Spend your time on vacation, not on planning! What do you need to know while planning a family trip?

Planning a trip

Want to create an unforgettable family experience? Thinking of spending a quality time with your family? What should you  consider while planning for a trip with kids? How to be prepared for 100%? It can be quite an overwhelming and stressful period for parents but we got you covered! Read our tips for the best family experience.

Picking a destination

This is your first step in planning a good time for your family. It can be one of the hardest parts of your to-do list as it is difficult to choose from so many options the one ideal for every family member. As it all depends on the preferences and expectations of each, the kind of experience each desires and is interested in doing.
The best thing to do is to list every destination with possible activities there and vote for the most attractive one.

TimeTime for vacation, Family trip customization

Timing is important when it comes to vacation as parents are working and kids are going to school. Therefore, you should estimate the dates beforehand to prepare and arrange work/school correspondingly. It is hard to relax when you still have unresolved matters waiting at home.


How much are you ready to spend? How do you want to get there? Where do you want to stay? What do you want to do? Setting the budget will help you with selecting accommodation, transportation methods, activities, flights according to the set price range.

Purchase tickets

It is highly recommended to look for the flights at least a month ahead to get more options. Especially, when travelling with kids there are many details that should be considered such as flight duration, provided meals, entertainment, transit. To make it less stressful for both you and your children, it is important to carefully select the flight.

Book a placeVacation with kids, Family trip customization

When travelling with a family, choosing accommodation can become quite challenging. The place should be comfortable, safe, accessible and convenient for a vacation with kids, with attractions nearby and options for family time.

Health & safety

Safety and wellbeing are something that always should be in the mind of parents at any time, even on vacation. Even though nobody wants anything to happen it is still recommended to be prepared. Therefore, prepare medications, necessary vaccinations, travel protection plans to be ready for any situation abroad.

Discover locals

Allow yourself to go sightseeing, try local food, emerge into the local lifestyle. Plan your daily activities including tours and insightful excursions, fun and engaging activities available in the country, small walks around the city, etc. It can be an eye-opening experience for your kids.

Prepare your documents

Do you have all the documents prepared? Do you have a visa?

Family at the airport

Check if your documents are expired and/or eligible for travelling. Going through the documentation is the least favorite thing in planning but extremely important. Therefore, thoroughly prepare yours and your children’s documents to eliminate any issues at the airport and make the process smooth.

Family trip

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Travel to New York City.

New York – concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Probably, it can be called a deceiver city. Millions of people travel to New York City to see something grandiose and at the same time familiar: after all, they have seen these streets, skyscrapers, and squares in the cinema so many times! But unfortunately, New York looks much more prosaic than its Hollywood version. New York, they say, is irresistible currently: what is only Central Park with its golden and red-yellow trees and morning fogs.

So, New York! Well,  impressions of this city cannot be called completely positive, but they are vivid. So, this is already worth a lot. First, New York is the noisiest place on the planet. Every sound seems to be a few decibels louder there than anywhere else. People there do not talk for a long time – they scream. Otherwise, you will not hear each other! Moreover, this situation is observed not only on the streets but also in restaurants, cafes, hotels. impression. Most likely, these factors prevented from imbuing the atmosphere of the city. But, despite the fact, New York left quite a lot of pleasant memories of itself.

Image by Quintin Gellar on Pexels
Activities in New York City. City View. Image by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.

Best activities in New York City:

  1. Helicopter flight over the city.

If you can fly over to New York City during your travel – do not miss it! Various companies offer their options for how this can be done—the difference in flight duration and, accordingly, the price. I advise you to take the longest possible flight “Lux”: this way you can see the whole city and even possibly capture New Jersey.

  1. Jazz evening at Vanguard Village.

While travel to New York City, people should visit New York and not go to a jazz club? That would be a fatal mistake. Especially given the importance that America and jazz play for each other. You can go to the Village Vanguard club, which we can safely recommend. Remember to pre-register.

