Inexpensive personalized vacation packages

PSB Travel offers inexpensive personalized vacation packages depending on our client’s needs and wants. Our clients are solo travellers, couples, group, and family trips of all ages. We conduct research and discuss them with our clients. Our packages differ from All-inclusive to European Plans with a guide form and map of cities included in each itinerary. Testimony from our satisfied clients will make you want to embrace your fears and make your dreams come true!

Inexpensive personalized vacation of Claire Vales: SOLO in SPAIN

Have you ever thought of going on a trip but have no one to go with? Me too!  Thanks to PSB Travel I got to travel to Spain safely without spending a lot of money.


personalized vacation in Circulo de Bellas Artes building


My arrival at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas International Airport was in July 2021. It was terrifying since it was my first time travelling alone and I do not speak Spanish. I was feeling lost at the airport until I remembered the map that my agent from PSB Travel had given me as part of my personalized package. I was able to find my way through my hostel where I met a bunch of other solo travellers from all over the world. It was amazing to me to learn how many people are doing what I always dream of. My new friends and I have enjoyed the nightlife in this city and went all together to see the other popular destinations.

personalized vacation in City of Arts and Sciences


Valencia was my second destination, and it was amazing as I expected. The city is known as the home region of Paella, and I was able to find the best restaurants to go to because of the city guide from my agent at PSB Travel. The travel guide also helped me find the best place where I tried the delicious and authentic Horchata and Fartons during the sunny day. To my surprise, the guide also includes a discount to enter the modern Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias where they have a fantastic architecture that consists of an open-air oceanographic, opera house, planetarium, and many others.


personalized vacation in Parc Guell


Known as The City of Gaudi, Barcelona has numerous world-class must-see creations of Antoni Gaudi including Sagrada Familia where I was booked in advance by my agent from PSB travel, College of Teresians, Casa Vicens, Artigas Gardens, Torre Bellesguard, Guell Palace, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and Parc Guell. The city is so unique with lots to offer. My newfound friends and I have spent some time by the beach during sunset, a moment that I only see on movies and TV shows. It was unreal and will stay in my memory for a lifetime.

personalized vacation in Plaza De Espana


Watching TV shows and movies is how I relax at home. Going to Sevilla and seeing the location of the shows I liked was surreal. Water Garden of Dorne from Game of Thrones was filmed in Royal Alcazar. The palace was a 5-minute walk from my hostel. I strolled by the gardens, looking at the flowers feeling mystified. The Palace of the Kingdom of Naboo from Star Wars was filmed in Plaza De España. The feeling of walking by the place was unbelievable. There are other things to see there such as the Metropol Parasol, Seville Cathedral and Torre Del Oro.


I travelled for 3 weeks to four different cities in Spain for less than $2,000 including lodging, airfare, and PCR testing. It really is an inexpensive personalized vacation package. My trip was during the pandemic, and the stress of having to research the destination requirements and testing facilities was researched by my agent. PSB Travel booked a PCR testing for me in advance so there was no delay in my trip back to Mississauga. This trip was the best decision I have ever made so far this year. I highly recommend PSB Travel, and I will be a loyal customer as they have made my dream vacation a reality.



– PSB Travel has the promotion where a random customer that has purchased a travel package within the year is automatically in our database for a chance to win a free all-inclusive 5-day vacation at the Memories resort in Cuba.

– Our travel agents build relationships with our customers and give recommendations based on research; we want our customers to have a stress-free time when deciding to book a vacation. No gimmicks, no surprises; we make sure we give our customers exactly what they ask for.

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The All-Inclusive Canada Vacation Packages Everyone Wants this Summer 2022, For Family, Friends & Couples.

Top Deals & Destinations this Summer in Canada According to PSB TRAVELS 

When people think of travel and vacations, what mostly comes to mind is the outrageous amount of money you will spend when trying to get a good deal, whether with family, friends, a couple, or a solo trip. It is often assumed that vacation must be outside the shores of your home or international travel, but have you thought of touring within your own country or the country you reside in? Yes, that’s right, there are several destinations to explore and most definitely in Canada.

The Canadian National flag set against the Rocky Mountains of Banff National ParkCanada

One common thing that has grown into a tradition for Canadians is how summer trips are planned and looked forward to; hence people tend to start saving and planning as early as the winter.

Canada being the second-largest country in the world regarding landmass, you can find diverse cultures, beautiful places to explore, food to try, natural and man-made destinations (Nomadic, 2021). There are always things to do and try out even as a first-timer. Hiking, skiing and many more; therefore Canada can be considered as a country that you can’t get tired of because there are new things and places that adventure would take you to.

Summer Vacation Trends in Canada

According to (CPA, 2021) Chartered Professional Accountants Canada’s summer survey, 15 per cent of respondents planned to vacation locally, 22 per cent planned to vacation outside their immediate area, 71 per cent of the respondents planned to remain within their province or territory.

From the recent PSB Travels report, more and more dwellers of Canada are embracing the tour and exploring within Canada.

PSB All-Inclusive Travel Packages

What other better to seek convenience and comfort than to search for all-inclusive packages with everything you need to get your trip ready and saved in your calendar. People now search for packages that suit their needs and budget and have flight/transportation plans, accommodations, food, and sightseeing.

With various packages that include surprise packages, couple packages, family trips, friends, and solo trips, PSB Travel has all these in store for everyone.

Our packages and products include

  • Accommodations, from budget-friendly ones to luxurious places, come with complimentary breakfast and dinner.
  • Domestic Flights and various forms of transportation like road trips.
  • Personalized holiday packages to different locations that is tailored to and recommended for our customers.
  • Airport pickup and drop off.
  • One day trip and sightseeing.
  • Sightseeing and tours to unique locations of Canada: The Great Vancouver, Niagra Falls ship cruise, Toronto Tower Cruise, Ski Resorts, Historic Montreal, Victoria’s walk in the park, Boat Cruise in Lake Louise, Quebec City, and many more sights to select.

Why PSB Travel? 

We are known for our unique cruises around Canada, and embracing our local destinations and content remains an attraction. Our customers over the years have valued exploring Canada, exploring, and acquiring new experiences; therefore, we will continue to be of service and remain loyal to our new and old customers.

Unique Offers for You

  • PSB Travel offers 500 loyalty points on your first bookings and purchases. An addition of 700 extra loyalty points for first-time family, friends, and couple vacations. You can redeem points at any time.
  • One hundred points on every booking and purchase made. You can redeem points at any time.
  • We offer planned surprise vacation packages at destinations for your loved ones. (Cakes, flowers, breakfast in bed, exceptional music performance, gifts/presents of your choice) and more.
  • Make bookings and purchases on the PSB Travel website or app, all from your comfort anywhere in Canada.

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