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Sheridan College HMC Gym Facilities

Welcome to PSB Fitness. We are regarded as the high end option for Sheridan College students, located right on campus! Despite the high quality standards our facilities reach, our pricing is currently the best option for students, and we are located right on the HMC Campus in building C.

For the high value Sheridan College HMC gym membership price, we provide students with a range of modern equipment, including cardio and weight machines, as well as studio spaces for yoga and dance. Additionally, the facility features a large double-height gym with an elevated track, located on the third floor along with other athletic facilities and a gymnasium. On the fourth floor, you will find the weight rooms and indoor track, and the third floor includes universal changing rooms.

With your membership have access to all of these benefits to contribute to your health and wellness. In addition to all of this, we also offer group classes and personal training, all of which take place in these same facilities.

Group classes are a good way to receive specific training while getting fit with fellow Sheridan students. Personal training is even more hands on and includes one on one instruction and mentorship from professional trainers that meet your individual needs.

All of this is worked into the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price and comes at no extra fee!

Picture of Sheridan Weightlifter

Sheridan College HMC Gym Membership Price

Once again, the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price is the go-to option for students and faculty looking to get fit and healthy on campus. At the competitive price of $50 CAD per month, the PSB fitness program will provide you with state of the art facilities, training, and a community of peers that will keep you motivated and engaged.

Membership Testimonies

“I absolutely love my gym membership at PSB Fitness! As a student on a tight budget, the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price was a major factor in my decision to join. But what’s even better is the value for the price.” – John Smith

“Joining PSB Fitness was the best decision I made for my social life at Sheridan College! Not only did I improve my physical health, but I also made a ton of new friends in the process. It’s amazing how much more motivated you feel to work out when you have a supportive community cheering you on. Thanks to PSB Fitness, I now have a great group of workout buddies who inspire and challenge me every day. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join, and I encourage all Sheridan students to give it a try. Trust me, the friendships you make are priceless!” – Abby Fakename

“As a student, I was worried about the cost of gym memberships, but the Sheridan College HMC gym membership price was incredibly reasonable, and I knew I had to take advantage of it. Little did I know that I would not only get in the best shape of my life but also save a ton of money in the process. The trainers and fitness classes at PSB Fitness are top-notch, and the equipment is always well-maintained. I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress, and I’m proud to say that I achieved my fitness goals.” – Michael Jade

Image of Michael Jade
Image of Michael Jade

Our competitively priced gym memberships and fitness classes are designed to promote student health and wellness while encouraging a sense of community. Join us today and experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in a fun and welcoming environment!


A New Ultimate Group Fitness Training Is Available for Individuals with Different Fitness Levels in Mississauga.

Whether you are new to fitness or you are already at the professional level, our group fitness training can help you to reach your fitness goals.

PSB Fiteness Center is now available for you in Mississauga (near Square One)!

At PSB Fitness, group training provides an opportunity for individuals to consistently engage in sports and receive the appropriate physical load to achieve the desired outcome. All visitors to our fitness centers, regardless of their level of fitness strengths, will be able to select the training regimen that is best for them.

PSB5 Fitness Center is now open! - Sofiia Velgosh

We have several membership plans that allow our clients to choose a membership package that suits their needs the most. We also have a special discount of 35% for students on any PSB Fitness Membership Plan.

Membership plan options:

• Standard Package (Access to the gym only)

• Group Fitness Package (Access to Group Training only)

• Complex Package (Access to the gym + Group Training)

• Students' Package (Any package that is listed above with a 35%     discount for students)

• Private training (Access to the gym + 6 or 12 private sessions with a PSB Fitness coach)

PSB Fitness training schedule is very flexible. All our group sessions are 1-hour long; however, you can come in whenever it is convenient for you, as well as you can attend up to 2 full sessions per day (Gym access is not limited).

Group fitness classes are conducted by professional athletes with a high level of training, who know how to find a personal approach to everyone.

Note: The time that you can spend with the trainer is very limited unless you have a Private Training Membership Plan.

About Us
PSB Fitness was founded by two professional trainers, Jessie Davis and Matt Walker, with years of experience behind their backs. Their goal is to provide affordable and accessible options for individuals, especially youth, to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Sheridan College's HMC and Davis campuses now have two new fitness centers available to the public:
• 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga
• 7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton

Details About Group Fitness Training
Jessica and Matt want to help other people achieve their fitness and health objectives, which is why they created several workout programs with varying difficulty levels: for beginners (low intensity), for those working on stamina (high intensity), and for those who just want to stay in shape (medium intensity). These three programs will include a complex mix of cardio, strength training, and even mental training, such as meditation practices.

PSB Fitness - Benefits of working with us

Do not miss the opportunity to do sports and always be in a great mood.
Our friendly team is waiting for you!

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Instructor-Lead Kickboxing Near You!

Instructor-Lead Kickboxing and Fitness Gym Comes to YOU!

Are you looking to find join a kickboxing, weights and cardio gym near Sheridan College, Mississauga? You’ve officially come to the right place, welcome.

We Are So Happy To Have You.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or a professional at fitness, this is exactly the place you need to be. You have made the first step just by being on our page! Let’s begin. Are you interested in classes? Kickboxing? Instructor-lead kickboxing classes? Typical gym qualities?

Well… you’ve made it to the right place. Continue reading for further details.


PBS Fitness is opening our brand new gym December 1st! The first 100 new customers will receive a goody bad filled with fitness related items such as coupons to the gym, activewear and more. Opening weekend will be filled with free classes and trials! Join us to start or even continue your fitness journey at our gym.


PBS Fitness is all about YOU. We cater to whatever your needs and goals are. We have recently opened up our location at Sheridan College, HMC Campus, Mississauga. Enjoy having many resources at your fingertips, including:

-Weights, Cardio Equipment, Kickboxing Classes, Instructor-Lead Classes, Online Workouts, Meal Inspiration, and SO. MUCH. MORE.25-Minute Total-Body Strength Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness

Although our gym has a primary focus on kickboxing classes and equipment, we have equipment available for every type of workout you could ever want to do, the are not limits.

PBS Fitness is a judgement free-zone. We are all working towards and own personal goals, support is always right at your fingertips whenever you need!


PBS Fitness Website allows you to log in based upon your memberships! Each membership has different attributes, choose what works for YOU. (Costs vary)

Free Trial: One week free trial allows access to weights and cardio and TWO free classes

Starter Membership: Unlimited access to weights and cardio area, NO MORE than five classes a week, access to online updates

Base Membership: Unlimited access to weights and cardio area, unlimited classes a week, access to online workouts, access to online updates

Advanced Membership: Unlimited access to weights and cardio area, unlimited classes a week, access to online workouts, access to online meal plans and online updates + merchandise giveaways

To check out more details about us click HERE