, ice hockey, sawing contests and many other exciting events that are sure to entertain both kids and parents (“Canmore Winter Carnival”, 2022, para. 1). Lastly, to make your vacation feel like home, choose from Canmore’s list of fun and cozy lodges located amidst all the attractions. For instance, the exquisite and dazzling Falcon Crest Lodge is a must-visit. It features an outdoor hot tub and views of the Rocky Mountains right outside your window.


2.   The Scenic Town of Banff

Scenic image of Lake Louise with woman standing close to the water
Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Banff is a world-famous resort town in Alberta that offers views, experiences, and a culture like no other. Banff is best known for the breathtaking and picturesque Lake Louise, which is perfect for family photos and activities. In fact, Banff and Lake Louise is one of the most visited places in Alberta, welcoming around 4.12 million visitors per year (“Banff National Park visitor statistics | Statista”, 2022, para. 1)!

For adventurous kids and adults looking for thrills, Banff is the ideal destination with its many ski and snowboard resorts like Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort. Here you can rent equipment to make your day run smoothly and hassle-free. To warm up, take your family to the famous Banff hot springs, which will surely take away the chills while you enjoy the winter wonderland in warmth. It’s a relaxing experience for body and mind, no matter what your age as it offers shallow springs for children and deeper ones for adults.

For a complete overview of Banff, your family can enjoy a ride up the Banff Gondola and enjoy a meal at the top of the mountain. It also features a museum full of historical artifacts and figures of Alberta and its rich culture. Finally, for a pleasant night’s sleep, book a stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs, located in the heart of Banff National Park. This hotel has been providing Alberta tourists with the highest level of hospitality and service for 130 years and has a priceless view of the national park (“Fairmont Banff Springs”, 2022, para. 1).


3.   The Largest City in Alberta—Calgary

Calgary is perfect for city lovers while providing access to the rugged mountain regions Alberta is known for. This makes Calgary another ideal destination for a family vacation, as you get the best of both worlds. The Glenbow Museum is a great attraction for history buffs, offering an interactive and educational look at Western Canadian heritage and aboriginal history. Additionally, if you are in town, the Calgary Tower is yet another exciting attraction for the whole family. Your family can enjoy a delicious meal at SKY 360 restaurant located at the top of the tower. It is an experience as delicious as it is thrilling.

Photo of a red panda on snow
Image by strichpunkt from Pixabay

To finish your city tour, visit the Calgary Zoo, the perfect tourist attraction for children and animal lovers. At the zoo, you can get a close-up look at exotic animals like tigers, red pandas, penguins and many more (“Calgary Zoo Animals”, 2022, Our Animals). It even offers indoor exhibits in the winter to make your visit warm and cozy.

Lastly, Calgary is a great destination because of its proximity to other destinations like Banff, which you can reach by train or car. Getting there is perfect for a day trip to Banff or surrounding attractions, while offering the comforts and conveniences of a modern city.


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Brennan, D. (2021, October 25). How Travel Affects Mental Health. Retrieved from WebMD: