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PSB The #1 Value and Convenient Mississauga Fitness Centre!

Students on a tight budget and limited time come and visit PSB fitness. Your place for Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga. The modern gym facility with a great variety of equipment that is open 24/7 to fit anyone’s needs. This design allows for a luxury feeling creating motivation for clients to attend and favor PSB over their current gyms. Very attractive pricing for students that does not disappoint when it comes to quality and design.

We also have an easy to use App to log and track the updates for the gym with a unique feature that tells users how busy the gym is anytime of the day or night. A free one month trial to enjoy the PSB fitness experience and don’t forget about the awesome swag you will receive once you join the PSB community. Please visit PSB fitness your #1 Value and Convenient Fitness in Mississauga.

PSB Fitness Area
Workout in a classy modern environment with PSB fitness

Product Value:

• modern gym facility designed for students
• Good variety of equipment targeting all muscle groups
• 24/7 Fitness
• Exclusive to Sheridan students

Value Price:

• Bargain pricing gives PSB Fitness a competitive edge over other gyms starting at just $19.99 per Month!

Place Convenient:

• on the website
• In person at the facility
• Through the gym app


• Free gym gear when you join PSB Fitness which includes the swag bag to show off your fitness journey!

Build your own Diet Plan!

24/7 Fitness Mississauga
PSB offers 24/7 fitness to all students in Mississauga keeping it’s word of value and convenience

Value and Convenience Packages


 – Sheridan students will be the only members allowed to purchase memberships and utilize facilities and will create a sense of community and exclusivity that other gyms lack.

Silver Package Value

 – Starting at just $19.99

– 24/7 use of the facilities

Gold Package Value

 – Best Value at just $29.99

– 24/7 use of the facilities
– 3 free personal training sessions
– Personalized meal and nutrition plan
– Free access to all classes and private events

Platinum Package Value

 – Premium Package for just $39.99

– 24/7 use of the facilities
– 5 free personal training sessions
– Personalized meal and nutrition plan with bi-yearly updates
– Free access to all classes and private events
– Free towel use each visit
– Reservations and time slot availability

Fitness Tips that Work!

PSB Fitness offers exclusive access for Sheridan students at the prices they can afford. With a modern and inviting environment that fits the busy and hectic schedule of a student. There are tailored classes that will surely fit all student’s needs. We can create a customized workout and diet program for each body type that will allow students to see quick results. This is what students are looking for in the fast pace daily life. PSB’s offer of customized weight loss programs that target the adult obesity rate which helps to build muscle for long term results. They can tailor their approach to address each individual’s weight problem.


Exclusive to Sheridan Students Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

PSB Fitness exclusively available to Sheridan students gives them the opportunity to take over the niche type classes that are attractive to the youth, like spinning, MMA and weighted hula hoops. We offer a lot of equipment that offers attractive health and fitness options for their targeted market of Sheridan students. The attractive packages with customized options is sure to impress as we do not skip on the quality of equipment at our value offered pricing. Please come join the fast growing community at PSB fitness your Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga!

PSB Fitness Free One Month Trial!

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Value and Convenient Fitness Mississauga

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