  1. Metropolitan Museum.

This museum took third place in my top impressions, primarily for its incredible collections of European paintings. Due to the limited amount of time, we set out to visit museums: the Metropolitan, and the MoMA. We can compare the Metropolitan and the Museum of Modern Art (aka MoMA).  If you can visit both museums, then we recommend visiting the Museum of Modern Art first, and only then – the Metropolitan. After a grandiose collection of paintings in the Met, you were not at all impressed with the MoMA collection. The only thing that inspired you there after the Met was Van Gogh’s Starry Night, which has been kept there since 1941.

  1. Rise to the roof of Rockefeller Center.

Activities in New York City. View from Rockefeller Center.
Activities in New York City. View from Rockefeller Center.

Yes, this option has its advantages over the roof of the Empire State Building.

Firstly, the absence of the craziest queues. By the way, many guides in New York have roof passes, with which you can bypass almost all lines (there are several of them). So, if you have a private tour planned, take advantage of the situation and, after agreeing with the guide, include Rockefeller in your program.

Secondly, the elevators are much faster than those in the Empire State Building. Accordingly, more modern.

Thirdly, the presence of several viewing platforms, including a completely open platform on the 70th floor, is especially important to get decent photos. I can’t say anything from myself about the site on the Empire State Building, since I haven’t been there, but I read that it is so small that sometimes you have to wait in line to get there. Empire is taller than Rockefeller, but that doesn’t mean the view is better from there. Many tourists note just the opposite: that Central Park from Rockefeller can be seen much better, for example. In addition, Rockefeller has another important advantage: you can photograph the Empire from it.

  1. Times Square and Broadway

People, who travel to New York City say that Times Square is the brightest point on the planet when viewed from space. The place is very atmospheric, it energizes. If it were not for the crowds of tourists, it would be wonderful.

Activities in New York City. Times Square
Activities in New York City. Times Square
  1. Central Park

It is impressive! It’s amazing how in the middle of such a big city, the authorities managed to preserve this huge green area. This commands great respect. The spirit of this place allows admitting that New York is the city, where dreams come true.

Activities in New York City. Central Park.
Activities in New York City. Central Park.
  1. The ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty

The ferry sails to Liberty Island, but along the way make a stop at Ellis Island, which was the largest US immigration point from 1892 to 1954. If you want to climb the statue (from the crown, as they say, offers an impressive view of New York Harbor), then know that it is not so easy to do this: you need to register several months in advance to visit it. In addition, as the guide told us, not all the tourists who planned to climb the statue with him realized their plans: the inside of the monument is quite crowded, dark, and scary. So, if you are claustrophobic, you probably shouldn’t do this.

Statue of Liberty. Image by Pixabay on Pexels
Activities in New York City. Statue of Liberty. Image by Pixabay on Pexels
  1. Roosevelt Island

This is just a heavenly island of relaxation and silence in the middle of the hellish hustle and bustle of New York. The main plus of the island is that most tourists do not know about its existence. Accordingly, there is quiet and almost no people

  1. Monument at the site of the tragedy of the twin towers

It makes a rather strange impression: these are two huge pits, on the site of which the twin towers used to stand. The strange thing is that fountains were made from these pits. People who come to honour the memory of the dead need at least some relative silence to gather their thoughts think or remember.

 World Trade Center Memory Monument.
Activities in New York City. World Trade Center Memory Monument.
  1. Inflatable rats on Wall Street are a clear example of the American mentality

The street itself, to be honest, did not live up to our expectations. Again, in the films, it looked much more interesting. However, you might be surprised by huge inflatable rats in front of one of the banks. As they explained to us, the rats symbolize the dissatisfaction of the employees of this bank with their working conditions. I don’t know why the bank’s management didn’t please their employees, but the bottom line is that, according to the law, these rats cannot be removed for a certain time. That is, they should stay at the entrance to the bank and shame its management. At the same time, every American citizen who respects himself and his country will not enter this bank, thereby expressing his solidarity with the bank clerks-rebels.


Can’t wait to see New York?

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Travel Benefits that Focus on You

Travel with legitimate benefits

Travel to see sights that you are missing out on.

