Inclusive Variety Gym Hazel McCallion College

Inclusive Variety Gym with Something for Everyone

Why come to our gym?

Here at PSB Fitness, we offer a variety of options for activities, equipment, facilities, and trainers that everyone can enjoy. Even if something doesn’t seem to fit for you, PSB Fitness is always looking to improve on what we bring to the people who come to our gym by creating new options through your feedback. PSB Fitness provides an inclusive environment as a variety gym at the Sheridan Hazel McCallion college campus.  We hold a convenient location near Square One and we are located on campus at Sheridan College.

Sheridan College Mississauga Campus PSB Fitness Inclusive Gym Location

Our Inclusive Gym Environment

Here at PSB Fitness, we understand the hesitation of people who want to enjoy activities in a space but are fearful of embarrassment. That’s why at PSB Fitness, we offer to you the expertise of our personal trainers and the benefit of a customized schedule. Our gym has many different clubs for interests of all ranges. If there isn’t a currently existing club that fits your preferences, we can make one that fits them! Feeling skeptical? We also offer a free monthly trial to all initial members! Let our gym prove the words we claim or get your money back!

An inviting community at PSB Fitness gyms to form long lasting friendships and groups.

Our Trainers

PSB Fitness provides trainers for those who are serious about fitness and want to get the most out of the experience. We provide the opportunity of personal trainers for our members so that you can get advice from the experts. For those who want to experience our gym openly, our trainers are still available to provide more information. Whether it’s information about your specific requirements or just questions about certain activities we have available, our trainers are there to help.

Personal trainers who provide advice and help those with a serious attitude for fitness.

Our Hours

Although we can’t provide our trainers at all available times, our gym will be open to our members 24/7. You can arrive at our facilities and partake in the equipment and facilities that we offer at your leisure. Simply arrive and our automated check-in system will allow you in with no problem. If there are any problems that you should face during that time, you can contact us at our number for a solution. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Membership Pricing

We understand that people have different ranges of budgets, so we provide different membership offers.

  •  $25 single monthly membership with access to all facilities and trainers.
  • $40 joint monthly membership for friends or family.
  • $250 yearly membership with an entry into all our giveaways and events.

You can contact us via our various social media platforms and at 647-710-7797 for any inquiries or questions. So come now and experience the opportunities we offer to you at our gym and we guarantee that you’ll feel satisfied with every visit! Here at PSB Fitness, we provide an inclusive community as a variety gym with many activities located at the Hazel McCallion college.

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If you are concerned about finding a PSB Fitness around HMC or Davis Sheridan campus, struggling with your fitness budget since you are a student and do not want to spend too much on the gym, or trying to start a healthy lifestyle but have no idea how to start it, visit PSB Fitness Mississauga today and I am sure you will join us!!

About us: PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is founded by 2 Sheridan College PSB graduates Jessi and Matt. Total 12 years of working experience in the fitness field provides them to help customers to achieve their fitness goals by using appropriate advice and lecturing. During the years of studying at Sheridan College, Jessi and Matt have learnt student requirements for the gym as fitness enthusiasts. PSB Fitness ensures that every customer will achieve their fitness goals with training with us.

Why choosing us

First, PSB Fitness helps each customer to build up fitness and diet plans based on physical health indicators. Second, the customer’s physical condition will be monitored by our fitness instructors so we can change your fitness and diet plans based on your conditions. Third, PSB Fitness also provides reward and punishment systems to help our members continuing fitness processes without quitting.

Facilities and services

PSB Fitness has separated rooms HIIT, Cardio and Tabata training courses. Yoga-related equipment will be provided if the customer required it. We provide a big room for indoor cycling courses which allows 20 people to take an indoor cycling course together. Personal trainers are also available in both locations.

PSB Fitness provides low calories and high-protein foods such as poke bowls, salad and slushies for helping customers maintain their muscle levels and replenish energy during and after workouts.


PSB Fitness Mississauga or Brampton locations provides rewarding plans for our members. Once you joined our membership, you will get free food or drinks depend on the duration of your membership. For the regular customers, they will get various sales promotions based on the seasons.


Jessi has 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor in Goodlife Fitness and Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience.


Hazel McCallion Campus: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5
Phone: 905-845-9430

Davis Campus: 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Phone: 905-459-7533

Visit our website or offline locations for further information! PSBFitness