PSB Travel is a travel agency based in Mississauga Ontario. Our agents offer professional services and a wide range of selections to those who want to travel. PSB Travel’s focus is not merely based on the benefits that traveling and vacations bring to you. PSB Travel would also like to provide you with the benefits of customized travel packages by our professional travel agents, as well as options that are cost-efficient. Travel benefits that PSB Travel offer includes more than discounts and financial perks. With PSB Travel, our goal is to help you plan your vacation to eliminate the hassle and stress on your end. Moreover, with the pandemic happening, planning a vacation comes with more variables. The benefits of vacation are not just a different experience, additionally, it is also a time to reconnect with yourself.

Pandemic Traveling

During pandemic times there are more travel restrictions that need to be considered. With COVID-19, traveling domestically and internationally both require more planning. The Canadian government has dedicated a site that outlines the requirements of actions needed by all travelers. The link provided takes you directly to the Canadian Government site Travel Covid. The benefit of traveling during the pandemic is to help people physically and mentally.

What PSB Travel Offers

Similar to other travel agencies, PSB Travel offers our clients travel packages based on the destination as well as price range. In comparison to those similarities, PSB Travel would also want to offer our clients benefits such as loyalty points.  PSB Travel’s main goal is to provide our clients with a vacation that focuses on their needs and wants. With this vacation, PBS Travel hopes that our clients are able to see the benefits of traveling, and not just focus on benefits that travel agencies can provide such as discounts. PSB Travel promises our clients we do not provide unrealistic offers to our clients. Our packages are dedicated to assure that our clients receive the best experience.

One of PSB Travel’s highlighted services is our “Surprise Vacation Package”. In order for our agents to arrange a vacation to fulfill your needs, the Surprise Package form is how PSB Travel finds what you want.

Travel Planning

PSB Travel is not just an agency that provides you with completed travel packages. We also offer “Step-by-Step” guidance from our agents. Our website offers online chats for those who have questions or concerns regarding their vacation plan. Our agents also have a ready checklist that includes all the necessities and bookings that should be considered for all types of vacation ideas: lists include, road trips, backpacking, traveling on a budget, family vacations, luxury vacations, etc. The benefit of having a travel checklist is to make sure that everything is under control. PSB Travel’s goal is to think of all possibilities for our clients. To help plan a stress-free vacation.

To get in contact with one of our agents please contact us through our PSB Travel website PSB Travel.

Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be To Europe


Family vacation in Europe

Choosing Education and Fun!

Most people would not choose to take their kids to Europe for their family vacation. Instead, they would choose seemingly more kid-friendly locations such as Disney. However, Disney may not be the best choice for you and your kids. I believe that the trips we take with our children should be more than just cartoons and roller coasters. Trips should allow your kids to have fun and to learn something new, this ensures that you are getting the most out of every trip you take.

What is more memorable?

As a kid, I was lucky enough to go to Disney with my family twice, at ages 6 and 9. The first year I got to have breakfast with Cinderella on Christmas morning and the second I was tall enough to go on all the rides. Don’t get me wrong, those trips were amazing and completely unforgettable, but what did I learn? A couple of years later I visited Washington DC with my family where we were able to visit many of the important US history monuments. This trip allowed me to not only have a fun time but also taught me a lot about our southern neighbours and their history. While there I got to see the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial, and explore the Smithsonian. This trip will forever stick in my brain as one of my favourite trips and most educational.

Why Europe for your family vacation?travel to Europe

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to travel outside North and South America yet, but it is a trip I hope to one day take with my family. Disney is fun for kids, there are no two ways about it, but it is just that, fun.  Trips to places full of history allow us to teach our children more than what they would learn in just the classroom and somewhere such as Europe provides the perfect opportunity. Instead of learning about the world wars in a classroom with just pictures, kids will be able to see where the events took place and hear the stories directly from those who have lived through them. This is an opportunity like no other that families should take advantage of.

But what do I know?

Now that I am an adult, I have been given the opportunity of working at PSB Travel to take my travel experiences and bring them to young families. At PSB Travel we are all about finding young families a vacation that provides you with experiences to last a lifetime without all the stress of planning on your own. We know that planning trips can be stressful, especially when travelling to a place such as Europe, but we want to make this as easy for you as possible. We will discuss all your needs and wants thoroughly and provide you with the educational vacation of your dreams. Your kids will make memories and expand their knowledge beyond what a trip to Disney would provide.

What can we do for your family vacation?

If you are ready to take your vacations up a notch and help your children grow into smarter adults, then why not try out PSB Travel. When you call us, you will be greeted with a pleasant attitude and an associate who is willing to help. We will do everything we can to help you feel less stressed when planning your trips and will try to get you the best deal possible. In fact, if you call right now, you will be given a free consultation to help you decide what works best for your family and help us gauge how we can help make that dream come true.

The All-Inclusive Canada Vacation Packages Everyone Wants this Summer 2022, For Family, Friends & Couples.

Top Deals & Destinations this Summer in Canada According to PSB TRAVELS 

When people think of travel and vacations, what mostly comes to mind is the outrageous amount of money you will spend when trying to get a good deal, whether with family, friends, a couple, or a solo trip. It is often assumed that vacation must be outside the shores of your home or international travel, but have you thought of touring within your own country or the country you reside in? Yes, that’s right, there are several destinations to explore and most definitely in Canada.

The Canadian National flag set against the Rocky Mountains of Banff National ParkCanada

One common thing that has grown into a tradition for Canadians is how summer trips are planned and looked forward to; hence people tend to start saving and planning as early as the winter.

Canada being the second-largest country in the world regarding landmass, you can find diverse cultures, beautiful places to explore, food to try, natural and man-made destinations (Nomadic, 2021). There are always things to do and try out even as a first-timer. Hiking, skiing and many more; therefore Canada can be considered as a country that you can’t get tired of because there are new things and places that adventure would take you to.

Summer Vacation Trends in Canada

According to (CPA, 2021) Chartered Professional Accountants Canada’s summer survey, 15 per cent of respondents planned to vacation locally, 22 per cent planned to vacation outside their immediate area, 71 per cent of the respondents planned to remain within their province or territory.

From the recent PSB Travels report, more and more dwellers of Canada are embracing the tour and exploring within Canada.

PSB All-Inclusive Travel Packages

What other better to seek convenience and comfort than to search for all-inclusive packages with everything you need to get your trip ready and saved in your calendar. People now search for packages that suit their needs and budget and have flight/transportation plans, accommodations, food, and sightseeing.

With various packages that include surprise packages, couple packages, family trips, friends, and solo trips, PSB Travel has all these in store for everyone.

Our packages and products include

  • Accommodations, from budget-friendly ones to luxurious places, come with complimentary breakfast and dinner.
  • Domestic Flights and various forms of transportation like road trips.
  • Personalized holiday packages to different locations that is tailored to and recommended for our customers.
  • Airport pickup and drop off.
  • One day trip and sightseeing.
  • Sightseeing and tours to unique locations of Canada: The Great Vancouver, Niagra Falls ship cruise, Toronto Tower Cruise, Ski Resorts, Historic Montreal, Victoria’s walk in the park, Boat Cruise in Lake Louise, Quebec City, and many more sights to select.

Why PSB Travel? 

We are known for our unique cruises around Canada, and embracing our local destinations and content remains an attraction. Our customers over the years have valued exploring Canada, exploring, and acquiring new experiences; therefore, we will continue to be of service and remain loyal to our new and old customers.

Unique Offers for You

  • PSB Travel offers 500 loyalty points on your first bookings and purchases. An addition of 700 extra loyalty points for first-time family, friends, and couple vacations. You can redeem points at any time.
  • One hundred points on every booking and purchase made. You can redeem points at any time.
  • We offer planned surprise vacation packages at destinations for your loved ones. (Cakes, flowers, breakfast in bed, exceptional music performance, gifts/presents of your choice) and more.
  • Make bookings and purchases on the PSB Travel website or app, all from your comfort anywhere in Canada.

Not sure which packages or destination you want? 

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